Delta 8 Carts – Yes, They Are Psychoactive!

The cannabis industry is taking the world by storm, and it is here to stay. Now that cannabis is legal in many countries, scientists can conveniently study the numerous cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Many individuals may have heard of THC, but only a few know about delta-8 THC. The compound delta-8 THC is found in only a trace amount in the cannabis plant. Let us explore this new cannabinoid together!

What Is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is a psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. It is similar to delta-9 THC, responsible for the “high” people experience after consuming cannabis. In addition, delta-8 THC has a different chemical structure. Therefore, it is less potent than delta-9 THC.

Will You Get High on Delta-8 Carts?

Yes, delta 8 carts will make an individual experience a “high.” This is because the structure of delta-8 THC is very similar to delta-9 THC. However, some consumers argue that the degree of high is different. The high caused by delta-8 cart is milder than the regular delta-9 THC.

Therefore, for beginners, delta-8 THC may be a suitable option to test the waters on well you can do with being “high.” However, veteran smokers may feel little or no effect of the “high” provided by the delta-8 cart.

The Legal Status of Delta-8 THC

Hemp products containing less than 0.3% delta-9 THC are the legal limit. This can be a loophole in arguing the legality of delta-8 THC. Therefore, products may have a high amount of delta-8 THC, provided the dry weight percentage of delta-9 THC is less than 0.3 percent.

Delta-8 THC can only be found in trace amounts in the cannabis plant. Hence, it is made by converting delta-9 THC or CBD into delta-8 THC. However, this process has not been approved, so it is illegal.

In addition, delta-8 THC is a synthetic product, and there is poor regulation on the method of manufacturing and distribution. According to the FDA and CDC, there have been increasing reports of delta-8 THC poisoning. These individuals needed emergency medical care and sometimes hospitalization.

Furthermore, remember each state’s law regarding cannabis and THC. Therefore, it is vital to find out your state’s law to avoid doing something illegal.

Benefits and Side Effects of Delta-8 Carts

Benefits of delta-8 Carts

Side effects of delta-8 Carts


Red eyes

Pain relief

Dry mouth

It may slow down the growth of cancer cells


Improves appetite


Relives nausea and vomiting

Short term memory loss

Improves mood

Poor coordination

Helps you sleep better at night

Is Delta-8 THC Safe?

There are lots of concerns about the safety of delta-8 THC. The primary reason is that delta-8 THC is poorly regulated. In addition, it is a synthetic product. As a result, it may contain some synthetic by-products that may threaten health.

Another concern regarding the use of delta-8 THC is the potential for overdose. Individuals consuming it claim the high is moderate. As a result, they may be tempted to consume more at a time to experience the exhilarating “high.” Therefore, the safety of delta-8 THC products cannot be ascertained based on delta-9 THC and CBD.

Is There An Alternative To Delta-8 THC?

Suppose you are looking for a legal alternative for delta-8 THC. You can try CBD. The advantage of consuming CBD is that you are free of the burden of feeling “high.” Meanwhile, you get all the health benefits associated with the interaction of CBD and the human endocannabinoid system.

Are Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC The same?

No, they both contain THC but are different. First, delta-9 THC is abundant in the cannabis plant. However, the same cannot be said for delta-8 THC. In addition, delta-8 THC has a different structure; hence, it is a less potent option.


Delta-8 THC is a new cannabinoid of the cannabis plant. It is extracted from a CBD isolate and converted to a distillate. Presently, chromatography machinery is used to test the delta-8 THC. The primary concern is whether it will get you “high.” Yes, it definitely will. However, the high is milder than what you could have experienced with delta-9 THC. It has some benefits and side effects, although more research is required. Be careful if you decide to try out some delta-8 carts because there is a lot unknown.

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