Kasamba Versus Asknow, Real Online Psychic Readings?

Unlike in sports, where competition leaves us with a clear winner, the battle between Kasamba versus AskNow is a much more subtle and subjective affair.

Of the two sites being compared here, Kasamba has been a mainstay in the world of online psychic readings for over 20 years, while AskNow has been in the race for 17.

Of course, age doesn’t necessarily mean that one is better than the other, just look at Venus and Serena Williams.

Assuming you’re interested in getting the best psychic reading you can, how is it possible to determine the best psychic website when they’re all claiming to be number one?

Let’s take a look.

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A Quick Look at each Category and Winner

Website Features


A bit easier to find your way around

Types of Readings


Greater variety



Better Satisfaction Guarantee

Prices and Deals


5 Free Master Minutes

Unique Features


A more esoteric “Articles” section

Finding your way around each website

Kasamba – A LOT of choice

When it comes to shopping, everyone is different. Some people like to browse, while others just want to get what they came for and leave. No matter what approach you prefer, Kasamba’s website layout will get you there.

Right at the top of their homepage is basically everything you need to know, from how to get started to the various types of readings they offer.

A quick click on any reading category will then immediately provide you with both an explanation of the service and a list of readers who perform it. If that’s still not fast enough for you, there are also a few psychic profiles right there on the home page that you can link to immediately.

On the other hand, if you’re the type who likes to look around first, there’s also a wonderful “Articles” section on the home page filled with tons of useful information. For instance, there’s an “All About Psychics” piece that can help you choose the right advisor.

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AskNow – A more streamlined option

Like Kasamba, the AskNow site is both streamlined and easy to use, yet there are some notable exceptions.

Where Kasamba allowed for a general search based on the method of reading you’re looking for, AskNow has a much more in-depth search filter where you can find a reader based on reading type, price range, and various categories such as love, career, etc.

For those who prefer watching to reading, AskNow also has a video section where everything the site offers is explained through brief tutorials.

If it turns out you’re new to the world of psychic readings and a little unsure, there is also a “PsychicSpotlight” section in the main menu where you can quickly link to the best-reviewed psychics on the site and read some FAQs they’re often asked about the psychic process.

Winner: While they’re tied for ease of use, AskNow gets the nod for having a little more.

What about Psychic Readings?

Kasamba – Every possible type of spiritual reading

Even though they offer the same basic ways to get a reading as a lot of other sites, specifically phone, online chat, or e-mail, where Kasamba rises above the fray is when it comes to the various techniques for doing readings they have available.

You no longer need to scan the web for “spiritual readers near me.”

Aside from the popular classics such as Tarot, Astrology, and Crystal Ball readings, Kasamba also features an expanded menu of options that includes many more exotic and lesser-known methods of divination.

Among my favorites are the Kabbalah, Remote Viewing, and Eastern Philosophy readings.

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AskNow – Greater focus on what you are facing

While providing the same sort of technology as Kasamba for their readings (phone, online chat, and email) where AskNow falls a little behind is when it comes to the variety of reading methods they feature.

Focusing more on the category of a reading, such as love or career, rather than the method used by the advisor (Tarot, Astrology, etc.) AskNow has chosen a more classic approach for their service, which just doesn’t seem as exciting or eclectic as some of the unique readings offered by Kasamba.

Winner: The edge here goes to Kasamba for more variety and uniqueness.

But can you trust psychic websites?

Kasamba – Customer-friendly money-back guarantee

It is generally believed that ever since psychic readings moved away from the wrong side of the tracks and went on to the Internet they’ve become much safer. But how safe are they?

Major sites like Kasamba and AskNow assure us that they screen their Advisors, but they don’t usually say how. Positive customer reviews are important, and you can see for yourself that Kasamba has a lot of those, but is that enough?

An additional form of protection against an unscrupulous psychic would be a customer satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you’re dissatisfied with your reading, Kasamba will refund you up to $50, although it will only apply to your last reading and must be presented within 7 days.

There is also a customer service department you can complain to, but they are only available to contact via e-mail.

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AskNow – 24/7 toll-free customer service

Like Kasamba, AskNow also assures that their psychics are vetted. As a matter of fact, they add that all psychics are thoroughly “screened, scrutinized, tested, and handpicked” by their “highly experienced psychic managers.”

This is a little more forceful than what most sites claim, and for that reason, I’m inclined to believe it.

AskNow also isn’t joking when it comes to customer service, having a 24/7 toll-free number where you can call with any questions. On the other hand, their satisfaction guarantee doesn’t seem to have the same teeth as Kasamba’s, seeing they will only cover up to 5 minutes of site credit towards another reader.

Winner: Although AskNow’s screening process and 24/7 customer service is impressive, the winner is Kasamba. A possible $50 refund sounds better than $5.

Kasamba versus AskNow – Which is Pricer?

Kasamba – Free CHAT minutes with each NEW advisor

With readings ranging from $3.99 to $30 a minute, Kasamba has a psychic for every budget.

If you’re a new customer, they also offer a pair of pretty good discounts that can help you get started. While finding a 100% free psychic is unlikely, Kasamba does offer free three minutes with your first paid reading, and the other lets you have 3 free CHAT minutes with each NEW advisor you try.

The second one is really the way to go, as it allows you to test out different psychics until you find the one that’s right for you.

AskNow – *Free Reading with a Master Psychic

Unlike some other sites, AskNow rates its advisors based on both ability and price. Top Rated Advisors cost from $5.99 – $9.99/minute, Elite Advisors are $10-$11.99/minute, and Master Advisors are from $12- $13.99/minute.

For first-time customers, they have 20 and 30-minute packages for $1 a minute with an additional bonus of 5 free Master minutes. It’s those 5 free Master minutes that put this deal over the top, seeing that the price per minute of a Master Reader is $13.99.

That’s a $70 value before you even start counting the 30 minutes, which ends up giving you $100 worth of time for only $30!

Winner: AskNow…….It’s the 5 free Master minutes that did it!

What else do these psychic sites offer?

Kasamba – A wealth of free resources and guides

Besides my earlier reference to some of the unique spiritual tools used by many of Kasamba’s advisors, another rewarding feature of the site is their extensive articles section.

Aside from the essays, you would expect to find on typical topics like Tarot techniques or daily horoscopes, there are also engaging pieces on more esoteric subjects like reincarnation, pet spirituality, numerology, and the history of the Runes.

As a result, Kasamba is not only a site where you can get an excellent psychic reading, but also a place where it’s possible to acquire a real spiritual education if you’re curious.

AskNow – In-depth articles and media section

Back in the day, psychic websites were usually just places to get a reading. Now though it’s standard for the top sites to offer an “Articles” section where it’s possible to find esoteric information the likes of which they had in the ancient library in Alexandria.

With well-written articles on subjects like Spirituality and Meaning, Unexplained Phenomena, Astrology, and Numerology, the articles section of AskNow is not only part of this continuing educational trend, but a pacesetter for anyone looking to learn more about their spirituality.

Winner: Kasamba by a Hermetic inch.

Final Verdict – Kasamba VS. AskNow

While there is always a definite winner in a footrace, trying to prove one psychic website is better than another is like trying to take a clear picture of a UFO.

For the record, both Kasamba and AskNow are excellent sites that feature accurate, world-class psychic readers. Yet because they each have their pros and cons, it’s not necessarily about who’s better, but rather what you, as a customer, are looking for.

Winner: Kasamba

According to our scorecard, Kasamba was better for their variety of readings, trustworthiness, and unique features. On the other hand, AskNow had a better website with superior prices and deals. At the same time, both offer discounts, screen their readers, and have relatively easy-to-use websites.

If only one of these sites existed you’d likely get a great reading at a decent discount and be fine. But since they both exist, which one should you choose?

As the old song goes, “You say potato and I say potahto, I like tomato and you like tomahto”……….

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