Deep Thinker or Not? Let These 09 Signs Decide!

Do you usually over-analyze situations? Or typically have sleepless nights imagining what will happen if something goes wrong in say, your love life? We get you. And guess what? There are many people like you.

To be honest, you might disagree that you over-analyze things. For you, it’s just “brainstorming with self.” That’s okay! We’re here to clear the air.

To help you conclude whether you really are a deep thinker or not, we have compiled a list of nine signs.

Check these out and decide for yourself!

You Are An Ambivert

You prefer peace over drama. You would love solitude more than group sessions, but only till you get surrounded by interactive and deep-thinking people. There is a difference between you being alone and being lonely. You can be surrounded by thousands of people and still feel lonely. On the contrary, you could be alone talking to yourself and still won’t feel the need to have someone to talk to.

Being an ambivert doesn’t mean you don’t open up or speak to everyone. It simply means being selectively social and preferring to have conversations with yourself more often than with others.

You View Things From Multiple Perspectives

You don’t directly jump to any conclusion. You can wear different shoes. You understand the pain point of the problem and also try to fix it efficiently. As you try to take different approaches to solve a problem, you might end up overthinking the situation.

Imposter Syndrome Often Hits You

Because you like to think about every little detail, you tend to chase perfection. So no matter how skilled you are, you might always feel unsatisfied with your work. This is termed as Imposter syndrome. It feels like you’ve finessed your way into success without any real talent.

Small Talks Don’t Excite You

Let’s say you run into a friend in your apartment elevator, and they ask you about your day. Though you will answer that question, such small talks aren’t your thing.

Deep thinkers choose solitude over gossip. You don’t entertain the idea of talking about irrelevant topics. You probably love intellectual questions that get you thinking. Usually, the ones that go deeper than “How was your day?”

You Are A Problem Solver


Not universally applicable, but deep thinkers are usually problem solvers. And that’s because they deeply analyze the possibilities and probable solutions.

Moreover, the ability to not judge something is one of the superpowers of deep thinkers. They usually have a wide-angle perspective about the topic. All the questions are solved inside their brain. So, solving a complex issue is not that difficult, most of the time.

You Are Always Curious

Curiousness is a sign of smartness. You are always excited about the things that happen around you. You would love to learn how the world works. You are not just interested in one topic. You might like science, arts, politics, business, or how finance works. You are always ready to learn something new and discover something great.

You Are Empathetic

It is hard to be in someone’s shoes before judging them, but not for deep thinkers. They have the superpower to stand in anyone’s position and analyze how hard it is for them to do things. You can treat people with empathy. You can show them more love and compassion.

You Read A Lot


You are a ferocious reader. You are into discovering and consuming information and that’s why books are your all-time favorite companions. You always find the ‘why’ in the book. Your books are your thoughts too. With knowledge grows your creativity, but it’s also a sign that you probably overthink a lot.

You Are A Shabby Person

Your table looks like a mess. It doesn’t mean you hate cleaning, but it makes you feel tangled with thoughts. This might be a good sign that you are a deep thinker.

Remember, you can only think about having nice handwriting or organizing your room if your mind is in one place. But that doesn’t happen with deep thinkers! To put it simply, deep thinkers are so wound up in their thoughts that they do not prioritize organization.

Final Thought

These are a few signs that reveal if you are a deep thinker. Our opinion? Deep thinking isn’t all that bad, as long as you’re thinking straight. However, you always need to watch out for red flags if you start overthinking everything.

They say that your mind can be your greatest friend and your worst enemy at the same time. It depends on you how you use this deep thinking ability to benefit your life. If you think deep thinking is affecting your love life or need help to get things in order, you can find the best psychics to help you with your life issues. Remember to be honest with them to get the best out of a psychic session.

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