Online Tarot Reading: Most Trusted Tarot Card Reading Websites of 2022

Today we’re going to talk about tarot card reading and how important it has become in the world we live in today. Thinking about the future and everything that is yet to come our way can be scary, which is why it is essential to place your trust in resources that help you take a peek into the future.

The psychic industry exists to help people seek advice and answers about things they do not understand. These include psychic services such as live psychics, free online love tarot reading, and general online tarot card reading.

The problem, however, arises when you don’t know the correct means and channels to connect with the best tarot card reading services out there. Well, don’t fret because we are here to help!

Our team understands the importance of online tarot and the impact it can have on you. Which is why, after detailed research and digging, we have procured a list of our top 5 online tarot card reading services that can show you the right path.

Rest assured, all of these tarot reading service providers are the best in the business and know how to satisfy their clients. It doesn’t matter what kind of answers you are looking for; these tarot online brands can help you out with almost anything.

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Our readership’s well being matters to the most, which is why our reviews are based on authentic findings only. We understand how difficult it can be to place your trust in someone over the internet, especially when it involves tarot card reading or any other psychic medium services such as numerology, astrology, or even crystals and pendulums.

Trusting Tarot Card Readers

No doubt, trust is huge factor in tarot online reading. All platforms mentioned in our list have professional, highly skilled, and trained tarot card readers that can guide you in the right direction and provide highly personalized readings for those who need it.

Tarot cards are a widely used form of gaining insight into the future. The idea of receiving an online tarot service revolves around a deck of superior cards. These cards are divided into two sets, the Major and Minor Arcanas.

Each of these sets represent minor and major aspects of your personality and waking life. A card reading based on these sets can tell you a lot about what the future is going to be like. The energy or vibe surrounding you has a lot to do with how the tarot card reading turns out.

Therefore, a tarot online reading is best carried out by gifted individuals who have the ability to read your aura. Not only can they recognize the bad energy surrounding you, but they can also help you understand what you can do to remove any negativity from your life.

To place your trust in reliable tarot card readers, here is a list of our top favorites. These top favorites are the best in the business when it comes to psychic services.

Tarot Card Reading Services: Here are our Top 5 Picks!

Here is a little sneak peek about each of our top tarot reading service platforms to help you decide which one is worth your time and money!


  • Super affordable
  • Great for free love tarot reading
  • Perfect for married people or people in relationships
  • A 3-minute free bonus for all people who join Kasamba for the first time

Psychic Source

  • Great for newbies
  • One-stop destination for tarot card readings
  • Get 3 free minutes for your tarot readings
  • 75% flat rate discount for newcomers

California Psychics

  • Best for first time users
  • Low rate of $1/minute
  • Use code ADD5 for five free minutes for your services


  • Incredible pocket-friendly rates
  • Professional tarot card readers from all around the world
  • Extensive range of psychic services including tarot card reading
  • Super-saver deals: 10 minutes for $1.99 only


  • Affordable low rates
  • 5 free minutes with psychics of your choice
  • Several expert tarot card readers to choose from!

Kasamba – Top Destination For Romantic Life Problems!


When it comes to marriages and relationships, there is no doubt that people face a lot of problems on a daily basis. Having emotional and communication issues in relationships is incredibly normal no matter what age you are at. Even if you have been married for more than five years, there is still a chance of a major issue occurring in your relationship. To help you get through these issues, experts at Kasamba are here to help you out.

The goal of tarot card reading experts at Kasamba is to guide you through your rough patches when it comes to love and relationships. Even though they can help you with several matters including financial, family, job, or any other person life matter, their experts specialize in love and relationships.

With an easy-to-use website and affordable rates, you can use Kasamba as a platform to solve your relationship issues. It is very important to have trust and discipline in a relationship which is exactly what these experts will guide you towards. If you do not trust your partner, there is a very low chance of your relationship prospering in the future. Therefore, it is a smart choice to reach out to psychic experts so that they can help you out of any rough relationships or marriages.

There are cases in which you can still work on a relationship and make it better for you and your partner. However, there are some instances where leaving is the smarter choice. If you are stuck between these decisions, then psychic expert at Kasamba can help you through them.

We understand that making such a decision can be hard, especially when a loved one is involved. Through reading your aura, energy, and whatever the tarot cards hold for you, tarot card reading experts at Kasamba will help you out no matter what the issue is.

We also understand how opening up about your relationship and marriage issues in front of a stranger can be difficult. You can think of tarot card reading as therapy, but in a spiritual realm.

Most people do not give importance to working on their relationship and their marriages; hence, they suffer long term. For the benefit of your partner, and your future kids, it is important for you to bring forth your issues so that your relationship or marriage does not suffer.

Everybody likes being in love, but not everybody likes to work for it. Keeping a stable relationship requires a lot of effort and communication. Let our experts help you through it all!

Here is a little something a regular client has to say about Kasamba: “ I am so grateful for this service. I really made me believe that there is love still out there for me. I didn’t think it would be possible. Thanks to the experts on this awesome website, I am starting fresh in my dating life. Hoping for the best!”

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Psychic Source – Go-to Destination For Highly Personalized Tarot Readings


Tarot card readings gave been part of our media since many years. Not only are they a form of popular psychic readings but are also incredibly accurate and reliable.

For those of you who are starting out with tarot card readings, Psychic Source is a great destination to try out. Here you can explore a platform filled with international clients and readers who are ready to provide you with insightful guidance. The clarity can help you choose the right path and make better choices.

It is important for you to understand that there are millions of possibilities that can play out for you in the future. Hence, it is absolutely normal to be a bit anxious about what the future can bring. Choosing psychic services can guide you towards a path that can provide you with the best options possible.

Tarot cards, on the other hand, can reveal several aspects of your waking life. The major and minor arcanas hold special symbols for different life factors such as money, love, death, success, etc. The cards fated to fall into your personalized reading can outline future certainties and hint at what life may look like in the near or distant future.

Here is what a repeated client has to say, “ I didn’t believe in tarot cards before I joined this platform. I’m glad that I did .” This is why this platform is so great for people who haven’t tried out these particular services before. The professional attitude along with strict quality control policies make the user experience incredibly satisfying no matter what your personal issue is.

Psychic Source is known to house hundreds of international tarot card readers for the utmost satisfaction of their clients. If you want a highly personalized session and have never been to a psychic reader before then Psychic Source is definitely one of our top recommendations.

Another great feature about this platform is that clients can use a fascinating automated tool that helps them narrow down their psychic choices. After answering a few simple questions, this automatic genius tool can connect you with three psychics that match your answers the most. It makes everything super easy!

Another one of their clients shed some light on their personal experience, “ I knew I wanted a reading, but I didn’t know what I had to do. There were so many psychics available that I didn’t understand how to pick one. But with there interactive tool, I was able to meet the psychic that worked perfectly for me. I’m thankful to Psychic Source and their services for helping me through this tough journey .”

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California Psychics – Trusted Platform With Gifted Psychics


Trusting psychic reading services online for the first time can be hard and honestly, quite scary. You never know who is on the other end, and if their knowledge and advice is actually going to help you.

In this space, we completely understand your anxiety regarding this situation which is why California Psychics is the perfect platform for new users. When you are new towards seeking help and analyzing your spiritual situation, it can definitely be difficult to look for an avenue that will solve all your problems.

Tarot card readers at California Psychics can provide you with exceptionally low rates as well as valuable input that can help you through several problems that you face on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter if you are a new or an old customer, their expert individuals are always there to help you out.

Most online services do not have a good reputation which is something that we totally understand. To get a taste of these services, and if they would actually be helpful for you or not, platforms such as California Psychics offers you with discounted rates and bonus free minutes to help you out. This will help you sample their services and also save some money.

Once you get the hang of their services and understand what aligns with you, you can go ahead and opt for more in-depth services.

If you need help with a struggling romantic relationship or need clarity in how to approach a problematic situation in your life, these psychic reading services will always have your back. As a new user, you can also explore the convenience each website has to offer in terms of reader availability, range of services, as well as the different types of communication options they provide.

Rest assured, all platforms that we promote are trusted websites that are guaranteed to provide you with the highest levels of satisfaction. Protected payment methods, secure encryption, and strict hiring policies are just some of the measures these service providers take to ensure your protection, well-being, and happiness.

Let’s take a look at a heart-warming review from a new client, “ I didn’t know that I had it in me when I first started booking sessions with California Psychics. They were very respectful, private, and helpful in all their communications with me. I felt at ease while talking to them – something that I was a bit worried about when I started out. The best part is that I didn’t even have to pay much! Their free minutes and discounted rated helped me out financially. This was a huge plus on my end .”

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Keen – Accurate & Affordable Tarot Card Readers


There is no doubt in the fact that everyone wants to save money. But, at the same time, there are pestering life problems that you also want to get rid of. The experts and Keen Psychics understand both of these struggles which is why they offer valuable advice and insights at incredibly affordable rates.

Customers can enjoy up-to 10 minutes of personalized tarot card readings and find solutions to money and business problems. If you have a struggling job life or a business that needs to be saved, then Keen Psychics is the right destination for you.

Experts can help you understand everything you need to implement in your personality in order to become a more successful employee or businessman. Undoubtedly, there are days when nothing seems to be going right. You may sometimes feel that you don’t have what it takes to run a successful business or fulfil your role at your place of work. Rest assured, there are solutions for all of these problems if you know where to look.

Tarot card readers at Keen Psychics can help you believe in yourself and realize where the problem lies. It could be the negative energy that surrounds you or even something big that might be coming your way. Either way, you have to trust these expert tarot card readers to guide you to the right path.

Sometimes you have a huge chunk of money in your name, and you don’t know what to do with it. There could be many investment options but choosing the right one might seem like a hassle. Mystic experts and tarot card readers can help you make difficult choices and seek clarity in tough situations where you find yourself in a pickle.

A valuable customer highlights, “ Since I got my degree, I have tried to start several side businesses to make everything work but sadly, nothing ever worked. All I knew was that I had to do something even when nothing seemed to be working out for me. This is when Keen Psychics saved me and showed me what I had to do. Since then, I feel more motivated to work – as if some sort of weight had been lifted from my head. Thankyou Keen Psychics!

This platform is especially perfect for people who want to save some coin while testing out the waters. With bonus free minutes and such discounted rates, Keen Psychics is more than affordable for everyone. In terms of security and privacy, their platform is safe to use no matter which problems and issues you want to discuss.

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Mysticsense – 5 Minutes Free With Your Chosen Tarot Expert


Nobody wants to fail at life. But some days definitely feel like they could use an upgrade. After a certain age, it is common to feel that you don’t have the same sense of direction compared to when you were young.

When you’re just starting out, things are pretty easy. Go to school, then high school, so on and so forth. However, after college, or after a considerable amount of time, people start to lose a sense of purpose and direction.

They ask themselves, “now what?” Sometimes, this question comes after a string of failures in your job life, love life, or even both together. For someone still discovering themselves this is a very normal thought process.

What you can to identify what the future has in store for you, or which path should you be choosing next, you can book an appointment with one of Mysticsense’s expert tarot card readers. With their special clairvoyant abilities, they can give you accurate insights about what the universe will bring you in the near future.

If you are struggling with your romantic life, then a free love tarot reading can help you immensely. You can work on attracting new love into your life or solving problems in an existing relationship which may be lacking in some way. With the proper guidance and accurate readings, you can put yourself out there once again and receive love like the way you deserve.

On the other hand, if you are struggling with your job, or a lack thereof, then getting a reading may help you solve that mystery too. Bad things happen to people all the time. It’s all about how you deal with it.

If you’ve been unlucky in the job market, it’s time for you to explore why. This will help you gain clarity and bring you to the right path. From tough financial decisions to which job offer would be the most fruitful, Mysticsense experts can help you figure it out through their spiritual abilities.

A trusty client highlights his personal experience with Mysticsense, “ I was pretty devastated after getting my degree. With all the money I spent on receiving an education, I wasn’t able to get a job that would help me earn it back. I was truly struggling in finding a decent job. That’s when I decided to give tarot card reading a go. Trust me, with the insight and clarity these services have given me, I have finally begun to understand where I was going wrong!

Learn More at

We hope that our reviews help you decide which tarot reading service provider would do well to meet your personal needs. Now, let’s move on to the next Frequently Asked Questions section of our article.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Our frequently asked questions section is dedicated towards our readers who have basic questions regarding booking a tarot card reading service for themselves. We hope these answers help you get one step closer to your true destiny.

How Can I Book A Tarot Cards Online Reading For Myself?

Well, booking a tarot reading for yourself is very simple process. All you have to do is look up any one of the five mentioned tarot reading service providers and visit their website.

After landing on their homepage, you can complete a simple registration process with some basic information. Once your registration is complete, you can begin to browse through the live psychics and tarot card readers available on their platform.

Some expert tarot card readers may be inactive at the time of your searching as it all depends on the time zone you’re currently in. However, you can always choose from the hundreds of other tarot card readers available to help you find solutions to your life problems.

How Do I Choose A Tarot Reading Platform?

Each tarot readings platform highlighted above is safe for you to choose in terms of professional behavior, privacy, security, as well as reliability. So, you can make a choice based on which platform out of the five appeals to you the most.

Your appeal can be unique from other clients. You can judge these platforms based on their prices, user ratings, and even how well the whole website works for you. You’ll know if its right for you once you visit the site and scroll through.

Almost all of the platforms mentioned here are pocket-friendly and offer a wide range of psychic medium services that can help you solve all your life problems.

What Problems Can Tarot Card Readers Solve?

Tarot card readers are equipped in solving almost all problems that you face in your waking life. Here are a few examples:

  • You may be facing trouble in your marriage
  • You may not know which job to choose
  • You may need help in deciding whether you should walk away from a partner or stay and work on the relationship
  • You may need advice before making a sizable investment
  • You may not know what is holding you back from true love or success
  • You may be grieving over the loss of a loved one and need some form of comfort and guidance about what to do next
  • You may have some suspicions about people or situations around you which may require some clarity
  • You may not know which path to take next

These are just a few examples of the problems that psychic reading and tarot card reading experts can solve. Of course, your issues are unique to you. Hence, all tarot card readings are highly personalized to give you the best advice possible.

Why Are Online Tarot Card Reading Services Better?

Online tarot card reading services are much better because they are convenient, inexpensive, and can be booked from the comfort of your home. Considering the fragile situation of the global pandemic, it is a safe way for you to connect with a tarot card reader online and book your appointment.

Another great advantage of seeking out online tarot card reading services online is that you can view a wide range of services on their website without having to talk to anyone. If you are someone who does not like human interaction unless absolutely needed, then online tarot card reading services are a great option for you.

The tarot reading service providers can give accurate and reliable tarot card readings via phone, video call, live chat, and even email. You can easily choose your preferred method of communication if you do not want to have an in-person chat.

You can easily browse the websites and figure out which services align with your needs and problems. The results of the online tarot card reading will be based on your own research and choices. You will not have to depend or rely on anyone else to provide you with a reliable psychic to provide you with tarot card readings. Hence, online tarot card reading services are a great way to go.

How Can I Get Free Tarot Card Reading Services?

If you do not want to spend a ton of money in exploring online tarot card reading services, then popular platforms such as California Psychics, Psychic Source, Kasamba, Keen Psychics, and Mysticsense have different discounts and starter packages for new customers.

With most platforms, you can get free minutes to experience different services they offer on their websites. This will give you a taste of what psychic medium services are like, and if they are a good fit for you.

In most cases, if you avail your free minutes, you will also be given a discounted rate to continue your in-depth tarot card reading services. Here, tarot card readers can give you a more detailed, personalized, and accurate tarot card reading to help you find solutions to your life problems.

Other than this, if you avail your free minutes and do not enjoy the service, you can easily try another service with the same bonus free minutes without being charged extra for them.

The psychic tarot card reading service providers we promote understand how difficult it can be to trust tarot card readers online, which is why they offered discounts and free minutes to help customers understand what they want.

The Bottom Line

Tarot card reading services can help you achieve several goals and walk out of problematic situations that you might find yourself in. From love, relationships, financial issues, jobs, or family situations, tarot card reading services can help you take control of your life and move forward.

Trusting a tarot card reader online might be hard, but our professional service providers and experts can always give you the best service in the industry.

Do not hesitate in booking your appointment with an expert tarot card reader today!

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