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Online Psychics: Top 5 Psychic Reading Sites for 100% Accurate Predictions

If you’re feeling uncertain about your future or feel like you’re not reaching your potential or something is holding you back, an online psychic readings may be just what your heart and soul desires to improve your life.

Turning to online psychics is usually thought of as one of the most complicated approaches when it comes to self-development. Not to mention, the scepticism that comes along with it is usually the reason why several individuals don’t risk taking a chance with a local psychic in the first place. Therefore, receiving a psychic reading, especially free psychic reading online, is stereotyped more often than not for being duplicitous and unrealistic. However, the truth is that people fail to realise that a reading from a good psychic is less about predicting one’s future with factual statements and more about offering invaluable insights about a person’s life. In other words, these are mystic readings designed to inform you about specific topics and make you notice patterns you may not be entirely aware of to live a good life.

Furthermore, online psychics allow you the chance to explore your past occurrences in a different light when they might be influencing other aspects of your life, affecting how you make decisions. Case in point, you can see the top rated psychics conducting psychic readings using multiple mediums, depending upon what kind of advice you seek from their side about your life.

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Ultimately, the best way to select the right psychic reading style is to learn about each method in advance, reviewing what they entail. Once you have a personal preference on how to want to receive the best psychic readings based on your findings, you can either turn to an online psychic individually or head to a platform that offers you a plethora of professional mystic advisors for your convenience.

Consequently, we understand how diving into the metaphysical world to receive the best psychic readings online, especially when it’s your first time around, can be an overwhelming experience. You might get mixed results when you do a blind search for “psychic near me” online. While it can be easier to fall prey to the cynical rumours, you will be positively surprised once you give a reputable psychics site a try, seeing just how effective online psychics can be for upturning your life for the better. Going for a free psychic reading online can put your mind at ease. This option is better than opting for inexperienced cheap psychics who also offer free psychic readings but none of the professionalism or expertise.

If you’re ready to give yourself a chance to live a desirable life, it’s time to familiarise yourself with the top psychic reading services that offer a global network of experienced psychics to clients seeking help and insights who would otherwise go to local psychics or cheap psychics who are amateurs who have tricked search algorithms to show their name when you search “psychics near me.”

Top 4 Best Online Psychic Readings Platforms of 2022: Our Top Picks


  • An interactive and reliable psychic reading online platform for receiving life-changing guidance, especially on love and relationships.
  • Enjoy 3 FREE Mins + 70% Off your First Session!

California Psychics

  • A gathering of hundreds of accurate online psychics offering their insightful speculations on various life subjects.
  • $1/minute + 5 free minutes using promo code “ADD5”

Psychic Source

  • A plethora of online psychics available at all times to tend to complex life issues, including career, family, love, and relationship.
  • Free for the first 3 minutes + 75% discount for New Customers

Keen Psychics

  • The best psychic reading online platform for beginners, delivering user-accommodating website interface, filtered mystic advisors, and multiple reading options.
  • Introductory Offer: 10 minutes free trial at $1.99

How Did We Come Up with Our List of Top Online Psychics?

With dozens of online psychics and reading platforms available on the internet these days, it can be challenging to find one that delivers genuine services. Since psychic reading has taken a sudden rise in the past decade, several fake providers have also made it their line of business. Therefore, while they can make all the extravagant promises in the world, they can’t actually see them through in reality. That’s why the first thing we considered when reviewing online psychics was the overall image they had not just after but also before joining the psychic network. We ensured that the practitioners and mystic advisors working there presented their skills and expertise without being too far-fetching about themselves. In short, they need to be a cut above the typical amateurs who appear in search results when you type in “psychics near me.”

Another thing we made a priority during the selection process was the diversity of services. Online psychic reading platforms that provide multiple forms of mystic readings to their clients instantly set themselves apart from the tirade of meagre services available. That’s because while fortune-telling and tarot reading might be most peoples’ go-to preferences for receiving spiritual readings and insights, many individuals these days ask for unique reading options to solve their life problems. Therefore, in addition to quality psychic service, diversity is also essential for a platform to thrive in the current circumstances, especially after the pandemic.

After that, we considered pricing structure and rates for different online psychic platforms, checking whether they offer their worth in terms of services. While it’s understandable to determine distinct pricing options for different modes of communication and reading options, overcharged platforms and psychic sites were instantly taken off our list since those are not feasible for people looking for budget-friendly alternatives. Furthermore, we prioritised online psychics in this article that offer introductory packages involving seasonal deals, initial free minutes of consultation, or agreeable discounts. These psychic reading online deals and discounts are something several individuals can highly benefit from when they’re searching for a psychic reading platform that vibes with them well.

Not to mention, we evaluated the different modes of communication for each psychic online platform, reviewing testimonials to ensure the online psychics deliver their very best performance, no matter the medium. After all, people don’t want to limit themselves when receiving a psychic reading online, preferring to opt for a communication medium that best suits their needs.

Finally, the last thing we analysed when creating this list of handpicked psychic reading services was user accessibility. Case in point, the four best psychic reading options delineated in this guidepost are the most sought-after platforms with exemplary user-convenience. Plus, each platform is renowned for being the best psychic reading website with a well-designed mobile-based application.

Now that you know how we created this list of top online mystic advisors delivering accurate psychic readings, you can effectively put your mind at ease. Moving on, below are detailed reviews of our selected psychic reading services, whom you can readily rely upon for all your life matters.

Detailed Reviews for Our 4 Handpicked Psychic Online Suggestions

Kasamba – A Trusted Online Psychic Platform for the Love Birds


Performance Overview

Kasamba is, without any doubt, the best psychic reading platform to receive love advice. However, you can also find the best online psychics here at your fingertips, no matter the mystic field, without scrambling from one platform to another. With over twenty years of experience under their belt, this platform initiated its services by offering its clients the most reliable psychic predictions from chat psychics. Furthermore, now that the platform has been operating for what feels like a lifetime, you can also find other convenient ways of contacting mystic advisors and live psychics. Plus, Kasamba scores exceptionally well for the newbies looking for easy navigation and a convenient interface.

While the platform is renowned for offering the most accurate psychic love reading and psychic predictions online, it’s worth mentioning that the love psychics here offer a lot more than that, utilising different psychic mediums, With such experience and diversity, there’s no denying that the global network of psychics at Kasamba deliver their very best to clients, knowing precisely how to handle different situations using spiritual readings. You will not face any of the pitfalls that come with a cheap psychic reading. Not to mention, the online psychic portal also comes with intuitive applications running on both Android and iOS platforms so that you can converse with the best psychics with ease.

Free Minutes

In addition to receiving the best psychic readings, the introductory package deal at Kasamba also works well for customers. This psychic reading online platform offers clients three free minutes of online psychic consultation each time they contact a new chat psychic to evaluate their expertise. Yes, you can benefit from the expertise of Kasamba’s psychic network for a free psychic love reading.

The best part about this psychic reading platform is that these complimentary minutes can add up to hours while you look for the perfect online psychics without affecting your budget. However, that said, it’s imperative to remember that the “free minutes” or “free psychic reading” offer only extends to clients reaching out to chat psychics. Therefore, the deal wouldn’t apply when reaching out to the best psychics on calls.

The Best Discounts, Refund Policy, and Customer Service

Furthermore, the first-time customers are promised a 70% discount with the online psychics upon their initial consultation session once they have availed their free minutes. You can even demand a refund by taking your case to the 24/7 available customer service portal when you’re dissatisfied with your experience.

The customer service can also be utilised for other purposes, whether you want the representatives to match you with the best online psychics or solve a technical glitch during a psychic reading session.

Famous Psychics and Exceptional Testimonials

The Kasamba homepage delineates a list of famous psychics in their psychic network working under their name for several years with plenty of experience in their wake. You can even review thousands of comments from customers who have received psychics’ predictions on the website, which might help you get in touch with the best psychic reading advisors without any further help.

Multiple Mediums

As mentioned earlier, the online psychics at Kasamba are primarily known to perform the most accurate love readings online. However, the platform also extends multiple other psychic services to clients backed up by quality testimonials, including tarot card reading, numerology, crystal gazing, personal astrology, pendulum, and tarot card reading.

Vetted Hiring Process

Lastly, if there’s one thing the online psychics at Kasamba are known about, it’s their performance during the platform’s vetting and screening process. Therefore, it’s only once they have passed the test and provided reliable references that they are welcomed to the team of best psychics.

Visit Kasamba – Connect today with some of the best psychic readers in the industry for detailed readings.

California Psychics – An Ultra Modern Online Portal for Newbies with Budget-Friendly Psychics


Performance Overview

With more than five hundred psychic advisors available 24/7, California psychics has managed to successfully make advances in the psychic reading industry despite their recent opening. Moreover, while this is a relatively new psychic online platform, you can currently find them offering a plethora of psychic mediums to clients. Plus, you can see plenty of testimonials on their website that exhibit their quality service and reliability. Therefore, all in all, this is an excellent psychic website for the newcomers looking for a good psychic to get the best readings within a minimal budget.

Signing up on California psychics is also a relatively more straightforward psychics site than several other psychic online platforms, considering its easy, four-step registration. Case in point, their sign-up process only includes filling in information, including your contact information and preference of payment options, making it the best psychic reading medium for user’s convenience.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The first thing you’ll see on the California psychics landing page is a filtered list of online psychics, delineating only those advisors whom you can find available at the given time. While this may sound like a basic feature, you’ll be surprised at how this setting is often neglected in most website interfaces, even the most trending ones online. Therefore, a list of best online psychics can effectively save you a lot of time when you don’t have to manually look for psychics that you can contact immediately.

Exceptional Psychic Online Customer Service

Furthermore, the 24/7 customer service program available to clients at California psychics cuts down the hassle of seeking help from a company representative at odd timings, no matter your time zone. These professionals can also help you with any technical glitch, in addition to attending to your concerns about how to connect with the best psychics. One sign of recognizing an inferior service is that they offer a cheap psychic reading but none of these additional services.

An Agreeable Price Structure

As for California psychics price structure and rates, clients are offered the best psychic readings with a five-minute complimentary session to evaluate any online psychic. These minutes can be distributed among multiple advisors among the best psychics available at the time. Not to mention, customers can ask for a refund for their free-minutes session when they’re not satisfied with a specific mystic advisor’s skills and expertise. This way, they can search for a psychic that’s the perfect fit for them while spending no money from their own pocket. This way, you get a cheap psychic reading without the cheap psychics.

Furthermore, even if you end up unsatisfied with your chosen psychic, you can contact the customer service representatives, asking them for a full or partial refund, depending upon your situation. You won’t get such perks when you go for the first results when searching for a psychic near me that offer a cheap psychic reading but are actually more expensive and without any perks to justify the price.

Psychics That Excel at Giving Advice About Complex Life Issues

It should be noted that California psychics online psychics are mostly known for dealing with complex life problems related to finances, career, and even love life. Consequently, California psychics should be your go-to psychic online platform when you’re stuck in a situation where you have to make immediate decisions regarding your life. You won’t get such deep insights when you opt for a cheap psychic reading.

Modes of Communication

The platform offers its customers two simple ways of connecting with psychics online to receive the most accurate psychic readings. You can either engage in a chat psychic reading or a phone psychic reading, whichever mode of conversation you find yourself more comfortable with.

Amazing Testimonials

Lastly, this best psychic reading website has more than fourteen thousand positive testimonials regarding the renowned online psychics, which is a success that leaves a lasting impression on all clients. Therefore, if you require a final push into making a “yes” or “no” decision about California psychics, it’s best to head to their online portal and review the customer suggestions yourself.

Visit California Psychic – Get the Clarity You Require in Life with Expert Guidance for the Future

Psychic Source – A Global Chain of Best Online Psychics to Tend to Career and Finance Issues


Performance Overview

Psychic Source was established in 1989, which makes this platform one of the oldest in the psychic industry with more than three decades of experience. Plus, the chain of positive testimonials and high-starred reviews on their website about the psychic readings are sufficient concrete shreds of evidence about the online portal’s reliability. Not to mention, the platform has more than two hundred and fifty talented, best psychics working under their roof, most of them extending their services to clients since Psychic Source’s existence.

Furthermore, besides covering a large base in the psychic industry, the phone psychics at Psychic Source have also placed essential measures to help their clients make the final phone psychic reading call without encountering any hassle. Case in point, they have designed a filter feature, integrating it on their webpage, which clients can use to filter the best psychic reading options based on their specific needs, priorities, budget, and other requirements. Moreover, suppose you can’t understand how to use the filter. In that case, you can directly head to the 24/7 customer service portal to sort out the technical issues. Plus, you can also expect the same convenience using Psychic Source applications available for Android and iOS users that help you receive the best psychic reading online without any hassle.

Various Online Psychic Reading Options

With a wide range of psychic reading options, including tarot cards, fortune telling, crystal gazing, dream analysis, astrology, energy healing, and career forecasts, you can never fall short of options at this psychic platform.

Modes of Communication

Moreover, while this online portal was initially established as a hotline for phone psychic reading only, Psychic Source has evolved with time. Therefore, now you can also head to this platform for live psychics, phone psychics, chat psychic readings, or video readings with the best psychics.

Filtered Selection of Best Online Psychics

As mentioned earlier, Psychic Source offers clients relief from the usually overwhelming psychic reading experience by making an interactive tool available. Using this functionality, you may only need to answer a few questions about yourself, which the algorithm will use to lead you to the best online psychics for getting insightful psychic predictions.

Budget-Friendly Online Psychics

As for the consultation charges at Psychic Source, new clients receive three complimentary minutes that they can use to reach a psychic that matches their requirements. Consider this Psychic Source’s version of a free psychic reading. Followed by that, you can continue the rest of the session at less than $1 per minute. That said, the price structure may differ from psychic to psychic, based on their experience and expertise.

Additionally, you can avail a 75% discount on your initial consultation session once you have utilised your free minutes. That said, if you still aren’t satisfied with the service or the live psychics, you can demand a refund by contacting the customer service representatives.

Screened and Tested Hires

Lastly, all potential hires at Psychic Source are real psychics who have to pass the rigorous testing and screening process to secure a place in the team. Therefore, if you were worried about getting scammed using the platform instead of receiving the best psychic readings, knowing this should put your mind at ease.

Take the First Step towards a Successful Future with Highly Accurate Psychics at Psychic Source

Keen – An Interactive Psychic Platform with Tonnes of Reading Choices


Performance Overview

While Keen might be the last one in our list of suggestions, it is, in no way, any lesser than the rest of the three. Case in point, this online portal is referred to as one of the best psychic sites with expert psychics, thanks to its user-friendly interface, easy visuals, simple filter and navigation tools, and lots of positive testimonials. Furthermore, the platform makes it even easier for clients to reach their perfect psychic since their filter feature allows you to select different psychic categories, modes of communication, and other preferences proficiently.

Moreover, with twenty-four different categories to choose from, you can find the right psychic for you on this platform to cover all possible aspects of life. From tarot reading and fortune telling to Mayan astrology and aura cleansing, you can find all possible forms of psychic reading on this portal to tend to all matters of life.

Agreeable Pricing and Packages

At Keen, clients get a ten-minute trial session at $1.99 with the best psychics. Plus, the advantage of this bonus feature is that they can use these complimentary minutes to assess their choice of mystic advisor among different online psychics until they reach out to the perfect one. The rest of the session is adjusted accordingly, depending upon the psychic’s expertise and experience.

Furthermore, there’s a “Deals and Promotions” section on Keen’s website that you can visit to check out different seasonal online psychic packages and discounts before receiving reliable readings from a good psychic reading service.

Ravishing Reviews

With more than twenty years’ worth of experience in the mystic industry delivering the best psychic readings online, it’s not a surprise to see a renowned platform such as Keen have more than twenty-four thousand reviews up on their website. In fact, many famous psychics available on the platform are categorised to have performed more than seventy thousand readings since their joining. This alone is enough to prove Keen’s reliability among customers.

Modes of Communication for the Best Psychic Readings

Lastly, you can connect with different online psychics at Keen using multiple modes of communication, such as live chats, phone calls, and video calls.

Book a Consultation to Get the Courage to Make Life-Changing Decisions With Gifted Experts at Keen

How to Prepare for a Good Online Psychic Reading Session

When turning to online psychics for spiritual readings, you have to be conscious about your overall thought process so that you’re prepared for it the right way. While these preparations don’t demand or require too much from your side, they can still be easily overlooked at times, which can end up causing unnecessary mental and emotional stress.

Therefore, to help you prepare for your online psychic readings, we’re dividing this prep phase into four different sections, including:

1- Removing All Cynicism Against Best Online Psychics

We understand how it can be challenging to not be cynical about online psychics, especially when you’re new to the psychic industry and have had bad experiences with cheap psychics. In fact, it is entirely understandable to be somewhat wary about the readings, even those given by real psychics. After all, you’re allowing someone to speculate about your life matters using mysticism. When someone outside of your comfort zone reflects upon your conversation to give advice and predictions about the topics you’re interested in, it can never be easy to let go and have faith.

However, while it may be an undeniably demanding task, it’s imperative to remove this kind of scepticism about psychic readings to allow yourself a willing chance at it. You don’t necessarily have to believe every other word uttered out of a psychic’s mouth to have a pleasant experience. In reality, all you need is an open mind to see there’s no harm in presenting your problems to a spiritual readings who can offer you invaluable insights via psychic predictions. Every other concern you may have about psychic reading and psychic websites will come undone on its own once you give it an honest try from the get-go. The free minutes offered by the reputable services listed here are miles apart in terms of quality when compared to free psychic reading given by questionable strangers.

2- Coming Up with the Right Questions Pertaining to Your Reading

Coming up with vague questions during your reading to ask the online psychics is also bound to lead to a deeply disappointing and underwhelming experience. Therefore, if you want to look forward to a session that’s a success for you, it’s crucial to get a bit creative with your questions, not leaving them open-ended.

For example, suppose you want to connect with a love psychic, so they can offer you the best psychic readings online about your love life. When that’s the case, you should avoid questions that are far too superficial, like asking your psychic your partner’s race, age, or hair colour. Instead, it’s best to stick with queries that can actually lead you to fruitful conclusions. For instance, during a chat psychic reading, inquiring your psychic about what year or month you might meet your potential partner or how you first contact them will turn out is an excellent place to start.

Following that, you can build on your topic of interest by asking questions relatable to your psychic’s answers. Sticking to pre-prepared questions, no matter the answers, is a common mistake several people make during chat, phone, and video psychic readings, which leaves them disappointed afterwards.

3- Removing Distractions from Online Psychic Sessions

Whether you choose to opt for phone psychics, chat psychics, or video psychics, not allowing yourself to get distracted is the key to a successful online session. Despite what your initial assumptions might be, real psychics need you to concentrate as much during a reading as they do to get you the answers you seek. Therefore, having distractions or interruptions on either end will translate into a reduction in the quality of psychic reading service.

Not to mention, succumbing to distractions may deliver even more complications when you’ve opted for those psychic reading mediums that are already too complex to begin with. For example, suppose an online psychic is performing an intense dream analysis, a Celtic Cross tarot spread, or any other reading that demands a great deal of concentration. In that case, even a single distraction from your side could disrupt the entire session, in addition to costing you more since this will lengthen the online psychic readings.

4- Taking Notes During Psychic Readings Online Sessions

Lastly, suppose you’re afraid of forgetting about the things discussed in the session, especially when talking about a serious matter with the best online psychics. In that case, there’s a simple solution for that. You can simply bring along a notebook during the psychic online session to jot down the revelations and advice. Moreover, you can even turn on the voice recording feature during psychic readings online sessions if you’re on a call with a phone psychic.

You can refer back to anything you think you might have missed during your session by recording your online psychic readings session or saving the text from the live chat psychic reading session. Moreover, you can only make sense of some things when everything is said and done. Therefore, taking notes and going through them afterwards can also help you in particular situations when that’s the case.

By keeping the given points in mind, you can ensure an excellent psychic reading online session every time you initiate contact with a mystic advisor or a reliable psychic online.

Different Types of Psychic Readings Online

Contrary to what several people assume, there is more than one way to receive psychic reading online. If you’re wondering what psychic online mediums you can refer to for the best spiritual readings and reliable psychic predictions, you can review the following section to know your top picks.

Let’s start with the best common mediums renowned for delivering the most accurate online psychic reading results:

1- Tarot Card Reading

Online tarot card reading is the most common and accurate readings for people seeking advice about life matters, including love, relationship, family, and career. While there are several ways to receive tarot psychic readings online, most people trying online psychic readings for the sake of exploration stick to the basic method that only takes a few minutes in total.

On the other hand, individuals who require serious and instant attention about pressing matters turn to other, more complicated tarot reading approaches. These psychic readings take longer than usual. Plus, they include a procession of multiple cards in the minor and major arcana, allowing the psychic medium to make precise predictions about their clients.

2- Fortune-Telling and Crystal Gazing

The next most common psychic reading medium in mysticism is fortune-telling, closely followed by crystal gazing. Contrary to what you might think, fortune-telling doesn’t involve a psychic reader gazing into a crystal ball to predict your future. This defined reading mode is explicitly categorised as “crystal gazing” in the psychic industry, delivered by only the best psychics.

On the other hand, fortune-telling is an entirely different psychic reading online method, where online psychics gather information about your life and share their insights based on the provided data. This level of direct spiritualism is probably the highest in the magical world.

3- Spiritual Mediums

Accepting the loss of a dear one might be one of the most demanding challenges in life. Moreover, this loss is even deepened when you have things left unsaid before your loved one passes away. However, turning to a psychic reading website is the best way to solve this specific problem since it lets you connect with the spirits and gain closure.

In short, the best online psychics can help you reach out to the lost souls so that you can put your mind at ease once and for all. While some people scoff at this particular psychic medium, thinking cynically about it, individuals who have had the experience themselves know how it’s a gift rather than a far-fetched fable.

4- Dream Analysis

Lastly, you can even gain several invaluable insights just by remembering and noting down what kinds of dreams you’ve been having in your sleep lately for the best psychic readings online. Case in point, dream analysis is a renowned psychic reading sector in the psychic medium industry, where online psychics listen to your dreams and analyse them with their intuitive power.

An effective psychic dream analysis will free you of the trepidations that lead you to restless nights. Plus, these online psychic readings give you insights into what might be happening in your life currently or whether there’s something you should be prepared for in advance.

No matter which type of psychic reading you opt for in the end, it’s imperative to know everything about it before making your first contact with the best psychics. This will help you remain prepared for what’s about to come, giving you pointers about how you can make the most of your reading accordingly.

The Final Verdict: Linking Online Psychic Readings to Mental Health Counselling

Several people refer to online psychics as mental health counsellors, and to say they are point-on would be absolutely right. There are certain connections between these professions. The biggest of them is that both fields work to improve your life and mental health by offering you invaluable insights. However, psychic readings still prove more effective in real life, considering that their advice is not solely based on personal opinions but primarily led on by spiritual readings. You need to ensure that you get psychic readings from expert psychics and not from any “free psychics” or the amateurs who optimise their psychic websites to appear when you search for “psychic reading near me.”

In other words, the best online psychics and counsellors are professionals people turn to when looking to improve their lives in whatever way possible. However, the evidently noticeable difference between them is that an online psychic reader reviewed by can also offer you psychics’ predictions, making your life much easier. Therefore, the best strategy to ensure a perfect life ahead is to combine both approaches together and find an authentic psychic that can help you turn your life around for the better with spiritual advice and mystic insights.

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