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Online Tarot Card Readings Top Services For Accurate Tarot Card Reading

The online world of psychic readers has signaled a gain in popularity of tarot card readings online. Not many people wholeheartedly believe in the concept of tarot cards and the readings delivered through them, but those who do, hold them in extreme reverence. An online tarot card reading can be a powerful medium to navigate the challenges of life for all such people, as it allows them to navigate through the treacherous paths of life and find some clarity around them.

It is true that we live in unprecedented times today, and everyone is left wondering what exactly the future has in store for them. Some people are concerned about their love inclinations, while others are willing to know more about what their career has in store for them. In short, everyone wants to know more about what the future holds, and what can be done to handle it.

Thousands of people hence rely on online tarot reading, as it gives some definition to your future. From clarity in day-to-day life to answers to complications in matters of the heart, tarot reading online can help you get the purpose and peace you require.

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You can trust an online tarot reading to help guide you, if you are going through an indecisive patch in life, and aren’t sure of what the future has in store for you. These tarot card readings will give you insights into complicated matters and allow you to feel assured of what the future offers.

Mystic experts and true tarot card readers online user the power of a 78 card-deck to give you insights, answers, predictions and solutions regarding all matters related to your life.

However, before you actively head for an online tarot reading, you should make sure that an expert performs the reading. An expert reader will help give you the direction you require and will ensure that you feel satisfied and at peace. Users do feel naturally tensed and overexcited when it is their first time getting a tarot card reading online. Since the online world is inundated with a number of options, you will come across a number of fake readers as well.

Online tarot card readers are revolutionizing the psychic reading industry by offering convenient readings and simple solutions. Let us look at their services and the top sites for honest answers in the industry today.

Our Top Recommended Sites for Reliable Online Tarot Card Reading

In this article, we have aimed to shortlist tarot card reading websites and psychic professionals based on their expertise and the clarity they offer. Our expert analysts conducted extensive research virtually to reach a conclusion on the best online tarot card reading websites. These websites have been in business for over 2 to 3 decades and offer a financially viable tarot card reading online solution.

Our top picks for online tarot reading are mentioned in the table below:


  • Your Online Source for Accurate Love Tarot Readings
  • Free Tarot Reading for 3 Minutes
  • New Users Can Enjoy 50% Off on All Types of Psychic Readings

California Psychics

  • Connect with Trustworthy Tarot Readers in Convenient Rates
  • Connect with a Global Network of Online Tarot Readers
  • Tarot Card Reading Online Cost $1/min

Psychic Source

  • Your Best Choice for Career Advice and Financial Well Being
  • Exclusive Offer for New Clients (75% Off) + First 3 Free Minutes per Introductory Consultation
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Keen Psychics

  • Get 10 Minutes Tarot Card Readings for $1.99
  • Psychic Readings Available by Phone and Chat
  • Pay Only $1.99 for 10-Minute Tarot Reading

Studying the Best Online Tarot Reading Sites in Greater Detail

We understand just how important it is for users online to find an online psychic platform that gives them the kind of tarot readings and results they aspire to achieve. Meaningful connections play a pivotal role in determining the accuracy of tarot readings online, which is why we have come up with a detailed description and pros and cons of all four providers.

Here is what you need to know about all of these providers:

#1. Kasamba – Your Online Source for Accurate Love Tarot Readings


Kasamba has been an authentic name in the market for online card readers and psychics since the 1990s. The platform has not only won hearts, but has also revived romance in the best manner possible. The psychic space continues to grow over time and delivers accurate predictions for interested individuals to follow and learn from. The mystic expertise present on the platform includes authentic tarot card readers and psychics with experience in the field. The platform’s dedication to the industry and the preciseness in their predictions has led to amazing results with over 3 million predictions and followers present on the platform.

Clients use the psychic wisdom offered by experts on Kasamba’s platform to reignite the lost sparks in their love life, to find soul mates, to build better and stronger relationships with their loved ones and to find out details about the future. Kasamba also offers excellent expertise in other areas of psychic readings as well, including daily horoscopes, career advice, tarot readings for finance, astrology, crystal healing and others of the nature. All of the services offered by Kasamba can be availed through phone psychics, video calls and live chat.

In addition to psychic reading services, users also get to enjoy tarot reading online for free. Kasamba has years of experience in the industry and goes beyond the boundaries set by society to give users a better understanding of the future. Users have multiple experienced advisors to choose from, and can also get in touch with the 24 hour customer support team to discuss their qualms and talk about factors that concern them. Customers can also head to teams and ask for suggestions based on a short Question and Answer sessions.

The website and application for Kasamba are designed to perfection and focus on well integrated features that come together to make browsing and filtering easier for users. Users can use the well integrated features of the application to filter out their preferred psychic or tarot card reader and work with them for appropriate results.

Every psychic reader and tarot card reader on Kasamba goes through a detailed background check before they are added to the platform for users to work with. All psychics are given ranks on the basis of their credibility, popularity and the experience that they carry. The online profiles for different psychics carry all these features and will help give you a better idea of their acumen. You eventually get to select a tarot card reader based on your understanding of their ratings and the popularity that they carry. The filter metrics used on the platform are enough to give you a fair idea of how effective one tarot card reader or online psychic is and how beneficial they can prove to be for you in the long run.

How Much Does Online Tarot Card Reading Cost at Kasamba?

Kasamba is conveniently priced and will not feel like a burden on the pockets for many. Newcomers on the platform get to unlock free tarot card reading online sessions at a 50 percent discount deal on consultations. The exclusive discount offer is for new customers and gives them a chance to get a 3-minute free session from a tarot reading expert of their choice. The consultation can be resumed at $1 per minute, once the time limit is over.

Key Features of Kasamba’s Online Platform

  • Kasamba has more than 20 years of experience in the field of love tarot readings and psychic readings
  • The online platform offers a virtual meeting ground for experts and enthusiasts
  • The psychic service is available around the clock and can help with services such as daily horoscope, relationship advice and zodiac compatibility
  • You can connect with experienced psychics and tarot card readers through chat psychics, live video calls, phone calls and chat psychics
  • Kasamba is the perfect choice for relationship advice and love psychics
  • The best pick to identify qualms in your relationship and to minimize them
  • Three minutes of free consultation time upfront
  • 50 percent off on all new consultations for new entrants\
  • Refunds provided on valid requests

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#2. California Psychics – Connect with Trustworthy Tarot Readers in Convenient Rates


Californa Psychics is one of the most renowned names in the psychic reading and tarot card reading industry. The platform aims to provide safe and sound psychic services to the thriving community of interested users present on it. The platform was first launched in the early 1990s and has since kicked on to become one of the best in the business ever since. The team has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, welcoming new spiritual experts and opening doors to more users.

The platform offers a number of services, including tarot readings online, crystal healing, i-Ching readings, aura reading and astrology reading, etc.

The platform has a strict screening process in place to ensure that only the crème de la crème of psychics get to operate on its platform. The platform places restrictions on entry so that all psychics with limited background experience cannot make their presence inside of it.

The efforts made in this regard ensure that the psychic readers on the platform come with authentic background experience and are well suited for the job. The platform has also made its popularity through safe and secure financial transactions . The more you interact with psychics on the platform, and use their services, the more you come to realize just how safe and secure their work model is. Your financial details are secure within the platform, and you don’t have to worry about your information landing within the wrong hands.

The platform also boasts of a reputable customer service and support team that is available to answer your queries wherever and whenever you want. The team is available around the clock and will help service you in the face of complications.

How Much Does Online Tarot Card Reading Cost at California Psychics?

California Psychics welcomes all new users with open arms by offering them a short trial that is free for all and lasts for over 5 minutes. The trial can be a good way to break the ice and gives you a fair indication of the kind of tarot card reading services you can come to expect from the platform.

California Psychics offer categories in their services, including preferred, premium and popular. Each category represents the experience level, customer reviews and skills of the practitioners within them. The basic prices for these services range from $1/min to $5/min, depending on your choice of psychic and the preferences you have.

Key Features of California Psychic

  • The platform comes with over 20 years of expertise and experience in tarot readings online.
  • The platform has 5-star ratings for psychic readings by phone, online and by video. They also offer readings through chat.
  • The platform provides an excellent space for financial advice, daily horoscopes, career forecasts, zodiac compatibility and career forecasts.
  • The customer support team offers live chat support for calls and contact.
  • Every introductory session comes with 5 free minutes of tarot card reading from a trained professional.
  • Once the free minutes are over, you get to pay $1 per minute for every extra minute.

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#3. Psychic Source – Your Best Choice for Career Advice and Financial Well Being


Psychic Source has been a major part of the psychic reading industry for over 3 decades now. The online platform as first launched in the year 1989, and has since gone on to achieve new heights through expert services and amazing offers. The platform was first launched as a psychic hotline for horoscopes and tarot readings. The hotline was meant to assist lonely souls and those facing the complications of love find their true purpose in life.

The platform offered a unique selling point back in the day, as it allowed enthusiasts to get some clarity about their future without stepping out of the home. This was quite a major advancement in the late 80s. The platform soon grew in size and had a decent size of expert mystics present on it.

The reputation and popularity of the platform have only gone on to increase over the years, as it still continues to provide stellar services and win clients. Users on the platform can sign up to talk to tarot readers for hours and gain insights on their future in career and finances. The readers on the platform are gifted in foretelling all life events through tarot cards, ancient runes, pendulums and crystal balls.

The customer support on the platform is quite helpful in nature and is always a call away. Users can get in touch with the customer support team if they have any queries or feel like they should discuss something with them. Customers can also get to learn a lot about psychic experts through the profile check and verification measures in place.

Profiles for psychic readers and online tarot card readers include their qualifications, customer feedback and experience. Once you establish a benchmark, you can use these metrics to sift through different providers and find the best one for your needs. Additionally, you can also put your trust on the online tool by Psychic Source, which allows you to automatically connect with mystic advisors that understand your current requirements and help you find the best in love and life.

How Much Does an Online Tarot Card Reading at Psychic Source Cost?

Psychic source can be a good option for you if you are looking for tarot card readings at an affordable price. The platform provides free tarot card reading online for three minutes of your first session. These consultations can be further extended to know more about what the future holds. Once you decide to extend the session, you will be paying $0.66 per session, which is a 75 percent discount for all first-time users.

Key Features of Psychic Source

  • More than 30 years of experience sharing accurate readings online to enthusiasts and interests individuals
  • The best source for crystal healing, live tarot readings and dream interpretations
  • A global network of some of the best tarot readers and psychic guides
  • 24-hour customer support for urgent inquiries on the go
  • Extended consultations at $0.66 per minute.
  • The first three minutes of your first session are free
  • Reliable psychic experts with experience in the industry

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#4. Keen Psychics – Get 10 Minutes Tarot Card Readings for $1.99


Keen Psychics is one of the more experienced names in the mystic reader’s industry today and is established as a popular name that users can trust. The platform provides credible tarot card readings on matters of love, life and wealth. The website for the platform comes with a decent user-friendly navigation system and a customer-oriented layout that simplifies your search for the best tarot reading online.

Besides the basic career predictions, financial forecasts and love tarot readings, the platform also offers a number of other services online. Popular areas of interest for people on the platform including dream interpretations, rune readings, numerology based predictions, astrology chart readings and much more.

Keen Psychics has grown by leaps and bounds during the last few years and currently caters to over a million clients on an on-and-off basis. The platform is also host to some 2000 psychic experts, who have all been screened through proper methods. The professionals on the platform login from over the world to help act as your mystic mentors and serve as your spiritual guides. Each psychic reader and tarot card reader on the platform is accepted after a rigorous process to ensure transparency and to make sure that customers get the very best services possible.

Besides just being referred by others, applicants and readers on the platform will have to showcase their reading style and psychic abilities through demos. Keen Psychic is particular about the style followed by the mystics on their platform and wants the very best for all customers.

How Much Does an Online Tarot Reading at Keen Psychics Cost?

Keen Psychics offer some of the best online tarot reading services in town at convenient rates. The service charges nothing for the first three minutes of your introductory session, and then charges just $1.99 for the next 10 minutes of your first session. The affordable first session gives you insights into what to expect from the platform and where you stand currently. Once the first session is over, you can get monthly subscriptions or stand-alone sessions, based on what you most prefer. Both methods of online consultation are fair priced.

Key Features of Keen Psychics

  • An affordable and convenient platform for psychic services and readings. Tarot readings online are reliable.
  • A user oriented and reliable interface for efficient results and quick services.
  • You get to benefit from online tarot readings and seek advice from a global community of mystic experts.
  • You can receive psychic readings by email, text or phone. Video integration isn’t possible yet.
  • The customer support team is always available around the clock to help you.
  • Free tarot readings on finance, relationships and careers.
  • You get to pay only $1.99 for the first 10 minutes of your first session.
  • Cost effective in nature

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tarot Reading Online


We have answered some of the frequently asked questions that users have from tarot card reading online.

Q1. How Can You Choose a Trustworthy Psychic for Tarot Card Readings Online?

Since there are greater chances of you being duped in the online world, you need to choose an only psychic that is trustworthy, experienced and reliable when it comes to online readings. Searching for these characteristics will allow you to find the most accurate reading online, without the chances of being defrauded by a fake psychic.

Since the purpose of a tarot card reading is to gather insights about your future, only the right tarot card reader can do that. Some tips that can come in handy here include:

Do not go for Independent Psychics

Independent psychics cannot be trusted when it comes to making payments online and the validity of their readings. Putting your trust on independent psychics will eventually put you up for scams and disappointments. You should look to choose a trusted and secure platform for your online tarot readings, as that may prove to be your best bet. Most online platforms come with secure practices in place to help connect you with the best psychics in the industry. These psychics are screened for efficiency and are only recommended if they match that description and are authentic in nature.

Do Read Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Almost all of the four sites that we have outlined above for online tarot readings come with client feedback and testimonials for each of their popular psychic experts. You can use these reviews as a starting point to find out whether a psychic is right for you or not. You can also find out whether a specific psychic does well when it comes to love readings or there is someone else you should go to. Go to someone with proper reviews.

Look for Support

Customer support matters a lot, as there are going to be times when you will need the customer support to guide you through your financial problems and help give you the directions you require if you need a refund. The customer support team matters and you should look to confront them wherever you can.

Lastly, you should look to do your research before finalizing a psychic service for your tarot reading online. Customer feedback and reviews online will help give you the perspective you require and will allow you to finalize the perfect service.

Q2. How Do You Prepare for Your First Online Tarot Reading?

The secret to receiving the best online tarot readings is dependent on you and your attitude. You have to approach online tarot readers in a professional manner and make sure that you show interest and don’t cut yourself of. Do not expect specific answers from them, as some of what they say will be based on your inference as well. You need to be relaxed and should be focused before a session begins. Being calm in the moment will make the session easier for you as you move towards a better reading.

There are certain tips you can follow to help you prepare:

Choose a Quiet Corner

Online tarot readings can often be distracted due to the lack of a proper space. You must be attending these sessions from your home, which is why there is an off chance of external distractions and disruptions from outside. You should look to minimize these distractions by ensuring that you sit in a comfortable corner of your home. Also ensure that you have chosen a good spot, with some blankets and pillows to help feel comfortable and at ease.

Prepare Questions

You should ideally have some questions ready for you for your mystic consultation session. as stated in you should write them down with you, in case you forget them during the actual course of the meeting. A checklist of questions will ensure that the conversation doesn’t go off track and that you have enough to talk about. You can get the most out of your tarot reading session by asking the right questions.

Do Some Breathing Exercises

The online tarot reading session can be demanding and tiring for you. It is natural to feel a bit nervous and jittery about how the session goes. Your nervous thoughts can be intimidating and may lead to other fears. Try to breathe in and out before the actual session begins, so that you feel more prepared and don’t feel anxious.

Follow your own personal tips to light up a few scented candles and listen to therapeutic music in the background. These tips will have you covered during the actual course of the event.

Q3. What Topics Should You Preferably Discuss During the Tarot Reading Online?

Tarot card reading sessions online can also work as an alternative form of therapy for you. Psychic expert listen intently to you and respond to your underlying therapeutic concerns and the emotional conflicts you have with the style and pattern of the treatment.

A few topics that you can discuss during a typical tarot card reading session include:

Past Life Occurrences

Past life occurrences and childhood events have a major impact on how you see yourself currently and the present life you live. Many things adjust your perspective towards life, while others linger on to create complications for you. Tarot readers study your past by looking into the event and deciding the mitigation strategy you can follow to move on from it.

Career Forecasts

You must have a number of questions when it comes to your career. Am I doing the right job? Can I make a career switch? Will the career switch be beneficial for me? Tarot readers can answer all of these common questions and give you the clarity you require for taking your career forward and returning to studies. These tarot readers use their abilities to illuminate and light up the path that lies ahead for you. Their assurances help give you the support required to undertake major career moves.

Besides the two common points of discussion above, you can also discuss matters of the heart and finances with tarot card readers.

Q4. What Should You Expect During a Tarot Reading Online?

According to If this is your first online tarot card reading session, we expect you feel a bit nervous and jittery. Your psychic will start by giving a brief intro, and then ask you a number of simple questions that are personal in nature. These questions help break the ice and build a connection.

The expert tarot reader will then shuffle and spread the tarot cards in front of you and pick them out based on your answers to life questions. These cards allow individuals and experts to tap into your subconscious and unearth how you view life.

Bottom Line

In the end it is pertinent to mention that the psychic expert and platform you go to play a significant role in determining the success of your experience. You need to start your online search for an online tarot reader by first finding a good online psychic platform and then using that platform to unearth the very best psychic reader and tarot card reading for love tarot reading. We have simplified the search for you by mentioning four of the best platforms and hope you can find a good tarot card reading online through them.

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