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Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychics At Your Disposal

Considering a psychic reading to find closure after an unhappy event or perhaps some guidance regarding your love or career? There are plenty of options out there – both online and offline. Unless you can find someone suitable in your area, chances are you will try your luck online and this is when the confusion kicks in – lots of psychics and plenty of specializations.

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Researching an advisor is critical. Luckily, there are psychic portals out there that have already done it for you. Such websites gather professional psychics together, review them and allow them to provide their services. They also feature reviews from previous clients, so you know precisely what to expect upfront. Now, what are the top-rated platforms out there and what else should you know?

Top 5 Psychic Reading Sites

  • Kasamba: Vetted Psychics And Great Variety
  • Mysticsense: Great Experts And Customer Support
  • AskNow: Best For Phone Readings
  • Keen: Best Love And Relationship Readings
  • Oranum: Good Choice For Video Readings

Kasamba – Vetted Psychics And Great Variety

Kasamba makes it easy. It has an intuitive interface and allows a deep search. Psychics are tested before being allowed to provide their services through the portal, so you can leave yourself in good hands. At the same time, customers are required to leave reviews after their psychic readings online, so you know exactly what to expect – ratings also make good indicators in terms of quality.

How it works

Get on Kasamba and search for a psychic in the category or subcategory you need. Go through their profile and make sure their style, experience and specialization meet your needs. Click to chat and you will be asked to login or register. The registration is a matter of minutes only. Once you are in, you can arrange search results by price or other criteria – find the best psychic reading in your budget.

There are a few other options if your advisor is not online. Get a notification when the psychic is back online or search for another one. The psychic’s profile will also give you some information about the tools used in the process. Some of them rely on tarot cards or perhaps crystal balls, while others will only use their own skills.


The best psychic reading depends on a few different things and your comfort is one of them. Most psychics will provide both phone and live chat readings. Generally speaking, phone readings are a bit more expensive, but not by much. Choose whatever is comfortable for you or matches your available budget.

Types of readings

Psychics on Kasamba provide access to various types of readings and specializations. For instance, you could get tarot readings, dream analyses, astrology readings, help with love and relationships, career forecasts and so on. Most specializations also come with some subcategories, so you can find someone who is specialized in your unique issue.

Free trial

Kasamba provides three free minutes, so getting the best psychic reading has never been easier. These three minutes do not apply to the website, but to each psychic. You will have the option to interact with the psychic upfront and determine whether you two vibe. If you are happy with the experience and decide to move on, you will then be charged the psychic’s custom rates per minute.

Mysticsense – Detailed Specializations And Great Customer Support

Compared to other similar networks, MysticSense is relatively new. It gathers together psychics with more specializations, but it is still worth knowing what to expect before getting a psychic reading. Furthermore, psychics are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure their skills are up to date and can still provide quality readings to the platform’s clients.

Types of readings

MysticSense goes into small details when searching through categories. Every website out there has categories based on the most common specializations. But MysticSense takes them further. For example, you cannot just get a psychic reading in love and relationships – there is no such thing as a general category.

Instead, psychic predictions in this range are split into various subcategories. You could seek help for a toxic relationship or perhaps you need guidance with affairs and cheating hearts. How about grief counseling? How about LGBT relationships? No matter what you are after, chances are you will find it there.

Multiple search options

Search criteria go in more directions. You can search for one thing in particular, such as a psychic suitable for career help. But then, you can also add a different specialization, as well as the tools you want (such as tarot cards or crystal balls) and the reading style. Some psychics approach a direct reading style, while others opt for a more compassionate and chilled experience.

Communication and contacts

Most websites providing psychic predictions will provide two types of communication methods. You can get in touch with a psychic over the phone if you feel like the connection is stronger. But if you are not familiar with this industry or you do not feel very comfortable, you can also have your reading over a live chat room.

MysticSense goes a bit further. If you feel like seeing your psychic face to face is the best way to get psychic predictions, you can also seek video calls. Many psychics provide this type of communication. Their skills will not be affected by the option you choose, yet it is some people’s perception that face to face communication is more effective.

Registration and ease of use

Getting your psychic readings online has never been easier. Find the psychic you want and get in touch. You will be asked to login or register. The registration goes a bit further than normally. Apart from a few details about yourself, MysticSense will also ask you for the location and timezone – not relevant at first, but totally worth it.

The portal will then explain a psychic’s working hours in your time. You no longer need to do the math, figure out the right time, be late or too early for your psychic readings online. Scheduling appointments is much easier too. As for the ease of use, the portal does not have an application, but the website is mobile optimized.

AskNow – Clear pricing structure and free trial

AskNow is one of the oldest names out there. You can get a cheap psychic reading from an experienced advisor without even searching for too long. The portal is easy to use and has an intuitive approach – moreover, it brings in experienced online psychics with a bunch of different specializations. What else can you ask for?

Free trial and packages

The free trial gives you access to five free minutes before the pricing kicks in – you can still get a cheap psychic reading, regardless of what you need help with. Online psychics over AskNow have a clear pricing structure. All in all, these five minutes apply to the whole website and not to every psychic, so use them wisely. Make sure you search in small details before deciding to use the trial.

Once you are done with the trial, you can also purchase a package. You have two options – pay the psychic’s rate or get a package. Packages lock in some great rates, no matter who you choose for this reading. For instance, you could get a set price for 30 minutes, which will be cheaper than paying the psychic’s custom rates.

Types of advisors

Online psychics on AskNow are split into three different categories. Master advisors are the most experienced ones – you can opt for a phone psychic reading or a chat psychic reading. The next category covers elite advisors – well experienced, but cheaper than master advisors. Most psychics fall in the top-rated category – great for a cheap psychic reading.

Types of readings

Whether you are after a phone psychic reading or a chat psychic reading, you have nine major categories and each of them has a few subcategories. The main categories include love, money, career, spiritual readings, tarot reading, numerology, astrology, dream analyses and past lives. You will easily find a reliable psychic online in any of these categories.

How to find a psychic online

Get on the website and start searching for a psychic in the desired category. Once you get some results, you will not be able to sort them. Just find a balance between ratings, experience and price. Get in touch with the required psychic and you will be prompted to login. Register if you do not have an account and you will be able to talk to a psychic online within minutes only.

How To Find The Best Psychics Online

Finding real psychic is not as difficult as it may seem. It makes no difference if you want a phone psychic reading or a chat psychic reading. There are a few good options out there and you do need to examine a few different things before making a decision. Here are the main factors to take in consideration.

Special offers and trials

You can find cheap psychics – as well as famous psychics – for a good price if you take advantage of special offers and free trials. Almost every website out there has some sort of incentive to attract new customers. From this point of view, it makes no sense at all to choose a website that does not give you anything.

You can usually use such incentives on the best psychics on the respective website with no restrictions at all. Sometimes, these trials come as free minutes – usually up to five free minutes. Other times, you might be able to lock in some great rates by buying a package – a certain number of minutes for a particular price.

Communication methods

Different psychics provide different contact details. Websites also specialized in particular methods. For example, most of them will allow you to get in touch with phone psychics or chat psychics. The phone provides a better vibe for you. On the other hand, the chat room is more comfortable, and you have more time to think about the next question.

Some of the best psychics out there go even further and allow access to video conferences and calls. Of course, it also depends on the website you are on – some websites do not allow this type of communication. For some people, chatting face to face gives them a better vibe, yet the communication method will not affect the psychic’s skills and abilities.

Satisfaction guarantee

The truth is most websites will not give you a satisfaction guarantee for your spiritual readings, but this is not really a general rule. Some do. Others will simply give you a free trial. You can chat to real psychics and famous psychics while using these free minutes. If you two vibe, go on and pay the real rate once the trial is over – this way, you should get some hints about what to expect.

Years on the market

Generally speaking, you should stick to a website with a proven reputation – a portal where cheap psychics are actually vetted for experience. You want their skills to be regularly checked and benefit from the highest level of professionalism. Such a website is always a better choice than a brand new one that is still struggling to build a reputation.

Psychics Near Me Or Online Websites – What To Choose?

To clear out all misconceptions and myths, famous psychics will pleasantly surprise you with their skills regardless of the environment. You will be able to get the exact same type of reading from both real-life mediums and phone psychics or chat psychics. An experienced advisor will connect to your aura regardless of the environment.

During the pandemic, online psychics gained huge notoriety and psychic portals became a primary solution for people from all over the world. Psychics were among the professionals who simply could not conduct their jobs in a safe manner, so many of them ended up going online. This way, restrictions did not actually affect their performance.

Seeking help online is often about convenience. Basically, getting to an online psychic will give you the opportunity to get a quick and effective reading without leaving your bedroom. You can do it from the comfort of your home. Simply get online, find a psychic specialized in what you need and get in touch with them.

On the other hand, offline psychics require a bit of extra work. Get up, dress up, drive and eventually wait in the queue for a little. Some people believe a face-to-face meeting will help the psychic connect to the aura and provide more detailed readings. This is only a misconception – a professional psychic will have no issues vibing with you, regardless of where you are.

Given the recent pandemic, face to face meetings will most likely require appointments. This is not always possible. Getting online becomes the obvious alternative then. While appointments might be required online too – especially if you choose a reputable psychic, you are likely to find time much faster than in real life.

On the same note, a psychic near me could be an issue at times, especially if you work. Their available time may not necessarily match your working hours. You may have to wait for weeks to find something right. When online, you can forget about the psychic near me – chat to psychics from all over the world, so you will always find someone online.

The same rule applies if you are new to psychics. If you have never had a reading, you might be a bit hesitant about sitting down in front of a stranger. Things are different over the phone. Still uncomfortable? Opt for the chat feature. You can talk to your psychic over a chat room or even emails. You will have more time to think about the reading and the potential questions.

Last, but not least, the psychic near me may not necessarily have the specialization you require. You will settle for whatever they can do. They may not always be able to help you and there are no other options nearby. As you go online, there are lots of different choices – all kinds of categories and specializations. Bottom line, choosing a psychic is about your needs, as well as your comfort and convenience.

Psychic Mediums: Difference Between Psychics And Mediums

Every medium is a psychic, but not every psychic is a medium. How does it work then? The truth is these are two different categories of people and they usually provide different results – they are also suitable for particular types of people, depending on their needs. Knowing what to expect from each is mandatory when not sure how to decide.

To keep it simple, a psychic medium is basically a psychic with a very fine extrasensory perception. This type of professional can connect to the spirit world. You can get valuable information from different energies and sources. At the same time, a medium will also connect with lost loved ones, as well as spirit guides for a more effective message.

Both psychics and mediums are valuable professionals. They provide exquisite information. But at the end of the day, it depends on what exactly you need. You could get a medium connection and get in touch with the divine, but you could also rely on a psychic to find a connection with your soul. The psychic will provide better details regarding relationships, money, career and so on.

The medium will be able to connect with people you have lost – people on the other side. They have clairvoyance capabilities – you will get a description of the individual coming over, so you know precisely who you are talking to. While the evidence is critical for your peace of mind, the actual message is what makes the difference.

From many points of view, a psychic medium will give you a healing session. Apart from getting a message, you find closure. This is the main reason wherefore so many people turn to mediums. They cannot get over a loss. They need closure and the strength to move on, but they cannot get all these by themselves.

Other than that, a spiritual soul assessment is not to be overlooked either. Everyone has gifts and talents – many people fail to find them. A spiritual assessment will help you identify your life journey, as well as your strengths and talents. Identify the blocks holding you back, as well as which way to go in order to reach your inner potential. You will manage to evolve and eventually develop into a greater character.

The good news is that many psychic networks provide access to all kinds of specializations. For instance, you could find a medium to help you find closure by communicating with someone you have lost. On the same note, you could find different types of psychics that could advise you on your potential, love or career.

You can find a psychic medium on every portal, as well as every specialization and subcategory you could think of. This is another difference between mediums and psychics. Mediums have a couple of specializations. Psychics, on the other hand, will go in more directions – some of them will read your numbers or advise you on your relationship, while others will give you some tips on your finances.

Why Get A Psychic Reading Online

Whether you are struggling to get on the right career path or you simply cannot find a partner for open up your heart, a psychic reading could be the best way to figure out what is going on. Get some guidance and make sure you adopt the right path in life. Get a professional psychic and trust them with their advice – changes will occur overnight.

Seeing the positive side of life

No matter how positive you are in life, you will always face a rough patch every now and then. Things seem to go downhill and no matter what you are trying to do, it feels like you are trapped in darkness. You simply cannot get back on track. If you fail to see the sun, just get in touch with a psychic – look around for real psychics and get some help.

It is important to realize that you attract what you face. On the same note, you are the main factor in the process, meaning you also have the strength to reverse this issue. A psychic will help you identify the issues and causes associated with the discomfort. They will give you some guidance and push you in the right direction.

Preparing for a better life

Predicting the future is almost impossible. While you can work on achieving your goals and desires, you cannot always get things done by the book. Besides, there are a few things out there that no one has any control over. At this point, the best you can do is stay prepared for such unexpected situations and get ready for whatever is coming your way.

This is when a psychic kicks in to give you a hand. A clairvoyant will give you excellent information about your future. They will not give you the smallest details about your future, but they can provide some guidance, so you can get ready. A psychic will also help you find your passion and fuel it – definitely an inspiration.

Finding closure and peace of mind

It happens to everyone at some point or another and everyone is aware of it. People get born and die. It could be a close friend, a relative or perhaps a partner. Such things often come out of nowhere and can catch you off guard. The disturbance associated with such an event is difficult to overcome and may take months or even years.

This is when a psychic comes in to help you move on. There are always some questions around. If not answered, you will never get the closure you require. That hole in your heart will haunt you for ages. A psychic – or better said, a medium – will help you connect to the other world and get the closure you need.

Finding your purpose

Everyone out there has a role. The universe would be completely different if you were not born. Therefore, everyone has a purpose. What is yours? Why are you born? What does the universe expect from you? At some point in life – whether you are 25, 40 or 55 – you will ask yourself these questions. What is your purpose?

Everyone is here with a purpose. If you cannot find yours, a psychic will most likely show the path to self discovery. Get to identify the real reason why you are here and your future life will suddenly be revealed. From that point on, your life will be more fulfilling and satisfactory. You will find happiness and the right way forward.

What To Expect From A Psychic Reading

It is difficult to predict a psychic reading, as two different readings will never be the same – even if it is the same client seeing the same psychic. There are, however, a few things you should expect from a psychic. Knowing what will happen will reduce some of the stress and will make you feel more comfortable with the advisor you choose.

Friendly environment

Expect a friendly face and a friendly environment. If you have never been to a psychic, you should know the environment is different from what you see in movies – forget about dark rooms, smoke and a scary psychic. Instead, expect a friendly face and atmosphere. Psychics know that people are confused and nervous about their dilemmas.

A psychic will naturally calm you down through their attitude. They know you are struggling, so they will show you they understand the situation. They will start with friendly conversations and chats. You will overcome stress within minutes only. The meeting will then move on and the psychic will connect to your aura.

More than one visit

If you think a psychic will give you all the answers you require in one visit or reading, you are wrong. The first meeting is always sketchy – you are nervous and have high expectations. These things will interact with the final result because your psychic will try to understand the visions and vibes associated with your situation.

Personal questions

Your psychic will not know everything about you. They will not guess your name and date of birth out of nowhere. After all, people get in touch with psychics for different reasons. You may have more struggles in your life, but the psychic will try to help you with your main one – in other words, you need to expose your problems.

Get ready to be asked a bunch of personal questions. The psychic will try to make sense of your vibes. Even the best advisors out there will still have to ask you a few questions in order to understand your concerns, issues and requirements. Psychics will, indeed, get readings without asking you anything. However, the details you provide will help them understand how to interpret these readings.

Seek clarification

Sometimes, a reading could be a bit confusing. You have no idea what the psychic actually tries to explain. They will be more than happy to explain everything again in easier words or provide more details. Feel free to seek clarification when you are not sure about one thing or another. Keep comfortable to clear your vibes and readings will make more sense to both you and your psychic.

No connection, no problem

Failing to get a connection straight away is normal – be it in real life or over the Internet. Simply get to another psychic. This is why many cheap psychics offer free readings – part of the deals they have with the networks. The network will give you a few free minutes, so you can avoid wasting your money. There is nothing wrong with you or the psychic – you just do not click, so keep searching.

Final Word

Bottom line, spiritual readings go in more directions and can be a bit demanding. It does pay off choosing a reputable network first, then taking your time to explore psychics’ profiles and details before making a final decision. Keep in mind that you need to find a psychic with the right specialization and tools for your needs and not the other way around.

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