Online Psychic Reading: Most Trusted Psychic Websites in 2021

Need a reason to seek a psychic reading today? look around do you see a person who started in the same place as you and managed to climb the ladder of success and personal growth despite all adversities?

You might think they were lucky to get their own way, but trust us when we say that they must have worked hard for it. You can also be that person if you’re determined to achieve your goals despite the obstacles.

However, there often comes the point in life when we feel we’ve had enough. Nothing makes sense and we just want to give up. If you’re going through this phase, know that online psychics are here to help.

You can get a psychic reading online to start looking at life with a new lens. Whether you want to become your own boss, maintain high motivation levels, fall in love, start a venture you’d always dreamed of, take a new turn in your career, or practice spirituality wholeheartedly, an authentic psychic can be your ride or die.

How Can a Psychic Reading Push You on the Fast Track to Changing Your Life

Before you expect live psychics to make your dreams come true, you should reflect on your life and ponder over the things you want to change.

What bothers you?

Is it the misfortunes that don’t seem to let go of you or your inability to adjust to changing circumstances?

You may be worried about financial stability, or perhaps, your mind and heart yearn for peace and tranquility in this chaotic world. Sometimes, you might also wonder if you’re headed in the right direction.

You may be super close to the finish line or on a completely wrong track. It’s impossible to know for sure.

That’s what life is all about.

It’s full of uncertainty. Some days you might feel ecstatic, while on others, nothing may seem to go your way. If you understand this and are willing to reinvent yourself, all is well. Nobody is perfect; everyone makes their share of mistakes. Those who continuously strive for excellence are the real heroes.

One thing that can make your life a little bit easier is an online psychic reading. Famous psychics worldwide help people bring a positive change in their lives. In addition to having cognizance of and empathy for human emotions, desires, and thought processes, these professionals possess mystic powers that can prepare you for an opportunity of a lifetime.

Depending on your unique aspirations and objectives, you may need to move to a new city or country to unlock your highest potential. It’s also possible that a psychic tells you to let go of some friendships or relationships that may be holding you back. Making space for new connections might just be what you need to feel and do better.

There’s also a chance that a psychic reading pushes you to swap a 9 to 5 job with a roller-coaster entrepreneurial journey.

Whatever the reading reveals, know that you may have to make some tough decisions. Gear up to make it happen, come hell or high water, because efforts are better than giving up.

Below, we have revealed our top four picks of psychic websites equipped with what you need to turn the impossible into possible.

Where to Get a Good Psychic Reading Service From? 4 Best Psychic Reading Websites That Have Users’ Trust

Unearthing the most reliable psychic networks in a saturated industry is no mean feat. However, thanks to our analytical rigor and the ability to get to the bottom of things, we have rounded up the most ethical and dependable platforms for you.

Each of these sites fosters a community of 100% committed, adroit, and gifted psychic readers providing powerful psychic predictions across themes. They offer a free psychic reading to first-timers, enabling them to get familiar with the portal and how the sessions work.

In the table underneath, we have highlighted the salient features of our favorite psychic sites. We will dive into the details in the next section.


  • A figurehead for the best psychic readings online
  • Gathers top-rated psychics to help individuals win in all areas of life
  • Especially known for romantic advice
  • Cheap psychic readings can be obtained by calling the psychic (audio and video) or sending an email or text message
  • Clairvoyant descriptions are available on the site
  • No money required for the initial three min
  • People with smartphones can download the app

Psychic Source

  • Best-in-class network of the best online psychics
  • No-fuss registration
  • Easy to connect with any professional reader on the directory
  • Test a reader for three minutes
  • Get 75% off using a set of symbols given to newbies
  • Get all issues sorted by the client care group
  • A tech-driven platform accommodating modern customers

Keen Psychics

  • An exemplary psychic network for guidance on career, personal issues, professional life, and spiritual growth
  • No-nonsense psychic predictions from live psychics
  • The team includes both chat psychics and phone psychics
  • Email readings are also available
  • Users can interact with a mystic for 10 minutes at a per-min rate below $2
  • Customers can appraise an expert’s portfolio before subscribing
  • The trial run lasts 210 seconds

Mystic Sense

  • Its psychic base comprises the most transparent and experienced readers
  • Search filters minimize the time required to find the right psychic
  • Several cheap psychics offer chat and phone psychic readings
  • An intuitive psychic portal promotes flexibility
  • The opening session includes five free min
  • The choice of psychic is always user’s

Get the Ball Rolling: Make a Wise Decision with Our Reviews of the Best Psychic Reading Sites

All four of the sites mentioned above seem pretty great, right?

What’s the best platform to get started with your mystic journey, then?

The ideal way to go about this is by conducting proper research. While all these websites are legit and fully equipped to provide insightful readings, you would want to pick one that offers the highest level of flexibility and convenience.

Many people, when they first step into the world of mysticism, find it clear as mud and get thrown for a loop. You shouldn’t feel that way, though.

We have evaluated each platform for four parameters:

  • Ease of use
  • Freedom of choice
  • Rates and discounts
  • Security and confidentiality

These well-structured reviews will take you one step at a time as you make up your mind.

Let’s start!

First Choice: Kasamba

It’s been two decades since Kasamba took the psychic reading world into a storm. This site has the best online psychics that you can trust blindly for legit suggestions.

Ease of Use

As soon as you go to Kasamba’s website, you’ll see an orange “Try It Now” button on the banner. Tapping it will direct you to a page where you’ll see a “Sign Up” button on the top.

To create an account, all you have to do is enter your email id, password, and screen name. After becoming a member, you can browse the massive psychic directory on this platform.

The best thing about this site is that it has all the reading types mentioned at the top. So, if you’re looking for answers to intimacy issues with your partner, you can click on “Love and Relationships” to reveal all experts best suited for your needs.

If you wish to explore your options before registering on the site, you can scroll down on the home and check what kind of mystic readers are at your disposal.

Freedom of Choice

The freedom of choice offered by Kasamba to new and existing customers is insane!

This platform provides a diverse range of readings to accommodate individuals facing various issues in life. Secondly, you can view the exclusive collection of top-rated psychics using the “Highest Rank” filter. You can also hide busy psychics and filter the results by pricing.

Please note that Kasamba only has chat and phone psychics. There are separate categories for both, so you don’t have to waste time looking for the ideal expert who suits your requirements.

As mentioned earlier, the top panel highlights all types of readings offered by Kasamba. Many experts on this site use psychic mediums to enhance the reading experience.

Aside from this, Kasamba has introduced a mobile app for all smartphone users out there who barely get a chance to sit down with their laptops to connect to a psychic. With this app, you can get in touch with your reader anytime, anywhere.


Kasamba is generally a budget-friendly psychic site. The wide range of experts means you have multiple price ranges to choose from.

As a new member, you’ll be welcomed with three minutes on the house. However, unlike Mysticsense and most other platforms, Kasamba allows you to get a trial reading with each new advisor.

How cool is that?

This offer instantly puts newcomers at ease, relieving them of all money-related concerns.

Once you find a psychic you like, you can set up a comprehensive session with them for 50% off. After that, you can reach out to local psychics with rates starting as low as $1.99 per minute. Keep in mind that cheap readings don’t mean the quality will be compromised.

If you don’t have a tight budget and are okay with paying more for a session, you can connect with best-in-class professionals with unmatched training and expertise.

Another advantage is that you can ask for your money back if the psychic fails to satisfy you with their predictions and revelations. Don’t hesitate to avail yourself of this benefit if you feel the reading isn’t personalized.

That being said, different readers charge different rates as per their experience and capabilities. Therefore, you should keep your budget in mind when making a decision.

Security and Confidentiality

Kasamba goes out of its way to ensure all users feel secure on the platform. It allows you to choose a screen name instead of providing your real name so that your identity isn’t revealed even to the psychic reader.

No other personal details are required except your email address. You can rest assured that your interests and info will be protected at all costs.

Second Choice: Psychic Source

Psychic Source’s mantra is to assist individuals with exploring untrodden paths and taking life-altering risks. This site has been operating since 1969. In all these years, it has garnered a lot of appreciation and support from users worldwide.

Ease of Use

Psychic Source has a visitor-friendly website. As a newbie, you can directly go to the “New Customer Offer” page to explore the benefits and sign up.

To register yourself on the platform, you’ll have to share your full name, email ID, gender, and date of birth. You must also choose a difficult-to-guess password to keep your account secure.

By clicking on “Our Psychics”, you can get separate lists of readers offering readings via different interaction channels. If you don’t have a preference, you can view profiles under the “All Reading Types” category.

Furthermore, Psychic Source allows you to browse psychic profiles in specific categories (love psychics, tarot readings, psychic mediums, angel card readings, numerology readings, and more) by tapping “About Psychic Readings”.

Whatever category you pick, you’ll be introduced to all the experts who are available for a reading.

Freedom of Choice

As discussed, you can go through various psychic bios before picking one that provides the type of reading you’re looking for via your preferred channel. You can see how long a particular mystic specialist will be available and schedule your appointment accordingly.

From dream analysis, career readings, relationship advice to tarot card readings, numerology sessions, and spiritual help, you can opt for anything to add meaning to your life.

You can either go through the entire psychic directory on your own or take advantage of a tool designed to connect you with the most suitable readers.

Like Kasamba, Psychic Source also has a mobile application for users who wish to get powerful predictions and guidance on the go.


Like other psychic websites, Psychic Source enables new customers to test the service with a free psychic reading worth three minutes. Once you’re a hundred percent content with the results of the session, you can continue the reading with the same psychic for $0.99 per minute only.

On top of this, the price of the first detailed reading after the trial run will be slashed off by 75%.

Apart from this, keeping the subjectivity of psychic reading experiences in mind, Psychic Source offers a money-back guarantee for discontented users. This policy will serve as a safety net for you if you’re skeptical about the authenticity and accuracy of online psychic sessions.

Security and Confidentiality

At Psychic Source, there are no security and privacy risks for customers. Whether you’re a first-timer or a returning user, you can trust this site’s policies to keep your details protected.

Third Choice: Keen Psychics

Over the years, Keen has made a name of itself in the mystic stratosphere. It offers powerful psychic readings online to people across the world.

Ease of Use

Keen features a user-focused interface that promises smooth navigation for new visitors.

On the top right corner of the home page, you will see a button labeled “Register”. You must sign up in order to get a psychic reading here. You just have to provide your email address and set up a strong password for your account.

Keen also asks how you got to know about the platform. You can choose an answer from the dropdown menu.

Please note that all users must be at least 18 years old to join this platform.

Once you’re enlisted as a member, you can start your journey towards positivity, growth, and success. An interactive tool on the landing page makes it easy to get the ball rolling with no confusion whatsoever. It asks you to choose a reading type, communication method, and price range.

The results will be aligned with your expectations. You can then connect with any psychic you like with just a click!

Freedom of Choice

On the home page, you can explore all reading varieties under the “Advisors” column. Clicking on your desired topic will lead you to a psychic directory.

Keen offers tons of options when it comes to choosing the ideal psychic reading expert. Its wide reader base specializes in diverse subjects. This ensures that no matter what problem you’re facing, there’s an expert who can solve it like a pro.

All psychics have different preferences regarding the communication channel. Based on your options and convenience, you can choose to send an email, ping on live chat, or call a reader.

Make sure you check the profile of multiple mystic experts with attention to detail. The more careful you are when choosing a professional, the greater your chances of having a great first session.

Also, don’t forget to read customer testimonials before reaching out to a psychic. These reviews tell a lot about the expert, giving you a clear idea of whether you should approach them or not.


Keen is famous for showering newbies as well existing members with deals and discounts. You can start your first session with three complimentary minutes. This period should be enough to evaluate the reader’s abilities, talent, reading style, and expertise.

If it’s a thumbs up from you, feel free to book a detailed session at no more than $1.99/minute.

In case you don’t find a paid reading as powerful or relevant, you can reach out to the customer service team and request a refund. They will return your money without asking too many questions or ridiculing you. Your concern should be genuine, though.

With that said, let’s assure you of the accuracy of readings offered by psychics on Keen. The mystics employed on this platform go through rigorous checks and vetting procedures. Your satisfaction and interests won’t be taken for granted here.

Another thing that you’ll appreciate is that Keen recognizes loyal customers and offers budget-friendly packages to them.

Overall, you can expect to find a suitable psychic without much effort on this site, regardless of your budget. However, you should go for top-rated psychics who charge a little extra if you’re deeply concerned about the reading quality and don’t have any money constraints.

Security and Confidentiality

Keen Psychics promise that each interaction between the user and psychic will remain confidential and private. Their user security policies are created to ensure your peace of mind.

Fourth Choice: Mysticsense

This network prides itself on a cutting-edge psychic portal designed to match the requirements of 21st-century people.

Ease of Use

Despite boasting advanced functions, Mysticsense’s website ensures first-timers experience uncomplicated navigation. All buttons are self-explanatory and each feature leads the user to the respective page straightforwardly.

Once you open the site, you will spot an orange button labeled “Sign Up” on the top right corner. To register, you’ll be asked to enter your name, email address, gender, and date of birth. You will also have to enter a password to set up the account.

Next, you’ll receive a confirmation email, after which your account will be ready to use!

So easy, right?

Apart from this, in the “Our Psychics” section, you’ll find the headshots of the experts along with some basic info, such as their name, pricing, specialty, mode of communication, and the number of customer reviews. By clicking on the reviews tab, you can go through what other users have written about their experience.

Freedom of Choice

As mentioned earlier, you can see which communication channel a psychic reading expert prefers on their profile. Some serve as phone psychics or chat psychics exclusively, while others allow you to choose among phone, chat, and video sessions.

You can review multiple profiles until you come across a professional whose credentials match your demands and prerequisites. Pay close attention to the area/s of expertise of each reader. It’ll help you choose someone who can answer your questions regarding a specific subject.

Some readers only entertain clients with relationship problems, career confusion, family clashes, professional life disturbances, or spiritual issues, while others can give enlightening readings on multiple areas.

You can use diverse search channels while looking for the perfect psychic. This function adds to user convenience and satisfaction.


Mysticsense is a modern yet affordable platform for all reading-seekers. Whenever you start a session with a clairvoyant specialist, you don’t have to worry about paying for the first five minutes. This trial period empowers customers to take full control over their mystic experience.

If you don’t wish to proceed after five minutes, you can call it quits and leave the session. On the contrary, if you decide to go for the full reading, you’ll have to pay the respective charges for each minute you spend talking to the psychic.

While most readers offer cheap psychic readings, some might charge higher on account of their qualifications and expertise.

Security and Confidentiality

This psychic platform genuinely cares about users’ safety and privacy. The basic details you share at the time of the registration are kept confidential at all costs. There’s no risk of them getting leaked to scammers or third parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s recommended for first-time users to inquire about online psychic readings before taking the plunge. The more you know about what to expect, the more comfortable and confident you’ll be before your first session.

Below are a few questions you must know the answers to before embarking upon your mystical journey.

Q1. What’s the Procedure to Get a Psychic Reading Online?

In the modern internet-dominated world, getting a psychic reading online is super simple and convenient. We recommend heading over to the websites reviewed above for an incredible first experience.

The registration process will be a breeze. Once you’re a part of the community, you can prepare yourself for the exciting journey ahead!

Online readings are all about what YOU want as a user. Instead of rushing through the process, make sure you carefully evaluate all your options and think with an open mind. Before you start looking at psychic profiles, determine what kind of reading you want. Which area of life are you struggling the most with?

Once you know what issue you need to focus on, look for psychics with a successful track record of helping people in that area. It’s always best to consult with a subject matter expert. Don’t forget to read user reviews – you’ll find tons of helpful suggestions and advice there.

Lastly, choose the medium you want to get your reading through. Generally, your options include web-based chat, audio call, video session, and email.

Q2. What Can You Do to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your First Session?

The following tips will help you lay the groundwork for an enlightening first psychic reading.

  • Go through multiple profiles and make sure you choose an expert who specializes in the topic you want to discuss.
  • Write down the questions you wish to ask during the session. This will ensure you don’t lose focus or direction, no matter how confused, nervous, or overwhelmed you may be.
  • Don’t go in with unrealistic expectations. In fact, it’s better not to expect anything from the reading. Be open, flexible, and willing to receive whatever the mystic expert has to give you.
  • Discover which psychic mediums your chosen professional uses.
  • Reach out to people who have had experience with psychic readings and ask for general advice.
  • Ask direct, concise, and focused questions. Keep them open-ended.

Q3. How Reliable Are Online Psychics?

Live psychics are 100% reliable, given that they have undergone proper training, education, and specializations. You should know how to differentiate between them and scammers in order to enjoy your experience to the fullest.

We urge you to trust us and seek a reading on the psychic networks reviewed in this article. These sites are trusted by millions of users across the globe. You can’t go wrong with connecting with a psychic on these platforms.

Besides, there’s nothing to lose. The initial minutes are free and you can even request a refund if you don’t like a paid reading.

Just make sure you take time in choosing the perfect psychic because all experts have unique reading styles and areas of expertise. One specialist who’s liked by many might not be able to satisfy you with their readings. Rest assured that you’ll find the ideal professional after some trial and error.

Parting Thoughts

A psychic reading might save you from making a big mistake and attracting miseries by providing hints about your future. Whichever area you feel you’re lacking in or need guidance for, a virtual meeting with the ideal psychic can turn things around for you.

So, which of the psychic networks reviewed herein are you inclining towards?

Whichever site you go for, we’re confident that you’ll enjoy your psychic reading experience if you’re successful in finding your perfect match.

Take advantage of search filters and psychic finding tools for accurate results. Moreover, be attentive while checking out an expert’s profile and customer feedback.

You’ll find all your answers there!

Best of luck!

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