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Online Tarot Reading: Top 3 Tarot Card Reading Websites For Truthful Answers & Guidance

Tarot reading is an art that can reveal more or less known aspects of someone’s life. The good news is a professional tarot expert will be able to do it anywhere, as long as they sense a connection. In other words, you no longer need to visit a psychic in person in order to get a reading – you can also do it by email, over the phone or in a chat room. This level of convenience has caused many fraudulent wannabe psychics to push their luck and try to make money out of the innocent.

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There are lots of websites out there, and each of them promises the world. Moreover, some websites are designed like portals where tarot readers gather together and clients can choose whoever they want for their reading. Such websites represent a better choice because you can actually go through reviews from other clients, find out more about one psychic or another or explore the specialty before making a final decision. Now, what are the top-rated portals in this industry and what kind of service should you expect?

Top 3 Tarot Reading Sites

  • Kasamba – best for love tarot readings
  • Mysticsense – affordable services and great tarot experts
  • AskNow – great spiritual guides

Kasamba – Excellent Tarot Reading And Vetted Experience

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Kasamba gathers some of the most experienced psychics in the world and sorts them by category – location, specialty, experience, reviews and so on. The platform is suitable for independent psychics, who use it in order to connect to people who require various types of readings.

The online tarot platform is known for its strict monitoring. Practically, tarot readers cannot just join out of nowhere. They must go through a comprehensive check upfront and only the gifted and experienced ones are allowed to provide their services through Kasamba. Each expert will also get reviews from people as they use their services, so new clients know precisely what kind of service to expect.

Choosing a psychic

No psychic can make everyone happy, so get ready to find a few negative reviews too. However, a psychic with 4.5 stars out of five is much more appropriate than a psychic with less than three stars. You can easily spot the sketchy readers and simply avoid them to prevent problematic situations – or wasting your money.

The search function is quite detailed and allows searching based on what type of reading you require. For example, you can find experts providing medium readings to establish connections with your lost ones, tarot readings, love readings and so on. There are numerous specialties to choose from and lots of psychics in each category.

Once you decide on a certain tarot reader, you will need to sign up and proceed with the reading. Find the reader you want and click the button to chat – each psychic has such a button on their page. Once there, you will have to log in. Sign up and follow the instructions if you do not have an account yet – intuitive and a matter of minutes only.

How Kasamba works

Getting in touch with the ta gives you a few different options. For example, you can have an online chat with the psychic if you find it more comfortable. You can also call the psychic (tarot expert) if they are available – you can request getting a notification whenever the psychic is back online. Choose the right method based on what feels right for you.

As for the actual reading, you should know that different psychics rely on different methods to reveal facts about yourself. Some of them will provide a deep tarot card reading, while others rely on different tools. Then, there are also psychics that only rely on their natural abilities. If you do have certain preferences, you can find out more about the psychic on their profile page – whether or not they use any tools.

What it costs

Whether you are up for love tarot reading or you need some advice regarding your career, you need to determine the price range. Do not get on Kasamba unprepared – it pays off having an available budget in mind for each reading. It is worth noting that prices are not set by Kasamba, but by each psychic individually.

Therefore, get ready to explore a wide variety of budgeting options. Obviously, the best-rated psychics and tarot experts will cost more than the ones with low ratings. Most prices are given per minute. Expect to pay anything between $2 and $20 or even more. You can also sort your search results by price, so you can find a specialist that matches your available budget.

Most popular types of readings

There are lots of options when interested in online tarot reading and each of them is suitable to certain categories of people – it depends on your actual necessities. Psychic readings are quite diversified and can cover multiple aspects – crystal readings or perhaps aura interpretations. As a general rule of thumb, the psychic will tune into the aura surrounding you. You will then get some insights into your case.

Tarot reading is just as popular. Most psychics will rely on a classic deck with 78 different cards. They will draw and spread the cards on a table and interpret them based on your question. You can get some valuable advice, as well as an overview of what is going on in your life. Different advisors provide different details – some of them regarding the past or present, while others focus on the future.

Astrology analyses are just as common. You will most likely need an astrological reader for this consideration. They will analyze the planets and their positions, as well as your date of birth. Each planet needs to go through 12 different signs and each sign affects a different area of your life. Not only do you get to interpret these movements, but you can also have your dreams explained.

Other types of readings

Kasamba could be the best free tarot reading online portal if you want more variety in your readings. For instance, you will also find specialists in a relationship or romance aspects of your life. Some experts rely on tarot readings, while others count on clairvoyance. This category is quite common and covers everything – love, divorces, children, parents, affairs, dating, connections and so on.

You can also get help if you need help with your career. There are literally hundreds of psychics relying on tarot online to give you a hand and guide you responsibly. Again, different psychics rely on different tools – cards, astrology and so on. A career psychic (tarot reader) will help you figure out whether or not you are on the right path.

The free trial

Professional free tarot reading is not really a thing these days, but Kasamba has managed to bring in an excellent trial to help you determine whether or not you have reached the right psychic. It is an introductory offer for brand new users and it gives you three minutes for free. These three minutes apply to each psychic. Even if you fail to find the right one, you can get the offer again on another one.

The three minutes may not be enough for a fully free online tarot reading, but they will help you determine if you found the right person for your needs. Redeem the offer as you sign up and use these minutes for phone calls or live chat – even for email readings. Once the three minutes are gone, you will be charged per minute.

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Mysticsense – Great Tarot Experts And Affordable Prices

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There are lots of established portals and similar websites out there, so MysticSense came out as an outsider. However, the portal has gained a huge reputation over the past few years due to the wide variety of specialties, transparent pricing and a crystal clear process for clients – you know precisely what you are about to get.

In terms of categories, MysticSense tends to stand out in the crowd. You can filter tarot reading specialists by the tools they use, reading styles, availability or specialty. Indeed, there are other portals out there with more types of readings, but this one has just the optimal amount of variety. You do not want to be overwhelmed either.

Types of readings

Generally speaking, most tarot card reading occurs by chat. People simply find chat rooms to be more comfortable, especially when they talk to strangers. However, you can also use the phone and make calls – a deeper connection with the psychic. Should you want to take it even further and see the psychic face to face, some of them provide access to video calls as well.

Categories and specialties

MysticSense is quite diversified when it comes to categories, so you will find exactly what you are after. For example, you are less likely to find a category named love and relationship. Instead, you will find different specialties under this category. You can seek help to find new love, get out of a toxic relationship, find relief when you are cheated on and so on.

Affairs and cheating hearts bring in plenty of psychics with a straightforward specialization. Prices vary widely from one psychic to another. The good news is that most psychics have good reviews and ratings – ideally, you should go for someone with at least four stars. Keep in mind that it is almost impossible to find a tarot psychic with a perfect rating.

Toxic relationships will also provide access to hundreds of psychics ready to give you an online tarot reading based on your relationship. Many of them can help you determine whether or not you are with your actual soulmate. There are other types of connections you can explore too – it is all about exploring psychics and their skills.

Finding a grief counselor is just as easy. Such psychics are more suitable for those who have lost their loved ones. It could be a parent or a partner. A professional tarot online reading will help you find closure. You will also find the power to move on with your life and live it to the maximum. Again, you will have to narrow down your search results based on this specialty.

Believe it or not, you can even find help with LGBTQ relationships. This is not a very common category among online tarot reading websites, but MysticSense has brought it in because it comes with plenty of complications – from coming out of the closet to actually finding a partner. There are hundreds of experienced psychics to give you a hand in the process.

Just like you have probably guessed already, there are other subcategories for various categories as well too. For instance, you might need help with various aspects of your career or perhaps you need a professional to help you interpret your dreams. No matter what you are after, chances are you can find someone to help out with the right tools.

How MysticSense works

MysticSense could be the best tarot reading online portal if you want convenience. In terms of design, the website looks modern and is quite intuitive. There will be no old-fashioned scripts to struggle with. Instead, the website is well designed and allows you to find whatever you want straight away – from the search function to the tools certain psychics use.

The registration asks for a few more details than other similar websites. With all these, it is only a matter of minutes. Simply add your email address, password and name. You will also be asked for your phone number, time zone and country – quite helpful when trying to find a tarot reading near me. As you join the portal, you will realize that all these details actually make sense once you start using it.

The platform will then convert a psychic’s availability based on your location – your local time. There is no need to do conversions yourself. It is a basic feature, but it does help and adds to the overall convenience. You can plan your tarot card readings in a more efficient manner without making mistakes that get you waiting for hours or turning up too late.

Then, the filtering capabilities stand out in the crowd and should be implemented into any other website out there. You can also choose a few different criteria and make sure your results are extremely specific. For example, you can search for a psychic who uses tarot cards, provides a direct reading style and is specialized in finding new love and the destiny. You will find psychics matching all these criteria.

If there is one thing MysticSense has failed to implement properly when compared to other similar websites that is the failure to get a mobile application. This is not necessarily a deal breaker though. Unless you want to speak to a psychic while you travel by train or on the go, you will not necessarily need the feature. After all, you want to be a home, without anyone around you – you do not want to be disturbed whatsoever.

Pricing and costs

Straightforward and transparent prices are a must when trying to find a tarot reading and MysticSense will not disappoint you. This is a general rule when trying to decide on a platform for your tarot readings. You do not want to see complicated pricing schemes with unclear results – you want to know upfront what it will cost you.

MysticSense is quite transparent and works on a simple principle – you get what you actually see. There are no gimmicks or small prints, random terms and conditions that no one ever reads. There are no such things as pricing tiers either. You can forget about spending more to save more. Just get what you need – simple as that.

The least expensive tarot readers will cost you $0.99 per minute. The most expensive ones will charge up to $10 per minute. Compared to other websites, MysticSense is way cheaper – most psychics will charge anywhere between $1 and $3 per minute. Sure, the ones with the highest ratings are likely to charge a bit more – availability could also be an issue for them.

Special features

In terms of special features, if this is the first time you use Mystic Sense, you will benefit from an introductory offer. You will get a free tarot reading to a certain point. You get some free minutes to use as a free trial. Your first full session will also go at a special rate. Once this offer is used, prices will vary from one advisor to another.

To show how dedicated the platform is, the management has brought in a special section on how to avoid scams. While psychics are researched and vetted upfront, small issues may still arise. Find out how to avoid scams and discover the small signs that could indicate them. A few tips and tricks will also help in the process.

First time users or the least experienced ones will also benefit from the educational section. You can read a wide plethora of articles on what psychic and tarot readings actually mean, what type of specializations you can find out there and what type of information different psychics can provide. A bit of education will push you in the right direction.

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Asknow – Good Introductory Offers And Wide Range Of Price Points

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AskNow is one of the best-established tarot card reading portals out there. Just like other similar websites, it comes with a bunch of different introductory offers and it researches psychics before displaying them through the search results. It has all the features you might expect from such a portal, but is it worth your time and money?

How it works

AskNow provides access to a few different types of readings. For instance, you can chat with a psychic. It is more comfortable, especially if you do not feel right about chatting to strangers. But then, if you want a deeper connection with your psychic, you can also have your reading over the phone. AskNow allows both options.

The next step implies deciding on the introductory package. Once you decide on the package, you will get another introductory offer – five free minutes with an elite psychic. You can nearly get a whole free tarot reading this way.

Get over the introductory offer and prices will vary widely then. Some psychics are better skilled than others. Some of them have more experience, as well as more reviews and a higher rating. Obviously, they will charge more per minute. A master psychic will charge you over $12 per minute, while an elite one will charge over $10 per minute. You can also find top-rated advisors costing between $3.99 and $9.99 per minute.

Once you find the perfect psychic in terms of specialty and tools, you can talk to them over the phone or simply chat. They must be available though. Whether they are offline or busy, you can request a callback. Plus, if your time is limited and the callback feature does not work for you, opt for scheduling an appointment.

You cannot book sessions or get in touch with psychics as a guest, so you will need to register. As you attempt to chat to an advisor, you will be prompted to login or register. Have your details ready, as well as your card for further payments – even if you are only there for the initial free offer, you will still have to provide card details.

How to find a psychic

To find your next online tarot psychic, find the psychic link in the main menu. You can then look at recommended profiles or you can filter them based on your necessities. There are two options when it comes to filtering psychics. First, you can choose whether you want the connection to be over the live chat or phone. You can also choose to have it in Spanish.

Second, you can filter by different criteria and this is where most options are. You can filter by availability, experience, rating, price, specialty, category or reading type. Once you are done, you will see different results. The search results will also display some key details about psychics, such as zodiac signs, availability, languages and others. To see more about a psychic, click on their profile and you will also spot the reviews there.

Prices and costs

New users benefit from lower prices, as well as some free minutes. For example, you can get $1 per minute – 20 or 30 minutes. You can also get five minutes for free and not just with any random advisor, but with elite and master psychics. Once the offer expires, you can go on with the respective psychic and get charged their fees or look for a top-rated psychic – cheaper, but still highly experienced.

Different types of readings

Love and relationship psychics will help you with queries regarding your family or love life. You can discuss your ex, a breakup, a soulmate connection or anything else involving this field. Money and finance questions are just as common and luckily, there are plenty of psychics in this category too. No matter what your worries are about, you can get your issues clarified. You will benefit from extra guidance, whether you need help with money or your actual career.

There is also a special category for career help, which will focus on your working condition. Whether you feel stuck in your career or you are not sure whether you should make a change, a psychic will clarify the situation and provide some guidance.

Then, you can find spiritual guides, numerology experts, tarot reader experts and so on. Tarot readers will usually stick to the traditional 78 card deck – each of them symbolized something different. Spiritual guides connect to your energy to figure out what your issues are, while numerology advisors rely on your full name, date of birth and other numbers to identify your talents, weaknesses, fate and so on.

Furthermore, you will gain access to astrology readings too, which depends on the planet alignment when you were born. Future alignments and placements will also be considered in the process. If you feel the burden of a past life, a past life psychic will try to analyze your energy and figure out what kind of baggage you carry. Dream analyses are also popular when you find yourself unable to interpret your dreams.

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How To Choose An Online Tarot Card Reading Website

No matter what kind of product or service you are after, there are certain factors you have to take in consideration. Online tarot reading makes no exception, so here is what you need to keep in mind before making a final decision.

Free tarot reading offers

This is a must. In a world where most online tarot reading websites provide access to free minutes, you need to ensure you reach to a website with such a special offer. Some of the best networks provide anywhere between three and five free minutes, regardless of the tarot reader you want to talk to. Moreover, many websites also provide discounted offers later on – for example, you could lock in 30 minutes for $30 only. You do not want to spend a fortune with so many good offers out there, so take advantage of them.

Contacting methods

Now, how do you want to connect with a online tarot expert? Some people – especially those with no experience – may feel a bit awkward talking to a tarot expert straight away, so the live chat option might seem the most suitable solution. Then, there are people who want to establish a deeper connection with tarot experts, so they would rather do it over the phone. Most websites provide these two options.

Some portals go even further and can allow getting a tarot reading near me over a video call. If you feel like you need to see the psychic face to face, a video call makes the difference. Your psychic will also find it easier to tune to your personal energy and aura. Finally, if you feel like you need to analyze the psychic’s answers before coming up with the next question, opt for email readings.

The good news is an experienced tarot reader will give you a quality reading regardless of what method you choose. They do not necessarily need to see your facial expressions or surroundings, as they can properly connect to your energy anytime, anywhere.


A few specialties are handy to have, but too many can overwhelm you. Some of them are basic – career advice, tarot reading and so on. Some others bring access to Vedic astrology or feng shui. Opt for a good range and a few subcategories – the website with the most specialties is not necessarily the best one.


How long a website has been around is a good indicator. A website that came out yesterday may not be the best choice. The same goes for when you need a psychic – find someone with years of experience, rather than someone who has joined this industry last year.

Customer reviews

This is another aspect that applies to both tarot reading websites and actual psychics. Read some reviews before spending your money and purchasing an introductory package. Once you decide on a tarot card reading website, do not go for the first tarot reader you run into. Instead, research, search around, find out more about the respective advisor and go through their client reviews before making a final decision.

Satisfaction guarantee

This is a good aspect to consider, yet many websites do not offer it. Some websites give you credit if you are not happy. Some others will refund you. The good news is even if you cannot find such a guarantee, the first free minutes will help and give you some hints about an advisor before making a decision.


As a short final conclusion, finding the best tarot reading online requires a bit of time. Find the right website – stick to a portal with a good reputation. Go in, explore the psychics and make sure you find someone who is perfect for your needs. There is no need to make any compromises with so many specialized psychics around.

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