Online Tarot Reading – Top 5 Free Online Tarot Cards Reading Platform Of 2022

Life can be difficult and comes with its ups and downs. If you struggle to get out of bed every morning and your mental health is all over the place, it will start taking a toll on you physically. The challenges and constant problems in your life will catch up with you eventually, and it’s something everyone has to deal with at some point.

People will go through breakups, get laid off from work, struggle to find purpose in their life, and be confused about which direction their career is heading in. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic was devastating for millions of people, most of whom found it hard to cope with life’s difficult realities.

Whether it was dealing with the loss of a loved one or suffering financial losses, everyone needs help to get out of difficult circumstances in their life. That’s where online platforms offering free tarot card readings come into the picture. Ever since the pandemic shut down the world, there has been a surge in searches for tarot reading online.

Tarot card reading has been practiced for centuries, and everyone has grown up seeing tarot readers in TV shows and movies or heard and read about them. The recent boom in technology has played a role in the emergence of tarot reading. Most people are still skeptical about tarot reading online, and the tarot industry has now served millions of people worldwide.

Free tarot reading online and tarot card reading online has become the top Google searches over the past couple of years. People have been turning towards online tarot readers for advice, answers, and accurate predictions regarding their love life, future, career prospects, and mental health.

Millions of people trust online tarot readings from online tarot card reading platforms. However, the process of searching for a reputable and trusted tarot reading website can be an overwhelming experience. Our team has researched and highlighted the top five platforms offering the best free tarot reading online. Read on to learn more about them.

The Top 5 Platforms Offering the Best Free Tarot Reading Online

Finding the right tarot reading online website can be a challenging task, as there are hundreds of platforms on the internet. It’s easy to get lost in the options, and there are several fraudulent or fake websites out there as well. We have reviewed the top five platforms offering the best free tarot reading online to ensure that you don’t get lost or fall victim to these scams. Let’s look at their main features in the table below:


  • Best tarot readings on love and relationships
  • Mobile app to connect with the tarot card readers on the go
  • Free tarot card reading for the first three minutes
  • New users get 70% off on their first tarot reading online

California Psychics

  • $1 per minute introductory offer for tarot readings
  • Choose your desired tarot card reading style
  • iOS and Android mobile app for tarot readings on the go
  • A diverse range of tarot card readers

Psychic Source

  • Perfect for tarot readings online on career and financials
  • 24/7 customer support on the website
  • Free tarot card readings online for the first three minutes
  • 75% discount on tarot readings online for new customers

Keen Psychics

  • The best tarot reading online service for newcomers
  • Location optimized features for connecting with tarot card readers
  • Excellent customer service
  • Five free introductory minutes to get started for a tarot reading


  • Best for love tarot readings online
  • Connect with tarot readers through video
  • Simple and easy to navigate tarot reading website
  • Filtering options to find your tarot reader online
  • New customers enjoy free tarot readings online for the first five minutes

You can also get detailed information regarding tarot readings offered by these tarot card reading platforms by clicking the embedded links to visit the website.

Our Detailed Reviews: Top 5 Sites for Online Tarot Readings

As the demand for tarot reading services soars, you must find reliable sites that can provide you with tarot reading online free. You want the best experience possible for tarot cards online, and to ensure that we have reviewed the best sites, you can choose a free tarot reading today. So, without further ado, let’s see what they are offering:

#1: Kasamba – The Number 1 Platform for Reliable Tarot Readings on Love and Relationships

If you’ve been searching for tarot readings online, Kasamba is the one platform you will come across first. They have been a part of the tarot card reading and psychic industry since 1999 and have established a stellar reputation for online tarot readings. They have provided love tarot readings by experienced psychics to over four million customers till now.

Kasamba has set the benchmark for all other online tarot reading platforms in the industry to provide excellent free tarot readings online. They are known for their highly skilled and experienced online psychics and tarot readers. You can rest assured that your tarot readings will be trustworthy and reliable on this platform for future predictions.

Users can also scan through the profiles of all tarot readers on the website and evaluate them based on their qualifications, customer reviews, years of experience, and area of expertise. Kasamba is proud to be completely transparent with sharing the portfolios of their tarot experts and has over 150 tarot card readers on the phone and 180 online tarot card readers.

Customers can choose from a wide variety of experts, which ensures 100% satisfaction with their tarot readings. There is also a section for customer reviews that contains honest and genuine feedback from first-time and regular customers. You can scan through these reviews and see Kasamba is one of the best sites for online tarot readings.

What We Love About Kasamba:

Kasamba has provided online tarot reading services to millions of customers over the past two decades, helping them overcome challenges and find new meaning in their life. They are known for their tarot reader’s expertise and providing 100% satisfaction to all clients, making them masters of free tarot readings online.

Apart from providing reliable tarot readings, Kasamba is renowned for its excellent psychic readings online. They have love psychics, spiritual healing, psychic mediums, dream analysis, angel card readings, career advice, etc. No matter your problem, you can be confident that Kasamba has online psychic services right for you.

Whether you’re facing trouble in your career, want to overcome love or relationship problems, or are struggling with your mental peace, you can find a remedy at this online platform. The tarot card readers at Kasamba have years of experience under their belt and have offered mental peace and spiritual relief to everyone looking for clarity in their future.

Kasamba also has an Android and iOS app that adds convenience to their customer’s life by allowing them to connect with tarot readers online on the go, anytime, and at any place. They have 24/7 customer support with experts who will resolve your problems and guide you every step of the way.

They also give special attention to data security and user privacy, and you can sign up with the platform knowing that you won’t need to worry about data breaches. Kasamba follows all data protection laws and ensures its customers are safe when signing up on their website. The best part is that users also enjoy complete privacy and anonymity in front of their tarot readers, making it easier to open up in their tarot readings without fear of being judged.

Special Offers at Kasamba:

All new customers at Kasamba can gain first-hand experience through free tarot readings online. You can enjoy a free 3-minute tarot card reading to get a taste of what tarot readings have in store for you. Apart from that, new customers also get a special offer to enjoy a 75% discount on their first tarot reading online.

There is also a full-refund policy at Kasamba, which ensures that customers who aren’t happy with their tarot reading online get value for money. That’s why their customer service is known for being one of the best in the industry and allows users to enjoy a memorable tarot reading online session.

Key Features for Tarot Reading at Kasamba

  • Fully trained and experienced tarot readers online
  • Complete guarantee of data protection for users
  • New customers can enjoy a 3-min free tarot card reading online
  • Secure payment options for tarot readings
  • Affordable tarot readings at $1 per minute
  • Over 5 million customer ratings and reviews
  • 100% refund policy for unhappy customers
  • Mobile application for both iOS and Android users

Connect with Experienced Tarot Readers Online for Accurate Predictions on Your Love Life and Relationships at Kasamba Today!

#2: California Psychics – The Best Online Tarot Card Reading Site for Accurate Predictions

California Psychics has been in the online psychic and tarot card reading industry since the 1990s. If you’re looking for the best online tarot card reading site that offers accurate tarot online predictions, there is no better platform out there. California Psychics takes pride in offering personalized and affordable tarot readings for people who feel stuck in their personal and professional lives and helping them envision a better future.

Whether you’re looking for career insights, general guidance in advice, love tarot readings, or spiritual healing, you will find a suitable psychic or tarot reader at California Psychics. You can browse through the hundreds of profiles for tarot readers on the platform and review their client testimonials, price rates, and professional expertise with ease.

You don’t have to worry about the authenticity of your tarot reader or psychic because they are put through a strict recruitment process. California Psychics ensures that all psychic experts and tarot readers on the platform have the necessary expertise, experience, and qualifications to justify their credentials and provide exceptional tarot readings to customers.

What We Love About California Psychics:

California Psychics has always been very particular about providing their clients with superior psychic and tarot readings online since their inception. That has helped them earn the admiration and trust of millions of people worldwide for tarot card readings online. All customers are welcomed with a hassle-free and smooth experience to try out online tarot readings easily.

They have multiple payment options, which are secure for all transactions and ensure customers can enjoy accurate predictions when trying their free tarot readings online. The website also has an advanced search filter to help users find the specific tarot reader for their problem. You can shortlist tarot readers based on their ranking, customer reviews, experience, and areas of expertise.

All tarot readers and psychics have complete information on their profiles, along with their rates per minute for tarot readings and psychic sessions. That allows customers to make an informed decision and be assured that this is a psychic platform they can rely on and trust completely. Customers also have the option to connect with their chosen tarot reader via any communication method they prefer.

Most people aren’t comfortable trying a face-to-face tarot reading with their psychic, and these individuals can connect with their tarot readers via online chat or phone calls. There is also the option to get a tarot reading via video chat, which is more personal and improves your chances of an accurate prediction.

California Psychics offers endless possibilities to their customers for tarot readings and has 24/7 customer care support to assist people. You can get guidance from their friendly support staff who will be there for you wherever and whenever you experience any problem.

Special Offers at California Psychics

California Psychics is renowned for offering its customers free tarot readings online. New and first-time users can enjoy free tarot card readings with expert tarot readers for the first three minutes of their session. That allows them to test the services of their tarot reader and decide if they want to get a full 1-hour session with them.

In addition, California Psychics is also famous for being one of the most affordable psychic reading portals online. Their introductory prices for tarot card readings start at $1 per minute, making them accessible and convenient for everyone. They have divided their pricing plan into three categories known as preferred, popular, and premium. All customers can analyze their price plan based on their budget and needs before picking one for their tarot card readings.

Key Features of Tarot Card Readings at California Psychics:

  • Get 100% accurate and reliable tarot card readings online
  • Around the clock 24/7 customer care support
  • Complete transparency to choose your psychic expert
  • Connect with tarot readers via phone, live chat, and video calls
  • Affordable 3-tier plan for tarot readings
  • New customers can enjoy a five-minute free tarot card reading
  • Incredibly low starting price at only $1 per minute for tarot readings

Get 5-Minute Free Tarot Card Readings Online from Qualified and Experienced Tarot Readers at California Psychics Today!

#3: Psychic Source – Trusted by Millions of Customers for Online Tarot Card Readings for More Than 30 Years

Psychic Source is proud to be a leader in the online psychic industry. They started offering psychic services in 1989 and have established a formidable business empire over the past three decades. They have served millions of customers with world-class love tarot readings. They are also known for other popular psychic services such as past reading, dream analysis, astrology, financial advice, future forecasts, psychic readings, etc.

If you’re looking for closure from your previous relationship or struggling with your new relationship, you can rely on expert tarot readings online at Psychic Source. Customers can make a selection from a massive portfolio of tarot readers and psychics specializing in offering accurate and reliable predictions for love and relationship problems.

The online psychics and tarot readers have helped numerous customers deal with heartbreak and heal from past relationships in complete privacy. Their tarot readers and psychics are known for their friendly nature and empathetic readings, allowing customers to be comfortable and pour their hearts out.

What We Love About Psychic Source:

Psychic Source offers customers to connect with psychic experts and tarot readers online in multiple ways. Online chat or phone calls are perfect for introverted or shy people and don’t want a face-to-face interaction. In addition, customers can also use video chat to connect with tarot readers for more personal interaction.

If you experience any problems on the website and need assistance, customer representatives are available 24/7 to resolve your issues. Psychic Source prioritizes its customer’s experience and is known for being an extremely user-friendly platform. Users can navigate through the website and choose their preferred tarot reader or online psychic within minutes.

You can scroll through various profiles and learn everything you need to know about their experience, specialty, and qualifications. There are also customer reviews that help inform your decision on choosing a tarot reader. It lets users feel confident when picking a tarot reader, as they will know what to expect from their tarot reading online free session.

Special Offers at Psychic Source:

Psychic Source offers free tarot readings online to attract new users into trying a tarot reading for the first time. All first-time customers who are trying tarot readings will get a 3-minute free tarot reading to test the services. That’s not all, as first-time users also get a 75% discount on the rest of their tarot reading session if they wish to continue. It’s a strategy that has worked excellently and helped them create a loyal customer base.

Apart from that, Psychic Source also offers customers the most affordable psychic and tarot reading services online. Customers can take advantage of tarot reading online at only $0.66 per minute, ensuring they are not losing any money and getting accurate predictions for their love and career problems.

Key Features for Tarot Readings at Psychic Source:

  • New customers get 3-minute free tarot card readings online
  • A 75% discount on your first online tarot reading
  • An extensive network of psychics and tarot readers
  • More than three decades of experience in online tarot card readings
  • Around the clock 24/7 customer care support
  • Connect with live psychics and phone psychics via video calls
  • Accurate and trustworthy tarot card readings online

Get a One-on-One Tarot Card Reading Online with Accurate and Reliable Predictions to Transform Your Life at Psychic Source Today!

#4: Keen Psychics – The Best Choice for Accurate Career and Love Tarot Readings Online

Keen Psychics has been providing psychic and tarot card reading online for more than two decades. They came onto the psychic industry scene in 1999 and have served more than forty million customers. They have made their name in the online tarot reading community by delivering authentic and excellent psychic services to millions of customers. Their reputation as one of the best tarot reading platforms is well earned due to the quality of their services.

The platform is renowned for providing accurate and reliable predictions on career and love, which is why millions of customers trust them. The future is uncertain, and no one can predict how things turn out in their life, which makes it tough to plan your life. That’s why free tarot readings online can provide you with the answers and solutions you need.

The tarot readers and psychics at Keen Psychics have 5-star ratings and reviews from millions of customers, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking for a career and love tarot readings online.

What We Love About Keen Psychics:

Keen Psychics has an astonishingly vast network of psychics and tarot readers with more than 1,700 mystic advisors to choose from. They offer career and relationship advice, but you can also use tarot readings for other issues and matters. For example, suppose you want to get accurate predictions for your romantic relationships or financial matters. In that case, there’s an expert tarot reader who can provide you with a personalized tarot reading online.

You won’t need to run around in circles trying to find solutions to your problems and find advice and guidance for a successful future. You don’t need to have any reservations about the expertise and qualifications of your tarot readers, as all psychics on the platform go through a comprehensive screening procedure before being hired.

The best candidates are chosen after their experience, skills, and knowledge is tested before being certified as an expert tarot reader on the platform. That ensures customers can be safe knowing that they are getting authentic tarot readings and will be 100% satisfied. In addition, customers also enjoy complete privacy protection and data security as Keen Psychics ensures all customer data is stored safely with no concerns about data leaks or breaches.

Special Offers at Keen Psychics:

Keen Psychics is popular in the tarot reading community for offering some of the most affordable psychic services to their customers. Their starting rates for tarot readings start at only $1.99 per minute, ensuring everyone can benefit from and afford tarot card readings online. However, this offer is only valid for the first ten minutes.

That’s more than enough time for customers to try out tarot card readings for the first time without spending a lot of money. You can experience tarot readings that are easy-on-the-pocket and decide whether you want to continue with them.

Key Features for Tarot Readings at Keen Psychics:

  • Massive portfolio of expert tarot readers online
  • More than 40 million satisfied customers
  • Around the clock customer care support
  • Tarot readings available via phone, call, and video calls
  • New customers enjoy a 3-minute free tarot reading online
  • Complete data privacy and protection
  • Affordable tarot reading services starting at $1.99 per minute
  • User-friendly website interface offering smooth experience to customers

Find Authentic Tarot Card Readers and Gain Clarity Over Your Future with Accurate and Reliable Predictions at Keen Psychics!

#5: Mysticsense – Trustworthy and Experienced Tarot Readers

Mysticsense may look like another online tarot reading platform at first glance, but it’s vastly different than other psychic websites. They have hundreds of psychic experts and tarot readers specializing in various disciplines. Apart from that, you will see hundreds of positive reviews for their expert tarot readers, which goes a long way in telling you how good they are in reality.

Their trustworthy and experienced tarot readers are highly qualified and specialize in mental readings, tarot cards, daily horoscopes, and more. Furthermore, Mysticsense hires tarot readers and psychics on its platform after putting them through a rigorous evaluation process. They don’t compromise on their quality standards and have taken measures to protect their customers from data leaks and breaches.

What We Love About Mysticsense:

The best part about Mysticsense is that they offer all the psychic services and tarot card readings you want at affordable costs. It’s a breeze to find your preferred tarot reader on the platform because you can filter through their profiles based on their ratings, price rates, expertise, and special gifts.

You can read reviews left by previous users and can examine the calendar and schedule of your chosen psychic or tarot reader in your local time zone to plan a convenient time for your psychic or tarot reading online. Apart from that, you can avail your tarot readings via video calls, online chat, or phone calls.

Special Offers at Mysticsense:

When you search for tarot readers on Mysticsense, you will be inundated with hundreds of profiles with the per-minute rates, reviews, photos, and specialties of each one. You can browse and scan the profiles based on reading style, psychic tools, status, and more. Every tarot card reader will also show their preferred mode of connection, which can be through video calls, online chat, or phone calls.

The per-minute rates for online tarot readings on the website are between $1.00 per minute to $4.00 per minute, depending on the tarot reader’s expertise. The price rates also depend on the mode of communication. For instance, tarot readings via video calls are more expensive, while online chat is affordable.

Key Features of Tarot Readings at Mysticsense:

  • Connect with tarot readers online via video calls
  • Simple website interface allowing easier navigation
  • Useful filtering options to choose your preferred tarot reader
  • New customers can enjoy five-minute free tarot readings online
  • Read informative articles and daily horoscopes on the platform
  • 100% satisfaction for tarot readings online

Enjoy Affordable Tarot Readings Online with Expert Tarot Readers to Overcome Life’s Challenges at Mysticsense Today!

FAQs: Online Tarot Reading


We understand that even though online tarot readings have become immensely popular in recent times, most people still don’t understand or trust them completely. That’s why we have rounded up the most frequently asked questions to answer all your queries related to online tarot reading and free tarot card reading services. Starting with the following:

What Should I Expect in My First Tarot Reading Online Session?

Most people are nervous and don’t know what to expect when getting tarot readings online for the first time. It’s understandable, and you may even be skeptical, but there’s nothing you should be worried about. You will start your session by introducing yourself and discussing your problems. Ask questions about your love life, career prospects, or future from the tarot reader.

They will lay out different tarot cards in front to find the correct solution for your problems. The card combinations and the spread will be deciphered by the expert and will provide insights into the future. Only tarot card reading experts understand the value and significance of tarot cards and the different combinations.

Are Free Tarot Card Readings Online Worth It?

Yes, free tarot readings online can be extremely beneficial for users who want to test these services before deciding to get a full 1-hour session with their tarot reader. You can enjoy a proper tarot reading online without paying anything out of your pocket. All the top 5 platforms we have reviewed offer free tarot card readings online to new customers to attract them and give them a preview of what to expect from tarot readings online.

How Much Does Tarot Card Reading Online Cost?

An online tarot card reading can cost you anywhere between $0.66 per minute and goes up to $30.00 per minute, depending on the plan and the tarot reader. Psychic platforms offer multiple price plans based on the quality of their services and the expertise of their psychics. An expert tarot reader that has been in the industry for a long time can charge a higher rate than others who are new to the field.

Final Word

We hope that we have answered all your concerns and cleared any misconceptions you may have had about tarot card readings online in this guide. So, the next time you try an online tarot reading website, you can try the five platforms we have reviewed above. Each psychic platform has been around in the industry for decades and has proven expertise in delivering reliable and accurate predictions.

Whether you want to try tarot card readings online for matters such as spirituality, mental health, financials, career, or love, the options we have shared above are the best choices for accurate and reliable future predictions. You can gain more control over your future and find the true meaning of life through an online tarot card reading. Good luck.

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