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The Best Expensive Colognes for Men

There are an overwhelming number of choices for high-end colognes that use quality ingredients and expert scent blends for a superior fragrance experience. With all the options out there, how do you know what to look for? Luckily, we’ve done the research for you to compile this list of the best expensive colognes for men. All you need to decide is which fragrance seems right for you!

Blu Atlas Eau de Parfum


The first fragrance included on this list is a complex and intriguing eau de parfum from Blu Atlas. While bright bergamot, warm patchouli, and earthy amber provide an instant hook, the real selling point for this cologne is its ingredients. 100% of the elements that make up this blend are naturally derived, with essential oils that bring on the scent power without having any harsh effects on skin. This is luxury at its purest!

Creed Millésime Imperial Fragrance


Here is yet another quality fragrance from the brand Creed. This particular formula was originally marketed to all genders, but the overwhelmingly positive response from men specifically has made it an unofficial men’s cologne.

While the zesty citrus and elegant musk notes may make you think of summer, you can wear this cologne year-round to smell fresh and romantic. Plus, the bottle doesn’t look too bad itself. So many reasons that this one has made the list of best expensive colognes for men!

Ermenegildo Zegna Essenze Roman Wood


The classic pairing with this cologne is a perfectly tailored suit, and perhaps a martini. Think James Bond at a grand ball. That’s why this is the go-to scent for when you want to dress up any outfit or occasion.

Dominate each room you walk into or exude a quiet confidence when you wear this classy fragrance. That is thanks to ingredients such as rosemary and sage which bring a crisp earthiness to the blend, the bright notes of bergamot, or warm amber and vanilla which get you noticed.

Timothy Han / Edition The Decay of the Angel Eau de Parfum


This cologne was inspired by the novel ‘The Decay of the Angel’ by Yukio Mishima, written in 1971. The novel tackles the subject of birth and rebirth, just like this cologne can make you feel like a whole new version of yourself. Pretend to be royal for a day with this scent that has been described as ‘out of this world.’

Rich ylang-ylang complements sensual jasmine, while delicate notes of rose take the edge off smokey oudh and make way for the captivating earthiness of cedarwood. This cologne provides a luxurious experience for anyone lucky enough to get a whiff of it.

Dior Bois d’Argent


Dior Bois d’Argent is one of the most complex, alluring scents on the market. What makes this fragrance so captivating is its well-maintained balance of traditionally feminine and masculine scents. This makes for an intriguing sensory experience. The manly notes of iris intertwine with softer hints of incense to create a smoky, airy cologne that is truly unique. Make sure to also try the hand soap and lotion in this scent for extra scent that will last the whole day.

Clive Christian Original Collection X Masculine


Like many others on this list, this expensive cologne is a unisex scent. Perhaps that’s because this fragrance goes beyond convention and stereotypes to a realm of excellence that is enjoyed by all.

This fragrance combines orris, cinnamon, and cardamom to get a spicy and woody scent that is strong but not overbearing. Its unique spice mix will suggest walking through exotic bazaars in far off lands–thus giving you a sexy edge of mystery for any event.

Tom Ford Soleil Brûlant


One whiff of Soleil Brûlant and you will swear you’re lying on the sandy beach of a tropical island. This effect is thanks to notes of citrus that blend with floral scents to release that unmistakable island smell.

Tom Ford, the creator, says, ”The warmth of amber and mix of florals render this fragrance original. Soleil Brûlant is addictive…”

Gucci Guilty For Men


You’ll turn to this cologne for every date night–take our word for it. Gucci Guilty evokes the ‘bad boy’ image thanks to a mix of spicy pink pepper and intensely citrus lemon layered over French lavender and neroli. It manages to be woody, spicy, and refreshing all at once, making for the ultimate romantic aroma.

Penhaligon The Inimitable William Penhaligon


This fragrance is wildly popular all over the world, so much so that it has been the choice for the royal family since it came out. An obvious must-have on our list of expensive colognes for men! This irresistible cologne starts off balanced elegantly with a dashes of bergamot and jasmine that leads into a woody cedar, vetiver, and incense. Running throughout the mist is a luxurious note of ambroxan and sandalwood.

If you are looking for a safer choice that goes well with everything and on everyone, splurge and buy yourself a bottle of this. Or you could pick it up and wear it on special occasions to give yourself that extra pop. No matter how you decide to wear this delectable scent, you will not be disappointed.

Le Labo Santal 33


Le Labo Santal 33 is yet another unisex option that is making an appearance on our list. This intriguing scent has a blend of spices, leather, and wood. It has been described as “An open fire…The soft drift of smoke…Where sensuality rises after the light has gone.” There is an intense following of this aroma due to its warm, musky, and overall addictive smell.

Yes, it is pricey, but that’s how this fragrance will have you smelling and feeling like a million bucks. The alluring bottle also is like none other; a beautiful matte fade on the bottle and a silver rams head on the top that makes the lid. It’s beautiful and draws the eye quite well.

Creed Aventus


Creed Aventus has one of the most eye-catching bottles in the cologne game. Housed within this bottle is House of Creed’s most popular scent yet. This aroma is dedicated to power, strength, success, and vision. It’s also considered a niche fragrance due to its limited distribution, unique smell, high price, interesting packaging, and expensive ingredients.

This scent is perfect for all of the gentlemen that enjoy the finer things in life. This blend has a musky oak base that is complemented by its fruity top notes that feature blackcurrant, French apples, and a burst of pineapple to wrap it all together.

Clive Christian X by Clive Christian


The packaging on this product gives an air that demands respect, and the scent inside the packaging is just as bold. There is a spicy note that gives the feeling of luxury from just one whiff. This scent starts off bold with a burst of ginger and bergamot and then when you get a second smell you will notice the seductive notes of cedarwood, vanilla, and just a splash of cinnamon.

Just like most of the other Clive Christian scents available, this fragrance is masculine with just a side of softness. This cologne is definitely worth your pretty penny.

Armani Prive Rose d’Arabie


This fragrance is a part of Armani’s Prive collection, and they have taken some inspiration from ancient Arabian and oriental perfumes. This unisex aroma is a stunning scent with notes of vanilla, patchouli, and Damascus rose. This comes together with Arab wood to form a warm exotic essence. Armani uses expensive oils that are specific to making this cologne last all day, with only a few squirts of it needed in key places. This classy scent is definitely worth the hole it will inevitably leave in your pocket after buying.

Helmut Lang Cuiron


Helmut Lang Cuiron makes its mark as a very memorable fragrance.Ripe plum elements entangle with rich bergamot, pink pepper, and ambrette, leaving you smelling musky and masculine throughout the day. This spicy cologne is one that favors men that are into more bold scents and will catch people’s attention as you walk past. Coming in at one of our lower prices, it’d be a crime to not try out this delectable scent.

Dior Ambre Nuit


Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540


This fragrance has been inspired by ancient Arabian perfumes. This cologne was created by renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, who has always found the Arabian perfumes to be quite beautiful. This unisex fragrance gives off an alluring scent by incorporating rich notes and ingredients.

2022 is the year for Arabian perfumes to find their way back into the market and you don’t want to miss out. With hints of Jasmine and Saffron mixed with Amberwood and Ambergris, this scent is sensual and charismatic. This scent should be saved for only the best and brightest occasions—you want to savor every last drop of this dashing fragrance.

Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense


This delectable scent has a diverse range of smells that will instantly pull you in. It starts with an intoxicating floral tuberose and then dives into intense cedarwood that will greet the wearer and those around them with a smokey, distinct scent. This fragrance also has a masculine appeal that will catapult Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense into the forefront of your mind once you try it. The subtle base of Oud gives it a warm, animalistic element that brings you the definition of a gentleman’s cologne.

Tom Ford Private Blend Soleil Blanc


Tom Ford strikes again with another insanely good cologne. It comes as no surprise this fragrance is one of elegance and luxury. The Private Blend Soleil Blanc contains all of Tom Ford’s usual qualities and so much more. It captures the essence of most people’s dream destinations and puts it into a bottle.

Even the bottle was inspired by plains, sun, and sand on private islands. Soleil Blanc comes in smoothly with floral notes of Bergamot and Ylang Ylang. These enchanting scents are evened out and excellently matched by a dash of Amberwood. This will quickly become a favorite for any man.

Amouage Bracken


Amouage Bracken brings some of the world’s finest and rarest ingredients and puts them into a scent with Amouage’s Bracken Men’s Eau de Parfum. Amouage’s most sold and used cologne of all time exudes luxuriousness. This scent brings together distinct notes of nutmeg, lavender, and clove. As the fragrance evolves throughout the day, it’s perfect for men who want a cologne that changes the longer they wear it.

Throughout the day, earthy tones appear with a hint of patchouli and sandalwood that really helps this cologne stand out among all of the others. Finally, it ends with some exotic cinnamon that rounds out this delicious scent and keeps you coming back to buy a second bottle.

Helmut Lang Cuiron by Helmut Lang for Men


Helmut Lang exclusively makes cologne and fragrances for men, which makes all of their products perfect for the manliest, elegant men. Cuiron by Helmut Lang invites people to reminisce on the rich, worn-in leather smell mixed with elegant fruits and spices. This is a timeless blend, always a great choice. This blend also features wood and ancient resins. These are entwined with pink peppercorn, mandarin, bergamot, and cassia oil. This aroma is one that leaves a lasting impression and the scent will stay in the mind long after it has been washed away.

Roja Dove Vetiver


Roja Dove Vetiver brings the rugged yet calming feel of the forest into the modern man’s cologne. This fragrance has a tantalizing blend of spices, citrus, and wooden smells that all together make up a delectable aroma. It begins with the fresh and cool notes of the fragrance with lemon and rose cedar and then blends into their fiery counterparts—smoky vetiver, spiced pepper, and oakmoss. This is all put together in a simple, but elegant bottle that really shows that simplicity is always the best answer.

By Kilian Flower of Immortality


This is a somewhat rare cologne that is not often found on best expensive colognes for men lists. It is usually either sold out—or quickly selling out—making it a rare find. This fragrance gives a mystic scent that exudes a fruity and floral feel. With dewy white peach blossoms and a pastel bouquet of fresh rose, freesia, and vanilla, this scent is very calming and flowing.

Kilian Flower of Immortality is known as one of the most enchanting unisex fragrances that is on the market right now. This fragrance is also on the lower-end of the high-end cologne prices, so make sure to jump on the opportunity before the opportunity is gone.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud


This alluring scent was made after the inspiration of Arabia’s Thousand and One Nights. This fragrance is filled with sensual, spicy flavors that you can fully immerse yourself in, along with some woody, addictive fragrances that, in turn, keep you begging for more.

Its rich ingredients start with Moroccan Cedarwood, Singaporean patchouli, Philippine Elemi gum, and Laos’ natural Oud. These rich and bold notes make the Maison Franci Kurkdjian Oud one of the most sought-after fragrances of 2022. This all wraps together in a sleek black bottle with an enchanting gold top that will show how classy you really are.

Valentino V by Valentino


Although Valentino has not yet been mentioned on our list, it is definitely always a worthy brand to buy your fragrances from. Valentino V is boasted about all over the world by men from all backgrounds.

The charm comes from the expert blend of mandarin, bergamot, jasmine, and pink peppercorn. These delicious notes mingle spice cumin together to entice your senses with earthy sandalwood, cedarwood, and musk. At the base is just a little bit of amber to add some warmth and a dash of vanilla in the simple and elegant clear Valentino bottle. This scent will leave you yearning for more.

37 Rue De Bellechasse


This fragrance is said to pay tribute to the simultaneously sacrilegious, but also sacred, atmosphere the world has created, where fashion and modernity have replaced religious service completely. This scent is perfect for you if you want to let in your darker side a little bit and feel more rebellious.

Elegant fragrance notes of oud, incense, and benzoin will make you smell of danger and mystery. At the base is a tinge of an iris note that calms everything down and keeps it mellow enough to handle. Bad has never been better.

Tips on Finding the Best Expensive Cologne for You

In order to find the right fragrance for you, make sure that you do your research and pick one out yourself. You may have to try a couple different kinds of scents. In the end, it will definitely be worth it to smell good and feel even better.

There are four main types of cologne, so you can start by choosing one from what scents you like. There is Floral (lighter scents like Lavender and Rose), Woodsy (Whatever you think the word “man” smells like—such as oak and cedarwood), Oriental (More deep and rich than florals like vanilla, patchouli, and cinnamon) and Fresh (This is the classic and clean scent that is a go-to if you are unsure of what you like.) Once you have decided what category you fall into, start browsing in that specific window of aromas and find the perfect fragrance for you.

When choosing fragrances, don’t let the price tag deter you either. Some of the best-smelling fragrances tend to be on the expensive side; this usually means they’re worth it. With so many cheap, low-quality fragrances out there, you can have some sense of relief knowing the higher-end, luxury fragrances are going to be worth the cost. Money isn’t everything, but it can buy you some of the nicest scents out there.

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