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Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychic Sites For Accurate Readings In 2021

There are questions in life that cannot be answered through science or bookish knowledge. These worries do not have medicine available in any store or lab. Only by connecting to the spiritual world, the inner soul, can one get the answers to these questions. However, today’s busy life seldom allows one to get a psychic reading. With the help of reviews and ratings available at Top Psychics, people can get reliable recommendations regarding the best websites to approach for services such as love psychics, online psychics, and tarot reading.

It requires patience, diligence, and most of all, acceptance. However, not many people have these qualities. Thus, these people live with a tirade of questions of unanswered doubts in their mind. They lose their sleep, their sense of peace, and sometimes, even spoil their relations with the people around them.

Top Psychics is a free website that provides unbiased views on various online portals that claim to provide genuine psychic reading online. The reviewers at Top Psychics have personally tested the services provided by these websites and rated them according to their experience.

Here are the websites that offer a user-friendly interface and reliable readers that holds specializations in the art of psychic reading.

Best Psychics You Can Trust Online

Keen Psychic – Top Rated Psychic Love Readings

Kasamba – Editor top pick for accurate readers for all life matters

Psychic Source – Powerhouse of expert online psychics and tarot card readers

California Psychics – Professional Psychics for career & financial advice

#1. Keen Psychic – Best Website for Expert Love Readings


Keen Psychic ensures to deliver guidance and aid that can help the user long into the future. They offer an intuitive and clear-cut website that has basic features. It makes the website much easier to navigate. Thus, the clients can search for the reader that they need in a matter of a few minutes. Not only it saves time, but also it ensures that a user reaches the reader that they can form a link within the first try. Such features attract new users and solidify their trust regarding the service as well as the website.

The clients can also collect information regarding their life and future through the services of astrological reading provided at Keen Psychic. Astrological readers can draw out the life of the person, all their past, present, and future, by mapping the position of planets and stars in the sky. Various such maps can be made, one of the most important being the one that is created at the exact time of the birth of the person. The data gained from the formations, positions, and constellations of the stars on these maps can be interpreted by the reader. It is used to project essential events in life that might occur in the future. Such events include the birth of a child, marriage, and even illnesses and death.

Salient Features

  • Keen Psychics is best preferred for questions that include a crossroads or has several options.
  • It has one of the most affordable packages for a session, thus making it affordable for people who are new to the field and just want to get experience of a session without spending much money.
  • The website offers access to world-class psychics that are specially trained to conduct a session online seamlessly.
  • The users can navigate the website without any difficulty for its easy user interface and rich features.

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#2. KasambaAccurate and Credible Psychics


Psychic readings are not a trend that was followed by the hippies. It is an age-old art that has been followed and worshipped by countless civilizations and cultures of the world. It is a sacred method through which the existence of human beings on earth is understood. It is a huge concept that can be used for personal reasons as well. The divine art is brought to be accessible to the common people through websites like Kasamba.

Working for more than 20 years, Kasamba proves that diligence, honesty, and quality services can ensure name and fame in any field, even one as flicker as online psychic reading. Online sessions are always considered with doubts as the user is not connected to or is physically present in front of the reader. However, Kasamba does not let the physical distance cause any obstruction in one’s experience as they endeavor to find answers to the questions that have been burning inside their heart for ages.

Kasamba ensures that the information of the client is secured by verifying each client. The verification process eliminates the possibility of the existence of a bug or a bot in the user database of Kasamba. Thus, no computer malware can come in contact with the user’s information. Various other steps are taken to ensure that the sensitive information of the user, especially their financial details, are encrypted and hidden securely. These measures avoid any possibility of hacking the information and misuse of it.

Salient Features

  • Kasamba flaunts an experience of working in the field of online psychic reading for more than two decades.
  • It is one of the few websites that still offer readings through email to maintain the anonymity of the user.
  • The website ensures to verify the identity and qualifications of the spiritualists before adding them to their database.
  • They offer a straightforward payment method that is secure and transparent.
  • Ratings and reviews of each reader available openly on their profile so that the users can verify the specializations and working experience of the reader themselves.

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#3.Psychic SourceCustomized Expert Psychic Readings


Psychic Source is especially known for its tarot reading services. They can help the user ease their distress by signifying the path forward that holds the most benefit for the user and their loved ones. The tarot card readers are trained to provide proper guidance to the client through the readings that they obtain from the tarot cards. The card can reveal unseen details and information regarding the client’s future and help them clear the fog that has been obstructing them from taking a decision.

For first time users, online tarot reading at Psychic Source is the perfect place to start. They can dictate their issue with the reader and get instant spiritual help without much investment. The readings are ensured to be confidential and secured at both ends. The reader cannot record or access any information regarding the reading once the session is concluded. The user can contact the reader at any time of the day and book an appointment at their desired time. The readers are available in English and Spanish to make the experience more inclusive and personal.

The spiritual readers can aid the user to cast light on topics that had been confounding them for a long time. Through their advice, experience, and intuition, the readers are well-qualified to provide the user with the guidance needed to solve any mystery that has been stealing the sleep of the user. The readers can be contacted through live webcam readings, live online texting, messaging, and phone psychics.

Salient Features

  • Offers readers available for round the clock services through chat psychics, phone call, video chat, etc.
  • The website has been offering its multitudes of services for more than three decades.
  • Psychic readers that provide help during the grieving and lamenting over past mistakes.
  • It has a rich array of readers that are specialized in online tarot reading.

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#4. California Psychics – Honest & Trustworthy Psychics


People are often astonished when they realize that phenomenon like tarot reading can deliver results that are to the point, accurate, and relatable. The astonishment is because of the distrust of people towards various psychic readings. The distrust has increased in recent years because of the rise in fake service providers and bogus websites. These websites and apps do not provide any genuine experience. They work on a repeating code that provides the same results again and again that are programmed into it. These apps are based on artificial intelligence and provide mundane results at best.

Working against these impostor websites, California Psychics have been providing credible psychic reading online for around 25 years. Their services have successfully satisfied millions of people around the world and continue to quality services to people, regardless of the country they belong to or the time at which they need spiritual help. Psychics at California Psychics can help the user traverse the years in the past to explore their past and their ancestry. The questions to the most prominent questions in one’s life may have answers hidden in the past of the person.

The readers of California Psychics can also perform rare arts such as the study of blue aura with ease. Blue aura is the study and observation of one’s neck and throat. Through this study, the life expectancy, health implications, and future issues that one may face in one health can be seen clearly. Through Palmistry, one of the most popular psychic methods to understand the life of a person, one can have the lines on their palms analyzed by experts. California Psychics offer such a multitude of services at affordable rates. Even if the user is new to the world of psychics and only needs a taste of the process, the rates available for a session at California Psychics ensure that no one is left behind.

Salient Features

  • It has gained its reputation and credit by delivering impeccable services to its millions of users for more than 25 years.
  • Various rate structures to suit different people with a varying budget. One can find readers available at the rate of $1, $2, and $3 per minute.
  • Offers reading sessions throughphone psychics and online chat.
  • The credibility of the psychics is confirmed through a multi-faceted test.
  • Especially preferred for its selection of experts for career and money-based questions.

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Is a Psychic Reading Online Better Than an in-person Reading?

The current times demand social-distancing. Therefore, connecting to a psychic online is advisable. Apart from this, getting a psychic reading online has several advantages over an in-person reading. The user can explore the psychic service provider websites and look for a psychic. Users have the freedom to compare the services, look at the psychic profiles and start the reading according to their comfort. These websites are safer, as the psychics are tested and well-trained for online reading.

Certain websites also provide users the option of staying anonymous. This feature enables the users to freely convey their problems. The websites also follow strict ethics that safeguard the user’s sensitive data and consumer interests. New users also get attractive introductory offers that help them save many dollars.

In-person reading has an intimate human touch. However, online readings are much safer and effective when conducted by a skilled psychic.

What to Look for While Choosing a Psychic?

Users can find many con-men in the psychic sphere. Thus, one must choose a psychic after thorough research. Firstly, users should look at credible sites that have a bright public reputation. One can also find websites that provide unbiased reviews of psychic service websites and compare the best websites in one place. Psychic readings may get a bit expensive for some. Thus, the pricing policy and the introductory offers should also be checked.

It is mandatory to check the onboarding policy and customer policy. Choosing a site that has an active grievance resolution system is advisable. Choose a website that recruits the finest psychics after an intensive assessment. It is ideal if the users choose a website that specializes in the type of problem they have. Look what the site is best known for and the client reviews.

Once they choose the site, the users should explore the psychic list. Psychic websites showcase comprehensive psychic profiles that mention skills, experience, client reviews, and more. Users can also filter for easy search and see which psychic they connect the best with.

What to Expect Out of a Psychic Reading?

Once users add a few dollars to the account, they can opt for readings on chat or phone calls. After the user connects to the psychic, the user can immediately put forth the problem. Online psychics are well-trained in online communication. Therefore, one can expect quick and sharp responses. Certain psychics will also give a glossary of the terms they use.

Psychics use different techniques to find solutions. Thus, they may ask the user for birth and other demographic details. Some psychics establish a strong connection the moment the reading starts. Some ask problem-related questions as the reading proceeds.

Overall, the users can expect active participation of the psychic and quick responses. It is essential to note that a reading will be successful when the client is attentive and involved. The psychics practice unconditional positive regard and require the client to be honest. They respect the time and money invested. Thus, provide a fulfilling experience in a short amount of time.

Do Expensive Psychic Readings Provide More Value Than Cheaper Ones?

The value of the psychic readings depends on the website the user chooses. Websites such as Psychic Source and Keen Psychics offer the best psychics at a standard affordable rate. The websites are famous for their top-quality services at low rates. On top of it, they also provide introductory offers and season specials to their customers.

California Psychics and Kasamba, on the other hand, accommodate psychics who charge as high as $30+ per minute. The former has a tier system – popular psychics being the reasonable ones, and premium psychics being the expensive ones. However, some people find these high rates worthy as the psychics undergo tests and are genuinely gifted. These high rates ensure sophisticated knowledge and authenticity.

Lower rates do not indicate incomplete service or compromise with safety. Companies charge according to their philosophies and policies. Clients can get a fruitful experience with psychics who charge $1 per minute and with those who charge $40 per minute. The proficiency and the background of the psychics determine the quality of the reading. The sites mentioned above onboard real psychics with vast experience.

How to Select the Psychic that Connects to Your Subconscious?

In recent years, there has been a rise in con artists and people making false claims just to get away with easy money. These people fool their clients by promising the world to them. All they have in possession in the name of art is their ability to cold read the client. However, with a sharp mind and keen eye, one can spot these con artists and find the true hidden gems.

Here are some of the signs that show that the psychic that you have contacted us as true as they come and will help you towards the path of light and understanding.

What They Say

The users must notice and keep track of what the reader speaks to them. The user can ask to record the reader during the session as well for future reference. For a failed reading, the recording can work as proof as well. If the reader asks the client a lot of questions, that means that they are digging. A reader who needs to dig for information clearly cannot get any on their own using aura reading and connecting with the subconscious of the person. Such a person is making false claims regarding their abilities and does not yet understand the art of spiritual reading.

If the reader does not let the user interrupt them, speaks a lot regarding the issues and problems that the client faces, then they are trustworthy. This is because most readers get information in a flurry that they need to release in the form of a tirade to get the point across. The information they gain can come through various means, depending upon the affinity of the reader.

Curses and Spells

Most psychics cannot cast a spell or detect a curse upon a person. They simply do not hold the ability to make a person do something out of their wish. A psychic is a mere human that has the properties of a medium. They work as a bridge between the world around us, the world that we live in, and the unseen world. They cannot impose their wishes on others and cannot work out a curse or a blessing.

If the psychic that the client has contacted claims any of such sort, then it can be concluded that they are fake and cannot be trusted. If the spiritual reader claims that they can remove hexes that surround the client and ask a lot of money for such services, then the client should cut the contact and stay away from such a reader.

Heal and Comfort

A good psychic provides the client with information that is healing. It comforts the client’s soul and excites them. It is a piece of information that the client will benefit from knowing. If a psychic provides the user redundant information that they cannot relate to or find that has no implications on their life, then such a psychic is most probably faking it or cannot connect to the user’s soul whatsoever.

If a psychic scares the users intentionally by giving them information that relates to oncoming misfortune, then that person is a fake. They are trying to scare the client so that they can get more money from them. One should be aware of such people who offer weird solutions that have no logical explanations for the user’s problems.

Which Type of Spiritual Reading is the One for Your Issues?

There are multitudes of readings that the user can choose from. Each type has its own specialties that are targeted towards a set of problems. For example, most people with love problems prefer to have a tarot card reading session. People who want to know and understand the events of the past choose mediumship. Here are the prominent types of readings that the user can choose from. Most of the sites that are listed above offer experts in these kinds of readings.

Psychic Reading: Readers can perform a psychic reading through numerous forms and methods. Some may connect with a spiritual being, others work based on their own intuitions, while some act as a medium. An online psychic reading can work as a session where the user can vent all their issues and get their thoughts in order with the help of an experienced live psychics.

Animal Communication: For people who are grieving the loss of their loved ones, whether it be animal or human, are in search of closure. These people can contact the animal or person through a medium. The readers can connect to the other side of life and communicate with people and lives that have passed on. Through this process, the user can get closure and understanding that they have been searching for.

Mediumship: The readers who can connect with the other side of the world and contact the friends and family of the client who have passed on are referred to as medium. They can even form contact with guardian angels, spirits, ascended masters, and ancestors, etc., who can provide guidance to the client.

Matters and Things to Discuss with Your Psychic

The user must prepare for a psychic reading beforehand. Thorough preparation and consideration of the issue at hand can provide helpful insight into the client that can further enrich their experience. There is a certain context of questions that the client can ask the reader that can promote the reader’s comprehension and make them relate to the client deeply.

Here are some of the matters that the users can discuss with their readers and the questions that they can present in a reading session.

Love and Relationships

The hottest and most puzzling topic that the readers frequent a lot is love. Love confounds people to no end. Those who have it are unsure if it is right for them or if it will stay the same in the future. On the other hand, the people who do not yet have it want to experience it and are eager to know when.

Here is where the clients can approach the readers to ask them questions such as:

  • Can the universe guide towards true love?
  • How can one improve the current relationship?
  • How to deal with it when a person you love is not interested in you?
  • Is there anything the universe wants to tell you about your current love life and relationships?
  • How can I move on from my past relations?


Living is life is something that everyone does at every second but only a few can do it well. One can have and ask numerous questions surrounding life, its meaning, the big picture, and how one life plays a role in the threads of the world. Here are some examples of questions that the user can choose from while deciding to have a session with a spiritual reader.

  • How to gain tranquillity in life that lasts?
  • How to balance various facets of life and regain control over life?
  • Can the universe reveal the purpose of your life and how you can reach the purpose?
  • How can I recognize my talents and use them to create a better and calmer life around me?


Another one of the popular topics that readers face a lot. In this fast-paced world, everyone wants to reach the heights of success as fast as possible. They want to gain more money, profit, and name in the world with minimal effort.

On the other side of the spectrum, some people want to hold on to a job long enough so that they can feed their family and build a good life for them. All such people have thousands of questions running in their mind regarding work and career. Be it an uncaring and cruel boss or unhealthy work conditions, people can reach out to a psychic to get help and gain peace of mind. Here are some of the questions that the client can ask the reader regarding their career.

  • How can I make better relations with people at my workplace?
  • Is my current job the right choice for me?
  • How can I approach my next interview to ensure that I get selected for the job?
  • Can the universe and spirits guide me to get the promotion that I have been hoping for?

About Top Psychics

For impartial and straightforward reviews that cover all online psychics websites and apps that are currently active. They aim to ensure that the users get the most genuine and legitimate experience of free psychic reading that can help them lead a better life.

The Final Word

The internet has made psychic guidance and healing easy and accessible to everyone. However, one has to be careful so that they do not fall prey to hocus pocus. Check the critic and client reviews before paying any website. If one does not want to wander the internet, is a site to rely upon.

Kasamba, California Psychics, Psychic Source, and Keen Psychics are the final four picks of The platforms have passed all the quality evaluations and have been the preference of many for years. With their appealing offers and a collection of top-rated psychics, the sites have been on top. Their services go beyond making psychics accessible.

These sites have an active customer service system that looks after the demands of the client. Their strong business ethics ensure data safety, and they guarantee complete satisfaction. These four sites do not compromise on quality and upgrade their services regularly for a better customer experience. As nothing is entirely perfect, there are a few weaknesses that have been mentioned. However, they have worked well on the necessary and are indeed the best. undertakes this rigorous task of checking the authenticity of every psychic website there is. Their portal also familiarizes the first-time users to the psychic path. Through their informative blogs make the users aware of the tools and techniques psychics use. They strive to provide a fair and accurate review of the best psychic websites. works with the mission of offering the best advice to the readers. They help the readers find clarity in the chaos of life.

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