Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychics Sites Of 2022

It is not uncommon to seek assistance and clarity from internet psychic readers during times of doubt and dilemmas. Whether you’re worried about your love life, job, or future, the top online psychic sites can provide you with the answers you need to make the best decisions possible.

Online psychic readings can confirm what you already know or offer you an entirely new perspective you’ve never considered before. They can also help you make changes if they foresee a problem coming up.

But if you’re confused about which site will be the best to get you answers to your questions – primarily because you still hold certain inhibitions about online psychic readings – then this article is for you.

Read ahead to get a comprehensive understanding of the top psychic reading sites and be guided towards the right way forward. We will also discuss all factors you need to consider when on the hunt.

Top 5 Psychic Reading Sites

We explored some outstanding online psychic reading services to see which ones are trustworthy and accurate. However, not all services are delivered equally.

Specific online psychic sites have incredible psychic advisors that have been vetted for authenticity. On the other hand, others allow psychic readers into their network with little to no scrutiny.

These are our top three picks for the best psychic online platforms. All these platforms provide accurate psychic readings, discounted prices, and also offer free minutes – talk about value for money, eh?

Online Psychic Reading Platform Psychic Reading Features


  • Ideal for Psychic Advice on Career
  • 5 minutes FREE for the first session
  • 24/7 Online Support


  • Great chat-based readings
  • First 3 minutes are FREE
  • A broad range of prices fits every budget


  • Available over email or phone
  • 15 minutes for $10 plus 5 Minutes for free
  • In-depth psychic readings


  • Best Place for Psychic Advice on Love & Relationships
  • Free first 3 Minutes + 50% off for New Customers
  • Mobile app to connect with psychics at your fingertips

Purple Garden

  • User privacy and anonymity guaranteed
  • A mobile application for on-the-go readings for Android and iOS users
  • An impressive network of more than 3000 online psychics


AskNow is the most spectacular psychic reading site for phone readings on topics like jobs, love and relationships, and of course, money. AskNow has provided psychic readings in Spanish and English via chat and phone for as long as 2005.

All readers on AskNow have specialized areas of expertise, such as horoscope readings, numerology readings, tarot card readings, and dream interpretations. You can narrow down the best online psychics by session type (phone call or online chat), category, and rate per minute.

One of the features we love about AskNow is the extensive information offered for each psychic reader. You can get all the information about what types of readings they offer, how long they’ve been giving psychic readings, and other information about their reading style and abilities.

Thus, you can easily schedule a reading session with a psychic who is the most suitable for you.


AskNow offers an irresistible deal for new clients: $1 per minute up to 30 minutes, with an additional five free minutes with one of their master psychics. You won’t even have to use all your minutes since they are enough to last an entire year.

If your first psychic medium does not appear to be a good match, you can opt to add up to five minutes to your membership. This way, you get to try your luck again. If you want to get a psychic reading over your smartphone, AskNow should be your go-to site.


  • Online psychics with proven authenticity are available who offer correct readings through chat or phone
  • Career, love and relationships, and money-related specializations
  • The comprehensive screening process for all website’s psychics
  • Mobile applications that are accessible and available at any time and from anywhere


  • Only suitable for people who are more comfortable with phone conversations

Why You Should Go for AskNow

Many people seeking spiritual guidance have benefited from AskNow’s network of exceptionally trained readers. AskNow offers a wide choice of psychic experts, from astrologers to tarot readers, with up to thirty-five years of experience.

You even get to select from the wide range of fees the amount that is comfortable for you. AskNow boasts having a mobile application in addition to their website.


Kasamba is a well-known psychic reading website that offers astrological and tarot readings. Kasamba was established in 1999 and has served over three million consumers since then.

While video and phone readings are not accessible, online psychics can be reached through email and chat. Kasamba offers tarot card and psychic readings, dream interpretations and astrological readings, and energy healing psychic sessions.

All live psychic readers have their profiles listed on Kasamba, where you can know about their years of experience, specialties, and the types of readings they do. Reading customer reviews is beneficial.

It will help you get a lot of information from what other people have to say about them. If you’re facing difficulties picking which psychic to try, visit Kasamba’s Top Psychics section to get a list of the most highly rated psychics.


Kasamba provides new clients with a three-minute complimentary psychic consultation, followed by a whopping 50% reduction off the standard fee. The best part? You can use your three free minutes on any psychic services you receive, not just the initial one.

You can easily select the best medium for you as you get the opportunity to “test drive” new psychic specialists for free. Having over 180 different tarot card specialists, the chances of finding a good one are high.


  • Career predictions, love and relationships readings, psychic mediums, tarot sessions, and so much more
  • 100% payment-refund guarantee
  • Low prices and free minutes offered
  • 188 psychic experts


  • It is necessary to be a member if you want to use the mobile app services

Why You Should Go for Kasamba

Kasamba is regarded as one of the most affordable and low-cost love psychic websites online. On Kasamba, all psychic readers are expected to set their per minute rate within the platform’s parameters.

It’s critical to pay close attention to how much you need to pay for a psychic reading session per minute. This is because prices can range from anywhere between $1 to more than $5 for a single minute.

Kasamba also offers a one-of-a-kind introductory deal, where you can avail of a free, accurate psychic reading in the first three minutes, as well as a 50% fee reduction on all first-time readings.


You can choose from various psychic readings at MysticSense, depending on the answers you’re looking for. By going deeper into the multiple categories, you can filter by topic and expertise, top and, of course, reading style.

Love psychics, pet mediums, and finest fortune tellers are just a few of the specializations offered at Mystic Sense. Thus, if you want a skilled psychic with a wide range of abilities, this is a great place to start with!

Another technique to find the right psychic is to search by subjects like family, love and friendships, dream readings, sexualities, work-life balance, etc. These psychic readings can be a great way to get some guidance with whatever difficulties you are going through.


Do tarot, angel cards, dowsing, crystals, reiki, ruins, or other object-based readings pique your interest? If you’re looking for psychic readings that use various visuals and techniques to offer you a new perspective on life, look for those specific topics.

The ability to search for psychics based on their tone and nature sets Mystic Sense apart from other services. It is essential to choose an apt psychic who presents a reading so we can quickly process it. Why? It is because we all process information in our unique way.

Thus, you can select a psychic with an expressive, sympathetic, contemplative, straightforward, or wise tone for your reading.


  • Various ways to converse with your psychics
  • Get to choose psychics from a wide range of categories
  • The first five minutes are free of cost
  • Exceptional spiritual advice blog with constantly updated articles
  • Social media accounts that ensure you stay updated
  • Group forum available


  • No horoscopes available
  • No mobile app is available

Why You Should Go for Mystic Sense

Mystic Sense’s online readings are worth taking a look at. The main advantage is the variety of readings offered by experienced and gifted psychics. You may find what you want, right down to the instruments used during the readings and the tone of the reading.

Moreover, Mystic Sense allows you to communicate with psychics through various methods, including telephony, video, and chat. With Mystic Sense, you can get the much-desired fresh start to your life!

Things to Consider When Choosing an Online Psychic

Whenever you decide on a product or service, you need to consider many factors when choosing the service most apt for you. The same goes for psychic reading online. To make your life easier, we have given some parameters you should keep in mind:

Contact Methods

Most of our preferred psychic websites include many online psychic reading options. The top psychics can be contacted via chat, phone, or video. People have been connecting with psychics for years, long before the Internet made other means possible.

If you’d ponder about your questions or evaluate the psychic’s responses before putting forward follow-up questions, an email reading in your inbox might be ideal for you.

Although chat is a common mode of communication these days, some claim that the best psychic readings are provided via video.

A video chat is the next best thing after a face-to-face session that is possible over the Internet. It can help you and your psychic readers build a deeper connection. Yes, we agree that the finest psychics can provide a good reading whether or not they can see you.

However, your facial expressions, body language, and surroundings play a key role in the visual cues. They help the psychic to offer you better content and information during the session.

Free Minutes

This is the best place for you if you’re seeking a free psychic reading. Many exceptional psychic networks provide free psychic readings to new users for the first three minutes, followed by discounted fees.

When the free trial period ends, you have the choice to either continue reading or end the session without paying anything.

Years of Experience

Three of our top recommendations for the greatest psychic readings online have been operating for more than 20 years, and even the newest ones have been in the game for at least 10 years.

As product reviewers, we hope these online psychics have figured out what works for those looking for psychic services in such an extended period.

Types of Specialities Offered

Many psychic websites provide a variety of services. Some practitioners adhere to the fundamentals, such as horoscope readings, tarot readings, and career guidance. Others specialize in less well-known Tik Pan San Sou, Vedic astrology, and Feng Shui.

A site known as Oranum has the widest spectrum of psychic specializations, according to our research. The types of readings offered at any one time are based on which psychic readers are available and online at the time.

However, if your preferred specialist isn’t available, you can always schedule an appointment.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The majority of psychic reading websites we evaluated provide some type of satisfaction guarantee. These choices can vary from a complete refund of the session fee to a five-minute website credit.

Other online sites don’t guarantee, but they allow you to interact with possible advisors before paying. It would be best to check the guarantee policy of every website you decide to go ahead with.

Customers Reviews

Customer reviews of online psychics can give invaluable information about the type of experience to expect from a particular counselor. This is similar to reading the comments of a product reviewer that helps you decide whether or not to buy.

Client reviews help you see the psychic through the eyes of others, while the psychic’s profile and bio details help see how they promote themselves. This is the best way to understand or head up about how your reading will be like.

Advantages of Getting an Online Psychic Reading

Like so many other aspects of our lives, the Internet has made availing energy healing, love tarot reading, or any other type of reading easier than ever. Of course, visiting a local psychic for a tarot card reading might be entertaining.

However, nothing beats communicating with a psychic reader of your choice without even stepping a foot out of your home. However, convenience isn’t the only consideration. The Internet has given us access to the entire world.

You are no longer confined to just local psychics. You can connect with innumerable psychics even within the most obscure specialties. You can browse at your leisure to get the most suitable psychic reading service for your budgets and requirements.

Many people aren’t comfortable with face-to-face reading with a psychic. Being restricted can have a detrimental effect on the quality of the spiritual reading. Such individuals usually prefer to have the wall created by a screen or telephone. It encourages them to be more honest and open.

If this is an issue with you, too, we would suggest you go for psychic reading online to express yourself freely. Finally, one of the best reasons to recommend online psychics is the satisfaction guarantee.

Unfortunately, you can’t get a refund when you go for an in-person reading. But you can always claim your money back with online psychic predictions if you are not satisfied. If not money, you can get credit for another reading at least. Something is better than nothing, after all!

Are the Psychics Near Me Authentic?

Life is unpredictable. It can be challenging to deal with unforeseen occurrences. You wish you could see a little further ahead and know how to play the correct cards at certain times. Although you may not see everything in minute detail, a psychic can provide you with some pointers.

Finding someone to trust is difficult because not all psychics are genuine. Scamming is simple, and most people only realize it after being robbed of a lot of money because of these phony psychics.

On the other hand, psychics vet such specialists before allowing them to provide their services. Moreover, new consumers can also read reviews from other users. You can choose to leave at any point as you pay per minute.

You can also test out a few more chat or phone psychics before settling on one. Online psychic readings are also more convenient than seeing a local psychic. Some people cannot leave their houses, while others are uncomfortable with the prospect of being spotted attending a free psychic reading.

Convenience, comfort, and anonymity are all advantages of using online portals. In the end, there are simply many more options available on the Internet. There may be only a few local psychics in a large city, but there are hundreds on the Internet.

Once you get more options and freedom, you can truly get someone with whom your vibe matches.

Psychic Mediums

Most people think of tarot cards, Ouija boards, or crystal balls when they hear the word “medium.”. However, there is more to mediums than what we see in our movies. Here’s all that you need to know about psychic mediums and clairvoyants, as well as what they claim to be able to perform.

Can Bridge the Gap Between the Living and Dead

Kellee White, a registered psychotherapist, defines a medium as “someone who can speak with souls on the other side”. Mediums, contrary to popular belief, do not communicate with the dead.

She iterates that contrary to popular belief, “There is no such thing as death… There is only a transition from the physical being to the spiritual being… and mediums are sensitive and intuitive enough to hear, feel, and see information coming from the other side”.

Interaction Between Mediums and Otherworldly Spirits

Mediums claim to be able to arrange “conversations” with the dead in a variety of methods.

“Some choose to suffer possession, acting as a vessel for those spirits needing a human form to interact with this world,” says ChosenEyes, an Austin-based psychic and tarot card reader.

“Many mediums are also empathic, and thus are presumably able to share the experiences of those on both sides of the veil.” Certain mediums, such as ChosenEyes, “interact with spirits as clearly as they do with those on this physical plane. Many of us are perpetually dancing between realms,” she concludes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we have covered almost everything about best psychic reading, let us get to some of the most commonly asked questions.

1) How Can I Get the Most Out of a Psychic Reading Experience?

It pays to be prepared for a session with a psychic medium, as it does for many other things in life. Not only will having your questions ready beforehand to aid you to use your time with your psychic properly, but it will also help you focus your energies.

But don’t become too tied to a specific goal; it’s preferable to allow the fortune teller to handle the flow and speed of the talk. They have their method of functioning, and you should respect that to obtain the finest reading possible.

Try not to ask simplistic yes/no questions. It will help if you ask open-ended inquiries allowing the psychic to convey their insights and avoid conversational dead ends.

2) Which One Is Better – Phone Readings or Chat Readings?

So, you’ve chosen a tarot card reader who appears to be a good match for you, and now you’re ready to connect. You can be confused between the two most usual ways to contact an online psychic reader: phone or chat.

For decades, people have used the telephone to get psychic readings. It’s convenient, everywhere, and well-suited to a wide range of readings and tools. Some people hate the idea of face-to-face conversations and are also stressed by having to type quickly in chat.

For them, talking to phone psychics is a fantastic compromise. It can even feel like you’re having a conversation with a friend. Online communication, on the other hand, has its benefits. It’s difficult to remember everything spoken during a phone reading, especially if it’s a long one.

You can get the entire session’s transcript when you opt for a chat psychic. You can go back to it whenever you want. Moreover, the chat is silent, which can count as another advantage.

If phone sessions are tough for you because of a loud environment or privacy concerns, you should choose a chat psychic. It presents the perfect solution.

3) What Should I Avoid While Getting an Online Psychic Reading?

Be it a session with a psychic medium or a tarot reading session, psychic readings are essential conversations. Again, we recommend you not ask many ‘yes or no’ questions as these questions accelerate the discussion to a dead end.

Another tip we’d like to give is to try not to control the psychic reading too tightly. If you do so, it can interfere with the entire psychic process. This can result in an unsatisfactory experience for both the client and the reader. Let the psychic reader drive the conversation flow, and this will help you gain many valuable insights.

4) Do Psychic Sites Offer Free Readings?

Well, you are in luck. A lot of psychic websites provide free trial readings. Here, the initial three minutes are free, whereas the remaining call is paid, albeit usually at a discounted per-minute rate.

Other sites offer free minutes as a part of an introductory package or allow you to converse with a psychic before committing. It is even possible to get a complete reading without paying a penny.

However, the catch will be that such psychic readings are usually software generated and not customized to your specific situation. You can even look for free mobile apps that offer automated answers to your queries.

Here, you don’t get the chance to communicate with a real medium, but these free readings are entertaining. And who knows, sometimes you might even get helpful advice!

Wrapping Up

That is all about it for psychic reading sites and how to find one that is suitable for you. Psychic readings can give your spiritual guidance when you need it the most.

Sometimes in the face of difficulties, a bit of guidance can go miles. In today’s ‘Google’ world, it is straightforward to find good, authentic psychics with the help of some excellent psychic reading sites.

These sites always authenticate their readers. You can even get certain benefits when you sign up with these sites. This article talked about some of the best online psychic sites: Kasamba, AskNow, and Mystic Sense.

We even discussed their pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision. Moreover, we have given a list of parameters that you need to consider when getting a psychic for yourself. These guidelines will aid you in getting a psychic who is apt for you.

We hope this article helps you get what you were looking for! The spiritual and the psychic world are full of many potentials. All the best for your spiritual and psychic journey!

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