When Does Black Friday Starts?

Are you wondering when does Black Friday starts? Are you planning to mix with the crowd and buy the products you want at discounted prices? Or do you already have your fingers on the keys for online Black Friday shopping?

For Black Friday, numerous commercial and online shops are offering one-time discounts and special offers 24 hours a day, celebrating the start of the Christmas business. And this repeats every year. On Black Friday days, bargain-hunters will find thousands of Black Friday deals at a glance and are guaranteed not to miss any offers.

For a long time now, retailer promotions no longer only take place on Black Friday itself but are extended to a whole Black Week, a Black Weekend, or until Cyber Monday. That means you will have enough time to buy all your wish articles.

Black Friday in the USA

How is Black Friday in the USA? Black Friday has been a permanent fixture in the US for decades, drawing millions of Americans each year to gather in giant queues outside retailers’ doors early in the morning for the best bargains of the year. Black Friday traditionally takes place on the Friday after the American Thanksgiving Festival, known as Thanksgiving.

Although not an official holiday, Black Friday is somewhat of a shopping holiday as many employees use it as a bridging day between Thanksgiving (which always falls on a Thursday) and the following weekend. In some states, including California, Florida, Texas, and Washington, even state employees officially have “Day After Thanksgiving” off.

The dealers take advantage of this fact and lure customers willing to buy into their stores earlier and earlier, sometimes even at midnight. So it’s hardly surprising that Black Friday has been the busiest day of the year for American retailers for years.

On Black Friday in the USA there is a regular tumultuous fight for the best bargains. However, the situation is not different in other countries of the world. There’s been a shopping spree going on all over the world this week.

The Term Black Friday

The term Black Friday first appeared in its current meaning in the United States in the 1960s and described the traffic jams and crowds on the sidewalks that usually formed in cities on the two days following Thanksgiving. These ran like a “black crowd” through the shopping streets.

Philadelphia, the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania in the northeastern United States with a population of 1.58 million, is the cradle of Black Friday. On November 24, 1961, local retailers reduced their prices here for the first time to lure Americans to “downtown” on the bridge day between Thanksgiving and the weekend.

Another explanation assumes that the “black” Friday is a synonym for “black numbers”, which businesspeople write from this day onwards year after year. Because of the enormous sales that are made on Black Friday, many retailers bring their balance sheets from the “red numbers” into the profit zone on this day and compensate for the losses of the previous months with the sales.

Today, Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts are made in many countries of the world and almost every country in Europe and attract millions of people.

Can you really save money on Black Friday?

Can you really save money on Black Friday? Or is this just a myth? On average, the savings on Black Friday are just eight percent. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t save a lot in individual product categories.

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Some Interesting Facts About Black Friday

  • Holding out for a long time in front of a shop for a Black Friday bargain: 22 days.

Two Californian women camped 22 days before a BestBuy to be the first to pick out the best bargains. Their hope: to buy a cheap TV. “We could have started later, but then we wouldn’t be sure to get first in line,” Vicky Torres told Daily Mail. It is not known whether the two women were able to buy a cheap television.

  • Black Friday has claimed 10 lives since 2005. 105 people were injured so badly that it was worth at least a side note to newspapers.

Incidentally, many injuries stem from pepper spray attacks. Some people could not give others the best bargains and therefore use pepper spray.

  • In America alone, over 50 billion US dollars are sold every year on Black Friday.

According to Fundivo, the 60 billion mark was once scratched. However, for the past three years, Black Friday sales in the US have been declining.

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