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CircO2 Reviews – Advanced Bionutritionals Nitric Oxide Booster?

Aging is inevitable, and no one can stop it. As one gets older, the process of aging changes the entire body drastically. One of the major changes it causes is a disruption in the cardiovascular system. Additionally, the aging process results in physical, mental, and health changes.

Due to bad eating habits and the harmful environment under which most people live, many people, after reaching 40, start looking as if they are 60. It’s one of the reasons why people need to understand the requirements of their bodies as soon as they hit 40. As the body grows older, it requires proper nutrition and workout plans.

However, not everyone has the ability and time to do that. Fortunately, a new dietary supplement known as CircO2 is available to fill the gap. Is CircO2 good for health, how does it work? What are the ingredients? How can users get it? Read this review to get the answers to these questions and much more.

What is CircO2?

CircO2 is a dietary formula that delivers several health benefits to the body without any harmful side effects. According to the manufacturer, CircO2 uses a premium formula that helps users live a healthy life without having to struggle with age-related health problems that set in when a person reaches a certain age.

At the age of 40 and up, most people begin to feel age-related issues such as getting tired easily, an increase in blood pressure levels, diabetes, heart attacks, and others. CircO2 can help users avoid all these health issues while supporting their overall health and wellness.

The CircO2 formula claims to increase nitric oxide levels in people who have attained the age of 40 and older to help support their body organs to function properly. As stated on the official website, those who take the supplement regularly for at least a few days can experience an increase in energy levels, with their bodies feeling lighter and healthier.

Additionally, CircO2 contains natural ingredients that support brain function and brainpower to make them more efficient.

How Does CircO2 Work?

As people grow older, the blood flow in their bodies gets slower and insufficient. This may be due to weak pumping by the heart, blocked arteries, health deterioration, or impact on an unhealthy lifestyle.

CircO2 delivers natural ingredients that ensure users have adequate nitric oxide levels in the body to prevent these occurrences. This compound helps relax and open up the arteries in the body so one can have healthy and good circulation throughout the entire body.

When the body gets regular and sufficient blood flow, the organs function much better, and brain function is optimized. For instance, with better circulation comes improved mental focus. Regular blood flow also enables the brain to send and receive different signals from various parts of the body.

For example, improved blood flow in the penis and testicular regions could help boost erections and bedroom performances. The CircO2 formula works to support the right part of the body that delivers multiple benefits to different parts of the body.

CircO2 Ingredients

CircO2 embraces a unique blend of ingredients used in the right proportions to ensure its safety and efficacy. According to the official website, all ingredients used in developing this formula are scientifically supported. Besides, each ingredient went through extensive research and development to confirm its fitness to make a product that supports health and improves lives.


The following are the main ingredients used in creating the CircO2 supplement:

Hawthorn Berry

This ingredient boosts the health of flavonoids to open up the arteries in the body and stimulate sufficient and healthy blood circulation. The presence of Hawthorn Berry enables CircO2 to support cardiovascular health and decrease heart-related risks. It’s one of the main ingredients in this formula.

Beetroot Powder

Beetroot powder helps increase energy levels by providing a long-lasting boost. This ingredient also supports a quick sending and receiving of signals to the brain to improve sharp memory and mental focus.

Vitamin C

This ingredient is rich in antioxidants that help flush out toxins from the body. It also helps relieve users from oxidative stress while strengthening the immune system and preventing the occurrence of viral diseases and other health issues.


Magnesium supports cardiovascular health in addition to improving bone and joint health. It also supplies the body with nutrients to strengthen the body and alleviate pain.


This ingredient works to increase memory and mental capabilities. Besides, it can help increase sexual drive and enhance sexual performance.

Vitamin B12

This ingredient helps increase nitric oxide levels in the brain, nerves, muscles, and other parts of the body. It also increases energy levels.

CircO2 Benefits

As mentioned earlier, CircO2 delivers multiple benefits that support the overall health of users. The following are the most important benefits of using this formula:

It works as a vasodilator

CircO2 is one of the nutritional supplements out there that works as a vasodilator. This means it relaxes the blood vessels to allow blood to flow smoothly. This improves circulation and minimizes the risk of heart diseases.

It treats deficiencies

CircO2 contains several minerals and vitamins that treat the lack of important and necessary chemicals in the body. Consequently, the body gets the power to fight age-related complications.

It Improves brain function

CircO2 also boosts brain function and supports better blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body. This improves focus, memory and boosts productivity alongside other benefits.

Supports stronger bones

CircO2 delivers a unique functionality that makes and keeps bones stronger for a longer period. Besides, the supplement treats many deficiencies in the body, which contributes to stronger bones while supporting joint and muscle recovery.

Prevents strokes

CircO2 reduces the body’s cholesterol levels, which eventually frees up the arteries. With better blood circulation, the chances of heart-related diseases such as stroke can be lowered.

In addition to these benefits, CircO2 boosts immunity, relieves stress, and improves bedroom performance. Most importantly, it’s safe because it uses natural ingredients.

CircO2 Drawbacks

Like any other product, this review would be incomplete without mentioning some of the downsides of this supplement. CircO2 has a few notable drawbacks:

This product is only available on the official website. Users cannot get it in any other stores offline or online. This may be an inconvenience to the customer.

Online purchase means an interested buyer needs a smartphone, laptop, PC, or any gadget that can connect to the internet to access the product’s website.

Individual results may vary.

CircO2 Recommended Dosages

The manufacturers recommend taking one quick-dissolving tablet of CircO2 every day. The best way of ingesting the tablet is to chew or just let it dissolve in the mouth. The supplement comes with a citrusy taste, similar to that of chewable vitamin C tablets.

Importantly, the supplement comes with free nitric oxide strips to help users check the improvements of their nitric oxide levels. Since it’s a nutritional supplement, the creator recommends taking it regularly without exceeding the recommended dose.

Users can enjoy optimal results after using the formula consistently for at least 3-6 months. According to the official website, CircO2 is not recommended for children and teenagers below 18 years. Similarly, the creator doesn’t recommend it for pregnant and nursing mothers, as it may cause adverse reactions to the body.

How to Buy CircO2

CircO2 is currently available for purchase on the official website at Each box of CircO2 supplements contains 30 quick-dissolving tablets to last a whole month. According to the creator, each tablet delivers potent and highly effective nutrients.

Besides, users also get free test strips for nitric oxide levels in the body so they can track their bodies’ health progress. The manufacturer currently offers discounts and as follows:

  • Buy 1 box of CircO2 for 30 days supply at $49.95
  • Buy 3 boxes of CircO2 for 90 days supply at $44.95 per box
  • Buy 6 boxes of CircO2 for 180 days supply at $41.50 per box

The manufacturer recommends buying multi-bottle packages because they attract more discounts. Importantly, the manufacturer offers a 90-day moneyback guarantee on any order. An empty box must accompany this request if the product fails to work for anyone.


CircO2 Verdict

As stated on the official website, CircO2 is a premium nutritional supplement that works to boost the nitric oxide levels in the body. It also opens up the arteries to allow better blood circulation throughout the entire body. This formula claims to deliver several health benefits not only to the heart but to other body organs as well.

Made by Advanced Bionutritionals, a company that makes doctor-formulated supplements, CircO2 claims to be the ideal dietary supplement to invest in to combat any health risks, especially age-related issues.

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