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Kasamba Legit Reviews: Top 7 MOST Popular Psychic Readings

Psychic networks are quite popular in the modern day, and they are even more popular due to the pandemic. Rather than visiting local psychics, they get help from online services. In this article, let’s get to know more about Kasamba, one of top-rated psychic sites, and find out how legit it is.

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Life is full of unexpected things as well as ups and downs. The journey towards happiness and peace is never easy. We wake up every day knowing new challenges, risks, and decisions are waiting ahead. Who doesn’t want to succeed in life? However, sometimes we get stuck.

That’s when Kasamba shows up and sends empowerment.

Psychic reading is a source guiding us to the correct path. If any of us wants to bring back the long lost serenity in life, my recommendation is to access Kasamba and try out their quality services.

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Kasamba Psychic Site: The First Look



  • Legit psychic advisors with many years of experience
  • 3 free minutes with every new reader
  • Various types of readings available
  • Free daily horoscopes
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • No video call readings
  • Search options should be improved

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When I had readings for my relationship and career at Kasamba, I must say that their guidance was so insightful helping me gain the clarity to the matters I was in need of answers. Though some psychics charge quite expensive, all of them offer 3 free minutes allowing each of us to get to know them without paying anything at first.

Clients can rate and leave review on the profile of every psychic. If you want to attain the best free psychic reading online at Kasamba, make sure to look for psychic advisors with positive reviews and 5-star ratings.

Now, let’s delve deeper into how this network works, the accuracy of their services and advisors, and more.

Free Psychic Reading at Kasamba: Things to Know


What is Kasamba?

This is an online psychic reading website delivering all kinds of spiritual services and helping clients connect with the most trustworthy psychics around the world. There is a large selection of readers specializing in different areas to choose from. No matter what your problem is, Kasamba can solve it with psychic sessions.

Free psychic reading on this network can be done through 3 main platforms: live chat, phone, and email. From now on, you’re able to get spiritual insight and clarity at the most convenience.

With over 20 years in the psychic reading industry, Kasamba has guided more than 3 million people towards the right path and empowered them to fulfill their lives in better ways. Clients coming to this site can be assured that both their mental and physical well-being will be taken care of.

Kasamba psychic readings guarantee to offer accurate insights of one’s future.

There are numerous types of readings including fortune telling, tarot reading, astrology, love consultation, career forecast, dream interpretation, horoscope, etc. In addition, they do have several rare services like pet psychics and Kabbalah.

This psychic site proffers a very reasonable price range ($0.50~$1.99/min.), and the pricing rates are different among spiritual advisors. Kasamba displays the price per minute on the profile of all psychics, for your reference and evaluation.

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What are Free Psychic Chat Services Offered?

The diversity of readings is definitely one of the best features on Kasamba. As I said earlier, you will find abundant reading services at one place. Whatever your situation is, psychic readers of this network can give you solutions.

Here are profuse types of readings offered:

1. Psychic readings

This is one of the most popular services of Kasamba.

With a psychic reading, the expert helps unravel hidden insights and answers that you crave to know. Kasamba ensures to fulfill your journey with love and happiness. When accessing this category, you’ll see a large collection of gifted, top-rated readers for selection. Read all the available info carefully and find the right match for your upcoming session.

You’ll be given 3 free minutes at the beginning with each advisor to check their ability and authenticity. By getting a genuine psychic reading online, you can obtain the answers as well as advice you’re looking for.

Some sub-categories in psychic readings are:

  • Aura readings
  • Crystal readings
  • Rune casting
  • Psychic mediums
  • Pet psychics
  • UK psychics

Many have tried psychic readings and impressed with the information given; that explains why this category gains much popularity from clients.

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2. Free love psychic reading

The next category I want to discuss is love & relationships. In fact, love readings are requested by many because love is a complicated issue and we all want to understand it better.

“When will I meet my soulmate? Is my current lover the true love? Is the person I’m in love with honest to me?”

At certain times, you’ll find yourself asking these questions. Relationships are important to some; when it comes to love readings, Kasamba is the best place. Their love psychics undoubtedly answer all of your questions regarding love and relationships at any time. Get a free love psychic reading and set back the direction of your love life correctly.

Different relationships have different problems, so consider carefully and go with the reading that suits your need for profound insights and guidance.

  • Single and dating
  • Marital life
  • Breakup and divorce
  • Cheating and have many affairs
  • Soulmate connections
  • Parents and children
  • Gay & lesbian friendly

If your situation is similar to any of the listed topics, simply choose it for a solution.

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3. Tarot card readings

Want to know deeper insight regarding your future?

Tarot card reading is a perfect option as the meaning of each card offers details about various aspects in your life. Kasamba has over hundreds of trusted tarot readers delivering tarot readings online and by phone.

If you’re curious about what tarot cards have in store for you, choose the reader you feel most drawn to and ask them all pressing questions about your love, relationships, career, money, or anything else.

Two types of tarot reading that can be found at Kasamba are:

  • Angel card reading
  • Cartomancy

Discover things waiting for you ahead with a tarot reading

4. Fortune telling

For anyone longing for a glimpse into their destiny, Kasamba will help using the power of fortune telling. This reading brings empowerment and enlightenment to someone in need of. It’s estimated that the psychic network has over 200 fortune tellers capable of delivering accurate insights.

Prepare a list of questions about your pressing problems and ask the expert when entering a session. They shed light into your future, making sure you gain the clarity as your yearn for.

Start your free 3 minutes and uncover what’s behind your fate!

Chat live online or talk through the phone with a fortune teller

5. Dream analysis

Some may think dreams are not important and just ignore it after waking up. However, the truth is that your dreams are the message of your heart and subconscious mind. It reveals what you desire from the deepest but yourself don’t even realize that.

By having a talk with a dream interpreter online, you can get your dreams analyzed in details and uncover the truths that have always been buried underground. Kasamba advisor also interprets the meanings behind your dream’s images as well as symbols so that you know how to find your way to inner peace and happiness.

In case you have recurring dreams, it’s a must to note down everything in a journal before seeing a dream analyst.

Have your dream unfolded with a click

6. Astrology readings

The next category also popular with Kasamba visitors is astrology.

In astrology readings, you get a glimpse into your present and future with the help of professional astrologers. They all are the masters in this ancient art and practice. They make use of one’s birth chart, including zodiac signs, planets’ movement, and transitions of the sun and moon to give in-depth insights about your life, characteristics, and good fortune.

There are two types of astrology readings offered on this psychic network:

  • Vedic astrology
  • Chinese astrology

Get your questions answered instantly with a free astrology reading online

7. Career forecasts

Aside from love relationships, career is also a pressing issue to most of us. Some tell me that they have a hard time when it comes to making decisions related to the professional field.

That’s why they need genuine guidance from psychic experts.

Are you making the right choice for your career? Is this the right time to have a new start with your job? What to do for fulfillment in your career path and financial success?

Come to Kasamba and you’ll receive trusted career forecasts with 3 free minutes. The information helps you figure out the solution for your current circumstance related to work and make precise career decisions as well. The psychic’s advice leads you towards success, fulfillment, and prosperity.

Contact them from today so that you can quickly discover a path to job satisfaction and a plentiful future.

Other psychic services:

  • New psychics
  • Palm readings
  • Paranormal
  • Universal laws
  • Numerology
  • Eastern philosophy
  • Past life readings
  • Intimacy
  • Occult graphology
  • Picture readings
  • Financial outlook
  • Kabbalah
  • New age spirituality
  • Religion

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Why It Has to Be Kasamba?

With a large number of online psychic networks these days, some may have this question. In fact, despite abundant psychic reading websites, only a few can offer this spirituality service with quality and accuracy. That makes Kasamba well-known and popular to many individuals.

Being one of top-notch psychic sites online, Kasamba is a home of many gifted and specialized readers who’ve helped and supported over 4 million people. Whether you’re in the crossroads or finding ways to solve your dilemmas, they make sure to connect you with a compatible psychic.

They do have a refund policy in case you’re unsatisfied with the psychics and their services. The primary goal of this network is to attain 100% customer satisfaction; that explains why they’re dedicated to guarantee the best experience for each client.

According to many, psychic readings done by Kasamba are illuminating and genuinely beneficial.

Wonder if you should get a psychic reading?

Try this kind of service if you can’t find a way out of your problems. Sometimes it’s hard to make choices or decisions due to confusion and ambiguity, especially it often happens to young people. We get stuck without knowing how to sort things out; hence, psychic reading could help us discover the truths and make correct decisions.

There are many options to choose from on Kasamba; for instant, lovers can ask for love and relationship readings. You can submit a reading with a psychic whose specialties associating with your matters.

You will be able to establish a successful life with the help of psychic guidance.

How Does Kasamba Work?

Known as an online psychic network like other sites, Kasamba is a platform gathering a variety of independent psychics with the purpose to help people in need of psychic reading services more easily and conveniently.

If this is your first time, no worry because Kasamba is not that complicated to work with.

They know exactly that most of us are dubious about the whole psychic reading concept; therefore, they come up with a user-friendly website to make sure we can navigate with ease. But, initially, you do need to research carefully about the site to understand how it works and all available offers. Once feeling certain, pick the psychic of your intuition and have your reading.

We seem to be confused when referring to choosing a reader for your session. With a large number of psychics offered on the website, it’s a real challenge to find the profound one.

The key to encounter a legit one is to access their profile and reader all information related to their work carefully. Once determining the psychic you want to get connected with, click to the Chat option and you’ll be processed to the registration step (though you can sign up at first).

When creating an account, remember to also choose the payment method. After that, then you can chat with your chosen psychic in the real time. In case you don’t want to have a live chat, press the Call button and give them a call.

How is Kasamba Psychic Readings’ Accuracy?

Some people seeking the advice from psychic readings often ask something like ‘is Kasamba a legitimate and authentic site’ when researching this place.

You can be skeptical and doubtful because a fluff and inaccurate psychic session is definitely a waste of time. Not to mention that you can even lose money if encountering any scammer. Therefore, accuracy is the most significant component of psychic reading services.

About Kasamba, you can be assured about their psychic experts’ authenticity.

What I like about this network is that they guarantee to bring satisfaction to their clients. They want you not only achieve the information you ask for but also gain benefits from it. With over 20 years in this business, they’ve coped with various problems coming from millions of clients. Go to Kasamba and ask for help from their specialized psychic for a faultless and explicit session.

Top 4 MOST Picked Kasamba Psychics

Who are the best psychics available on Kasamba?

The best psychic depends on many factors, but (most importantly) it’s up to your deepest desires displayed in a reading. Whatever you are looking for, they enable to offer insightful solutions. In order to save your valuable time, we’ve come up with a list of best of the best readers on this site.

Here are top 5 most recommended choices:

1. Love Specialist Isabelle

You can easily tell what her specialty is by knowing her name. Yes, Love Specialist Isabelle expertises in answering inquiries regarding love romance. If you are confused or in need of insight into any heart matter, such as dating, marriage, divorce, or family situations, simply contact her.

How to know she is reliable? Well, with over 15 years of experience, she’s gained more than 14,000 reviews and 5-star ratings from numerous clients for her abilities. Many feel impressed with her keen insight, including me.

When having a reading with this advisor, you’ll be provided a non-judgmental, confidential space to comfortably share your story and phrase your questions.

2. Psychic Yasmin

You can be rest-assured if the psychic of your reading is Yasmin.

Psychic Yasmin has gained almost 30,000 positive reviews along with fully 5-star ratings for her psychic readings. As an intuitive and empath, she answers your queries using her skills solely without any divination tools. When tapping into your energy, she takes advantage of her spiritual guides to shed light on your future.

Whatever you want to know, she’s able to foresee and provide insights. Her specialties include clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.

3. Psychic Reader and Healer

If you have any trouble with love or relationships in general, you may want to speak to Psychic Reader and Healer. This psychic advisor focuses mainly on these two aspects; besides, he does provide answers for your business or finance related questions.

His readings have received over 22,000 reviews and 5-star ratings as well. Many find it comfortable when talking with Psychic Reader and Healer because of his encouraging way of approach and positive energy.

4. Master Enigma

Another trustworthy and reliable Kasamba reader impressive to me is Master Enigma, who has more than 30 years of experience as a spiritual advisor. Sounds incredible, right?

I mean, you would feel the same when getting a reading from him. He primarily provides psychic readings, and sometimes he also offers sessions with his sub-specialties like dream interpretation, relationships, astral projection, and so on.

This psychic has over 55,000 reviews on Kasamba network, and most of them are positive plus 5-star ratings. He also gives 3 free minutes at the beginning for new visitors, so don’t miss.

5. Best Psychic Readings

Last but not least in this list is Best Psychic Readings. He’s always one of the top-rated advisors at Kasamba with more than 30,000 reviews and the majority 5-star ratings within 16 years of experience.

In order to help people gain insights into different aspects of life, such as relationships, career, finance, and love, he makes use of his perceptive abilities as well as natural extensions of his senses. If you want to have an in-depth look into any particular area, contact Best Psychic Readings and get benefits from his reading.

He can help you realize your true potential and make right decisions.

Kasamba Features That I Most Like

1. Profile pages of psychics

Most of us feel confused and frustrated when choosing the right psychic, Kasamba shows up and offers one of the best features. They give each psychic advisor working on their site a proper profile page covering all essential information.

Just access any psychic’s profile and you can discover the level of their legitimacy and popularity on the network. Both reviews and ratings are public so that you can see how previous clients felt about their experiences; plus, the price they charge per minute are also displayed.

In short, you gain better insight of a Kasamba psychic reader when reading their profile, from the background, the specialties, and the years of experience to the pricing rates and feedback. Once understanding your favorite advisor better, you’ll have more confidence in contacting them.

The well-structured and extensive psychic profiles of this network always impress me.

2. Free 3-minute trial

If you’ve heard about Kasamba, you must also know about their free trial.

For anyone who feels skeptical with online psychic readings, Kasamba comes up with an introductory offer that can help you more certain with your decisions. Their 3 free minutes at the beginning of a session allow you to observe how a psychic reader works. By that, you can narrow down and figure out who works best with you.

Unlike other networks, free 3-minute trial on this psychic site is applied to every new advisor via online chat or phone.

In order to use this introductory offer, you must click ‘Sign up to Kasamba’ and complete the registration process. While signing up, you’ll be asked about the payment method. Choose PayPal, Google Pay or credit card; next, fill all of your information in the blank.

Once finished, explore the site to find which psychic you want to get a consultation from. Click ‘Let’s chat’ or ‘Call’ button to connect with the one you feel most drawn to. Before being charged for a full-length session, you can have a free talk with your chosen psychic for 3 free minutes.

3. Wide selection of readings

Most psychic networks these days have a wide selection of readings, but Kasamba is on another level. As you already read it from the above, I will talk briefly here. This site has something for everyone, from tarot readers, astrologers, and psychic mediums, to fortune tellers and pet psychics.

There are lots of categories offered on the website, and each has many sub-specialties. Therefore, you’re likely to find the type of service you need. No matter what situation you are in, Kasamba guarantees to connect you to the true expert.

4. Psychic availability

The most obvious reason explaining why most people prefer online psychics than in-person psychics nowadays is psychic availability.

Back then you had to discuss the time and follow the schedule of a traditional psychic for an appointment. In the modern day, things are more convenient with psychic readings online. You’re now able to reach out to your favorite reader on Kasamba at any time of a day as they are available 24/7.

5. Communication methods

When you successfully access the psychic that you prefer, you will then have to choose a method to communicate with them. This is an essential feature for both psychic advisors and clients. Without communication methods, how can a reading session be conducted?

There are various ways of communication at Kasamba. You can reach out a reader through live chat online, phone calls, or email. Take advantage of their 3-minute free trial to see which method suits your preference.

6. Website is easy for navigation

What I personally like about Kasamba is that their website has user-friendly navigation allowing me to explore everything offered with ease. If you want to search for psychic advisors, you can filter them by category, by rating or by price.

As soon as you find a psychic you like, instantly click on their profile to learn more details about their specialties, experience, qualification, and feedback as well as ratings from their clients.

7. Mobile app

You can easily get your psychic readings on the go with Kasamba mobile app.

Free for downloading, now you can get this app for both iOS and Android devices. Whether it’s online chat reading or phone reading, connecting with your psychic will be faster and more convenient.

Pros and Cons about Kasamba Site

Overall, these are some Kasamba’s pros and cons at a glance…



– 3 free minutes with every new psychic

– Wide selection of specialties

– Wide range of prices to suit the budget need of all clients

– 50% OFF in the first reading with code

– Available 24/7 via online chat, phone, and email

– Money-back guarantee

– Video calls are not available

– Not all psychics use all methods of communication

– Many options to choose making new clients overwhelmed

Now let’s have an in-depth look…

On the upside

They bring convenience in all facets to you.

The easiest thing to see at Kasamba is the convenience. This website always assures the satisfaction of their clients when experiencing psychic readings. They don’t want any getting services at their place to feel unhappy or unfulfilled.

Multiple types of psychic readings are offered for all the needs of one. Means of communication can be utilized depending on your preference. Chose the best way in which you can talk about your dilemmas with the psychic comfortably.

The site is user-friendly and the app is mobile-friendly, making the connection between you and your psychic has no pressure. They are available 24/7/365 on phone, chat rooms, and apps. If you look for a fruitful spiritual experience without wasting much of your time, the ultimate option is psychic readings online.

On the downside

It’s true that there are lots of benefits from Kasamba.

But, nothing is completely perfect, and this site does have some flaws. The first thing is unexpectedly from their wide selection of readings. Sometimes what you think the most convenient can backfire. Due to a huge number of options to choose from, individuals who are new to the psychic reading realm will get overwhelmed.

Next, Kasamba lacks the live video chat reading, and many think that this is the reason affecting the service’s accuracy. Lastly, a few of psychic readers offer a high pricing rate.

Final Words

When you need more insight into your life spiritually, access Kasamba and get your most pressing questions answered. Simply narrow down psychic advisors using filters, read the profiles carefully, consider the pricing rates, and make use of the introductory offer, and eventually you will find the best specialist for your actual session.

In general, the goal of Kasamba psychics is to deliver accurate and profound readings to help you discover your true potential and answer big questions of your own from a particular aspect. They can use either just their own psychic ability or divine tools to ensure the best experience to all clients.

They can adapt their reading style to fit every user.

Have you had any experience with Kasamba before?

If not, contact them from today for a free psychic chat!

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