Challenges When Recovering Lost Video Files

Since digital videos are more prevalent than ever before, it stands to reason that more users are experiencing issues when it comes to recovering lost or corrupted files. Given the sophistication of modern digital videos, these files are quite a bit different than other files found on your computer. As such, they require a specialized software solution when attempting to recover lost data.

Video File Compatibility

The first step is to identify the actual issue of corruption or inaccessibility. In some cases, the digital video format might not be compatible with your system. This will result in a file that appears corrupt although it’s actually not.

Some files, like those with the WMV extension, were meant to be played on a specific app. In this case, it’s Windows Media Player . Ensure you’re using the appropriate media player and try your file again. If the problem persists, it’s likely an issue with the file itself.

Other video files with limited compatibility include:

  • FLV / F4V / SWF: These three file formats were designed by Adobe for use with their Adobe Flash Player. As such, there are very few third-party programs that will open and play these files.
  • MOV: Developed by Apple and sometimes referred to as a QuickTime Movie, these files are often used for streaming online video. However, these files are compatible with most mainstream media players.

Once you’ve verified that the issue isn’t due to compatibility, it’s time to move on with the rest of the troubleshooting steps.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Next, try to remember the events that led to the initial data corruption . Did your memory card become full in the middle of a video? If this is the case, your lost video was probably never recorded in the first place. As such, it would be impossible to recover. Did you accidentally turn your device off while recording video? Again, this means that your missing video was never recorded and, as a result, it cannot be recovered.

In some cases, your video file might become corrupted while transferring the data from your original device to secondary storage, like a hard drive. Since you still have the full video on your memory card, you can easily try to copy the file again.

You might even try it with a different drive if the problem persists. If you experience this problem when trying to copy to multiple drives, then the issue is likely due to a fault with the video recorder itself or with your memory card. Try plugging the memory card directly into a media card reader, if available, or try switching out the USB cord for another. If the problem still persists, it’s safe to say that the issue is with the memory card or the recording device itself.

Fixing the Problem

The steps outlined above should help you narrow down the problem and identify your potential solutions. In the case of data corruption, you might be able to recover your video with the help of R-Photo or other third-party software or professional services.

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