Kats Botanicals: Reviewing the Kats Botanicals Supplements

Kats Botanicals has supplied its customers with premium, pure and potent botanical supplements to enhance their overall health and well-being. They are headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where they have developed a team of individuals to provide the best, top-quality kratom and CBD to their customers.

What is Kats Botanicals?

Justin Kats, Founder, and CEO of Kats Botanicals, started his journey by simply looking at natural solutions to common health issues. He found a common theme in the market: many existing products were not made with good quality ingredients and didn’t work.

He searched locally in the United States and internationally to find the best products and realized there was a need in the market, so Kats Botanicals was finally born in 2016. Kats Botanicals’ mission is to deliver the safest, purest, and most effective products to help you improve your health with the best alternative botanicals on the market.

Kats Botanicals Supplements

Kats Botanicals offers a considerable variety of capsule and powder kratom formulas. They also have several CBD products as well as some love for your furry friends! All products are lab tested and ethically harvested to ensure you get a quality product with no foul play.

There is a ton of information on each product, the vein breakdown, and the best method to take them. There is no ingredient label or nutrition facts label from the packaging; however, they are listed on the product pages.

Ashwagandha Capsules


Ashwagandha, originating from the Middle East and North Africa, has been considered Ayurvedic medicine a vitalizing herb. From this one ingredient, you may experience lower cortisol levels, improved concentration and focus, a boost in your metabolism, and support for your immune system.

The recommended serving size of Ashwagandha Capsules is a little hefty at two capsules twice per day. This can be difficult for some; however, it may be worth a try due to the purity and all-natural aspects of this product.

  • 1 Bottle: $14.99

Elderberry Capsules


Elderberry is one of the most widely used plant-based nutrition due to its anti-inflammatory properties, essential vitamin profile, and the fact that it helps boost the production of cytokines, which aid immune function.

In addition to the immunity and vitamin boost, elderberries can also enhance your natural defenses against oxidative stress and promote detoxification. Each serving of Elderberry Capsules contains 1000mg of elderberry powder, the singular ingredient encapsulated in a veggie capsule.

  • 1 Bottle: $19.99

Above the Waves Kratom Capsules/ Powder


Two red strains, a green strain, and a white strain create a well-balanced effect for new and longtime kratom users, and so the Above the Waves Kratom formula was born.

Two red strains make it easy to use later in the day without harming your sleep, which is essential to consider. This particular blend is ideal for both a comfort and calmness enhancer.

Chocolate Kratom Capsules/Powder


This Chocolate Kratom formula, both capsule, and powder is a rich, ultra-dark, 100% red vein kratom imported from the master cultivators in Sumatra.

The 100% red vein chocolate kratom differs from other strains as its production requires more time, energy, and attention compared to different strains. This formula is best taken in the evening, with or without food, to relax.

Digital Buddha Kratom Capsules/Powder


The Digital Buddha Kratom is 50% White Vein, 30% Green Vein and 20% Red Vein to give you a perfect balance of each of the veins together. This unique blend was created at the request of customer feedback to help tackle everyday stresses in life.

This kratom strain helps enhance well-being, improve motivation, and support a positive outlook and stress relief benefits. You can take it day or night to alleviate the wear and tear that everyday living can bring.

Dark Elephant Kratom Capsules/Powder


This 100% fermented Red Vein kratom is dark in color and gives long-lasting effects. The elephant part comes from the way the kratom leaves look at themselves. The most mature kratom trees will have large, drooping leaves that resemble the ears of an elephant.

Dark Elephant Kratom helps achieve a calmer, tranquil state of well-being and, as such, is best taken in the evening or before bed.

Dark Red Malay Kratom Capsules/Powder


This is a specialty Red Vein kratom strain that comes from a tropical island in southeast Asia. The dark red Malay kratom goes through a unique drying and fermentation process after the leaves have been harvested at peak maturity.

Kats Botanicals’ Dark Red Malay powder is 100% sole-sourced Red Vein kratom strain, meaning that it contains kratom from a single harvest and is not a blend. This type of premium Red Vein kratom is best taken in the evening due to the calming effects on the body, perfect for unwinding after a long day.


Green Bali Kratom Capsules/Powder

Another 100% pure strain, this time in Green Vein kratom, is similar to the Dark Red Malay kratom. The Green Bali Kratom product also comes from a single harvest, ensuring purity.

These green strains are known for their benefits in balancing well-being, enhancing motivation, and giving you a sense of calm. Since it’s 100% Green Vein, these effects will be much more focused than a blend containing some Green Vein.

Green Hulu Kapuas Capsules/Powder

Another 100% Green Vein Kratom product, the Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom, has been used by natives of Southeast Asia for hundreds of years for its powerful effects on motivation, overall well-being, and optimism.

This is the perfect energy boost for anyone looking to get an extra kick on a long day.

Green Indo Kratom Capsules/Powder

While many, if not most, Kratom strains are sourced from trees on plantations, the Green Indo Kratom is unique as its leaves are cultivated from leaves found naturally.

Each batch is made from a single harvest, meaning the potency and purity of each batch is unmatched. The Green Indo kratom is used to restore balance, support a happy, optimistic outlook on life, and enhance your overall well-being.

Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules/Powder

If you’re looking for a mood and energy booster, this kratom supplement may be what you’re looking for.

This particular Kratom has high-octane power, and because of this, has earned its Maeng Da label, literally translating to ‘Pimp Grade.’ Kats Botanicals’ Green Maeng Da Kratom blend 80% Green Vein and 20% White Vein kratom. A little goes a long way with this product.

Green Malay Kratom Capsules/Powder

The Green Malay Kratom is used to maintain balance when dealing with stressful situations, improve well-being and feelings of optimism. These leaves are from trees that grow exceptionally high and are picked in the middle of their life cycle to get the lovely thick leaves.

Perfect for mid-day use or to disrupt ‘Same Strain Syndrome,’ some kratom users experience using the same strain for a few days in a row.

Green Sunda Kratom Capsules/Powder

The Green Sunda Kratom powder has 100% Green Vein kratom and is perfect for experiencing long-lasting benefits. These leaves are harvested and processed differently from the other Green Vein kratom leaves, making them unique.

The stems stay attached while the leaves dry indoors and are given one hour of sunlight before being crushed into powder. Perfect for maintaining a sense of calm and centered mood throughout the day.

Plantation Maeng Da Kratom Capsules/Powder

70% Green Vein, 30% White Vein, 100% pure and potent Kratom. The Plantation Maeng Da strain, meaning its potency is very strong.

You’ll get great energy, uplifting vibes and be able to deal with stressors in life much easier. This signature blend has quickly become a fan favorite on the website, definitely worth giving a shot!


Red Borneo Kratom Capsules/Powder

Borneo is home to naturally grown kratom trees and has been for centuries. This beautiful deep Red Vein powder involves a unique drying method to lock in the color and the desirable alkaloids associated with all the Kratom benefits.

Being Red Borneo Kratom is 100% Red Vein, this strain is primarily used for its calming and comfort effects, perfect for unwinding in the evening.

Red Horn Kratom Capsules/Powder

The Red Horn Kratom contains 70% Red Vein and 30% White Vein to provide the ultimate blend to fight off everyday stress. The Red Vein Kratom is sent off for a three-day indoor fermentation process while the White Vein Kratom is basking in the sun.

Due to the higher concentration of Red Vein, you still get the soothing, calming effects to the mood while improving motivation and positive outlook.

Red Maeng Da Kratom Capsules/Powder

The Red Maeng Da Kratom blend is 60% Red vein kratom from Borneo, and 40% White vein kratom from JongKong combined to produce this Red Maeng Da Kratom powder.

Due to the higher percentage of White Vein, this product is perfect to be taken any time during the day to manage stress and restore balance and a feeling of comfort.

Spacebird Kratom Capsules/Powder

The Spacebird broad-spectrum Kratom can be enjoyed throughout the day and curated with the perfect blend of Red (20%), Green (50%), and White (30%) kratom.

Due to the blend of the three veins, you benefit from all creating a very balanced formula.

Super Green Kratom Capsules/Powder

Super Green Kratom is a blend of two Green Vein kratom strains sourced directly from naturally growing Kratom trees. This product is perfect for midday use to give you the pick-me-up you may have been looking for.

You’ll enhance your well-being, improve motivation, recover from a long day’s work and deal with everyday stress.

Super Thai Kratom Capsules/Powder

The ratio is what makes this product so different. Primarily Red Vein at 40%, but you also get 30% of Green and White Veins.

Due to the blend of all three veins, you can reap the benefits of all in Super Thai Kratom.


The Wedge Kratom Capsules/Powder

You get 50% White Vein, 30% Green Vein and 20% Red Vein to give you the ultimate combination in The Wedge Kratom.

Like all the other products, this one works to improve your overall well-being and deal with everyday stress. But due to the different ratios of the veins, different people will experience each of the benefits in a new way making the user experience unique.

White Bali Kratom Capsules/Powder

The first 100% White Vein kratom in the Kats lineup is White Bali Kratom. The method of post-harvest treatment to the leaves gives them the white hue it’s known for.

The White Bali kratom is perfect for use at the start of your day to give you an extra energy and mental focus boost.

White Elephant Kratom Capsules/Powder

The White Elephant Kratom capsules and powder are unique in the leaves that create them. The Dark Elephant kratom capsules are made from the same big, elephant ear-like Kratom leaves.

The difference lies in the way they are dried and the age of the plant to give them the white hue and energy kick that’s telltale in these 100% White vein strains of Kratom.

White Horn Kratom Capsules/Powder

The White Horn Kratom is unique in that it is made from more mature leaves than the younger leaves White vein kratom is usually made with. It is dried using specialized agricultural equipment.

The result is a fine powder with all the benefits of white kratom energy infused in each capsule or scoop of powder. These are perfect for replacing your morning coffee as they’ll give you the energy boost you need without the jitters or upset stomach.

White Hulu Kapuas Kratom Capsules/Powder

Try the White Hulu Kapuas Kratom if you are looking for a potentially softer energy boost that you can also take in an early afternoon. The strains originating from Borneo will give you a more mild energy kick than some other strains.

Still, 100% White vein, use this formula for morning or midday pick me up.

White Maeng Da Kratom Capsules/Powder

Another Maeng Da formula, this time with 70% White Vein and 30% Green Vein is the White Maeng Da Kratom. The addition of the Green vein allows the user to get a more sophisticated effect and better flavor profile possibly.

It also helps prevent overstimulation from a pure 100% White Vein Maeng Da Kratom as it is much more potent than other White Vein kratom. You can take this at any time during the day.

White JongKong Kratom Capsules/Powder

In this White Vein kratom, you get two different strains of White vein kratom to reap the benefits of two of the most potent strains.

This White JongKong Kratom formula is excellent for morning recovery, improving motivation, and giving you a nice natural energy boost in the early morning hours.

Wild Red Bali Kratom Capsules/Powder

This Wild Red Bali Kratom powder is made from the trees found naturally in the tropical landscapes of JongKong, Indonesia. This is a 100% red vein kratom powder leaving you feeling optimistic and a sense of calmness.

You can enjoy the benefits of this product at any time throughout the day, with or without food. This gives users, especially beginners, the freedom not to be worried about when or how to use this product.


Yellow Maeng Da Kratom Capsules/Powder

This Yellow Maeng Da Kratom powder is made by blending 80% white vein kratom and 20% red vein kratom. You know you are getting a high-quality product when it is a Maeng Da type of kratom.

Yellow kratom works to boost energy, reduce anxiety, enhance your mood and give you a much more long-lasting effect compared to the quick but powerful kick you get from a pure white vein kratom.

Yellow Sunda Kratom Capsules/Powder

60% green vein with 40% red vein, the Yellow Sunda Kratom will provide a nice balance of energy and relief from anxiety.

Yellow kratom products are great for first-time kratom users as they will have a much more mellow effect than having a 100% vein of either red, green, or white kratom. It also takes a step in mixing powders if this is the blend you are looking to create.

Edible Film Oblate Discs

Try these Edible Film Oblate Discs if you love the effects Kratom powder has but not so much its flavor. The disc masks all the flavors of the powder, so you don’t need to taste it.

You simply measure out the kratom powder and place it in the middle of a disc. Fold the sides of the disc and twist to create a teardrop, quickly dip the little packet in some water and swallow. If you have already purchased some kratom powder and don’t like the taste, this is a great solution to finish the product before moving into the capsule formula that Kat’s now offers with all their kratom powders.


1 Bag: $6.99

Moringa Powder Capsules

Moringa powder is a superfood rich in nourishment and great for detoxification. The secret of powerhouse supplements lies in the high concentration of essential vitamins and minerals that naturally exist in moringa.

In addition to detoxification, you could see an increase in your metabolism, better sleep, improved skin complexion, and immunity, as well as improved joint health.



Shilajit is a black, tar-like substance packed full of benefits. It’s known for boosting CoQ10 and zinc, protects against nutrient depletion as it contains almost every element on the periodic table, improves recovery, and contains fulvic acid, considered the “elixir of life.”

For best results, it’s best to take your Shilajit with food to help absorb all the ingredients. You only need a rice/pea-sized amount, and it will dissolve in your mouth or water.


1 Bottle: $49.99

Turmeric Powder Capsules

Turmeric is a well-known superfood supplement to tackle inflammation and boost immunity. Each serving of Turmeric Powder Capsules contains 1000mg of turmeric root, 150mg of turmeric extract (95%), and 10mg of black pepper extract to help with the absorption.

The amount of turmeric you get per serving is comparable to that of other brands. However, the price you’re getting here is pretty low. If you’re looking to try supplementing with turmeric, this is a great place to start.


1 Bottle: $19.99

Valerian Root Capsules

Valerian root has been used for centuries to help unwind naturally. Each serving of Valerian Root Capsules contains 850mg of organic valerian root powder to give you maximum benefits.

It is a couple of dollars more per bottle. However, each serving does contain a little more than other comparable valerian root powder capsules, so it’s worth the extra cash.


  • 1 Bottle: $14.99

Kats Botanicals CBD Products

Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies


Get your CBD kick in a tasty little tropical treat. You have two options to choose from with the Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies; 15mg per gummy or 25mg per gummy. Each of the gummies packs a punch with 100% pure organic CBD made in the USA so you can ensure quality.

The bottle comes with pineapple, orange, strawberry, and raspberry-flavored gummies.


  • 1 Bottle 300mg: $29.99
  • 1 Bottle 750mg: $59.99

Chill Relief CBD Roll-On


This easy-to-use Chill Relief CBD Roll-On stick gives you immediate relief from everyday muscle soreness. The CBD gel contains 4% menthol, so you feel relief from the cooling effect.

It’s perfect to fit in any bag or purse, and it meets the TSA size requirements for air travel, making it the ideal companion to bring along your travels.


  • 1 Stick 300mg: $29.99
  • 1 Stick 1000mg: $69.99

Renew CBD Lotion


Formulated with 150mg of broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD, this lotion will leave your skin feeling soft and restored.

It’s a non-oily formula, so you don’t have to worry about feeling greasy after application. The Renew CBD Lotion comes in a pleasant amber scent and is the perfect size to bring with you anywhere you go.


  • 1 Bottle: $24.99

CBD Isolate


Nearly 100% pure CBD isolate, this product is made from non-GMO, whole plant hemp extract. There are no added terpenes or other cannabinoids in this product, typically found in the hemp plant. It also contains 0% THC making it completely non-psychoactive.

Just place a pinch under the tongue and let it dissolve or mix in with any drink or shake to start to feel the benefits.


  • 1 Jar: $29.99

CBD Salve


This full-spectrum CBD salve is perfect for everyday use to tackle aching muscles and joints and alleviate dry skin.

Formulated with cocoa butter, beeswax, and seed oils to improve skin nourishment and appearance.


  • 1 Jar 500mg: $44.99
  • 1 Jar 1000mg: $59.99

Blueberry/Natural/Vanilla CBD Oil – 500mg, 1000mg, 2500mg


This CBD oil comes in three flavors and has three strengths to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Like any other CBD oil, this product will promote a sense of calm, and if you decide to go with one of the flavors, you’ll get a different sweet taste.


  • 1 Bottle 500mg: $44.99
  • 1 Bottle 1000mg: $74.99
  • 1 Bottle 2500mg: $139.99

Kats Botanicals for Pets

Natural or Chicken Flavor Canine Hemp Oil – 250mg


This hemp oil is excellent for promoting calmness, comfort and enhances the general well-being of your dog.

Check the serving on the bottle based on your dog’s weight, and let them enjoy between meals or even add it to their food. This hemp oil comes in a natural or chicken flavor, perfect for any dog owner.


Kratom Dog Chews Skin & Coat Formula


Your dog will be going crazy for the bacon and peanut butter, kratom fortified treats. They can be easily broken up into smaller bites and are made with Burdock root, Cat’s Claw bark, nettle leaf, and wild willow bark extracts.

You get 30 soft chews in each bottle while improving your dog’s coat and skin with this formula.


Kratom Dog Chews Calming Formula


The calming chews are enhanced with chamomile, passionflower, and valerian root to give your dog the perfect soothing effect while enjoying a tasty bacon treat.

Each chew is infused with 250mg of kratom to ensure your pet gets a well-rounded effect with all-natural ingredients.


Kratom Dog Chews Hip and Joint Formula


The third and final dog chew is the chicken flavored hip and joint formula. In these chews, you get 250mg of kratom, Cat’s Claw bark extract, turmeric, and wild willow bark extract to keep your dog’s joints strong and healthy.

These chews are enhanced with easy-to-digest ingredients like pea protein and sweet potato flour, making them an excellent choice for your furry friends.


Kats Botanicals Reviews: What Do the Customers Have to Say?

The reviews on the Kats Botanicals website seem to overall be reasonably optimistic. Due to the precise nature of this product, it caters to customers more familiar with what they need from their kratom powders.

Although few and far between, the negative comments primarily showed that the customer didn’t experience any real effects from the product. This is not what you want to read as a consumer. However, keep in mind that not every product will work for every person, and the company does have a pretty good return policy to receive your money back.

Kats Botanicals Pros

  • The majority of the reviews on the website were above 4 stars.
  • They are American Kratom Association (AKA) and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certified for the purity and safety of their products.
  • Can purchase all products and best-selling books on
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Third-party tested.

Kats Botanicals Cons

  • The Kats Botanicals staff picks testimonials on the website.
  • We need to be educated in the Kratom world to understand which products to get.
  • Don’t sell products anywhere else other than the main website.
  • No nutrition label on any product pages

Kats Botanicals Refund Policy

Kats Botanicals provides a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. This return, refund, or cancellation process can be reviewed by the team at Kats Botanicals and should be handled either via email or through their contact form on their website.

  • Contact Kats Botanicals
  • Located in Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Contact via email:
  • Phone: (877) 301-9923
  • You can also find Kats Botanicals on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Kats Botanicals Recap

Kats Botanicals provides an extensive lineup of Kratom products with an option for anyone looking to incorporate it into their routines. They do an excellent job providing information on their website. However, if you don’t know anything about kratom, it may be difficult to decide even with research as there are so many options.

The prices across the board are the same, suitable for simplicity but don’t demonstrate any difference in formulations. There are also no nutrition facts label pictures on the individual product pages. They outline what is in the product; however, it’s difficult to trust you get what they have written without a label. To that, they are cGMP certified, and you can look up your batch number to check out the lab testing, which is a great feature on their website and proves they have nothing to hide in their products.

Kats Botanicals Final Thoughts

All in all, Kats Botanicals seems to be a positive brand, looking to improve the lives of its customers through the use of all-natural products. They provide the consumer with excellent information and a live chat option if they have further questions or need assistance.

If you are looking for all-natural products, pure and made with high manufacturing protocols, Kats Botanicals can be a fantastic option for you to try. Check out their education section to learn more about Kratom and their other products like CBD or Moringa powder and all their benefits!

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