Delta-8 Moon Rocks: The Strongest Delta-8 Product of 2022

The 2018 US Farm Bill opened many unexpected doors in the North American hemp market. At first, most people only thought this bill would make it easier to get non-psychoactive CBD oils. Although CBD is still a massive deal in the hemp industry, there has been a shift towards more potent hemp-derived cannabinoids.

Most notably, customers are interested in psychoactive hemp compounds like delta-8 THC. While it’s not as “high-inducing” as delta-9, delta-8 offers a legal way to experience the rush of THC without traveling to a state with recreational weed laws. Some patients who can’t tolerate delta-9’s effects say delta-8 THC is better for their preferences.

There are even a few unique ways cannabis fans are recreating the flavors and feelings of a traditional toke using legal delta-8 THC. Arguably, the most potent way to simulate a “weed experience” is to check out the latest and greatest delta-8 moon rocks. Yes, these delta-8 moon rocks are similar to standard marijuana moon rocks…except they’re made with federally-legal hemp!

Why Are Delta-8 Moon Rocks So Dang Powerful?

For those who aren’t familiar with weed terminology, a “moon rock” refers to cannabis nugs dipped in hash oil and topped with a sprinkling of kief. So, yeah, there are way higher concentrations of cannabinoids in moon rocks versus your “garden variety” ganja.

Generally, a high-potency raw cannabis flower will be close to 30 percent THC. For comparison, most moon rocks have THC in the 50 – 60 percent range. While that may not be as crazy as concentrates like shatter, it puts moon rocks in the “higher” echelon of weed products.

The only distinction between delta-8 moon rocks and marijuana moon rocks is that the former are made with federally-legal hemp. A legal delta-8 moon rock should always come with third-party lab tests that prove there’s ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. Since there’s virtually no delta-9 THC in hemp moon rocks, you’re only going to experience the rush of delta-8 THC.

How does a delta-8 moon rock high differ from delta-9? Well, there’s still a lot of debate online over this question. However, the general consensus is that delta-8 has a gentler, “indica” effect on users. Some people have even nicknamed delta-8 “diet weed” because it’s not as psychoactive as delta-9. Your results may vary depending on the strain used for your delta-8 moon rock, but you should prepare for a body-heavy & relaxing experience rather than a “get-up-and-go” high. Delta-8 moon rocks are best reserved for a late-night bong hit when you have time to chill out, zone out, and doze off.

Just be careful if it’s your first time using delta-8 moon rocks. Even people with a strong THC tolerance don’t need a ton of this product to feel a fantastic sense of euphoria. It’s also best to mix a tiny bit of your delta-8 moon rocks with some dried hemp flower. Since moon rocks are so sappy, it’s easier for them to ignite if there’s some dry herb to catch the flame.

Why Do Most People Use Delta-8 Moon Rocks?

In most recent surveys on delta-8 use, most customers claim they take this cannabinoid to help with issues like “anxiety” and “stress.” While these reports didn’t focus on delta-8 moon rocks, it’s safe to assume that many customers who use this product want to relieve tension.

According to anecdotal testimonies, delta-8 has a solid reputation for busting psychological stress. Even at microdoses, many people find that delta-8 gives them a gentle “lift” throughout the day.

The feature that separates delta-8 moon rocks from other extracts is potency. As we’ve already noted, moon rocks have three layers of delta-8 THC. Therefore, taking even a tiny hit of a delta-8 moon rock will have immediate and profound effects on your endocannabinoid system.

The smoke from a delta-8 moon rock travels straight into your lungs, which means you’ll enjoy a 100 percent absorption rate. Since delta-8 moon rocks are already super high-potency, you can understand why just a pinch of these extra sticky buds gets customers chill.

People who want to feel delta-8’s full effects for acute relief are an excellent fit for delta-8 moon rocks. Due to delta-8 moon rocks’ intensity, they’re also a perfect option for fun party settings with a group of experienced friends. The key word here is “experienced,” since using delta-8 moon rocks with a low THC tolerance can provoke paranoia.

It’s always advised that new customers start with products like delta-8 tinctures, capsules, or edibles to introduce this cannabinoid to their system. As you gain a robust THC tolerance, you could safely upgrade to delta-8 vape carts or hemp flowers before progressing to delta-8 moon rocks. This gradual process will make it less likely that you’ll experience a severe side effect on your first moon rock journey.

OK, I’m Sold…So, Where Can I Buy Delta-8 Moon Rocks?

Luckily for hemp customers, it’s becoming more common for hemp vendors to produce innovative products like delta-8 moon rocks. While you could make this product at home, reputable companies like CBD Hemp Direct have built a reputation for crafting exquisite delta-8 moon rocks with the highest-quality lab-tested hemp.

In fact, CBD Hemp Direct was one of the first major American shops to make in-house delta-8 moon rocks. They use the same artisan-grade techniques to make these dazzlingly potent nugs that are shared between with all of their other hemp-derived items.

If you feel prepared to take on the full intensity of delta-8 moon rocks, we recommend checking out the latest strains in their portfolio. For those who aren’t quite ready for the blast of a delta-8 moon rock hit, we’d recommend starting with lower-intensity products like delta-8 gummies or tinctures. These products will give you an easy-to-dose intro to delta-8 THC’s effects. After you feel confident with your delta-8 THC tolerance, definitely check out CBD Hemp Direct’s more intense offerings like delta-8 moon rocks and THC-O.

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