What Men Love: 7 Simple Things to Do to Make Him Notice You

It’s normal to feel attracted toward somebody. It’s normal to look at a guy and wish that he was yours. But you know what isn’t normal? To have your feelings go unnoticed.

I can imagine how that feels because I’ve been there many a time.

A quick sob story that will intrigue you

Some years back, when I was in college, there used to be this guy I had a crush on. I was so drawn to him that I sometimes dreamt about him in my sleep.

I left clues here and there, hoping he would notice. Imagine my surprise when he told me months later that he saw me as nothing more than a “GOOD FRIEND.” I was shocked.

It was then I realized my clues had been weak all along. To cut a sob story short, I didn’t get the guy.

But I made a promise to myself after that: That my advances will never go unnoticed again.

In this post, I will share a bundle of tips I’ve gathered over the years with you.

Don’t worry; these tips will help you catch the next guy you have a crush on.

7 simple things to do to make him notice you

  • Dress sexy, but don’t reveal too much

Yes, you read that correctly. You need to dress in a cute and sexy way to make a man notice you. Dressing comfortable or casual is often not enough to pull a man’s attention your way.

What men truly fancy are clothes that reveal your curves and edges. If you aren’t wearing this, it may be hard for them to notice you.

In case you didn’t know, men are used to seeing ladies dress casually around them. The moment they see someone who breaks the norm to dress sexily, their heads get turned. And they just can’t get enough of the person.

Finally, you should note that dressing sexily isn’t limited to just your dress. Your nails, hair, and cologne are all a part, too. Therefore, try to always use the best hair salon and nail salon around you at all times.

  • Maintain eye contact

Now that you’re dressed sexily, what’s the next thing? To wait and see whether he’ll walk up to you, right? Oh, you might be waiting forever.

You need to do a little bit extra to make him notice you. Yes, he gets that you’re one of the hottest in the room, but what if you belong to another? What if you’re going on a date with some other guy later? He doesn’t know, and as such, he has a lot of thoughts in his head.

To make him realize it’s he you have eyes for, you need to take the bold step of exchanging eye contact with him. But make sure you don’t do it too often. You don’t want him to feel on top of the world.

  • Always come off new often

If it’s a guy you don’t see often, you want to make sure he never keeps seeing the same version of you every time. In other words, if he sees you wearing a hairstyle today, make sure he doesn’t see you wearing the same hairstyle the next time you see him.

The idea is to give him a new impression of you – to see a different side of you he probably didn’t notice the last time.

For instance, if the last time you saw you were looking all tired and stressed, make sure you visit a massage spa before your next meeting so as to look more refreshed.

  • Call him for help

I know you’ve definitely seen this trick used in movies a million times. And guess what? It works even in real life. Guys really enjoy being called to help, especially when it’s a cute girl calling.

Asking for his help doesn’t have to be limited to workplace tasks. You can call him over the phone to ask for a good pizza delivery recommendation.

Or you could simply ask him anything that makes him think he’s smart.

Guys love it when ladies think highly of them. It makes them feel like you’ve taken the time to study and understand areas they’re great at. In return, they, too, will take a candid look at you.

  • Avoid going out in groups

It’s just logical to say that if you’re in a group, it will be hard for any guy to single you out. Unless you’re extremely OUTSTANDING!

Whether you’re at work or going out with friends, try to always get by yourself once in a while. Hanging with friends throughout a dinner night or sitting next to friends at every break period at work will make you unnoticeable for most guys.

If at all you must be in a group of ladies, try to ensure you always stand out from the crowd.

  • Smile, have fun and be alive when he’s around

Guys can’t resist a lady’s smile, especially when it’s coming from a place of fun, jokes, and excitement. Whether at the bar, workplace, religious ground, or a park, try to wear a smile and indulge in fun activities.

Even if he’s not involved with what you’re doing, you can bet he will spend the entire evening staring at you.

  • Spend time with guys

Did you know guys are way more jealous than ladies?

Well, that’s a theory that’s waiting to be proven.

In the meantime, let’s continue our discussion.

What I mean by that is every guy is naturally competitive. When a guy you’re crushing on finds you laughing, playing, and getting along with the other guys in the room, he will feel compelled to have your attention. Why? Because he will feel left out. In his mind, not getting your attention means he’s failed to match up to the standards set by the other guys in the room.

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