Best Seed Banks To Buy Marijuana Seeds For Sale [US Shipping]

Different states in the US have allowed the growing of marijuana seeds. As much as there might be a few limitations on how many plants you can have, most people find it a great step toward having cannabis plants in their homes. Finding the best marijuana seeds for sale is quite important for growing cannabis plants.

You can get seedbanks with USA shipping or those already in the US. Being able to receive your best cannabis seeds in 2022 is important. So, look at our list of the top seed banks that offer high-quality seeds in the US to decide about picking seed marijuana seeds.

Editor’s Choice

I Love Growing Marijuana

  • Guaranteed germination available
  • Has multiple strains to consider
  • Fast responding support team

7 Best Seed Banks to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online 2022

  1. I Love Growing Marijuana – Editor’s Choice
  2. Herbies Seeds – Best for Top Breeders
  3. Crop King Seeds – Best for Germination Guarantee
  4. Seedsman – Best for Seed Variety
  5. MSNL Seed Bank – Best for Autoflowering Strains
  6. Weedseedexperess – Best for Fast Shipping
  7. Ministry of Cannabis – Best Customer Support

1. I Love Growing Marijuana



  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Free shipping is available
  • 24/7 grow support


  • Ships to the U.S. only

Click here to get the best deal on ILGM

ILGM does not get the first spot in publications for having a sleek website design but rather the variety and quality of cannabis seeds available on the brand’s website; for example, it was presented in LA magazine, amNewYork. Some of the cannabis seeds in the USA from this brand include auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds, high THC strains, beginner cannabis strains, and more. Such is a nice variety for you to pick the best one for your needs.

Having a germination guarantee on the cannabis seeds means that you can rely on the brand to do a good job in delivering the best cannabis seeds that will actually grow. There is also a blog section with all the growing information. The support team can also give you tips on growing marijuana seeds. So, growing cannabis has never been this easy.

The brand also offers free shipping too. ILGM ships daily to the various U.S states that allow the growing of marijuana seeds for free. This is a nice way of saving some money on buying the seeds. There is also guaranteed delivery too. If the package is not delivered within a given timeframe, expect to get a new package sent to you.

2. Herbies Seeds



  • Offer free seeds with each purchase
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Stealth worldwide shipping


  • A few complaints on delayed shipping

Click here to get the best deal on Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds is considered a top brand in the cannabis industry because of the variety of cannabis seeds available. You will easily get high-strength strains, big yielders, high CBD, autoflowering seeds, and more. The best part is that the seed bank also partners with top breeders to give you the best seeds that would also be easy to grow.

The 24/7 customer service team will have the information you need on the breeders. You can also find enough information on how to start growing the seeds. This is vital for you to start growing the seeds with ease. Some of the common strains that buy from the seed bank include Grandmommy purple, Gorilla Glue #4, Auto Mix Pack #1, Runtz Muffin, and more.

This is also one of the brands with free seeds with each purchase. So, you can always replace the seeds that did not germinate. Worldwide shipping makes it a good choice too. Those who want a great selection of cannabis seeds from anywhere in the world should come and get them here. The multiple payment methods should make it easy to pay for your order.

3. Crop King Seeds



  • Can offer the best germination rate
  • Offers fast and safe delivery
  • 24/7 germination rate


  • Email support will often take long

Click here to get the best deal on Crop King Seeds

Cropking Seeds would be the best place to get high-quality cannabis seeds also. Here, the options include CBD seeds, regular seeds, feminized seeds, and autoflower seeds. At least you are assured of variety. Like other marijuana seed banks, the many potential cannabis seeds from the seed bank include White Widow, Dwarf Low Flyer, Trainwreck, and Revolver.

Having 24/7 chat support would mean that you get all the information you want from the brand. Even those who want more information about growing cannabis seeds would get this information. With multiple payment methods available, you should easily pay for your order. All the payment methods will be safe to keep the information confidential.

Discreet delivery is another reason for getting the seeds from this seed bank. At least you will always get the package delivered. Another reason is that you get quality germination. With an 80% germination guarantee, you will at least get most if not all the seeds germinating. That is a good sign you are dealing with a brand with top breeders too.

4. Seedsman



  • It offers multiple strains
  • Good customer support
  • Has over 20 years in the industry


  • It lacks discount offers more often

Click here to get the best deal on Seedsman

Any person would buy cannabis seeds from this online seed bank knowing that brand has the necessary experience to breed high-quality seeds. With over 20 years of experience, buyers are assured of stabilized genetics. Since the company is open about its breeders and breeding process, you can know more about the seeds before buying cannabis seeds online.

You are looking at at least 300 strains on the website. This is a good number that even those new to growing marijuana seeds will have an easy time doing it. The popular choices for cannabis seeds on the platform include Mama Thai, C99 X Blueberry, Jack Herer, and Lemonchello Haze.

Other than buying cannabis seeds, you also get additional accessories from the same brand. These accessories can be useful for growing or using your cannabis seeds. The blog section still has all the details on how to get into growing marijuana plants. This is good for those beginners in the CBD industry.




  • Free seeds with every order
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Features medical cannabis strains


  • It could use newer strains more often

Click here to get the best deal on MSNL

This can be another great cannabis seed bank to get quality cannabis seeds. The brand will have you interested in picking its seeds, thanks to the many offers available. You will like the website design layout too, as it makes it easy to find the top seeds in the market with ease. Always visit the official website for the latest offers.

Ever since it was established in 1999, the brand has stood out for its variety. Some of the seed types you can expect include feminized seeds, high yield seeds, autoflowering seeds, medical seeds, high THC seeds, and regular seeds. With over 250 strains, you are at least assured of getting the best seeds that you actually need.

You are likely to love the seed bank’s top selection. The most common strains are OG kush, Mango, Gelato, Tangerine Dream, and Silver Haze. With such options, you can at least be assured of the best outcomes. Most of the strains have an average flowering time of 8-10 weeks.

6. Weedseedexpress



  • Same-day shipping available
  • Offers delivery and germination guarantee
  • Secure and private website


  • Slow customer support response

Click here to get the best deal on Weedseedsexpress

Each time you buy quality cannabis seeds from the seed bank you are assured on the germination. The germination guarantee builds the confidence in the buyer that they are buying the right weed seeds. With over 100 strains to consider, it should not be hard to find the best strain for your needs.

You can buy weed seeds online knowing that the website is safe. Yes, the seed bank ensures there is proper encryption for you to the transactions. At least you now know that your information will remain secure. Fast shipping after purchasing the seeds also means you can start growing the cannabis seeds sooner.

This is a good seed bank for those who want high CBD seeds. Well, the other seed types include weed seeds, feminized seeds, and auto-flowering seeds. Even those who are beginners to growing cannabis can find beginner seeds too.

7. Ministry of Cannabis



  • Offers superior quality
  • Comes with fast shipping
  • Multiple strains are available


  • It could use more beginner strains

Click here to get the best deal on Ministry of Cannabis

Ministry of Cannabis stands out for its quality marijuana seeds. All the pot seeds you buy from the seed bank have grown through the vigorous quality evaluation process. Since the seed bank has over 15 years of experience, you are at least assured of the best quality at all times. The many positive reviews online will make you easily consider the seed bank.

Getting your auto-flowering cannabis seeds or any other type should not be hard. This is because you get fast shipping from the brand. With each package having a tracking number, you can always know where the package is. The seed bank also offers a guaranteed delivery policy. This means if you do not receive your package after 30 days, then the brand sends a new package to you for free.

Discreet billing and shipping from the seed bank help to maintain the confidentiality people want while buying cannabis seeds. It also has many payment methods to use so that they can suit your needs better.

Where Can I Find Cannabis Seeds For Sale?

If you are interested in growing cannabis, then finding reputable seed banks is important. Luckily for you, we have mentioned the best seed banks for buying marijuana seeds above. These are the best places for you to find and buy the best weed seeds.

A list of 7 top brands means that you can always find the right seeds. The seed banks also offer the best support so that you can always inquire more about the seeds before buying. At least you will get the necessary information on the cannabis strains and choose wisely in the end.

Another way to own marijuana plants would be by buying these best weed seeds from a local marijuana dispensary. These dispensaries would also have the auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds, and other seed types in store. Visit one and get the high-quality marijuana seeds for growing in your area.

What We Need to Need To Know Before Buying Marijuana Seeds

To end up with the best cannabis seeds means taking into consideration several things. That is why you may want to go through this buying guide first before deciding on a reputable seed bank.

Growing Marijuana Plan

Of course you should have a growing plan before buying the seeds from the best online seed banks. The online seed banks will have several options in terms of types of seeds and strains. So, ask yourself which strain can you grow and if you have the skills and resources for growing such a pot strain.

That is why a marijuana seed bank can have seeds for experienced growers, beginners, and so much more. At times you can find marijuana seeds with fewer maintenance needs. So, it depends on your skill level and the resources available to grow the seeds. If you can get one with free seeds also makes it a great deal.


Of course, you have to consider the method you have to pay for the pot seeds online. Right now, many online cannabis seed banks would have several payment methods to accommodate many potential buyers.

Some of these payment methods include credit and debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies. Getting a brand with cryptocurrency options right now such as bitcoin would be an added advantage. It is a good way of keeping the transactions private generally.

Cash on delivery might not be so common, but it may also be an option. It will also be available in select regions.

Compare different seedbanks to see who can offer a good payment method that works for you too.

Stealth Shipping

As much as marijuana seeds might be legal in your area, sometimes stealth shipping can help with guaranteed delivery. This is when your cannabis seeds package is disguised as another type of package with no words such as cannabis seeds. The best cannabis seed banks might have this option where the package can be disguised as a flashlight, DVD case, and so much more.

Stealth shipping also helps to keep the customs team from having an interest in your product. At least it minimizes the chances of having the seeds flagged unnecessarily at the customs office.

Reputable Company

What do other people say about the seed bank and its marijuana seeds? This can be one of the easiest ways of knowing more about the reputation of a company. If there are too many complaints about the support team, seeds germination rate, and other things, that is not the company for you.

The seed bank should also be able to partner with reputable breeders. This would help in ensuring the seeds being sold would be of high quality generally.

Is It Safe to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

So long as you can identify a reputable seed bank, it will be safe to buy cannabis seeds online. We always recommend that you understand the local laws on weed seeds before trying to buy marijuana seeds online. If the seeds are allowed, then it should not be a problem to buy them from seed banks online.

You can pick any best seed bank from the list mentioned above and make a purchase. Just make sure the seed bank can ship to the US for you to receive the package. You might be lucky to get free shipping too at times.

How Much Do Weed Seeds Cost

Cannabis seed banks are likely to price their weed seeds differently. However, the average you can expect when you buy cannabis seeds online would be around $40 for a packet of 10 seeds. Sometimes the price can go as high as $500 for the rare strains.

If you can shop around on different seedbanks then you might just get one with the best deals too.

The Takeaway: Which Marijuana Seeds Is Best?

You are likely to consider buying marijuana seeds online are reading the ILGM review and reviews on other seed banks above. You will mostly have the option of picking feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, regular seeds, beginner seeds, and so much more. We recommend picking seeds you can easily grow and get the best yields too. Buying from a brand with guaranteed germination would also be great so that you do not waste your money and time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which seed banks have the best genetics?

You may want to consider ILGM as one of the brands with the best genetics. At least you are assured of years of experience in breeding so that you only get seeds with the best genetics.

2. Is it illegal to buy cannabis seeds in the U.S.?

It will depend on the state you are living in. Not all states allow individuals to buy and grow marijuana seeds. Confirm with the local laws before buying the seeds.

3. Which seed banks offer worldwide shipping?

Seed banks such as Seedsman, Ministry of Cannabis, and Crop King Seeds offer worldwide shipping.

4. Can I buy cannabis seeds in any state?

No. We recommend talking to an attorney to help with buying the marijuana seeds. The attorney can guide you to see if it is possible to buy cannabis seeds.

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