LeanBean Reviews: Is It Legit? What They Honestly Won’t Tell You!

Leanbean is an organic weight loss supplement exclusively designed for women. It is an all-natural weight loss formula that comes without any chemically derived binders, fillers, volume-enhancers, and other handful stimulants. Leanbean, may help women lose weight effortlessly by curbing their appetite and improving the body’s natural metabolism.

Infused with natural thermogenic agents, Leanbean stimulates your body’s natural weight shedding mechanisms, i.e., it accelerates fat-burning processes and increases metabolic rates. It helps melt stubborn fat deposits accumulated due to years of unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices.

Women tend to have more fat deposits in the gluteal femoral region than the abdominal region. Leanbean is formulated with ingredients that shed fat accumulated around the waist, belly, thighs, and hips and is one of the primary reasons it is voted as a top weight loss pill in 2022.

Before we begin with this LeanBean review, let us have a quick glance at the product’s overview.

Name of the Supplement LeanBean
Category Fat Burners
Manufacturing Company Ultimate Life Limited
Product Overview LeanBean uses a multi-faceted approach such as improving levels of energy, promoting fat metabolism, and reducing tiredness and fatigue to help individuals shred weight.
Ingredients used
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Glucomannan
  • Choline
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Green Coffee Bean
  • Turmeric
  • Euterpe Oleracea
  • Bioperine (Piperine)
  • Key Features
  • Non-Soy
  • GMO-Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-Allergens
  • Natural and Herbal Ingredients
  • Excellent LeanBean review by multiple customers
  • Manufactured in an FDA-registered as well as GMP-certified facility
  • Clinically safe and effective dosages
  • Big savings on bundle orders
  • Targeted Audience Women
    Availability Only available on the official website
    Safety Guidelines Should not be consumed by individuals younger than 18, or women planning pregnancy or lactating.
    Side Effects No side effects as claimed by the website.
  • One month’s supply – $59.00
  • Two months’ supply – $119.98
  • Four months’ supply – $189.97
  • Money-Back Guarantee 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
    Official Website LeanBeanOfficial.com

    About LeanBean

    Leanbean is designed, manufactured, and supplied by a UK-based company, Ultimate Life Ltd. The company is dedicated to providing natural solutions to health and wellness problems faced by both working and non-working women.

    All products offered by Ultimate Life Ltd. are manufactured in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices and the highest quality standards in FDA-approved facilities. All products are non-GMO, gluten-free, stimulant-free, vegan-friendly, and only contain clinically tested ingredients. In addition to Leanbean, the company also offers a pre-workout supplement for women named Powher.

    Behind the Curtains – Ultimate Life Ltd.

    While unveiling the idea and the brains behind LeanBean, which is a product of Ultimate Life Ltd, we used all the criteria we generally use to evaluate dietary supplements of this kind. Ultimate Life Limited has FDA-approved facilities where its supplements are manufactured. The idea has been successful and the product has gained strong traction among women seeking to shed pounds quicker. In accordance with the standards set by Good Manufacturing Practice, Ultimate Life Ltd uses natural components in safe settings (FDA-approved facilities are inspected for high standards of hygiene and safety). As per the company, the products, LeanBean and Powher have been designed to suit the needs of modern women who have busy schedules but wish to reduce weight as well. Ultimate Life Ltd. on its website does not speak much about the exact minds behind the supplements but reassures that the facility is GMP certified.

    Leanbean’s Scientifically Proven Ingredients

    Leanbean oral supplement constitutes a powerful blend of natural ingredients whose effectiveness in shedding body weight has been validated by hundreds of scientific studies and clinical trials. From green coffee extract to black pepper extract and vitamin B6 and B12, here is all you need to know about Leanbean ingredients and their scientifically proven weight loss benefits.

    Glucomannan 3000mg

    In each serving of the clinically proven appetite suppressor is ‘Glucomannan’ and is a natural fiber obtained from the roots of the konjac plant, glucomannan aids in the absorption of water in your stomach engenders a feeling of fullness, thereby helping you reduce your calorie intake.

    Due to its low energy density displaces the energy of other nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract, which helps your stomach reach satiety.

    Additionally, it helps in the treatment of constipation. It decelerates the absorption of cholesterol and sugar from the digestive tract, thereby preventing high levels of sugar and cholesterol in the blood. It is one of those Leanbean ingredients that normalizes blood glucose levels while maintaining blood pressure and giving you more energy to carry on with your weight loss regimen.

    Choline 27.5mg

    A nutrient similar to B vitamins, choline is crucial to many bodily processes, i.e., transportation of fats and removal of cholesterol from the body. Due to its metabolic function, it aids in fat burning and weight loss. Though the human body can synthesize choline in small amounts, the choline produced in the body is insufficient to meet your metabolic needs.

    Low choline levels in the blood can lead to fat buildup in the liver causing hepatic steatosis, a liver condition that may lead to inflammation, metabolic dysfunction, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

    LeanBean fat burner includes Choline to ease the weight loss efforts you need to put into your journey of losing weight. Inducing fat metabolism, Leanbean with the incorporation of Choline turns into one of those magic pill supplements that prevents you from gaining weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Chromium Picolinate 11.67mcg

    An essential trace mineral, chromium helps improve insulin sensitivity and promotes a healthy macronutrient metabolism, i.e., carbohydrate, lipid, and protein.

    Chromium Picolinate supplementation can provide health benefits like reduced body fat, increased lean mass, and higher resting energy expenditure. It also aids in weight loss by suppressing hunger and preventing binge eating. Though chromium alone cannot produce meaningful weight loss, it adds to the effects of other fat-reducing ingredients.

    Compared with other forms of chromium, chromium picolinate is better absorbed by the body and is more effective in regulating blood sugar levels.

    Vitamin B6 566.67mcg, B12 0.8mcg

    The B complex of vitamins is very effective when it comes to maintaining healthy body weight. Vitamin B6 stimulates lipid metabolism and aids in the burning of excess body fat. Vitamin B12 is needed for converting carbohydrates into usable sugars. The B complex of vitamins speeds up metabolism and helps your body burn more calories, enabling fat burning and weight loss. Additionally, B vitamins regulate blood sugar levels and help the body maintain healthy energy levels. In addition to this, they also support a healthy immune and brain function.

    Vitamins B6 and B12 are found in a number of other fat burners too, and these ingredients help people lose weight, increase energy levels, including in the LeanBean fat burner.

    Chloride 27.5mg

    An important electrolyte in the blood, chloride helps maintain healthy fluid levels in the intracellular (within the cell) and extracellular (outside the cell) environments. Healthy fluid levels are vital to healthy blood pressure, proper blood volume, and balanced pH of body fluids. As an electrolyte, it also helps in keeping your body hydrated.

    It also aids in producing hydrochloric acid, thereby helping in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. It also helps in getting rid of harmful stomach bacteria, thereby reducing the risk of infection. Chloride supplements alone are not effective for weight loss.

    However, they support your body’s natural metabolism to complement the effects of other weight loss ingredients.

    Piperine 1.67mg

    An alkaloid present in black pepper, piperine, helps absorb nutrients and supports the overall gut health. Due to its high bioavailability, piperine is added to weight loss supplements to add to the effects of other ingredients. Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, piperine helps prevent any inflammation or infection in the gastrointestinal tract that may nag you during workouts. Piperine also helps in maintaining healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels in the body.

    Turmeric 16.67mg

    A golden spice used in Asian cuisine, turmeric offers countless health benefits. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years as a digestive healing agent and pain reducer. Its pain-alleviating properties can also help you with post-workout pains.

    It contains a powerful antioxidant called curcumin that helps inhibit inflammatory markers that cause obesity. These markers are normally high in obese people.

    Its antioxidant-rich content plays an important role in digestion, helps maintain a healthy metabolism, and stimulates the body’s natural fat shedding processes.

    It also boosts your digestive efficiency by preventing toxins and bacteria from entering the bloodstream, thereby inhibiting intestinal permeability, which may cause a leaky gut. Additionally, it also helps treat digestive diseases like irritable bowel syndrome.

    Green Coffee Bean Extract 15.67mg

    Replete with antioxidants, green coffee bean extract improves your digestive health and helps you lose weight by boosting your body’s natural metabolism. Unlike roasted coffee beans, green coffee bean extract has chlorogenic acids that help reduce blood pressure, lower blood sugar, inhibit spikes in insulin levels, and bring down cholesterol.

    This is because green coffee beans have higher amounts of antioxidants without (or before) the roasting process.

    Green coffee (with natural caffeine) also boosts normal fat metabolism, decreases cholesterol and triglycerides levels, and lowers obesity-related hormone levels, thereby aiding weight loss.

    Green Coffee Bean Extract in synergy to the the other natural ingredients used in the LeanBean fat burner, help both men and women achieve a healthy weight and lose weight effectively.

    Green coffee beans are used in a majority of fat burners, apart from LeanBean fat burner, and is one of the most researched natural ingredients for losing weight.

    Acai Berry Extract 6.67mg

    Acai berry Extract is infused with fiber and heart-healthy fats. Acai berry promotes a healthy digestive system and helps your body shed fat more efficiently. Due to its appetite-suppressing abilities, it is extremely beneficial for people taking a calorie-controlled diet.

    Apart from appetite suppression, this is one of those LeanBean ingredients that also keeps the gut and heart healthy. Acai is also used in other fat burners as well as dietary supplements to promote weight loss.

    Garcinia Cambogia 33.33mg

    A tropical fruit indigenous to Southeast Asia, Garcinia Cambogia prevents fat storage, improves appetite suppression, lowers cholesterol levels, and inhibits your body’s ability to make more fat. Garcinia cambogia is rich in hydroxy citric acid, which helps minimize the use of stored energy to prevent post-workout fatigue.

    One of the most crucial natural ingredients in LeanBean fat burner, Garcinia Cambogia also increases energy levels apart from promoting appetite suppression.

    Zinc 3.67mg

    An essential trace mineral, zinc helps in shedding weight by promoting the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. It also plays an important role in protein synthesis. Zinc is known to complement weight loss regimens that involve low-energy diets. It helps in suppressing appetite and lowers inflammatory markers associated with obesity.

    How does LeanBean work to help lose weight?

    Here is how the supplement works and takes on a bold three-way approach to help individuals reduce weight:

    Reducing Food Cravings

    Using LeanBean has proven to be effective in curbing food cravings. There is no secret in the process of weight reduction- it is all about maintaining a calorie deficit. Everyone has cravings for snacks that are in no way healthy. However, for some, it can be quite difficult to not give in to these cravings and stay determined. We are human, after all.

    Even the strongest among us sometimes give in to cravings and deviate from our strict diet plans. With the help of an effective natural supplement like LeanBean, you can avoid taking in those extra calories that make you gain additional weight and slow down your progress.

    This supplement is enriched with ingredients that help in curbing cravings and thus helps you maintain a good calorie deficit.

    Improves Fat Metabolism

    Metabolism is the process that your body goes through to utilize and derive energy from cells. Fat metabolism is the process by which the fat that is stored in your body is burnt away and we all know the impact of this on weight loss.

    The higher your metabolism is, the more energy you have. This will help you stay more active throughout the day.

    By improving fat metabolism and increasing your energy levels, those consuming LeanBean report improved performance during workouts and higher endurance as well. Also, you are able to accelerate the weight loss process significantly as a result of improved metabolism. High Metabolism = More Energy = Better Workouts = Quicker Loss of Weight!

    Gets Rid of Fatigue

    The modern lifestyle is hectic and rather draining. You just have so much to do and by the end of the day when you are done with your work and chores, your energy levels have dropped down so much, there is no desire or motivation to work out.

    However, LeanBean helps with this. Rich in Vitamins B6 and B12, this supplement helps in tackling fatigue by improving your energy levels naturally. There is just a minimal amount of caffeine, so you don’t have to worry about that.

    You can stick to your fitness regimen without being too tired out and sustain your energy levels till the very end of the day.

    What Benefits Leanbean Provides?

    Packed with organic ingredients, Leanbean oral supplements help women shred weight by supporting their weight loss regimens in the following ways:

    Increases Calorie Expenditure

    The weight loss process is indeed all about striking that crucial balance between the number of calories that you have burnt and the amount that you consume. It is not just enough to consume fewer calories. To reduce excess weight, a high number of calories must be burnt. Your body stores excess energy as fat. This is why taking LeanBean and similar effective fat burning supplements help you lose weight faster.

    By improving normal fat metabolism, this magic pill actually acts as an excellent weight loss supplement and fat burner. Using LeanBean, which has several natural ingredients like Green Coffee among others, is effective in losing additional pounds quicker, according to reliable LeanBean reviews that we scoured through.

    Designed for Women

    Specially designed for women, this female fat burner and weight loss supplement stands out in a domain that is otherwise dominated by popular male fat burners. Unlike other diet pills out in the market, many a LeanBean review by women has vouched to experience benefits that felt tailored to their bodies.

    Not only did they find themselves able to lose weight faster by using LeanBean, but they experienced holistic benefits to health and improved levels of energy constantly.

    Taking LeanBean helps women consume fewer calories and stay strong as opposed to giving in to cravings like they normally would. Using LeanBean helps women speed up the weight loss process significantly. And as many of the LeanBean reviews suggest, this magic pill helped prevent excess weight from settling in as well.

    Reduces Absorption of Fat

    Accumulating fat in the body is a result of poor metabolism as well as a lack of sufficient content of HCA in the body that prevents the absorption of excess fat. Taking LeanBean, an effective fat burner and weight loss supplement that has natural ingredients rich in HCA will help prevent the absorption of fat, thus reducing your body’s need to burn fat.

    This magic pill helps promote weight loss and prevents you from adding excess weight even if you don’t subject yourself to rigorous diets and exercise. As evidenced by many women using LeanBean, (reviews as left by them), taking LeanBean eliminated the need to identify other fat burning supplements altogether as this one did the job perfectly and helped them achieve a healthy weight.

    One LeanBean review went far enough to say that they stopped working out everyday because they were able to burn fat at rest by taking LeanBean regularly.

    Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

    Women taking LeanBean, according to several LeanBean reviews, have felt a significant change in their blood glucose levels through continued use of the supplement. Insulin resistance occurs as a result of excessive amounts of glucose in the blood that does not get used up by the cells to produce energy. Instead, they are converted and stored as fat.

    Prolonged resistance to insulin leads to a condition known as Diabetes which can ultimately result in issues that affect the kidneys, eyes, and even your heart. Diabetes has been found to be more common in those struggling to maintain a healthy weight.

    Using LeanBean as a holistic fat burner supplement enriched with natural ingredients, not just lets you shred weight effectively but also helps regulate levels of blood sugar in the body, maintaining it at healthy levels reducing any need for medical intervention. It helps you burn fat and reduce excess weight and improve overall health as a result.

    Gets Rid of Bad Cholesterol

    An elaborate LeanBean review we came across testified to the fact that the ingredients present in this fat burner supplement actually helped reduce the levels of harmful cholesterol in the blood and helped restore it to normal levels.

    Because of its evident action on reducing the absorption of fat as mentioned earlier, we are inclined to trust this LeanBean review that has provided us insights into how this pill helped the user get rid of excess weight and improve heart health in those using LeanBean as their preferred fat burner.

    This is an important and noteworthy benefit of taking LeanBean, because it expands the purpose of weight reduction into a rather effective journey comprising several intricate steps to render the user healthier.

    Suppresses Appetite

    Leanbean oral supplement helps stop sugar cravings that make it hard for you to follow your weight-loss regimens. Most women who start pursuing a low-calorie diet revert to junk by caving into midnight sugar cravings.

    Therefore, Leanbean is formulated with ingredients that interfere with the activity of appetite-controlling hormones, i.e., leptin and ghrelin, to curb your appetite.

    Leanbean is replete with ingredients that increase leptin (appetite-suppressing hormone) levels in your blood to help you reach satiation. This helps you cut back on your regular calorie intake, thereby helping you shred weight.

    Improves Fat Metabolism

    Leanbean is infused with ingredients that support your metabolic health. Leanbean supplement increases your metabolic rate, i.e., the number of calories you burn.

    The key to losing weight is burning more calories than you take. Leanbean boosts your fat metabolism and enables you to burn more calories even when you are resting.

    Boosts Energy and Focus

    Burning calories does not only require a high metabolic rate. It also calls for increased physical activity, which requires high energy levels and focuses. A weight-loss regimen incorporating low-energy diets may leave you fatigued and unable to carry out your everyday tasks.

    Therefore, Leanbean is packed with ingredients like caffeine that keep your energy levels high, allowing you to engage in strenuous workouts and routine tasks.

    However, Leanbean contains all energy-boosting ingredients in the right amounts to ensure that they don’t interfere with your sleep cycles.

    LeanBean Serving Instructions

    The dosage recommended for Leanbean is 2 capsules thrice a day. According to its official website, it should be taken half an hour before each meal every day for a full ninety days to experience a noticeable and healthy reduction in your weight.

    Leanbean Price and Refund Policy

    One bottle of Leanbean comes with a one-month supply of 180 capsules and is priced at $59.99. You can get a discount if you order a two-month or four-month supply. Two-month supply comes with 2 bottles of Leanbean with free delivery across the U.S. and the U.K. and is priced at $119.98. Four month’s supply is priced at $189.97. It comes with 4 bottles (one free bottle) and free delivery worldwide.

    • Email: info@leanbeanofficial.com
    • Company Address: Ultimate Life Ltd, registered at 21 York Place, Leeds, LS1 2EX Company No. 09846112,
    • VAT No. GB 298622457

    Is there a money back guarantee on LeanBean Weight Loss Supplement?

    LeanBean is committed to your weight loss journey and the makers swear by the efficacy of the product. The company is pretty sure that you will not be needing it, which is why they have confidently offered a 90 day money back guarantee on this product.

    If you have been taking the recommended dosage for nearly three months and have noted no change in your energy levels, appetite or weight, or any progress in your weight loss journey, you are free to take advantage of the 90 day money back guarantee.

    Where to buy LeanBean Fat Burner?

    It is highly recommended that you buy LeanBean supplements from the official Ultimate Life website rather than any uncredited sources because there is an obvious risk of authenticity. It is very easy to buy LeanBean on the site, and all you need is a few clicks to finish adding the product to your cart and processing payments. Be wary of scammers who offer too good to be true offers on these products as they might be fake and can even harm your health in the process.

    Key Features of LeanBean

    Before you consume this supplement, here are some of the key features of this product that you should pay attention to determine whether this is the supplement for you!

    Manufacturing Safety

    With numerous scams and fat burners out there, it can be quite difficult to identify supplements that have been manufactured following the expected standards of safety and hygiene. You can take a breather when it comes to LeanBean. It is manufactured in an FDA approved facility, which means that the facility unit has ticked off the minimum expected requirements. We all know that the FDA means business, so this is a big deal. Moreover, the facilities have also been certified by GMP, which is not an easy certification to obtain. You will note that many questionable diet pills lack such a certification.

    Natural Fat Loss Mechanism

    Because the manufacturers have done their research and sourced out ingredients that are natural and safe to consume for women, this product does not cause any adverse effects that you need to worry about.

    The product is non-GMO and the dosage when followed correctly is clinically safe and also extremely effective in contributing to overall health as well as weight reduction.

    Because none of the ingredients are allergens, you don’t need to worry about that either. The manufacturers are transparent about all the ingredients so you have a clear idea of what you are consuming. It does not have high doses of caffeine either which is a definite plus.

    Soy-Free, Gluten-Free

    No worries about allergies, because this supplement does not have the ingredients that generally cause them. Moreover, it does not matter whether you are following a vegan diet or a mixed one. This pill is suitable for everyone and is composed entirely of naturally sourced herbal ingredients.

    If you are on a gluten free diet, you are in luck because LeanBean has been tailored to suit women who have to stick to such diets as well.

    What do LeanBean Reviews say?

    There are countless LeanBean testimonials that testify to the product’s efficacy. Numerous LeanBean reviews say that unlike other weight loss supplements, LeanBean works naturally to ‘actually’ help you lose weight and get in shape.

    One LeanBean review says, “After roughly 10 days my cravings had gone completely and I was already noticing a change in my shape.”

    Another LeanBean review says, “I would highly recommend Leanbean to anyone. In fact, I’ve already recommended them to my friends, and one is already using them!”

    Vicky in her LeanBean review says that, “I have only completed a one month course and have lost 8lbs and dropped a dress size. I feel amazing.”

    Not just these, but almost every other LeanBean review mentions how the supplement has effectively helped the users lose pounds of unwanted body fat, fight upset stomach, and prevent gaining back the lost fat, when used in conjunction to a healthy diet.

    Conclusion – Does LeanBean really help in losing weight?

    In conclusion, we would like to reinstate the importance of introducing key elements in your lifestyle and removing those that are causing you to gain weight excessively. The truth is that no dietary supplement is magical enough to help you drop your excess weight in an unrealistic duration. Wishful thinking and supplements together only get you so far. What you actually need is a diet enriched with healthy foods that are rich in protein and less simple carbohydrates.

    Weight loss supplements and natural appetite suppressants like LeanBean provide several benefits and this has been proven and backed by science. Many women have testified that they have lost weight using this supplement as well. Using ingredients such as natural caffeine from Green Coffee, these pills help curb food cravings and increase metabolism which are key factors in losing weight.

    However, without proper diet and exercise, there are limitations to what even strong weight loss supplements such as LeanBean can do. Ultimately, it is in your hand to ensure that you consume plenty of healthy foods and incorporate regular workouts.

    Also, pay attention so that you don’t gain back that lost weight!


    Does Leanbean ship to all countries?

    No. LeanBean does not ship to to Afghanistan, Algeria, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Morocco, Mozambique, North Korea, Norway, Palestinian Territories, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, and Turkey.

    Is Leanbean legal? Will I fail a drugs test with Leanbean?

    Yes, LeanBean is a completely legal fat burner, which means it does not contain any banned ingredients. You can take a drug test after or before consuming LeanBean and it should be fine since LeanBean does not contain any illegal addictive components or banned ingredients.

    Does LeanBean contain caffeine?

    Yes, LeanBean does contain caffeine since caffeine is a natural and effective ingredient to support quick shredding of weight. However, if you are caffeine intolerant, you do not need to worry about the caffeine content in LeanBean since it is only 10mg per serving, whereas a cup of coffee has about 100mg of the same.

    Does LeanBean give you energy?

    Yes, LeanBean contains several natural ingredients that give you energy to perform through the day. Since obesity is often associated with fatigue and a constant lethargic feeling, LeanBean can give you the energy you need to work out.

    If you are someone who has already taken the fast step towards your journey to lose weight, i.e., religiously exercising in the gym, then LeanBean can also help provide the energy levels your body needs after a strenuous workout session.

    Is LeanBean available on other platforms such as Amazon, GNC, or Walgreen?

    No, LeanBean is not available in brick and mortar stores such as GNC, Walgreen, or other online platforms such as Amazon or eBay. This means you can only purchase LeanBean from the official website. If you find LeanBean being marketed on any other platform or store that is not the official one, it is possible that the product is duplicitous or fake and does not deliver expected fat loss results as it should.

    Should you cycle LeanBean?

    Whether you should cycle LeanBean or not is completely your personal choice. If you have attained your desirable weight and feel like you should stop using LeanBean for a while, it is absolutely fine as long as you follow a proper diet and exercise routine to maintain your weight.

    If you wish to keep using LeanBean on a continuous note, that should be fine too. This is because LeanBean is made of safe ingredients and has no side effects, as claimed by the manufacturers as well as the several LeanBean reviews.

    How long should you use LeanBean for?

    This, again, is a personal choice. Ideally, we would recommend that you use LeanBean until you achieve your desired body weight. Although LeanBean has been designed to be taken for longer continuous periods, it is ideal to stop using it after you achieve an ideal body state and only stick to a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

    To learn more and purchase Leanbean visit the official website today.

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