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Kibo Eclipse Reviews – Does It Work? What They Won’t Tell You!

How do you feel about making 100 sales per day with any product? Would you believe us if we told you the underlying strategy has been sleeping within one of our time’s most remarkable social media platforms? Luckily, when eCommerce experts like Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton enter the scene, even the asleep will unveil itself. Renowned creators behind Kibo Code have resurfaced with what they trust is an enhancement to the original online business training course/system.

Forget spending sums of money on ads to generate traffic, as this duo plans to unveil free traffic sources among other fundamentals. Through the latest rendition dubbed “Kibo Eclipse”, individuals of all expertise levels can set up a business that can be easily outsourced and operated hands-free once things are rolling. Of course, it goes without saying that there will be a cap on certain facets, but this duo pledges to have laid out everything from broader features down to the finest of details. Let’s cut right to the chase; here is an at-length review on every layer of the fast-approaching Kibo Eclipse.

What is Kibo Eclipse?

Kibo Eclipse is the latest of the Kibo Code business core expected to launch later this month. Founders, Steven Clayton, and Aidan Booth joined forces yet again to revamp the original program so that individuals have access to thorough training for a successful eCommerce business departure. The beauty that lies within this system rests on simplicity. Specifically, Kibo Eclipse houses a pre-built online store with the indispensables to optimize revenues, while spending very little time on market research, product niches and conversion.

In other words, the heavy work has been lifted so that people of all experiences can tap into this line of work without the hurdles associated with inventory management, affiliates, customer databases, distributions, and suppliers among others. Before getting down to business, let’s take some time to reflect on the entirety of Kibo Eclipse and how this launch is unparalleled to the 2020 version.

How is this rendition of Kibo superior to others?

The first ever launch of the Kibo series occurred back in January of 2020, with a system called “Kibo Code”. As explained by the co-founders, it has since reached heights that the duo did not anticipate. In fact, they are proud to have trained and guided students in 2020, who have mastered eCommerce are doing well for themselves today irrespective of the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, why turn to Kibo Eclipse? Kibo Eclipse is simply a refined version of Kibo Code that embodies new project databases, inexpensive traffic sources (besides pay-per-click) and strategies (a brand-new Facebook strategy that very few people have tapped into, done-for-you templates and shops, enhanced technology, updates, and bonuses to list a fraction. Most importantly, Kibo Eclipse is deemed a fatal-proof core training that people of all levels can make full use of. Even those who started as early as 2020 have been factored in during the development phases of Kibo Eclipse.

Here are a couple of words from Steven Clayton:

“Online eCommerce has gone through the roof, it has always grown [and] it is here to stay […] So, we fully expect this sharp upwards trend to even continue throughout 2021 […] We have spent treasure on building a brand-new Kibo launch pad and it is an exclusive platform that has been set up and optimized for the Kibo method […] This platform is going to save you time and money [and] increase your conversions and make it easy to start.


How has Kibo Eclipse been structured?

Kibo Eclipse has been structured based on the core of the Kibo business model. This one is deemed matchless to other eCommerce models because costs are must lower, risks are minimized, opportunities for scaling are higher, permits individuals to partake in other business endeavors, and principally, individuals can get their business from the ground up within 24 hours. Having said that, the core has been broken down into seven steps that together pave the path towards success:

Step 1: Domain Name

Steven and Aidan vouch to have invested in high-quality generic domain names. Specifically, their system has been integrated with a tool that scavenges for the best ones. The effort in this step alone is vital, as domain names give businesses recognition, credibility, and accessibility. Without them, outpacing competition and securing customers will become nearly impossible.

Step 2: Effortlessness is Key

The second step involves setting up a simple store equipped with high-converting themes. The minimalist approach has long been supported for its ability to lure in customers and to direct their attention towards a particular solution. This definitely beats a compacted website that hinders with speed, flexibility, access to features, and efficiently identifying call-to-actions. With Kibo Eclipse, themes can be chosen and displayed in under 60 seconds.

Step 3: Unearthing the Niches

We live in a time where innovative products and solutions are constantly rolling out. How do we decide which ones are most profitable? The guesswork has been lifted by Kibo Eclipse, as its incorporated software is reckoned to pinpoint profitable products from a pool of. Ideally, individuals will filter out the less profitable ones, and include those poised to bring in gains on their online stores.

Step 4: Loading Online Stores

Once profitable products have been identified, they will be loaded onto a website. A key advantage that stems from utilizing Kibo Eclipse is that individuals neither have to worry about taking apt photos nor do they need to spend time creating text descriptions. These are taken care of by the software itself.

Step 5: Untapped Traffic Sources and Strategies

Steven and Aidan are aware of the scalability that stems from using paid advertisements and traffic sources. The question is whether individuals are willing to minimize their profit margins. The whole reason for resorting to Kibo Eclipse is to pocket as much as one possibly can. And thus, the duo set forth on a mission to scavenge free traffic sources and have since triumphed.

Step 6: Dropshipping Cancels Inventory

The moment sales have been confirmed, other U.S.-based suppliers will be tasked with dropshipping products directly to customers. As a business owner, this is probably paramount because dropshipping reduces starting costs, increases flexibility, allows one to diversify their offerings and target market, promotes scalability and rids one of complicated shipping consequences.

Step 7: Recommence

The entirety of Kibo Eclipse rests in cycling through the afore-listed steps. With new changes instilled in society daily, product demand will alter accordingly. A wise business owner is one who adapts with these changes. The duo pledges to continue to optimize and refresh listings of profitable products repeatedly.

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When is Kibo Eclipse’s official launch date?

The official launch date for Kibo Eclipse has been scheduled for Tuesday, January 25, 2022, at 12pm ET (or equivalently 9am PT, 10am MT, and 11am CT). Since there is high anticipation for this training system, the duo decided to go with a pre-launch scheduled in three parts followed by an exclusive masterclass:

Pre Launch Part 1: “The 3-Step System”

On Wednesday, January 19, 2022, at 12pm ET, individuals will gain access to “The 3-Step System”. Inside this 39-page reference guide, the duo will guide everyone through the fundamentals of building an online selling-system that is faster and easier to implement, while generating income. The steps include 1) activating profitable products, 2) generating free traffic and sales, and 3) scaling up by multiplying marketplaces. When the date arrives, these steps will be elaborated upon.

Pre Launch Part 2: “The Blueprint”

On Friday, January 21, 2022, at 12pm ET, the blueprint will be released in an infographic format. Individuals can view this summary as a map outlining the three-step system with deeper insights into the cores of the Kibo business model. Matter-of-factly, it also serves as a reminder to increase sales target week after week to keep the profits coming in.

Pre Launch Part 3: “The Student Results”

On Sunday, January 23, 2022, at 12pm ET, a 28-page guide on how former students and current business experts are making use of the Kibo business model will be released. Regardless of what any system may hold, one’s likelihood to make an investment rests (to some degree) on past experiences. After reading through how far many students have come into the Kibo journey, interest in Kibo Eclipse is trusted to accelerate! Besides profits, each case study includes Q&A sections with those who have triumphed along with their profitable product.

The Kibo Eclipse Masterclass

With just one day to go for the official launch, interested parties can register to the Kibo Eclipse Masterclass hosted by Steven and Aidan. During this segment, attendees will be entered in a draw to win $5,000. Additionally, they will come to learn of:

  • The simple 3-STEP online selling system
  • Unprecedented success stories that’ll further motivate beginners to advanced eCommerce business owners
  • A $42 billion dollar marketplace that remains untapped
  • The possibilities of earning $35,239 in a single day
  • Why Amazon, Shopify, and other platforms and/or overseas suppliers are nothing but roadblocks
  • Case studies proving the efficacy of the Kibo business model
  • Scaling tactics that can push individuals to achieve $10,000 per week in profit

Given the widespread demand for the Kibo Eclipse system, this masterclass can be attended at one of four time zones:

  • Option 1: 11am ET (or 10am CT, 8am PT, 4pm GMT, and 3am AEST (25th))
  • Option 2: 1pm ET (or 11am CT, 10am PT, 6pm GMT, and 5am AEST (25th))
  • Option 3: 7pm ET (or 6pm CT, 4pm PT, midnight, and 11am AEST (25th))
  • Option 4: 9pm ET (or 8pm CT, 6pm PT, 2am GMT (25th), and 1pm AEST (25th))

Here’s what Aidan wants everyone to know about the upcoming masterclass:

“Make sure that you register for one of these one-time live training sessions […] because this is where we’re going to be able to demo the entire system for you and show you the next steps […] We are only running a certain number of them and we are going to be announcing the winners of this cash [prize] on these live calls […] These workshops are going to be your only chance to get your questions answered live by us.”

Meet the eCommerce Gurus: Aidan Booth & Steven Clayton

Aidan’s decision to venture into the online world dated back to 2005, where he set up his first ever internet marketing platform only to make enough to survive. As time progressed, he taught himself more, eventually becoming more “savvy” by 2006. At the time, he claims to have sent paid traffic using Google AdWords. From there, he shifted his attention to affiliate sites, whilst tapping into other income sources.

It was only when the expert decided to summarize each of his websites’ performance, did he discover several weak points that were left unattended. One by one he tested everything, comprehending everything he missed out on. He persevered for years, resulting in over 1500 websites, where most led to success and some that failed and never picked up. He obviously didn’t stop there, as one of his early mentors, Brian G. Johnson paired with him to launch a training program on their experiences. Through this system, he had the opportunity to train thousands of aspiring online marketers.

Unfortunately, he hit a bump in the road, losing some 500 websites. Despite the ups and downs, Aidan worked harder and harder, and today he remains a top marketer. Aidan and Steven partnered in 2013, and this was considered a natural pairing from both experts’ perspectives. Why? Well, Aidan’s experience coupled with Steven’s planning processes and big picture vision sufficed to launch other tactful systems.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, Kibo Eclipse is an eCommerce system that individuals can employ to generate passive income. Practically all the guesswork has been eliminated, as Steven and Aidan devised a software that provides access to every imaginable component for building an online business from the ground up. In all honesty, Kibo Eclipse demonstrates what puts profitable products at the top, while instantly putting together a shop. This revamped version of the original Kibo Code is reckoned to let everyone in on free traffic sources and strategies, progress tracking tools and other additions that the original system didn’t possess.

Registering for the masterclass is an imperative step that we must highlight because this is where the Kibo Eclipse legacy will be put to the test for attendees to see. Not only are seats to this segment limited, but so is the number of purchases accepted. To be crystal clear, all shopping carts for Kibo Eclipse will close on Thursday, February 3, 2022. So, those of you out there who have been contemplating on whether to tap into online businesses, now is the time to work on this goal, as there will always be demand for the next best thing! To find out more about Kibo Eclipse, click here>>>.

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