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Free Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychic Websites In 2022

When was the last time you thought, ‘I need to talk to a psychic for free!’? If it was recently, we’ve got great news for you. To get you the best free psychic readings available today, we’ve rounded up the top websites that offer free psychic reading online.

These are services that offer free psychic reading for first time callers and new members. So, whether it’s to simply test a service or get a substantial prediction without paying any money, these services have the best deals, offers, and psychic advisers.

Top Picks for Free Psychic Readings Online

  • Mysticsense – Free first 5 Minutes
  • Kasamba – Free first 3 Minutes + 50% off for New Customers
  • Keen – Free first 3 Minutes



MysticSense comes with a lot of benefits and advantages compared to its competitors. And they’re able to provide these benefits thanks to an impressive list of more than 500 advisers and psychics.

The homepage immediately shows you a list of all the advisers and psychics who are currently online. So, you can click on any of the cards and get started instantly. Alternatively, there is a ‘Try it Now’ button that lets you browse all psychics via categories and specialties.

You can also look for psychics based on special tags like ‘Top Rated Psychics’ or through tools they use (Crystal ball, Astrology, Life Coach, etc.). So, it’s one of the most navigable and intuitive websites as far as psychic services go.

The registration involves a 4-step process that lets you get on board in a few minutes. You start with some initial information, confirm your phone number, add some additional information, and finally get an email confirmation. With only a few clicks and some basic info, you can start interacting with the advisers in a matter of minutes.

Free Psychic Readings on Mystic Sense

Signing up on the Mystic Sense platform gets you five minutes of real free psychic readings with any adviser. The process is simple and easy enough.

You start by registering on Mystic Sense and getting an account. Next, you’ll have to make a minimum deposit in the said account. Then, simply pick the adviser or psychic of your choice to get a free psychic chat or free spiritual reading by phone.

Regardless of how long your first session goes for, you get a full refund for the first five minutes. And the amount you get back will depend on the specific rate charged by the psychic. There’s also a refund limit on the amount you can get back. This will depend on your initial deposit. But once you receive it, you’ll get an email that confirms your refund.

Mystic Sense Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with a particular session, you get a refund in terms of Mystic Sense minutes. So, you don’t get a refund of the money spent, but you get additional minutes that you can spend with another adviser. So, you’re essentially getting an additional free psychic reading over the phone or via chat.

There are, however, specific conditions that apply to this guarantee. For instance, you’ll have to make a request before 48 hours have gone by since the unsatisfactory reading. And you can’t request a time-back refund with the same adviser or psychic. So, your free psychic reading call can only be with a new adviser.



Kasamba is a psychic service that has served its clients for over two decades now. And with this experience, they’ve put together a wide range of options, modes, and advantages that new customers can immediately enjoy.

The websites psychics specialize in love and relationships, tarot reading, astrology, career & finance, fortune-telling, and, of course, psychic readings. Kasamba’s registration is also among the simplest and no-nonsense features of their service. You can sign up with an email, a Google account, or even with an Apple ID.

Kasamba customers can get access to a wide variety of communication methods. Whether it’s chat, phone, email, or offline communication, you can use whatever suits your preference for talking to the advisers.

Free Psychic Readings on Kasamba

Kasamba has one of the most impressive offers for free psychic reading online. While other services will simply offer you a flat-free psychic reading time for a single psychic, Kasamba lets you get free minutes with every new psychic you try.

So, as you sign up for their service, you get three minutes free with every new advisor you try out. The advantage here is that you can have trial sessions with all of their advisers before you decide on which one to stick to. So, you’re potentially getting access to hours of free psychic questions or free psychic calling on this service.

Thanks to these unique and real free psychic readings they offer, thousands of new clients constantly get to talk with new psychics every day. If you’re on the fence about which psychic reading website to try, this one is surely worth considering.

Kasamba’s Guarantee

Kasamba’s satisfaction guarantee offer applies to any or all of your first sessions with any new adviser. However, if it’s a phone reading, it only applies to the first one. But if you’re not satisfied with the session, they can give you back either a full or partial refund based on your case.

Also, you’ll have to make a request for a refund within seven days of having the session. But they’re known to entertain and try their best to fulfill any requests made by their clients.



Keen is easily among the most reputed and experienced psychic services available today. With 20 years of experience in the industry, you get reliable psychics and helpful consultations from all of their psychics.

The service boasts of more than 35 million psychic readings delivered so far. And some of their top psychics have single-handedly performed over 70,000 of these readings. Make sure you check out advisers who have over 10,000 reviews on their list.

They also offer one of the most easy-to-navigate websites. One of the first things that greet you on their homepage is the psychic adviser search bar. So, all you do is pick your category, choose a mode (call or chat), and specify a price range that works for you. And it automatically brings up the psychics who fit your preference.

Free Psychic Readings on Keen

For any first-time customer, Keen offers three minutes of free medium readings online. Whether you opt for a free psychic reading call or a chat session, the first three minutes are completely free.

You can use the psychic search bar to find available psychics, or you can browse the directory to pick an adviser. Their list of psychics and advisers all appear with years of experience, reviews, rates, and the areas they specialize in. And if you’re a first-time visitor, each name should have a ‘First 3 Minutes Free’ tag next to it.

The tags also show if a psychic adviser is online, offline, or busy at the moment. So, whether it’s a free psychic love reading or a free spiritual reading by phone, you can get exactly what you want.

Keen’s Guarantee

Keen offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their readings and sessions. So, even after you start paying, you can expect the highest quality readings and advices.

If you face any issues with your session, you can potentially receive up to $25 (in Keen dollars) as reimbursement. You can spend this reimbursement on any conversations or sessions you book in the future. So, there are potentially more free psychic readings waiting for you if you face any problems.

How we picked the best services with free psychic readings

Today, the internet is swamped with services and websites that claim to offer the best free psychic readings. But most of these free offers often come with conditions and restrictions. So, finding reliable services that offer free readings takes a lot of work, tests, and research.

However, to ensure that you get access to the most reliable websites, we’ve done the tests and trials. And to narrow down the list, we used specific indices and parameters to separate the best services from the not-so-great ones.

These were the indices we used to compare the different services.

Reliable Directory of Psychics

The first thing we checked was the reliability and quality of the service’s psychics. Any free psychic calling or free psychic chat is only useful if the advisers are trustworthy. You can get 100 free psychic reading by phone, but it only benefits you if the predictions and revelations are true.

So, we specifically tested the quality of predictions made by psychics on different sites. And we finalized the services that featured reliable psychics. The accuracy of these advisers’ predictions may vary from client to client. So, there’s no single service that guarantees the quality of predictions. But if you’re getting free medium readings online, you want it to be from psychics you can trust.

We also looked at how these advisers behaved with clients on free psychic reading over the phone. Were they professional? Were they open to a variety of client issues and problems? Does it count as real free psychic readings, or is it a mere scam? These and similar other questions allowed us to get a sense of the advisers and their reliability.

Diversity of Psychic and Medium Services

To make sure that these services offer the right mix of psychic predictions, we checked the range of psychic readings they offered.

Services can range from ordinary psychic readings to more specialized skills like aura cleansing or past life readings. With the right options, you can switch between, say, a free psychic love reading and a free psychic financial session. So, you can get precise, relevant advice based on what you’re facing in life.

The great thing about services like Mystic Sense, Kasamba, and Keen is that they all offer a wide range of psychic readers. And you get to browse through advisers using categories and filters easily.

The diversity of services also applies to the modes of communication. It’s nice to get a free spiritual reading by phone or free psychic chat based on your preference.

Feedback and Reviews

If you’ve ever thought, ‘I need to talk to a psychic for free,’ then you must have considered what other customers have experienced. That’s because free psychic readings can often come with multiple conditions and limitations. If there are too many hidden conditions, it can take away any advantage you get from the free minutes. And a good way to verify a good service is to see what other paying customers are saying.

We made sure that we picked only those services that offer honest reviews and comments by users. This way, we know that those are real people leaving their feedback. Whenever you do start a free psychic reading online, you want advice from psychics who have experience helping other people.

Many times, free psychics can withhold helpful information until you start paying for the service. So, we only included services that have a good history of offering a psychic reading free by phone or chat.

Ease of registration

Another parameter we used was to check if registration was fast and easy. For any free psychic reading over the phone, you want to get an easy way to sign up. That way, you can easily get your free psychic reading online without wasting time. If the signup procedure is too meticulous and confusing, it makes your experience even more dreadful.

As it is, most new customers are already nervous or uneasy about trying out psychic services online. So, keeping the registration process simple is crucial in ensuring a pleasant experience for new clients.

The services on this list are all known for offering easy sign-up processes that take mere minutes. So, getting a psychic reading free by phone, chat, or email is quick and time-saving.

Affordable Pricing

Getting free psychic readings is the best way to get started in any psychic service. But eventually, you’ll have to pay for the advisers’ time and efforts. And the budget is a key factor if you want to use a particular service for the long run.

You may get access to an excellent free online psychic reading offer. But if you have to pay a small fortune to continue, you’ll likely ditch the service. Services like Keen allow you to specify your budget as soon as you enter the website. So, you don’t have to worry about unreasonable bills at the end of the session.

Websites like Mystic Sense and Kasamba clearly display the psychic’s rates and pricing on the cards. So, you know precisely what it will cost you once the free online psychic reading is over.

Why get a Psychic Reading?

Most psychic reading websites and services will reserve their best psychics and mediums behind a paywall or subscription. And to be fair, it makes sense because the psychics also need remuneration for their services. So, when we say ‘Free Psychic Readings,’ we mean free minutes or trials that some services offer to its customers.

As you can imagine, free online psychic readings can benefit you in multiple ways. Let’s look at a few advantages of getting a free psychic reading online.

Get a Reliable Reading

The first benefit of getting a free psychic reading online is that you can potentially get a trustworthy prediction or revelation. The free minutes you get maybe a free psychic chat or a free spiritual reading by phone. So, although it’s merely a few minutes, it’s still enough time to discuss and clarify a free psychic question.

Most people use this free psychic calling or free psychic chat to get more insights into burning questions about their lives. And you could use it to hear revelations on any issues or problems plaguing your life.

Free psychic reading for first time callers

The next obvious benefit is that you don’t have to spend a single cent for your free online psychic reading. Of course, it’s important to note that you don’t get unlimited access to free psychics.

For instance, Mysticsense offers you five minutes of free consultation, while Kasamba offers three minutes of free psychic chat or free psychic reading over the phone. Either way, the cost is completely free or fully refundable if you don’t like the experience.

Test the psychic service

A great way to utilize free psychic readings is to use them as a test of the website. Like any other service, you don’t want to pay real money before you get a sense of what the service offers. A free psychic reading online is an excellent way to test the waters before taking the plunge.

There are many psychic websites out there that may even be a scam or have questionable practices. When you get a psychic reading free by phone or chat, you can get a better idea of how reliable the psychics are. Once you’re satisfied, you can book or pay for a proper session or consultation.

Tips on Getting the Most Satisfaction From Your Free Psychic Readings

Psychic readings and predictions can be tricky and confusing for many customers. And if you’re a first-timer, it can also be nerve-racking, and you end up second-guessing your actions.

So, to make sure you have a hassle-free and meaningful session. Here are some insider tips that come from the best free psychics.

  • Before your session begins, focus on what free psychic question you’ll ask. Many people make the mistake of getting into it without much forethought. Being prepared with some basic questions will give you more direction and purpose.
  • Don’t expect magical solutions from free psychic readings (or even paid ones). Psychic readings can come in many forms. Some may be simple and direct, while others may be cloaked in mystery. The accuracy of readings and predictions also depends on your choices and actions as you live life.
  • Ensure that your service offers free mediums readings online, free psychic reading over the phone, and free readings via chat. Having several alternatives will give you more room to maneuver and make sense of things.
  • Consider confiding in someone you trust about your interactions with psychic services. Having emotional support during and after these free psychic readings can help you cope with issues in a healthier manner.
  • Use this guide and the information is given here to refine your understanding of free psychics and how they work. Armed with these tips and instructions, you can draw the most benefit regardless of which service you choose.

How to Find the Best Free Psychic Readings

Getting access to free psychics and free psychic readings is a priority for any new customer. But finding the right free psychic service can be a daunting task. Fortunately for you, we’ve already listed the best places for free psychic readings here. And you can use this list to get started on your psychic reading journey.

However, if you want to do your own research and find more alternatives, we’ve got you covered for that too! We’ve listed instructions on how to approach and assess the different psychic services here. So, you can refer to this instructional section if you want to find other free psychic calling or chat services on your own.

Free Online Psychic Reading

So, the first thing you’ll have to verify is whether the service offers free psychic reading online. Most services will offer three to five minutes of free consultation with an adviser of your choice. As already mentioned above, these free minutes allow you to test the service, save money, and get some basic revelations and advice. So, it makes sense to get the full advantage of free spiritual reading by phone or a free psychic chat.

Also, you should check if they offer their whole range of chat, phone, or email sessions as part of the free psychic readings. Some services may agree to a free psychic chat but may not cover a free psychic reading over the phone.

So, if you’re someone who prefers a free psychic reading call, then you’ll need to ascertain whether the service delivers psychic reading free by phone.

Guarantees and Refunds

For any website offering free psychic readings, make sure it comes along with a guarantee or money-back offer. A satisfaction guarantee offer implies that the service is confident about the ability of its advisers and psychics.

You can get a free psychic question on almost any website. But if there’s no guarantee on how the experience will turn out, you could be simply wasting your time. To ensure that you’re getting real free psychic readings, go for a service that offers a guarantee.

All three services mentioned here – Mystic Sense, Kasamba, and Keen come with a robust guarantee and money-back arrangements. They assure you that if you’re not satisfied with your initial reading, you can get your money refunded or additional free psychic readings with another adviser. Either way, it’s an arrangement that ensures that you get your time’s worth of psychic readings and predictions.

Modes of Communication

Most people prefer different modes of communication as part of the psychic reading service. Some people enjoy hearing the voice and conversing through a free psychic reading call. And others prefer more discreet options like online chat or email correspondence. Still, there are others who may prefer a more personal and upfront mode like video calls.

It’s not mandatory that your psychic service provide every one of these options. But it’s still good to have options if you ever need to communicate differently. If nothing else, your free medium readings online should cover at least one free psychic reading over the phone or via chat.

If they offer both online and offline communication with advisers, it’s a good sign. Ultimately, you want to have alternatives to communicating, whether it’s via phone or text.

User-friendly Websites

One of the worst things about cheap free psychics is the poor quality of websites and platforms they use. The browsing experience is a very underrated but vital aspect of dealing with psychics online.

If the website is not user-friendly, you can easily miss out on offers or have a hard time searching for ideal psychics. You want a website where all the features and services are easily visible and navigable. That way, you don’t waste your valuable time trying to look for features or offers.

The best websites with free psychic readings will display all their offers and abilities in an interface that’s easy to read and browse. They should have directories of psychics and advisers with relevant information displayed (rates, abilities, ratings, etc.).

Blogs and Knowledge Banks

Another common feature in reliable psychic services with free psychic readings is knowledge resources. Sometimes your free psychic question or doubt can be answered by a well-written article that addresses a particular psychic issue. And most times, these blog articles can help you optimize your experience on the platform.

For instance, the ‘Articles and Media’ section of Mystic Sense covers topics like Energy Healing or Mayan Astrology. Kasamba’s ‘Articles’ section reveals helpful insights on Astrology, Horoscopes, and testimonials by clients. Keen also comes with articles that are nicely organized under Spiritual Advice, Tarot Advice, Love Advice, Psychic Advice, etc.

Reading these articles is also a great way to learn more about psychic readings even as you wait for your favorite psychic to become available.

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