Testogen Reviews – Negative Customer Complaints or No Side Effects?

Testogen is an all-natural testosterone booster that promotes testosterone production in men. It uses several vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts to combat the effects of low testosterone production.

Unfortunately for men, testosterone levels steadily begin to decline as part of the natural aging process. This causes several unwanted effects like weight gain, low libido, depression, anxiety, and muscle weakness.

While diet and exercise can play a factor to combat this somewhat, most men still need an extra boost to restore healthy testosterone levels. While steroids are an option, they come with plenty of side effects and adverse reactions, which is why natural testosterone boosters have become a popular option.

Testogen is one of the most popular testosterone boosters on the market, with a proven track record of increasing testosterone production. If you’re suffering from the effects of low testosterone levels, then Testogen may be right for you.

What is Testogen & How Does it Work?

Testogen is a popular testosterone booster specifically formulated to combat the effects of low T in men.

Low testosterone is something that many men experience due to the natural aging process. Typically speaking, testosterone levels peak in your mid-twenties and then start to decline. Once you reach the age of forty, testosterone levels steadily decrease, causing many unwanted side effects.

Besides the natural aging process, poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, and poor sleep habits can lower T production. Reversing these habits can play a role in increasing your T levels to an extent, but more often than not, testosterone boosters like Testogen are still needed.

Unlike steroids, Testogen does not contain any actual testosterone. Instead, it encourages your body to produce testosterone on its’ own naturally. Inside every capsule of Testogen is a blend of minerals, vitamins, and herbal extracts clinically studied and proven to support healthy testosterone levels for men. This helps you avoid the nasty risks associated with steroids and helps provide you with a safe, natural way to increase your T levels.


So what exactly does Testogen do?

Testogen stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone

Luteinizing hormone is naturally made in the pituitary gland. The primary hormone stimulates the Leydig cells in your testes to produce and release more testosterone. This increases both free testosterone and total testosterone levels in as little as two weeks.

Testogen decreases SHBG levels

Studies have found that 65% of testosterone includes a protein known as sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). The more SHBG in your blood, the less testosterone you have in your bloodstream. Testogen contains several ingredients that have been clinically proven to reduce SHBG levels and to reduce the amount of testosterone that binds to SHBG, effectively raising free testosterone levels.

Testogen slows down the conversion of testosterone into estrogen

As men age, more of their testosterone is converted into estrogen. This is why it is often tough to lose weight, increase strength, and build muscle as you get older. Testogen contains several ingredients that effectively slow down this process so it can retain more testosterone.

Best of all, the ingredients of Testogen have been shown to work in as little as two weeks. As soon as you can increase your free & total testosterone levels, you can start reversing the various effects of low T.

Ingredients in Testogen

There are 11 all-natural vitamins, minerals, or herbal extracts in each capsule of Testogen. These ingredients are clinically proven to support testosterone production in men and help improve your overall health and wellness.

These are clinically proven ingredients that make up Testogen:


Magnesium is an essential mineral needed for over 300 metabolic processes. It is a crucial hormone needed to create testosterone in the testes. In a single double-blind study, men with low magnesium levels increased their test levels by 26% in just a few weeks.

Vitamin D3

Higher vitamin D levels have been directly associated with higher testosterone production. Studies have found that vitamin D3 can reduce the rate of test converted into estrogen and boost free test levels (testosterone that is freely found in your bloodstream).

Vitamin K1

Vitamin K1 is essential to the strength and integrity of your skeletal system. It is also vital for the absorption of vitamin D, which is necessary for testosterone production.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is an essential mineral needed for over 100 different bodily functions. It plays a vital role in your overall health, and low vitamin B6 levels have been associated with higher estrogen levels in men, which is detrimental to male health.


Zinc plays an important role in testosterone production and is one of the building blocks for tests. It also is essential for the health of the male reproductive system, which is why it assists in keeping sperm healthy, improving libido, and overall sexual performance.


Boron is a trace mineral found in only a few fruits and vegetables. In one study, just 10mg of boron increased free testosterone levels by 28%

D-aspartic acid

D-aspartic acid is an amino acid regulator that has been shown to raise luteinizing hormone production by as much as 33% in as little as two weeks. Luteinizing hormone is directly responsible for producing testosterone.

Nettle leaf extract

Nettle leaf extract contains antioxidants that bind to SHBG. Reducing SHBG helps retain free testosterone levels and prevents the breakdown of testosterone.

Korean red ginseng

Korean red ginseng is a natural libido booster and vasodilator. It is popular in male enhancement supplements because of its’ ability to increase sexual desire and overall sexual performance.


Fenugreek is a popular testosterone-boosting herbal extract that has been clinically proven to support strength, stamina, and overall vitality in men. It also has several antioxidant compounds as well.


Piperine is a patented chemical derived from black pepper extract. It increases the bioavailability of other ingredients, meaning your body can better absorb the vital nutrients found in Testogen.


What are the Benefits of Testogen?

If you’re a man tired of suffering from low testosterone, then Testogen can help. Its’ proven ingredients can help you improve various aspects of your life, such as:

Improving strength & muscle growth

Low testosterone levels are known to impede a man’s ability to build strength and muscle. This is partly because testosterone helps secrete human growth hormone, another important hormone for building muscle mass and strength. By taking Testogen, you can improve your strength & muscle mass gains each week.

Lose stubborn fat

Lower testosterone levels slow down your metabolic function, often causing you to gain unwanted pounds of fat in your stomach, back, and thighs. Testogen helps rev up your metabolism so you can stop gaining fat. Instead, you’ll be burning it once more, which is why weight loss is so common.

Improved libido & sexual performance

Testosterone influences a man’s libido and overall sexual performance. Low test levels are directly linked to poor sex drive and sexual dysfunction. Testogen can help restore your libido and help prevent sexual dysfunction so you can perform better than ever.

Improved athletic performance

Higher testosterone levels have been linked to better stamina, endurance, and overall athletic performance. This is why Testogen is one of the preferred legal testosterone boosters amongst athletes and bodybuilders.

Is Testogen Safe? What Are the Side Effects of Testogen?

All of the ingredients found in Testogen are not only effective in boosting testosterone levels, but they’re also safe too. All eleven ingredients in Testogen have demonstrated their safety in various clinical trials.

This is why there are no known side effects of taking Testogen. Testogen is tolerated exceptionally well and has no serious risk for adverse effects. Even common side effects associated with supplements like nausea, indigestion, and headache are rare.

In addition, as previously mentioned, there are no artificial ingredients, steroids, or actual testosterone in Testogen either. Only safe vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts have been added to Testogen.

If you’re a healthy man over the age of 18, then Testogen has little to no risk of negatively impacting your health. If you are on a prescription or unsure whether it may be right for you, consult your medical doctor before trying to ensure that it is safe for you.

Is Testogen Right For You?

If you’re a man over the age of 18, then Testogen was explicitly designed to help you enhance your testosterone levels. However, you may find Testogen especially useful if:

  • You are struggling to build muscle mass or strength
  • You lack motivation, feel lethargic, or frequently feel like you don’t have the energy
  • You cannot seem to lose stubborn body fat
  • You suffer from low libido or feel like your sexual performance isn’t what it once was

If any of these scenarios apply to you, then Testogen may be the right supplement for you to reverse these effects.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Although Testogen has clinically proven ingredients, it is not a miracle supplement. Testogen will not be able to change your T levels over time miraculously.

In general, most Testogen users start to notice results after a few weeks. D-aspartic acid was able to bring noticeable changes within the first two weeks of use, which is when men begin to see changes in their libido, energy levels, and strength. However, since results vary from person to person, it may take you longer to notice changes.

The manufacturer recommends you give the product 30 days before you judge whether or not it is working for you. Chances are you will start to notice changes before then, but 30 days is when most men can detect a physical change In their body composition.

What Customers Say About Testogen

Testogen has already helped thousands of men of all ages restore their testosterone levels to regain their vitality. Take a look at what real customers have to say about their experience with Testogen:

I purchased the product due to feeling a little low on energy (2 kids), work life, and recently having a vasectomy, I felt as if my testosterone levels could do with a boost. I also wanted to get active again via strength training. I came across your product and it looked like you had many happy customers so I thought I would try it out. I have been using your product for about 7 weeks now and I honestly must say I do feel and see the changes, I definitely without a doubt feel more energetic even after a long days work, I have always been a healthy eater so this boost has definitely come from Testogen and nothing else. I have been able to train 5 days a week for 45mins per day and still find energy to cook dinners for the family. Thanks for the boost in confidence, happiness…and testosterone!” – Cale, Australia

“I have been using the product for 2 Months to boost my strength, testosterone levels and to lose body fat. After 2 weeks I started to feel much more endurance during training. Greater libido, defined body and reduced fat deposits. After the second week of using the product, my training lasted much longer than before. When I started consuming Testogen my body weight was 89.5 kilograms. Now my weight is 85 kilograms. I feel much better, my libido is higher, my strength for training is great. It is important to say that my sleep has improved.” – Pero, North Macedonia

Testogen Pricing & Guarantee

If you’re ready to try Testogen, then you can find the most affordable pricing directly from the official website. There you’ll find a variety of packages, depending on your individual needs:

Testogen Capsules are priced at the following:

  • A one month supply costs $59.99
  • Two months supply is $119.99 + one free month
  • Three months supply is $179.99 + two free months

Testogen Instant Testosterone Booster is much more affordable:

  • A one month supply costs $34.99
  • Two months costs $69.98 with a free month
  • Three months costs $104.97 with two free months

Testogen provides all customers with a 100-day money-back guarantee on all orders. If for any reason, you don’t feel like Testogen delivered results, you can contact the manufacturer and receive a full refund, minus a small fee for shipping and administrative costs. To contact the company by phone or email at:

  • USA Phone- +1 (844) 886-1634
  • UK Phone- +44 0808 164 9933
  • Email- support@testogen.com
  • Company Address- MuscleClub Limited Digital House, Clarendon Park Nottingham, NG5 1AHUnited Kingdom


Testogen Final Recap

Testogen is arguably one of the most powerful testosterone boosters known to man. It contains chemically proven ingredients and has a track record of providing real, noticeable results and thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

If you are a man struggling from the effects of low testosterone levels, then you need to visit the official website of Testogen & regain your vitality today!

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