Noom Reviews: Is It Legit? What to Know Before Buying Noom Diet!

If weight loss is your topmost priority and you’re yet to start an effective weight loss program just because you know very little about losing weight, the Noom weight loss app is the finest solution for you. The weight loss app is designed for millions of users like you who are continuously trying to lose weight to have better lifestyles.

Weight loss is one of the most-prioritized factors nowadays as the majority of people suffer from different health complications due to their excess weight. Improper eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, junk foods lead to uncontrolled weight gain, and weight loss just becomes an unfulfilled new year resolution for most people.

But for a change, the Noom app was launched through the official website Noom.com to help fitness enthusiasts lose weight evidently. Though the Noom app started its journey as a weight loss app, it gradually turned into the most popular overall wellness and improvement app in the fitness industry.

From counting calories that you intake to offering a healthy weight program customized for you, the app comes in handy in terms of helping you in achieving your fitness goals. Most importantly, you get to get in touch with the most reputed health and wellness coaches on the app to amplify the results.

If you’re not familiar with the functionality of the app, you may feel hesitant while going for this exclusive weight loss application. The purpose of this article is to ensure that you come to know about the effective weight loss programs available on Noom so that you benefit yourself in the manner of using the app.


What is the Noom App?

Noom is an application that falls into the health and fitness category, and the app is focused on losing weight. Considering the massive number of people worldwide who want to lose weight, the developers of the app attempt to offer the best solutions to the users. The application is the best option to keep a tab on your eating habits and workout programs to attain the best health benefits.

The efficacy of the application in losing weight managed to earn a distinct recognition as ‘weight watchers.’ On top of that, exceptional Noom diet plans are customized based on the requirements of users.

The application asks for your physical details, including height, body weight, fat percentage, and other details to create a customized Noom diet plan for you. Usually, an impactful Noom diet plan turns out to be a perfect combination of red foods, yellow foods, and green foods.

Compatible with iOS, Android
Official website https://www.noom.com/
Ratings of the app
  • 4.4 stars out of 5 on the Google Play Store
  • 4.7 stars out of 5 on the App Store
  • Holds the 13th rank in the global best diet apps overall.
  • Advertised benefits
  • Makes it possible to lose weight without food restrictions.
  • Helps improve mental health and cognitive abilities.
  • Helps retain the results for prolonged periods.
  • It helps develop healthier habits to get rid of any eating disorder.
  • Diabetes prevention becomes effortless with the Noom diet.
  • Trial period 7-day trial period for $0.50-$18
    Pricing $129 for the 3-month weight reduction program
  • The Noom Quiz
  • Personal Fitness trainer
  • Cognitive health benefits
  • 16-week weight loss program
  • Comes with a food-logging algorithm to track down calorie density and calorie budget.
  • The customized Noom diet plan.
  • Number of downloads 10 million+ downloads

    Calorie tracking is another highlighted feature of the app through which you can figure out how many calories you’re consuming every day. In short, the application saves you from bad eating habits, ensures calorie-cutting, helps achieve realistic and achievable weight loss goals, and develops powerful exercise habits. Thereafter, you get to measure the lost weight to gauge your progress with the help of the application.

    Initially, the app was launched as a weight-loss platform that used to create a customized weight loss program for every user based on his body composition and fitness levels. That’s why the app was rewarded with the title ‘weight watchers.’ With the growing popularity of the app, the functions of the app weren’t limited to losing weight.

    At present, the app suggests effective strategies and tricks that bring behavioral changes, cognitive changes as well. The mantra of the app is to incorporate the power of your mind and healthy eating habits to help you lose weight significantly. While doing so, the app helps you develop some healthy habits that will help you grow in your daily life.

    The Working Procedure of the App


    There are several weight loss apps out there in the fitness world with different specifications, but what makes Noom stand out among them? Well, the unique approach towards reducing weight is the key that’s making Noom overlap its competitors.

    The app will take on your weight loss journey with the combined utility of psychology, technology, and human coaching. With these combined parameters, Noom makes it possible to reverse the effects of eating disorders, mental health issues. To some extent, the app is an impactful diabetes prevention measure too.

    With the highly-efficient weight logging system, the app makes it possible to track down every minor change in your body fat percentage. To understand the working principle of the app, we need to give a deep dive into the basic factors that the app relies on.


    Experts say that weight loss begins with your decision to reduce weight. You won’t lose weight unless you’re serious about it and you’re putting every ounce of your energy into the process. The proven guidelines of the app make it simplified to prepare yourself mentally to lose weight smartly.

    The app trains you some small but essential habits that make you lose weight astonishingly in the long run. When an unfit individual looks at his physical structure, it’s normal for him to give up on the thought of reducing weight. Most importantly, people tend to lose focus as the process of weight loss is not an overnight story.

    The app promises sustained weight loss results by preparing you psychologically to be determined about becoming better. In terms of doing so, the app implies cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT techniques to help you reach your goal weight.


    Needless to mention, the app is focused on delivering the best weight loss solutions, and therefore, it comes with the top-class weight loss tools in the health and fitness industry. The impeccable calorie tracker of the application helps set the necessary daily calorie range for yourself, and calorie counting becomes easier for you.

    The impressive food-logging software of the app is also there to fine-tune the functions of the health app. You get to become familiar with every food group, and you can use the food-logging feature to track them consistently.

    Human Coaching

    No matter how good a health app is, weight loss sessions are incomplete without the presence of a personal coach. If you want to lose weight, you are supposed to make the most out of the experience of your personal coaches.

    The app makes it possible to develop healthier habits with the help of industry-leading fitness and wellness trainers. Based on your previous diets and workout regimes, an experienced personal trainer can help you accomplish your weight loss goals.

    How Can You Start Your Weight Loss Process With Noom?

    You can get started with the app quite simply. Let’s have a close look at the joining procedure-

    Take the Noom Quiz

    The first step towards joining the Noom family is to take the Noom quiz to determine your physical condition. The app doesn’t suggest a specific diet plan out of nowhere. Instead, the app contains the Noom quiz to check your fitness levels and physical condition. The quiz enquires about your body weight, height, heart rate, blood sugar levels, existing medical conditions, age, addictions, and many other factors.

    As you input the details asked for, you’ll be enlisted in a particular fitness category. Based on that, your further activities will be determined.

    Download the Application

    As you have taken the Noom quiz and the platform has recorded your health parameters promptly, you will have to download the official Noom app from the website on your smartphone. You’ll be offered a 7-day free trial period to gauge whether the application suits you or not.

    Anyway, the trial period comes for a minimal price of $.50-$18. The price may vary according to your inputs. If you choose to continue with the fitness program suggested by the app, you’ll have to purchase a subscription to the app, which costs around $130 for a three-month program.

    Follow the Suggested Lessons and Activities

    Once you’ve purchased a subscription to the application, you can start off your journey towards becoming fit and healthy. At this point, you’ll be introduced to your personal coach who will train you throughout the workout program.

    Apart from his expert suggestions, you’ll get prompt suggestions from the app itself that you need to follow. Also, you’ll be asked to track your calorie intake using the tools in the app. As you stick to the guidelines and suggestions promptly, you’re likely to receive positive outcomes within short spans without failure.

    A Noom coach will get in touch with you to check your progress after completing two days of the Noom fitness program. Therefore, you never stand a chance to get out of the track. Your fitness routine will keep continuing under professional supervision and you’ll be able to avoid the negative aspects of reducing weight smartly. This is how the app will keep assisting you to take your fitness journey further.

    The Noom Quiz in Detail

    The primary intent of the Noom Quiz is to accumulate the details of your dietary habits and lifestyle factors. As the concept of fitness relies on a standard lifestyle, the details of your lifestyle are important for the app to know. The quiz is created by expert trainers to bring out the lifestyle factors and habits of users. Let’s see what details are asked for in this quiz-

    Firstly, the quiz enquires about the basic factors like your age, weight, and height to find out body mass index and basic metabolic index.

    Thereafter, the quiz asks whether you have an event coming shortly where you may get out of the track or not. In case you have one, what kind of event it is and how it can impact your dietary habits.


    Next, you need to share your ongoing dietary habits and exercise habits to help the app know you better.

    Your purpose behind shedding pounds is the next question on the queue as it’s important for deciding your diet and workout plans. The plans for expert bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are usually intense while the plans for general users tend to go lighter.

    After that, the quiz asks about your current fitness goal to craft a plan for you. Different plans are there for muscle gain, weight loss, and other fitness goals.

    The next part of the quiz is very significant as it asks you about your existing medical conditions and back issues. Back injuries and back pains are fiercely common among fitness enthusiasts and pre-existing medical conditions usually remain present in middle-aged users. Therefore, the app asks about existing medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, osteoarthritis, high cholesterol levels, depression, etc.

    In the next part, the quiz focuses on your lifestyle factors like your current residential area, your current job, and other regular habits you’ve been sticking to for a long time.

    Next, your sports participation status is brought into the limelight to determine your cardiovascular capabilities and vital functions.

    Also, the quiz asks about your previously-joined weight loss programs and routines. Alongside, it asks you about the efforts and endeavors you made to lose weight to date. Most importantly, the quiz asks how long you haven’t been at your best fitness level.

    The quiz attempts to bring out details about your job position to determine how busy you are and how much stress you deal with on a regular basis.

    The quiz also asks whether you have a gym membership along with fitness gear like a smartwatch or not. It also tries to figure out your expectations with the app. Through this quiz, the app determines what exactly you want to improve.

    The quiz also asks about your mental and cognitive health. The details of your sleep cycles and resting schedules also need to be shared through the quiz to make the app work in the best manner for you.

    Finally, the quiz is there to discover whether you’re allergic to specific food types or not. If you are, the app rules out those specific foods from your diet completely.

    So, as you see, the Noom quiz includes all types of questions related to your present and previous fitness and dietary habits. By knowing your fitness status in detail, the app customizes the future fitness regimes for you to ensure that you get the best benefits.

    Noom 16-week Fitness Plan

    This plan is the highlight of the app indeed. The developers of the app believe that an individual can transform himself with proper guidance and the Noom app ensures that.

    As you have already known, the Noom quiz tries to know the details about your past and present fitness efforts. After doing that, the app creates a custom profile based on your previous habits and goals. Then the 16-week fitness plan gets started.

    Firstly, the fitness plan will teach you to select the best foods and dishes for yourself. The key to losing weight is hidden in your meals and you will learn to select foods that won’t harm you.

    Secondly, you will come to know about different aspects of nutrition every day as you follow the fitness plan religiously. As you become savvy about how your body works, it becomes easier for you to stay away from imbalanced meals and harmful habits.

    Thirdly, the fitness plan will instruct you on the techniques of new exercises every other day so that you don’t feel it monotonous to stick to the plan. With new workouts, you can challenge yourself in a better way every day.

    Most significantly, the diet plan aims to educate you about how you can prevent and reverse chronic diseases with the help of nutrition and exercise. You will come to know about how hypertension and diabetes can be controlled.

    Lastly, the fitness plan lets you know where you’re standing in your weight loss journey. It’s important to know what level of fitness you’ve unlocked to keep yourself motivated.

    As the fitness plan helps you proceed with your weight reduction journey step by step, your fitness journey becomes more enjoyable and fruitful. Also, you get to learn valuable lessons about your health and lifestyle.

    Introduction to the Noom Diet

    Coming to the nutrition part, the Noom diet is the most impactful part of the app without any doubt. The Noom diet is filled with red foods, yellow foods, and green foods. Now, you may be wondering what they are. To know about these foods, study the following segments carefully.

    Green Foods

    According to the nutritionists of the app, a major portion of your diet should be filled with green foods. Containing lower calories, these foods are the best options to reduce weight. So, what are the suggested green foods according to the Noom diet?

    The diet specifies green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and other green leafy vegetables that contain fewer calories. Oatmeal, brown rice, and whole-grain bread can be consumed alongside as well. Skimmed milk, no-fat cheese, and yogurt are the most effective green foods. Other items like tofu are also suggested by the app.

    Yellow Foods

    The Noom diet says that the number of yellow foods should be around 25% of your overall calorie intake. Adequate amounts of these foods are necessary to ensure proper muscle growth, stronger bones, and tissues.

    Eggs, chicken, lean meats, chickpeas, Greek yogurt are the best options among the top foods that can help in weight reduction.

    Red Foods

    Being rich in calories, red foods should be consumed less frequently than the foods mentioned above. Anyway, these foods are rich in powerful nutrients to nourish your body and mind. Almonds, cashews, peanuts, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, olive oil, coconut oil are the items that come among the most popular red foods with enormous health benefits.

    To summarize, the Noom diet endorses the relevance and necessity of green foods over other types of foods. However, the diet doesn’t restrict users from consuming other types of foods. Instead, it suggests you limit the intake of other types of foods except for green foods. This theory is considered the best option for weight reduction according to the app.

    The Positive and Negative Sides of the Noom Fitness Plan

    Every fitness plan comes with specific positive and negative impacts and the Noom fitness plan is no exception. The following segments will elaborate on the positive and negative sides of the fitness plan and the app as a whole.


    Positive Sides

    Customized Diets and Personalized training

    The best thing about the app is that it promotes customized diet and training plans for users. On the other hand, most fitness apps tend to create a general and standard diet and training plans for all groups of users. As the app delivers personalized solutions with the assistance of experts, the results turn out to be more impressive.

    No Food Restrictions

    Another amazing thing about the app is that it never keeps its users from eating any foods. Instead, the app aims to limit the intake of certain ingredients and foods that can be harmful. But restricting food completely is not promoted through the app.

    Easily-to-catch Lessons

    The app comes with sequent lessons to make your fitness journey better than ever. The most exciting part is that the lessons included in the app are extremely straightforward and can be understood and followed by anyone. You don’t need to possess even the minimum knowledge about weight reduction when you’re using this app.

    Prolonged Results

    The app doesn’t claim to offer results overnight and the results offered by the app are persistent. If you get into a better shape following the instructions of the app, you’re likely to retain the structure for a prolonged period.

    Science-backed Strategies

    The app claims to deliver assured results to all types of users and the strategies of the app are behind that. The app uses scientifically proven strategies to help reduce weight and that’s why the results offered by the app are evident.

    These are the advantages of using the app for reducing a substantial amount of fat from your body. Besides these advantages, there are some negative aspects of the apps as well. It’s time to check out the negative aspects as well.

    Negative Sides

    Not Cost-effective

    The workout program offered by the app isn’t pocket-friendly at all. Comparing the price charged by the app with the prices of other apps, we find this app to be a bit pricier than usual. Therefore, middle-class users may not find this app a decent choice.

    Also, the app doesn’t come with multiple membership choices. There’s only one package that is applicable for all. Now, all users can’t afford to pay $129 for fitness suggestions. The lack of membership options makes the app lose a wide middle-class customer base.

    Commitment is Necessary

    According to the policy of the app, you are supposed to input all the data related to your diet, fitness, and body weight to get suggestions. This thing seeks commitment and you can’t use the app without committing to it. For some individuals, it may turn out to be a barrier.

    Specified Items Aren’t Mentioned

    Though valuable food-related instructions are offered by the app, specific items aren’t mentioned by the app and its coaches. Some individuals aren’t savvy enough about nutrition and they need the names of specific items to carry on their fitness regimes.

    Suppose you’re not at all savvy about the nutritional facts of a food item. In that case, it will be difficult for you to decide which food to eat. The food suggestions of Noom have to be more precise to help users.

    Poor Customer Service

    When it comes to attending users, Noom is not up to the mark. While other fitness apps tend to focus on customer service before anything else, Noom’s customer service is below average. The app received uncountable negative ratings from users due to its inefficient customer service.

    According to customers, minor problems often occur while using the app, but they are unable to reach the customer support team of Noom to fix their issues. Moreover, refund processing becomes delayed due to the inefficiency of the customer support team of the app. That’s why this factor can be considered a serious drawback from the app’s perspective.

    Despite the disadvantages, the app has managed to grow rapidly and win the hearts of fitness enthusiasts across the world. The beneficial aspects of the product are undeniable indeed. Considering all the pros and cons of the application, we consider it one of the most effective solutions present in the industry for reducing weight.

    How Much Does Noom Cost?

    The basic fitness plan offered by Noom comes as a 3-month package. The package assures significant weight reduction results and it costs $129 for 3 months. A free 7-day trial is available before you proceed to purchase the plan.

    How Much Weight Can You Reduce With Noom?

    As you start using Noom, you can expect to reduce around 13-20 lbs within the first 6 weeks due to the special diet and workout plan customized for you. If you follow the guidelines provided by the app, you’re likely to get more effective results within shorter spans to pace up your fitness journey.

    Scientific Evidence Behind the Effectiveness of Noom

    The in-house behavioral experts of Noom possess innate experience in the field of nutrition and they come with the best weight reduction solutions for every user. From hypertension prevention to oncology, the experts of Noom keep on conducting research on everything to help users in the best possible ways.

    In this 2016 study involving around 35 thousand subjects, researchers found that around 80% of Noom users attained impressive and astonishing weight reduction results as they stuck to regimes and plans provided by Noom. The results of this study were published in Nature Research magazine. Needless to specify, this is a valuable feather to the success of the hat of Noom.

    Another study published in the British Medical Journal demonstrates that Noom members managed to shed approximately 5-7% of their entire body weight while using the app on a regular basis.

    Most weight reduction platforms tend to emphasize the ‘yo-yo effect’ to help users reduce weight rapidly. Anyway, several scientific studies are there to oppose the beneficial side of the effect. Fortunately, the functions of Noom aren’t based on the effect. In fact, Noom is specially developed to avoid the mentioned effect.

    Considering all these factors and studies, there’s no point in doubting the effectiveness of the app anymore. Most importantly, the app is loved by millions of users across the world due to its evident benefits.

    Noom Reviews- Conclusion

    As you start using the application, tracking food becomes easier for you, and you can fix the habits of disordered eating. Within a few weeks, you’ll be able to reduce all the weight you gained so far. As the application insists users rely on green food diets, Noom users get benefited in various ways.

    If you want to have a healthy lifestyle with the supervision of a professional health coach, you should make Noom work for you in the best way to help you burn more calories. Though the Noom diet contains fewer calories, it is not based on a fad diet. The app exclusively teaches you to choose healthy foods instead of processed foods and Noom dieters can get real-time benefits evidently.

    Most importantly, the app maximizes the benefits by decorating your food log with healthy nutrients and green, yellow, and red foods. For this reason, you can make Noom work for you no matter what your fitness level is.

    Noom users can avail of the free trial period offered by the app before subscribing to it which is another mentionable side of the app. This article has clarified how Noom works to help reduce weight significantly.

    Our inspection says that the app is worth giving a try and you can fulfill your caloric density with a standard calorie budget and low-calorie dense foods. So, we suggest you try the app at least once to fix your caloric density with its standard calorie budget plans.

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