Marriage licenses

FELLERS, Kevin Bryce and ASIDERA, Gillian Anoya

HALL, Justin Kevin and WATTERS, Kyle Reagon

PERRY, Matthew Ruud and FRANCIS GUNVILLE, Brenda Joyce

STAAB, James Bryan and RONDINA, Samantha Lynn

MURPHY, Travis Shannon and SEFAU, Tuiai Lusia

GARCIA-GARCIA, Cesar and HAYNES, Krystle Nicole

JOINER, David Martin and OGILVIE, Teresa Renay

MARTI, Stephen David and HODGES, Tayla Shay

CITO, Paul Anthony and KIMBLE, Sally Elizabeth

STALDER, Anthony Charles and KINNARD, Jessica Rachael

GLANDER, Jason Waymire and CALDWELL, Katie Joann

KHVAN, Narith and IMAEDA, Marileo

BARRETT, Scott Thomas and CARBONETTI, Jeanne Danielle

POPE, Brian Paul and HARRISON, Laura Lolita

STRACKELJAHN, Kenneth Scott and NEIDIGH, Lynn

LINDBERG, Sean Michael and McGUIRE, Megan Irene

MERBACK, Skylar Franklin and BRALEY, Jessica Louise

HEYMAN, Jeffrey Walter and PAYNE, Dana Lorraine

GUTIERREZ, Tanner Anthony and MARTENS, Kymberly Kae

SMITH, Chase Adam and DAVIS-FOY, Desiree Noel

THORPE, Derek Dewayne, Jr. and SMITH, Terri Sheree

BUBNYAK, Vitaliy and NIKOLENKO, Natalya

GRIMM, Steven Andrew and LA-RUE, Sandra Jeanienne

MILLER, Michael Henry and MANNO, Gwenn Ann

SHEETS, Douglas Cameron and ELLISON, Evelyn Ruth

KLEIN, Josey John and COOK, Charlotte Ann

ASHINHURST, Nathan Daniel and HENDERSON, Chelsey Ann

CODY, Jonathan Lynn, Jr. and NDIAYE, Yaye Diass

LAW, Brandon David and SHAW, Rachel Ellen

FALLON, max Foster and HERNANDEZ, Coral

MEDOIS, Jephte and MAYNARD, Tami Renee

SANDFORD, Dennis Ralph, Jr. and WILLIAMS, Chante Le’Twan

PURDOM, Leslie Tyrone, Jr. and DAVIS, Kiyam Zhacoiya Higginbotham

COLEMAN, Cordara Horace and HARRISON, Shawntavia Deann

DIXON, Christopher Nicholas and GARTNER, Callie Shanon

SAINE, Omar M. and SECKA, Anta

JOHNSON, Ryan Michael and WARRINGTON, Carrie Lee

HUERTA, Jorge Balderas and SCHILLING, Mellisa Ann

SNYDER, Thomas Lee and ASHLEY, Gail Jean, II

BURKE, Sean Robert and WUNDER, Alicia Marie

JUDD, Lawrence James and BALDOVINO, Maria Vides

GUTIERREZ, Juan Marquez and GUTIERREZ, Blanca Yeraldin Criollo

DEROUIN, Keith Edgar and MARSHALEK, Melissa Joy

OCHELTREE, Dennis John and FROST, Adriana Lynn

PALMER, Steven James and JENSEN, Karen Elaine

IOSIA, Ricosone Sonny and SARABIA, April Sonia

DEITERT, Joseph Adam and HENRY, Karen Angela

OROZCO ALVAREZ, Yazmany and HODGEN, Kristi Ann

PARKER, Dustin Paul and NUNEZ, Danica Renee

CAUSER, Neil Jay and TEASDALE, Tiffany Elizabeth

SHIELDS, Todd Stanton Raymond and HANEY, Amy Michelle

NEAL, Kirt James and CALLO, Anne-Marie Mariko

SKOGEN, Jeffrey David and WEESE, Desiree Jai Lynn

CHRISMAN, Dillon Michael and WILKINS, Robynn Rene

ROSEN, Steven John and BATTE’ Cherie Elise

SCHUBERT, Joseph Martin and EVANS, Sarah Danielle

BROWN, Matthew Macaulay and MONTS, Dora Baker

NGUYEN, Minh Van and TRAN, Christine Cam

NEPTUNE, Michael Christopher and PASTIAN, Heather Suzzane

LINDERMAN, Michael Dean and KNIGHT, Wanda Jean

McCOLLUM, Gary Lenard and TOM, Charlotte Ann Marie

PAUL, Noah Michael and FORD, Birttney Jo

PAHLS, Joshua Matthew Jacob and FECHT, Jaime Nicole

WALKER, Richard Lyle and RABER, April Christina

SCHOEN, Kyle Matthew and DAMON, Sarah Michelle

CATANO, Pablo and CISNEROS, Segura Monica

SUWAREH, Kitabou and WALTON, Kelly Elizabeth

COOK, James Darrin and ENGLERT, Chrissy Sue

JERONIMO, Barron Silverio and CASTILLO, Nadia Karina

KWEON, Oh Kyung and VARGAS, Maria Victoria

BADJIE, Alagi Kalifa and PILON, Rebecca Wendy

CHAMBERLAIN, Aaron Rainy and ANDERSON, Bonita Leann

CALDWELL, Nic Anthony and DAVENPORT, Tanya Marie

GEORGE, Shane Francis and LATA, Praveen

KIM, Kyungbae and CHO, Yunkyoung

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Somers: There are no current plans to move back to Phase 1

Such a decision would require a significant, sustained spike in hospitalizations and deaths, he says.

Check the tides and watch your pots as crabbing season opens

Negative tides, which make it very difficult to launch and dock, are expected this week in Everett.

Happy four-hour ferry wait on the Fourth!

With service reduced around Puget Sound due to the pandemic, it will not be the fun ferry ride of yore.

Politicians get pay raises, state workers get furloughs

A citizens panel approved the hikes in 2019. Unable to rescind them, lawmakers look to donate their extra earnings.

High court weighs legality of voter-approved car tab measure

Foes of Initiative 976 argue it violates the Constitution and should be tossed out.

Marysville woman identified after being found in car trunk

Laura Granum, 62, died of blunt-force trauma. Her son has been arrested for investigation of murder.

Multiple vehicles and life threatening injuries were involved in a Thursday afternoon crash on SR 526. (Everett Police Department)
Teenage boy dies after multiple vehicle crash on Highway 526

Austin Nguyen, of Marysville, died at a hospital Monday from blunt-force injuries.

Other fireworks shows are canceled, but not Marysville’s

Amid the pandemic, most cities and towns are getting creative with drive-by parades and decorations instead.

Everett’s Statue of Liberty welcomes weary travelers on I-5

Steve Breeden bolted the replica to his deck for year-round patriotism and quirky fun.

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