Top 10 Delta 8 THC Products of 2022

Delta 8 is quickly becoming one of the most popular cannabinoids on the market! Since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, legal cannabinoids have been used primarily for wellness purposes. Well, now that you can get a good buzz going with hemp-extracted recreational cannabinoids like Delta 8, people have been flocking to stock up.

Due to the booming popularity of Delta 8 products, there are a ton of new brands and products hitting the market. Some Delta 8 brands are awesome, some are just OK, and a few should be avoided at all costs. So how do you know which products are the best? That’s where we come in.

Our team of cannabis experts has been hard at work sorting through the never-ending sea of Delta 8 products to bring you the best of the best. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the 10 best Delta 8 THC products of 2022. We’ll explore their ingredients, the brand that makes them, and even give you some pointers on how to find the best fit for your personal reference.

If you’re on a hunt to find the best Delta 8 products on the market, you won’t want to miss this!

The Best Delta 8

Rainbow Sherbert Delta 8 Disposable – TRĒ House

Tropic Mango Delta 8 Gummies – TRĒ House

Lemon Jack Sativa Delta 8 Vape – TRĒ House

Wedding Cake Indica – TRĒ House

Apple Delta 8 Gummy Rings – RA Royal CBD

Strawberry Delta 8 Gummies – Koi

Heavy Duty Mixed Fruit Gummies – Work

Lemon Raspberry Delta 8 Tincture – Canna River

Tropical Passionfruit Delta 8 Tincture – Delta Extrax

Mixed Fruit Delta 8 Gummies – Exhale

Rainbow Sherbert Delta 8 Disposable by TRĒ House

At the top of our list is the Rainbow Sherbert D8 THC vape from TRĒ House. This impressive vape is loaded with powerful Delta cannabinoids that any THC enthusiast will love. We tried countless Delta products when putting together this list and the Rainbow Sherbert D8 THC vape was definitely our favorite. This has quickly become one of the most popular delta products on the market, and we see why!

This powerful vape contains a hearty serving of delta 8 combined with delta 10 and THC-O. Each type of THC provides a unique buzz and the combinations that TRE House comes up with are going to blow your mind. Delta cannabinoids are relatively new but this brand has mastered them! We assume that’s because their team is made up of leading experts from the CBD world, so these guys have plenty of experience working with cannabinoids like THC. CBD and THC are similar in many ways, so the knowledge definitely carries over.

This vape is disposable, impressively effective, and rechargeable so you get to enjoy around 800 puffs before it’s done. Pretty impressive, huh? We definitely think so!

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Tropic Mango Delta 8 Gummies by TRĒ House

One of the first things we think of when we daydream about delta products are THC gummies. More specifically, D8 gummies! If you’re a fan of powerful THC and chewy gummies, TRĒ House products can’t be beat. The Tropic Mango D8 gummies bring you a Mango flavor that’s so accurate that you’ll feel as if you’re chowing down on a tropical island somewhere. This awesome flavor profile was our favorite for those busy work-day escapes. When you need a second to regather yourself, these powerful gummies provide the chill you need at a moment’s notice.

There were a bunch of different gummies on the market and there were plenty of tasty flavors, but this one really made our mouths water. That being said, an incredible flavor profile isn’t all this product has going for it. The Tropic Mango gummies are packed with a powerful serving of D8 and contain the perfect blend of HHC and THC-O, with a dash of CBD.

If you like THC products that contain a variety of cannabinoids and get you ripped in ways you never thought possible, TRĒ House gummies are going to be your jam!

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Lemon Jack Sativa Delta 8 Vape by TRĒ House

Ok, we know, another TRĒ House product?? YES! We started making this list of delta products without any specific brands in mind, but after a ton of research and countless products, we realized that this brand makes the best products so here we are!

The Lemon Jack Delta Vape is yet another amazing delta product from TRE House. This powerful vape is packed with a variety of powerful cannabinoids but focuses primarily on getting you baked with D8. Though D8 is clearly the targeted cannabinoid in this pen, it also boasts respectable servings of both Delta 10 and THC-O. THC enthusiasts have been going nuts over this pen and one of the attributes that is frequently brought up is the combination of D8 THC and THC-O.

Many people say this combination offers a particularly trippy experience and is likely one of the main selling points. This vape is also disposable, and provides you 800+ puffs of glory! The next time you want to get baked, we highly recommend picking yourself up a Lemon Jack Delta THC Vape!

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Wedding Cake Indica Delta 8 Vape by TRĒ House

The last TRĒ House product on our list, but certainly not the least, is the Wedding Cake Delta THC Vape. This impressive disposable is fit for cannabis royalty. If you’re a fan of indica and want to enjoy the rich taste of cannabis with a sweet twist, then this is the delta vape for you. When it comes to delta THC vapes, we’ve done a ton of research and have reviewed just about every option available. These aren’t products you’re going to hear about from the media nor will they appear on the news, so we’re seriously tempted to shout it from a mountain top. We love this vape!

This delicious vape is made with the best delta THC that hemp has to offer. Not only do you get to enjoy a potent serving of hemp-extracted D8, but you also get to enjoy a powerful buzz from Delta 10 THC and THC-O. This perfectly trippy combination of cannabinoids has one the hearts of millions of marijuana enthusiasts. But, it’s not marijuana at all! TRĒ House extracts all of their delta THC from high-quality hemp. This allows them to stay FDA compliant so they can stay legal and keep you buzzing.

The next time you shop for THC, we highly recommend giving this vape a try!

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Apple D8 Gummy Rings by RA Royal CBD

Are you a huge fan of THC and tasty gummies? Then you definitely don’t want to miss the Delta THC gummy rings from Royal CBD. Royal is one of the biggest names in CBD, but they’ve recently started making recreational products alongside their awesome cannabidiol products. This brand has been in the cannabis game for years and they know exactly what they’re doing. Royal makes several different delta THC products, but these gummy rings are our favorite of them all.

Not only are these gummy rings packed with a perfectly measured 25mg dosage of D8, but they also taste amazing! There are plenty of apple-flavored THC gummies on the market, but none of them compare to these. Royal CBD has a lot of experience designing flavor profiles and in our opinion, this is one of their finest creations yet. If you’re on the hunt for some seriously delicious delta THC, you need to pick up some Royal gummies!

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Strawberry D8 Gummies by Koi

One of the things that people rave about with Koi products is their effects. Some people like to experience mild effects from delta THC and some people want to feel powerful effects. Well, if you are one of the people who like to feel powerful effects from their delta THC, Koi is an excellent option!

These Strawberry gummies are impressively potent, but that isn’t all they have going for them. They are packed with seriously high-quality D8 and offer one of the sweetest Strawberry flavors imaginable. Koi’s treatment of this flavor profile, accompanied with the intense effects of their delta THC will make you wonder where they’ve been all your life!

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Heavy Duty Mixed Fruit D8 Gummies by Work

Looking for something particularly powerful? Then the Heavy Duty Delta THC gummies from Work are going to be your new best friend! These are our #1 recommendations for anyone who loves potent products. These gummies are packed with a whopping 50mg of premium delta THC and definitely aren’t for beginners. You should only chow down on these products if you’re a certified space cadet!

We love the mixed fruit flavors and the level of chewiness we experienced with these, but the flavor isn’t what made them stand out to us. What makes these gummies unique is the impressive amount of delta THC that they contain. When you want to get super baked and have no adulting to do for the rest of the day, these gummies are an excellent choice. Just be ready for the D8 THC to take you to the moon!

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Lemon Raspberry D8 Tincture by Canna River

If you love the rich taste of cannabis combined with a fruity twist, this delta THC tincture is going to blow your mind! It doesn’t take any research to know who Canna River is. Canna River has a long-standing reputation for excellence and we’re pretty sure that this is their best product yet. This tincture oil takes a little bit longer to come on (roughly 30 min.) it provides a long-lasting buzz that our testers fell in love with.

This tasty tincture brings you the taste of sweet raspberries and tart lemons. Canna River uses real fruit flavorings for all of its tinctures and you can definitely tell. This flavor profile is so delicious that it’s hard not to sip on your tincture all day long. While this was one of our favorite profiles yet, we were also impressed with the potency of this tincture.

Canna River packs its tinctures with highly potent delta 8 THC that has been extracted from organically grown hemp. This hemp is grown with the utmost care by talented teams of experts. When it comes to growing hemp, this brand definitely knows what they’re doing!

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Tropical Passion fruit D8 Tincture by Delta Extrax

Looking for the perfect tropical escape? Look no further! Delta Extrax makes one of the finest delta THC tinctures on the planet. This baby is potent, effective, and tastes like vacation. You don’t need to research airfare or save your sick days. This is a vacation you can enjoy whether you’re sitting in the office all day or you’re hanging out with friends by the pool. Nothing says “relaxation” like the sweet taste of passion fruit and the impressive power of D8.

Though the media does seem to love them, Delta Extrax is not a famous CBD company like some of the other brands on our list. Instead, they focus solely on producing the best possible delta THC products. They use top-shelf hemp, premium extraction methods, and test all of their products for the presence of heavy metals or harsh pesticides. If you’re looking for pure, potent delta THC, you’re going to love this cannabis oil!

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Mixed Fruit D8 Gummies by Exhale

When it comes to cannabis gummies, it’s hard to match the quality of Exhale Well. This brand is committed to bringing you the best possible cannabis products at affordable prices. Exhale Well makes a whole bunch of awesome products, but these delta gummies definitely stood out. We were big fans of the fruity flavors and loved that we could still taste the cannabis. In all of our research, this gummy had the most prominent cannabis flavor.

These gummies taste fantastic, but it’s all about the effects, and these gummies had some seriously powerful effects. The Mixed Fruit delta gummies are well known for having powerful psychotropic effects and if you aren’t prepared, it can really sneak up on you! We highly recommend these gummies to any seasoned space cadet who wants to feel particularly powerful effects from high-quality D8.

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If you’re on the hunt for a truly premium THC experience,Check out the impressive collection of Delta 8 at

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