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Cinderella Solution Review: Real Program That Works or Not?

It is no secret that with each passing year — especially those after 35 — most women start to find it increasingly difficult to lose weight easily. In this regard, a whole host of studies published over the course of the last decade or so have shown that with age, the natural weight loss mechanisms of most women start to slow down quite substantially, causing excess fats, greasy derivatives, and unhealthy triglycerides to start accumulating in certain trouble areas such as their belly, thigh’s, hips, etc.

That said, in its most basic sense, Cinderella Solution can be thought of as a weight-loss system that is designed specifically for women who may be looking to get back in shape after years of unhealthy eating and procrastination. The product is the brainchild of world-renowned fat loss specialist Carly Donovan who has been featured in a number of leading health magazines for her incredible dietary supplements and weight optimization solutions.

So What is Cinderella Solution Exactly?

Straight off the bat, Cinderella Solution can be thought of as a dietary enhancement program that seeks to help address the many hormonal changes that women start to face as they become older. In this vein, it should be pointed out that an increasing number of researchers in the west believe that hormonal imbalance is one of the core issues that results in women putting on copious amounts of weight as they grow older.

Not only that, medical data alludes to the fact that when hormonal changes are coupled with a poor diet, infrequent workouts, it can result in a number of issues in women’s’ bodies, including:

Metabolic Slump: One of the core challenges that most women are faced with as a result of weight gain over the years is that of metabolic debasement. What this means is that as a woman’s body becomes older, it starts to see its innate metabolic capacity dip, resulting in the individual’s capacity to burn off fat in a quick, efficient manner become weaker and weaker.

Rapid Weight Gain: Another facet of hormonal imbalance is that it can start to facilitate the piling of harmful fats in one’s body rapidly.

Immunity Dip: An often overlooked fact when talking about hormonal changes in women is that it can have a direct, adverse effect on their immune systems.


Why Choose Cinderella Solution?

According to the creator of the program, Carly Donovan, she realized that while grueling workouts help people lose weight, when it comes to the bodies of women – especially those over a certain age – a different, more regulated approach needs to be taken. In that sense, Carly believes that Cinderella Solution is unique because it makes use of a unique two-step approach that includes:

Dietary Regulation: As part of the system, women making use of the Cinderella Solution will have to alter their daily dietary regimes so that they can limit the consumption of harmful fats, sugars, and other similar derivatives that can have an adverse effect on one’s body in the long run. Not only that, as per the meal plans outlined in the system, users will have to start incorporating new food items into their daily lives. These foods, as per Carly, have been chosen specially for their amazing fat loss abilities.

Exercise Incorporation: Another key aspect of the Cinderella Solution is that it requires women to start incorporating a certain amount of exercise and physical movement into their daily lives. The regimens outlined in the program are fairly basic. Still, they have been shown to help spur the rate at which metabolic activity takes place in the human body, thereby allowing for the faster breakdown of complex nutrients that may have gotten stored within our bodies.

Lastly, according to Donovan, one of her groundbreaking findings is that it is not just the food that women eat that makes them fat, as there are plenty of countries where women adhere to a fat-heavy diet are still slim and in shape. As part of her research, she found that the trick was not to eat leaner foods but to combine foods that complement each other well. Furthermore, the Cinderella solution also considers an individual’s family history and genetic aspects to help users reach their weight loss goals in a much more sustainable, streamlined manner.

How it all works?

As per the official product website, the Cinderella Solution weight loss program lasts for a total of 28 days. The system has been built around the Japanese Shoku-Iko nutritional planning system. In brief, the Shoku-Iko framework uses a specific combination of foods known to help activate the body’s key metabolic and hormone centers. Not only that, but it also seeks to revitalize one’s system so as to not only provide the body with a wide range of digestive benefits but also various immunity-related advantages.


The program works in the following phases:

Ignite Phase

As part of this phase, which lasts for about two weeks, users are educated about the role of adequate nutrition and how eating healthy meals can create the right atmosphere that can allow users to witness ideal gains. During this period, women will start to see certain hormonal changes in their bodies since the dietary components set out in the meal plans are tailored to fire up the human body, allowing it to maximize its operational and functional capacity.

Launch Phase

This is the time window when users are introduced to a wide range of new foods as part of their daily dietary intake. It is during this period that users are required to consume four meals a day. All of the components of these meals are designed to accelerate the body’s natural fat loss processes and help maximize one’s immunity levels in the quickest, safest, and most sustainable manner possible.

According to Carly, some of the foods that can ensure optimal weight loss in users include green tea, mint, fish, fresh garlic, apples, greek yogurt, ricotta.

Cinderella Solution main manual

The core manual that is provided as part of this weight loss program contains a number of medical facts about the human body, especially those pertaining to hormones, weight loss, metabolic enhancement, etc. Furthermore, this detailed guide also looks to explain the different types of hormones present in women’s bodies and how each of these components directly affects the body’s natural weight loss processes.

Chapter 1

This section can be thought of as a primer designed to help women learn about their bodies in detail, allowing them to understand the process of weight loss from the inside out. It is also worth noting that this chapter provides details regarding other things such as:

  • How to boost one’s natural immunity levels.
  • How one can optimize the functional capacity of their gut and other digestive organs.

Chapter 2

This chapter deals with the coupling of foods and how, by taking the right amounts and types of nutrients, and users can greatly enhance how their bodies process unhealthy food items. Some of the other key facets of this chapter include:

It enhances its readers’ knowledge regarding how foods should be paired in terms of their flavors. This allows users to feel satiated faster and minimizes the chances of individuals overeating.

It contains a full section regarding nutrition timing and how it is of utmost importance for users to eat their meals in a timely manner. This is because when the digestive system is triggered in optimal time windows, it becomes easier for the body to melt away harmful triglycerides and fats from one’s thighs, chest, and other trouble areas.

It contains a number of highly efficacious slimming exercises that are not difficult to perform but useful nonetheless. The slimming sequences do not require users to possess any special equipment and can be completed within a matter of 15-30 minutes.

Chapter 3: Ignite and Launch Approach

As pointed out earlier, the Ignite and Launch phases are the two key facets of this entire program since they deal with users actually getting down to action and losing weight. During the ‘Ignite Phase,’ the body is made to undergo a number of internal consolidation processes such that by the time it is started for the ‘Launch Phase,’ one’s system is locked and loaded, ready to go into overdrive.

Another point that was not covered in the previous section is that once users are accustomed to these two weight loss frameworks, they are then required to cyclicly switch between the two phases, allowing for the body to really get in shape fast.

A Closer Look at the ‘Nutritional Blueprint Book’

14-Day Calendar

As the name seems to suggest clearly, this part of the manual comes replete with a set of daily meal plans that women can use to lose weight in a quick yet sustainable manner. Not only that, but this section also features a wide range of bonus recipes that users can employ to spice up their daily dietary routines.

Food pairing ritual guide and macros

As pointed out earlier, this chapter seeks to help users learn about the various types of foods and how they should be combined in order to maximize one’s weight loss efforts. Some of the foods in this regard include ‘prime proteins,’ ‘angel carbs,’ ‘royal fats, and ‘power carbs,’ These nutrients, when ingested in optimal quantities, can not only allow one to get in shape but also optimize one’s natural free-radical/toxin elimination processes (thus allowing users to reap a wide array of peripheral benefits).

Other Key Aspects of the Cinderella Solution

(i) Time Guide: An underrated facet of this weight loss program is that it helps users with a detailed breakdown of when they are supposed to consume their meals as well as when they are supposed to ingest certain types of foods.

(ii) DIY Meal Creator: This section of the program contains four core aspects:

  • A 3 step instruction guide that can help users learn the basics about preparing their meals and how they should devise their dietary regimes.
  • How to pair meals, nutrients, and other flavoring agents to cut down on one’s daily caloric intake and minimize one’s chances of overeating.
  • Understanding in-depth how food proportions work and how it is best to eat regulated portions as part of every meal plan.
  • Understanding the core concepts underlying food and portion blocks.

(iii) Freebies: In addition to all of the products that have been outlined above, Cinderella Solution provides users with a number of free goodies, including:

A starter’s guide contains a brief yet succinct synopsis of all the data in the core guide and a whole host of other pointers that are extremely important for users to understand regarding their personal weight loss efforts.

A movement sequencing guide that has been designed to help users understand clearly how all of the workouts that are contained in the program should be performed. Not only that but it also that outlines a number of other physical exercises that users can deploy in order to work out certain specific parts of their bodies.

An educational guide that explains all of the medical, scientific reasons that are associated with obesity, weight loss/gain — especially from the perspective of women.

Where Can I Buy Cinderella Solution?

The easiest, most convenient means of making a purchase is via the official company website. At press time, the entire system s available for a highly discounted sum of just $37. However, at checkout, a small VAT is also added to the total amount, bringing up the final payable sum to around the $44 mark. Furthermore, it bears mentioning that the program is backed by a full 60-day moneyback guarantee incase users are not entirely satisfied with the program or the results delivered by it.


Payments can be facilitated via a host of safe and secure means, including PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, JCB, and Discover.

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