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Memo Surge Review: Scam or Safe Memory Booster Supplement

Cognitive issues seem to be on the rise across the globe, with statistical data released by the World Health Organization indicating that the number of people suffering from mental impairment type problems currently lay at around 19% of the global adult population, which is a crazy number when one considers the fact that 7.5 billion humans are living on the planet today.

In this regard, Memo Surge is an all-new dietary supplement that seeks to help optimize one’s brain and memory function. According to the official website, The formula comes replete with a whole host of natural ingredients that have been clinically tested and found to deliver our body with several potent benefits. Not only that, the product can be used by men as well as women and is suitable for adults above the age of 18.

About Memo Surge Benefits

Some of the core benefits of using Memo Surge include:

Memory Boost:

Thanks to the nootropic extracts in the mix, this supplement can help enhance the brain’s neural activity, allowing for the faster, more efficient relay of stimuli within our bodies. This not only results in users experiencing heightened memory levels but also a wide range of other benefits.

Cranial Rejuvenation:

According to the manufacturer, the active ingredients present in the formula can help revitalize and rejuvenate certain important cells located on the peripheral structures of our cranial centers. For those unaware, after most men and women cross the age of 65, their brain cells start to degenerate quite rapidly, resulting in the onset of issues like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.

However, Memo Surge may be able to mitigate issues related to the aforementioned diseases by not only preventing this degeneration but even allowing for the regrowth of our brain cells in a quick, efficient manner.

Energy Release:

A highly underrated facet of this product is that it features several high-quality stimulants that can spur the body’s natural energy release mechanisms. When the body is aware, refreshed, and energized, it can function at a high level and maximize its cognitive potential.

Mood Enhancement:

When taken regularly, the supplement may help release certain neurotransmitters such as dopamine and endorphins within our bodies, thus allowing users to feel calm, happy, and relaxed through their everyday activities.

So What Exactly Does Memo Surge Contain?


As many of our readers may probably be aware, Acetylcholine is an important neurotransmitter associated with the parasympathetic nervous system. It helps regulate muscle development and helps in optimizing the circulatory capacity of the body. Furthermore, it can deliver additional benefits such as:

  • It can maximize one’s learning potential and overall memory retention capacity.
  • It may be useful in eliminating many harmful toxins, bacteria that may have accumulated in our brain, cranial centers resulting from our unhealthy lifestyle choices.
  • It can help improve the operational utility of one’s nervous system.
  • Finally, an increasing amount of medical literature released over the last decade or so clearly alludes to the fact that acetylcholine is directly linked to the production of certain brain chemicals known to help in efficient internal information relay communication.


Much like its above-stated counterpart, Phosphatidylserine is an important neural agent essential for maintaining optimal brain health. When present in adequate doses in one’s system, it can help maintain neural activity at a high rate. Not only that, but it also helps in the faster generation of synapses within our neural circuitry.

Some of the other core medical benefits that have been linked with this compound include:

  • It can help speed up one’s reaction time as well as enhance one’s reflexes.
  • It allows users to sharpen their vision and auditory functions.
  • It can sharpen one’s brain as well as other cranial channels.

St. John’s Wort

An extremely potent herb that is known to possess a wide range of medicinal properties. For example, extracts of this ingredient are known to help destroy the plaque that generally accumulates in our cognitive centers. It becomes easier for the brain to relay and receive information from other parts of the body. Furthermore, it can boost blood circulation in the brain, allowing for vital nutrients to distribute evenly across our sensory organs.

Other aspects of St John’s Wort worth highlighting include:

  • It is a mental stimulant that can help cure some of the symptoms related to mild depression.
  • It may be able to mitigate some of the issues that are related to seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
  • It acts as a natural calming agent, allowing users to mitigate various anxiety, stress, etc.
  • It serves as a natural sedative, allowing users to get a good night’s sleep in a quick, efficient manner.


A common additive that is found in a wide range of potent pre/post-workout supplements. This is because Acetyl Carnitine is known to help boost the functional capacity of one’s nervous system. Furthermore, it is also able to deliver additional benefits such as:

  • It can help make our brain’s neurotransmitters more efficient and responsive, thus allowing for the optimal relay of stimuli within our system.
  • It is a natural antibacterial agent that can help prevent cognitive decline and prevent certain brain diseases known to cause long-term harm to the body.
  • It may be useful in weeding out any environmental toxins accumulated in our epidermal layers and cranial channels due to certain environmental stressors.
  • Lastly, it is worth mentioning that as per a study released in 2017, N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine is amazing for protecting the neural sheath that is located in our skull. This is essential and is known to help in the prevention issues related to cognitive decline.

Bacopa Monnieri

As pointed out in an earlier section, each serving of Memo Surge comes packed with natural relaxants and certain other stimulative compounds. In this regard, Bacopa Monnieri is a potent substance that has been shown to help the body eliminate any anxiety-related symptoms and help mitigate issues related to insomnia and chronic sleeplessness.

Other core facets related to Bacopa Monnieri include:

  • It can help in the faster production of energy within our bodies, primarily via excess calories.
  • It helps release certain compounds known to help users “feel good” in a natural, seamless fashion.
  • It is ideal for older folks suffering from memory loss since it can help in the faster, more efficient relay of signals to/from our brain.
  • It can help release any stress that may have been caused by inflammation, swelling, etc.
  • Lastly, it should be mentioned that as per a recent study conducted by Swinburne University (Melbourne, Australia), Bacopa was able to help 107 participants who were suffering from a wide range of cognitive issues. All of the individuals stated that regular intake of this natural extract allowed them to increase their overall physical and mental output.


In its most basic sense, Vinpocetine is a derivative of a compound called vincamine, most commonly obtained from the root of the periwinkle plant. According to a whole host of medical data available online, this natural ingredient is known to improve one’s memory levels and increase the user’s cognitive capacity.

Not only that, but some researchers also believe that daily intake of Vinpocetine can potentially improve one’s blood flow capacity and metabolism.


As some of our readers may be well aware, Huperzine A is primarily a cholinesterase inhibitor, i.e., It works to improve the levels of certain core neurotransmitters in our brain. In this regard, it should also be pointed out that several research studies clearly suggest that the compound may be able to deliver other peripheral benefits such as:

  • It can help improve one’s memory levels
  • It can help protect one’s nerve cells
  • It can help slow down the degeneration of the myelin sheath that is present in our cranial substructure.

Gingko Biloba

A popular ingredient widely used across Asia and certain other parts of South America and Europe, Gingko contains a wide array of antioxidants that can help counter any inflammation symptoms that one may be suffering from. Additionally, the active agents contained in the ingredient are also known to deliver other peripheral benefits such as:

  • It can help treat many symptoms related to certain psychiatric disorders and mitigate issues related to dementia.
  • It can help improve the body’s natural blood circulation capacity, thus allowing vital nutrients to be relayed within our system.
  • It can help cure many symptoms related to anxiety and stress and may even cure certain mild forms of depression.
  • Last but not least, medical data released over the course of the last few years indicates that Gingko is an excellent visual aid and can help in optimizing one’s eye health.


Why Choose Memo Surge?

Brain Optimization:

As pointed out earlier, when taken regularly, the ingredients in Memo Surge stand to dramatically improve the operational and functional output of the human brain and our nervous system.

Ideal for older folks:

It is no secret that after 55, many people start to be faced with rapid cognitive decline. In this regard, the active agents contained in this supplement can reverse this process and increase one’s mental acuity and general sharpness.

Market Tested + Positive Reviews:

Though we cannot confirm these numbers at the moment, the manufacturer claims that the supplement has already benefitted more than 129,000 men and women, all of whom claim to have benefitted immensely from the product.

Increased Focus:

Memo Surge doubles up as a potent nootropic agent and is, therefore, able to help increase one’s focus and attention levels. When our brains work at a high level, it becomes easier to navigate daily work/social activities.

Quality Assured:

One thing that needs to be highlighted regarding Memo Surge is that it has been devised in an FDA-approved facility using high-quality ingredients that have been sourced responsibly. Not only that, the factories where MemoSurge is produced adhere to the quality guidelines laid out in the CGMP code of ethics.

Free of unwanted additives:

One of the more underrated aspects of this product is vegetarian, gluten-free, and 100% GMO-free. Not only that, there are no unwanted fillers, binders in the product that may cause adverse side effects in our bodies later down the line.

Where can I Buy Memo Surge?

The easiest, most convenient means of making a purchase is via the official company website. At press time, there are a few key deals that users can choose from, these include:

  • One bottle of this product (which should serve as a month’s worth of supply) is currently available for $69; the user must cover a small shipping fee.
  • Three bottles are available for a discounted sum of $177, with no shipping fee
  • Six units of Memo Surge are available for a base sum of $264, with no shipping fee

Contacting the company with questions is easy; send them an email or with a phone call to ask questions:


All of the above-stated deals come backed by a 60-day refund guarantee if users are not entirely satisfied by the product or its overall quality. To process a refund, all one has to do is send a copy of the invoice along with the item(s) to the original shipping address. Payments can be facilitated via a host of safe and secure means, including PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, JCB, and Discover.

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