10 Top Phone Psychic Sites for Accurate Psychic Readings by Phone, Chat Email in 2021, The Best Over the Phone Psychics Reviewed!

A good psychic reading can be a life-changing experience. However, the trick is to find a reader that genuinely has your best interests at heart and will do their best to offer valuable guidance.

Not only that, but a valuable psychic expert should also have plenty of positive reviews, a good amount of experience, and a variety of reading methods to keep things interesting!

No more days of smoky, mysterious reading booths that you may have seen in movies. Today, we have modern times with online psychic readings that can even be done via an app or a live video chat.

With that being said, here we’ve created a list of the best psychic phone readings – that hold a good reputation and a large variety of readings for all your burning questions.

So, let’s get to it!

Best Psychic Phone Readings: First Look

Psychic Source
Psychic Oz
California Psychics
  • Accurate clairvoyant psychics
  • $1 per minute readings

1. AskNow – Best Phone Psychic Reading (1-888-815-1999)

What we liked


  • Top-rated psychics are expensive
  • Lack of bilingual online psychics

AskNow is one of the top used psychic websites for readings by phone. Operating since 2005, the site has garnered a ton of positive user reviews raving about the excellent advice they’ve received – without breaking the bank.

The platform offers various categories you can explore, including past life readings, astrology readings, and, most commonly – accurate tarot readings.


  • Psychics with credentials – All the psychics on AskNow are properly vetted to ensure they truly hold the gifts they claim. This also guarantees more accuracy during your reading.
  • Informative articles – On AskNow, you can also browse many interesting articles on a wide range of topics such as birthstones, astrology, and horoscopes – all for free!
  • Psychic spotlight – If you want the best of the best, AskNow features a psychic spotlight page where you’ll be introduced to the site’s most popular psychics. Usually, these readers have a ton of positive user ratings backing them up, as well as extensive experience.

Once you’ve chosen the psychic you like, you’ll find an informative bio on their profile, including other user ratings. Additionally, you can also check out the psychic’s expertise, such as love readings or tarot card readings and their weekly schedule.

Keep in mind that top psychics are generally more expensive due to their high rating. However, as a new user, you’ll have the first 3-5 minutes of reading done for FREE to give you a taste for the whole process.

Lastly, AskNow lets you choose between having a phone chat psychic reading, or an online chat option, as well.

2. Kasamba – Experienced Love Psychic Readings by Phone

What we liked


  • No live-video chat
  • Overwhelming website layout

Kasamba is very well known for offering a large variety of readings on its platform. It’s so extensive that you could get anything from an in-depth career analysis, aura reading, or even a psychic pet reading!

What’s more, Kasamba presents users with many price ranges, starting at $1 per minute, going all the way to $10 for more experienced psychics. So you can find a reader to fit your budget.


  • Astrology readings – On its platform, you can choose between Vedic or Chinese astrology reading to suit you. This type of flexibility is great for being mindful of everyone’s belief system.
  • Love psychics – Kasamba features a whole section just for love and relationship readings, so you can find the one that suits you most. Plus, there are a ton of psychics who specialize in that field alone.
  • Articles – The articles on Kasamba’s platform provide a lot of insight into relationships, how tarot card readings work, astrology, and much more.

Picking a psychic suitable for you is pretty easy on Kasamba. However, the downside is that the platform has an overwhelming amount of psychic readings and psychics available. Therefore, it’s a good idea to narrow it down as much as possible.

Once you’ve found a psychic, you can read a short bio on their profile in which they explain their abilities. Additionally, their areas of expertise are also displayed, including in-depth reviews from other customers.

To book a reading, simply press “request a psychic reading.” After which, you’ll enter your message and wait until the psychic responds to you to set up a suitable time and date.

You can also opt for an email reading or an online chat option.

3. Psychic Source – Top Affordable Phone Psychics

What we liked


  • Some experienced advisors are expensive
  • Options are a little overwhelming

Psychic Source has been around since 1989, and since then have gathered an impressive number of talented psychics on their platform.

Many psychics have also been with Psychic Source for a long time, giving them credibility and experience to offer accurate and insightful readings.


  • Glossary of terms – The number of readings available on the site can be overwhelming. This is why Psychic Source has curated an informative list of all the terms used on the site. Such as “what do Angel card readings mean” as well as channeling, crystals, and more.
  • “Find a Psychic” – Psychic Source offers an interactive tool called “Find a Psychic,” which allows you to find the right phone psychic reading for you by answering a few questions.
  • Top stories – Every day on the platform, you can find interesting stories informing you about astrology. This includes any upcoming retrograde and other exciting info relating to online psychic readings.

To get a psychic reading, you need to click on the reader’s profile, where you’ll find their bio, articles they have written, star rating, and areas of expertise.

On top of that, you’ll also see their schedule and the type of reading style they can offer, whether it’s live video chat, phone, or online chat.

And best of all?

All newcomers can take advantage of 3 FREE minutes on their first reading!

Keep in mind that live video chats are the most expensive form of reading you can have. Most psychics on the site have wide availability regardless of the time zone you’re in.

4. Keen – Best Tarot Card Readings by Phone

What we liked


  • No video readings
  • Master readers are expensive

Keen is a very fast-growing psychic platform that’s becoming more popular every day. The online psychic reading website offers a very convenient way to connect with psychics no matter where you are in the world.


  • Life questions – Sometimes, all we want is a bit of advice. Keen has included a section within their site called “Life Questions,” where you’re met with a list of psychics specialized in offering insightful advice about any topic you’ve in mind.
  • Satisfaction guarantee – It’s important that every reading you have on Keen is satisfactory. If for any reason, you’re unhappy with the reader or the overall experience, you’re eligible to receive the credit back into your account and try a different online psychic reading.
  • Keen Radio – If you’re a fan of podcasts, you can tune into Keen’s radio each week to enjoy listening to insightful advice about spirituality, relationships, health, and more.

The only downside to Keen is that they don’t offer live video readings.

However, Keen makes up for that with their user-friendly online chat system, which makes it easy to communicate with psychics around the world, as well as 3 FREE minutes for any first reading.

To book a reading with a Keen advisor, you go on their profile and pick either the “chat now” or “call now” option. You’ll also be able to see the reader’s availability on their page.

5. Oranum – Top Live Psychic Readings Online

What we liked


  • Overwhelming layout
  • No user descriptions

Oranum is a popular online psychic reading website, primarily known for its live video readings. However, the platform is also one of the top online psychic reading sites that offer an impressive 10-minute free psychic reading for its new members.


  • Top 100 – Oranum offers a “Top 100” section on the site, a page dedicated to their top and most popular psychics. You can rest assured that a psychic reading from one of these psychics will be very insightful and in-depth.
  • Anonymity – Live video chat readings don’t mean you have to show your face too. You can keep your face or even voice anonymous and simply use the chat function to communicate with online psychics.
  • Pet psychics – For those of you who want to understand your pet’s energies or if you’re trying to connect with a pet that has passed away, pet psychics can help with that.

Once you’ve chosen your reading, simply pick a psychic that appeals the most to you. On their page, you’ll be met with a free live video chat where you can join a public chat room and then request a private reading if you like the reader.

While initially, Oranum appears difficult to navigate, once you get the hang of it – you’ll be able to find your psychic in no time!

A psychic reader’s profile includes a short bio describing their area of expertise, plus each reader comes with their own star rating.

6. Mysticsense – Best For A Phone Astrology Reading

  • FREE 5 minute astrology reading
  • Thoroughly vetted psychics
  • Plenty of valuable articles & media
  • In-depth daily horoscopes to follow
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Mysticsense prides itself on offering psychic readings that are tailored to your needs. All of the psychics on Mystisense undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure they are the real deal and the reading you’ll receive is accurate and valuable.

What’s also great about this platform is that it offers various ways to receive your reading, with astrology being a popular choice right now!

An astrology reading can offer insight into various areas of your life and how the past has a powerful influence on your present and future. It’s all related to your unique birth chart, which can be created using your date, time, and exact location of your birth.

And best of all?

Once you sign up, you can get a FREE 5-minute astrology reading today!

The only downside is that while phone readings are available on the site, they are not as common as our top picks. Most readers on Mysticsense favor chat and email readings instead.

7. Lifereader – Best Phone Psychic Reading Site For Newbies

If you’re new in the whole psychic reading sphere – you might like Lifereader. The platform features an easy-to-use, simplistic layout that will appeal to most visitors. You’ll straight away be presented with highly experienced and screened online psychics ready to take your call!

Lifereader also features a ton of useful content to browse through while deciding on your reading. You can check out the “Weekend Love Forecasts” to see what the stars have planned for you or read up on your monthly or daily horoscope.

If you want more, you can even browse through articles offering breakup advice, soulmate readings, and much more!

While most online psychics on Lifereader offer phone call readings, if you’re not particularly chatty that day, you’ll be glad to know that plenty of readers have a chat option handy as well.

However, keep in mind that Lifereader doesn’t offer a live video reading option on its site.

Lastly, if you’re having a hard time settling on a reading – know that you’ll get 4 FREE minutes for your session, as well as 50% off!

8. Psychic OZ – Offers A 100% Money-back Guarantee

  • First 3 minutes FREE
  • Reliable satisfaction guarantee
  • Staff Picks & Customer Favorites section
  • Excellent filtering tool

While we only recommend sites that have a good reputation and gifted psychics – on the off chance you’re not happy with your reading, there should be a way you can get compensated.

Luckily, Psychic Oz offers a 100% money-back guarantee in case something goes wrong, and we’re here for it!

On top of that, if you really want to make sure you get a great reader, Psychic Oz features a “Customers Favorites Psychics” section where you can browse through popular psychics to find the best reader for you.

You can also browse through the different psychic tools section as well if you have a style of reading that you prefer.

This can be tarot, oracle cards, runes, and much more! In addition, of course, Psychic Oz offers tons of skilled online psychics who provide in-depth phone readings, as well as chat or email sessions.

The minor downside is that the site doesn’t hold as many reviews as our top picks – but that may change in the future!

9. California Psychics – Best Dream Analysis Readings

We all dream of odd things, and sometimes we don’t pay attention to it – but where if there was some meaning to it all?

Phone psychic advisors at California Psychics are gifted in the art of dream analysis. Your dreams hold powerful knowledge that can offer a deeper understanding of your current spiritual and mental state.

Apart from dream analysis, you can choose from a huge variety of other readings on the platform.

These include phone tarot readings, astrology, Angel cards, and so much more!

On top of that, California Psychics is hugely popular for its phone readings, and most if not all psychic advisors are available by phone.

On the downside, unlike our other picks, California Psychics doesn’t offer minutes for a free psychic reading. However, they do have a $1 per minute introductory offer.

10. PathForward – Best Clairvoyant Phone Readings

  • $1 per minute readings
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Excellent filtering tool to find the right phone psychic for you

Clairvoyants are gifted individuals who have the ability to perceive future events before they even occur.

Receiving a phone reading from a clairvoyant can be an enlightening process that is beneficial in many ways. You can ask clairvoyant deep questions about your career, love, family, and much more!

The minor con is that there aren’t a huge number of psychics featured on their site, so sometimes you may find limited availability.

Still, PathForward features highly accurate psychic readings and even psychic healers who are here to help with anything that is troubling you.

Psychic Phone Readings: FAQ

Can You Get Free Psychic Reading Over the Phone?

Luckily, there are ways in which you can enjoy a free psychic reading online. There are platforms such as Spiritual Arts, where psychics in training offer free phone or zoom readings for clients.

Bear in mind that because these are inexperienced psychics, the readings may not be as accurate as with a more credible reader.

Other platforms like Oranum offer generous 10-minute free psychic reading, which is often enough for a single question you may have. Whereas platforms like Psychic Source and AskNow offer a 3-minutes free introductory rate to get you started with your first session.

Overall, while the best psychic websites often have generous introductory rates – completely free readings are hard to come by.

Most experienced psychic readers on these sites are highly skilled and therefore put their rates accordingly.

Are Psychic Readings by Phone Genuine?

Phone chat psychics are the same as video call or online chat psychics – in the sense that it doesn’t matter where the reading takes place. The emphasis should be placed instead on the psychic’s credibility.

Psychic mediums who are authentic will be able to pick up on your energy even over the phone and provide you with the answers you seek.

What Are the Different Types of Phone Readings?

There are many types of readings by phone you can have. Let’s go over some of them!

Palm readings – To carry out a palm reading over the phone, you’ll need to send a high-quality image of your palm to the reader. This can reveal deep knowledge about your future, health, career, and more.

Fortune telling – Most psychics are experienced in fortune telling. These professionals will pick up on your aura and energy to reveal some interesting information about your future.

Tarot cards – An online tarot card reading can offer accurate love and other spiritual advice using different tarot card spreads. All you need to do is simply ask your questions and leave the rest to the cards.

Astrology – You can also enjoy a psychic reading by phone using your astrological birth chart. A talented psychic who is experienced with fortune-telling and is well-versed in astrology can offer a ton of profound insight into almost any aspect of your life.

How Much Do Phone Psychics Charge per Minute?

Usually, psychic reading websites feature readers with a wide range of rates available. Some online psychics charge $1 per minute, while others go up as high as $15 – depending on their expertise.

It isn’t easy to put a specific price tag on the rate since it hugely depends on the psychic’s level of experience and popularity in the field.

However, you should always stick to your budget and try out all the introductory offers and rates. Such as Keen’s 3-free minutes.

When Should You Call a Psychic Hotline for Guidance?

Psychic readings are available to us whenever we need them.

However, it’s best to avoid online psychic readings when you’re feeling very emotional or depressed, as that could affect the overall reading.

Plus, there may be a chance you don’t get the answers you’re looking for.

It’s best to book a reading with a clear mind and have a set of questions that you’ve thought over ready to go.

What Should You Know Before Calling a Psychic Phone Number?

The first thing you should do is thoroughly research the psychic hotline you wish to ring. If you found the website online, check out other user reviews and any other information you can find.

Additionally, it’s important to find out as much as possible about the psychic as well. Make sure they have credible experience by going through their profile and other reviews.

Before opting for a psychic reading, it’s a good idea to outline the questions you wish to ask. This is especially useful if you don’t want to go over a certain length of time, i.e., 30 minutes. Therefore writing down what you wish to ask the reader prior can help you get the answers you seek quicker.

How Can a Psychic Phone Reading Benefit Me?

There are numerous ways in which psychic readings may benefit you. Some of these include:

  • Offer clarity – whether you’re feeling nervous about a new job offer or a move, a psychic reading can offer valuable insight into the issues you’re facing.
  • Offer closure – Maybe you recently lost someone or broke up with your significant other. Psychic readings are there for us to offer closure and to help us understand that life moves on. Some psychic mediums may even have some messages from lost loved ones, which can be very comforting.
  • Find your life’s purpose – If you’re struggling to figure out what to do with your life, psychic reading platforms can help with that too. A talented online psychic can help to lead you on a path of self-discovery and uncover some things that you didn’t even realize about yourself.

How To Tell if a Phone Psychic Is a Fraud?

Some online psychic reading sites may have a few frauds, especially if their psychics aren’t properly screened.

This is why it’s essential to follow a few rules of thumb when it comes to online psychic readers. For example, if a psychic or clairvoyant claims that you’re in trouble and that their service can help, chances are they are fake.

Additionally, online psychic reading services shouldn’t advertise selling extras, such as services to lift a curse, good luck charms, and similar items.

Most importantly, it’s a good idea to take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Even the best online psychic reading can offer some information that doesn’t resonate with you, or you don’t align with. In that case, pick out what you agree with and apply that to your current life.

Psychic Phone Readings: The Takeaway

Most online psychic reading sites are a great place to connect with deeply intuitive online psychic readers and get accurate psychic readings online.

However, when it comes to looking for the best phone psychic readings, it’s important to know the type of reading you want.

Additionally, platforms like AskNow and Kasamba feature some of the best psychics, and they even offer free minutes for new users to test out their services.

And best of all, the psychic readings by phone include a satisfaction guarantee, so if you aren’t happy with your session, you can always request a refund!

We hope you found this guide helpful for your next psychic phone call, and thanks for reading.

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