Ethereum Draws Inspiration from Bitcoin, But Has Bigger Aspirations

Bitcoin is the apparent superpower in the cryptocurrency industry. There is little doubt about that. Notably, this asset has the best price, best name recognition, and trading volumes.

One other clear thing is that its share of the global crypto market capitalization has gradually declined. Other cryptocurrencies are catching up fast, and there is one definite runner-up. With slightly less than one-fifth of the total market capitalization, this blockchain is going places.

What sets Ethereum apart is its innovative blockchain. Ethereum’s blockchain technology is distinct from Bitcoin and has provided the basis for launching many other cryptocurrency tokens. This sector is rapidly transforming the financial status quo because of its efficiency.

Code developers in Washington and all over the world are especially drawn to this industry. It provides the opportunity to create and potentially profit from new financial service platforms possible through Ethereum. At a time when the economy is still recovering from Covid-19 , such possibilities are priceless.

Exploring Ethereum

Bitcoin laid the groundwork for all cryptocurrencies by showing that people could create a decentralized value system. In 2013, then 19-year old Canadian Vitalik Buterin conceived the basic framework of the Ethereum blockchain. The basic idea was to build a decentralized and programmable platform. Bitcoin was decentralized but pretty rigid in its flexibility as a platform.

Therefore, Buterin published a whitepaper for a platform cryptocurrency.

Think of Ethereum as the Playstore of cryptocurrency, where developers can launch decentralized applications.

The actual currency would be called Ether (ETH). Therefore, ETH is the currency, just like Bitcoin or the US Dollar , while the Ethereum blockchain is a development platform that has become a hub for crypto developers. Ether acts as fuel (gas) that powers the Ethereum network.

Trading on cryptocurrency exchanges is about Ether.

The greater the commerce on the Ethereum network, the higher the value of Ether goes.

Traders can exchange Ether for other cryptocurrencies and national currencies or access services on the Ethereum network.

Ether is growing in value, and some store it in their digital wallets as a store of value.

Ethereum Programmability Sets It Apart

The fundamental aspect that sets out Ethereum is its programmability. It incorporates both elements of crypto commerce.

There is the currency aspect where individuals can use digital money without centralized payment providers.

Programmability means that one can also use the Ethereum blockchain for lots of other digital assets. Ethereum is, thus, a marketplace for financial services, games, and many other exciting sectors.

Developers of all types gather on this network to create unique solutions.

Some applications from the Ethereum blockchain are crypto lending, borrowing, trading, and other financial services that offer alternatives to traditional financial networks. These platforms provide more efficient access to finance and efficiency.

The emergence of decentralized finance has been a revelation. Ethereum’s capabilities go as far as the creativity of the developers in this ecosystem. The faster crypto commerce grows, the more significant Ethereum will continue to prove.

Ethereum node operators help secure the network. They are individuals who dedicate computing power to help confirm transactions, and they earn fees for their vital contributions.

One phrase that is common in Ethereum circles is smart contracts.

Smart contracts are computer programs that allow parties to create digital agreements without needing to trust each other.

They work like escrow accounts, only that it is a digital program that does not require a trusted centralized party.

Smart contracts form the basis of Ethereum decentralized applications (dApps). The applications are front and center in the digital finance revolution going on before our eyes. That is the essence of Ethereum, and it promises to continue scaling the crypto ladder.


It is vital to distinguish between the price of Ether and the general state of the Ethereum blockchain. Both have improved dramatically in the past year.

However, the latter is where the action is. Ethereum is not limited to its value as a speculative asset.

The juice lies in its utility and ability to serve as a launchpad for thousands of financial applications.

Therefore, Ether may eventually supplant Bitcoin as the most valuable cryptocurrency, but Ethereum is the leading light in the overall blockchain space.

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