vital statistics


Arjona, Jamie, 76, Marysville, March 3

Bailey, Billy, 79, Snohomish, March 9

Baldwin, Barbara, 71, Lynnwood, March 14

Black-Bonnett, Damien, 24, unknown, March 10

Blanc, Errol, 91, Arlington, March 10

Bohnert, James, 70, Marysville, March 7

Born, Alberta, 96, Bothell, March 12

Boyce, Joann, 85, Everett, March 12

Brice, Nina, 83, Lynnwood, Feb. 13

Brooks, Ethel, 85, Everett, March 13

Carey, Dolores, 88, Marysville, March 10

Caulk, Barbara, 61, Edmonds, March 15

Chadek, Michael, 60, Everett, March 7

Clark, Jeremy, 46, Monroe, March 5

Dale, Matthew, 1 day, Snohomish, Feb. 29

Dale, Brooklyn, 1 day, Snohomish, March 1

Davis, Danna, 97, Stanwood, March 4

Delei, Cindy, 61, Everett, March 12

Dodge, Donnie, 80, Lake Stevens, March 11

Doll, Debra, 58, Mountlake Terrace, March 10

Elder, Leroy, 89, Lynnwood, March 16

English, Loraine, 85, Edmonds, March 15

Engstrom, Ruth, 89, Granite Falls, March 7

Fackrell, Tiffany, 42, Bothell, March 14

Feiting, Richard, 79, Everett, March 8

Frey, Roberta, 73, Lynnwood, March 9

Gallinger, Elizabeth, 94, Everett, March 15

Galloway, Kara, 83, Seattle, March 6

Garreis, Maria, 88, Auburn, March 12

Gastineau, Mark, 52, Camano Island, Feb. 14

Gillis, Vickie, 51, Snohomish, March 1

Glancy, Merrilee, 83, Stanwood, March 12

Goetz, Thomas, 62, Mukilteo, March 6

Good, Robin, 53, Everett, Feb. 28

Goodwin, Ricci, 68, Snohomish, March 9

Gray, Billy, 69, Granite Falls, March 12

Gregorson, Vicki 55, Marysville, March 6

Harr, Gerald, 76, Port Ludlow, March 15

Hayes, Lucille, 98, Mountlake Terrace, March 3

Henley, Jeaneanne, 74, Marysville, March 9

Hsueh, Betty, 75, Bothell, March 10

Hunt, Claude 61, Bothell, Jan. 16

Johnson, Trina, 60, Sultan, March 11

Keefe, Gail, 73, Lynnwood, March 8

Klein, Larry, 58, Stanwood, March 11

Klempel, Hilbert, 87, Everett, March 11

LaCasse, John, 74, Everett, March 6

Lang, Parker, 18, Bothell, March 11

Larsen, Larry, 78, Lynnwood, March 13

Larsen, Britt, 96, Arlington, March 12

le, Thi, 77, Everett, March 10

Le, Se Un, 42, Mukilteo, March 15

Leathart, Barry, 61, Marysville, March 14

Lee, Theodore, 77, Everett, March 7

Lee, Jack, 84, Granite Falls, March 13

Lines, Donald, 82, Mountlake Terrace, March 12

Lingenbrink, Dale, 80, Edmonds, March 13

Lund, Hildegard, 87, Lynnwood, March 8

Manuel, Isabella, 91, Lake Stevens, March 11

Marcoe Jr., George, 69, Lake Stevens, March 9

Martin Christine, 46, Everett, March 8

Mason, David, 68, Everett, March 10

Mazzuca, Cecil, 80, Edmonds, March 14

McDermott, Mark, 64, Arlington, March 12

McGuire, Jean, 86, Edmonds, March 14

McKinney, Eugene, 82, Everett, March 8

McVeigh, Thomas, 57, Mukilteo, March 12

Melding, Cindy, 57, Marysville, March 14

Mikesell, Mikayla, 26, Everett, March 11

Mueller, Rita, 93, Granite Falls, March 14

Navarro, Florentina, 82, Marysville, March 10

Orsi, Catherine, 58, Seattle, March 14

Paek, Jum Dong, 76, Lynnwood, March 11

Palmer, Laura, 45, Everett, March 9

Paris, Michael, 59, Marysville, March 6

Pfeiffer, Robert, 82, Monroe, March 13

Pfeiffer, George, 89, Edmonds, March 11

Pruett, Carolellen, 72, Everett, March 10

Racey, Lena, 99, Arlington, March 10

Robinson, Jeannette, 42, Lynnwood, March 12

Rogers, Joyce, 62, Snohomish, March 9

Salter, Aaron, 46, Everett, March 15

Sargent, Ann, 74, Everett, March 14

Showers, Viola, 74, Snohomish, March 5

Simmons, Dawna, 27, Granite Falls, March 11

Swenson, Dwayne, 91, Lynnwood, March 12

Terry Jr., George, 74, Lake Stevens, March 3

Thomas, Walter, 75, Marysville, March 11

Thomas, Marilyn, 80, Bothell, March 15

Tillett, Shirley, 69, Stanwood, March 9

VanPatten, Ronald, 84, Everett, March 16

Villacis, Joseph, 30, Everett, March 13

Waldroop, Jean, 96, Marysville, March 10

Waterbury, Douglas, 59, Bothell, March 11

Werlich, Edwin, 90, Everett, March 11

West, Beverly, 69, Marysville, March 11

Weston, Claudia, 78, Arlington, March 14

Wildanger, Fredaric, 84, Bothell, March 4

Williams, Bruce, 63, Everett, March 10

Winkowski, Marcia, 66, Lynnwood, Feb. 19

Wiseman, Guy, 55, Everett, March 1

Wolfe, Doris, 91, Lynnwood, March 13

Word, Charles, 90, Stanwood, March 4

Wright, Mary, 90, Mukilteo, March 12


Eric Reeks and Cynthia Patten Reeks

Fredis Maddux Iii and Laura Maddux

Robin Pettibon and Ronald Pettibon

Robert Lang and Christine Lang

Angelica Flamenco De Salazar and Daniel Salazar Molina

Melissa Branson and Lee Branson

Lorraine Newland and Gregg Salmon

Mackenzie Cox and Joseph Cox Iii

Faye Escobedo and Joshua Achterhof

Marci Taylor and Rory Maciaszyk

Mary Benson and Vernon Benson

Tanya Obregon-Gonzalez and Fernando Obregon-Gonzalez

Justin Miller and Danielle Miller

Robert Levine and Shannon Leifer

Christina Maddy and Shaun Maddy

Celia Durham and Bradley Durham

Paulene Rosebrook and Michael Rosebrook

Steven Wright and Joyce Wright

Nicole Slye-Guinther and Roger Guinther Iv

Zuleyma Estrella Gonzalez and Melinda Pfaff

Maria Amaya and Juan Abrego Hernandez

Kyle Admire and Nina Admire

Kelly Fevold and Steven Fevold

Steven Dashiell and Jodi Dashiell

Brandi Trujillo and Edith Ramirez Munoz

Michael Hennagir and Janette Benitez

Bethany Wilkison and Devin Wilkison

Nicole Dalton and Timothy Dalton

Mark Elsasser and Marie Elsasser

Ariana Dangelo and Daniel Dangelo

Salana Adhikari and Bickrant Shrestha

Elsada Murray and Nelton Murray

Sarah Wilson and Devon Wilson

Michelle Brown and Kit Brown

Colleen Hernandez and Jose Hernandez-Holguin

Jason Esau and Bibiana Esau

Heidi Frishak and Ibrahim Frishak

Harry Barends and Tammy Barends

Christina Stringer and James Stringer

Alexis Sherlock and Bryant Davis

Vanessa Pautov and Ivan Pautov

Justin Miller and Danielle Miller

Nicole Slye-Guinther and Roger Guinther Iv

Dolores Chavez Aleman and Jose Valencia Gonzalez

Victoria Cairns and Glenn Cairns

Kevin Evans and Laurie Evans

Jane Hiniker-Searls and Henry Searls Iii

Daren Flynn and Andrea Flynn

Marriage Licenses

Crawford, Sarh Renee and Leighton, Patrick Michael

Brennen, Shawn Michael and Carruth, Emily Anne

Gerrish, Bryan Allen and Coniglio, Daniela Carmela

Mirabueno, Jeoffrey Robillos and Castillo, Ligaya Casuyon

Scribner, Scott Patrick and Howe, Machael Ann

Watson, Renatta Saundra Lee and Harris, Jacob Morley

Davis, Gerald Louis and Wright, Janis Lorraine

Kane, Linda Marie and Bell, Patrick Franklin

Sohotha, James Alexander Singh and Asher, Marsa Lynzy

Wagner, Scott Laverne and Hasson, Leslie Ann

Koska, Kypher Paul and Kayyali, Eileen Souad

Casey, Lea Loraine and Mckenna, Damien Alexander

Holbrook, Michael Edward and Gardipe, Robin Ronald

Hernandez, Jessica Noel and Heyd, Kyle Scott

Darnell, Ashley Marie and Rose, Brandon Michael

Hapner, Carie Lee and Brooks, Robert Frederick

Sullivan, James Lee Jr and Pich, Soreya

Soule, Whitney Lauren and Hernandez, Miguel Angel

Barschaw, Gregory James and Ziegler, Ann Marie Teresa

Vazquez, Godina Maria Rebeca and Ordahl, Dustin James

Teets, Erica Elaine and Kamikawa, Casey Haruo

Brighenti, Angela Maria and Hicks, Scott Andrew

Lasalle, Danielle Marie and Block, Jonathan Charles

Ackert, Aaron Gail and Lahnala, Danielle Elaine

Eikenberry, Kevin Otto and Elias, Nina

Mcbride, Carly Alyssa and Dekock, Ben Johannes

Cook, Larsen Donovan and Walsh, Amber Rose

Rose, Peter Lue and Gagner, Margaret Elizabeth

Davenport, Marlayna Marie and Hansen, Jared Andrew

Ordiz, Marinel Isabel Piscos and Elango, Augustine Allan Roman

Chantharojwong, Raygan and Lama, Izah Mercy

Mendez, Trinidad and Gonzalez, Marcelino

Osbjornsen, Brandie Louise and Eastridge, Cody Lee

Mccarty, Adrian Tamra and Misoschnik, James Joaquine

Tsibulski, Benjamin Andrey and Dorosh, Yana Pavlovna

Armstrong, Janet Lynn and Homer, Eddy J

Gribble, Corbett Michelle and Greenbaum, Jason Alan

Cortazar,-Garcia Karina and Sherman, Jacob Allen

Lo, George Laj Lim and Htwe, Naing Mon

Angel-Vera, Eloy and Guizar, Rodriguez Angelina

Wichers, Nevan Holt and Giap, Quyen Nguyen Hoang

Sullivan, Thomas Lee and Sikiss,-Hero Kaya Maraya

Solop, Pavel Vasilyevich and Bednarvk, Svetlana Vladimirovna

Smith, Arnold Leroy and Winnem, Helen Karen

Puntachart, Thasi and Kittivijarn, Supapan

Nightingale, Nathan Joseph and Bedlington, Maureen Ellen

Navarro, Moreno Jorge A and Virrueta, Briones Maria G

Bisset, Alexandria Norman and Bowdin, Brian Daniel

Srianomai, Narongsak and Posten, Vilai

McLennan, Casey Jean and Ware, Dominique Jay

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An example of the Malicious Women Co. products (left) vs. the Malicious Mermaid's products (right). (U.S. District Court in Florida)
Judge: Cheeky candle copycat must pay Snohomish company over $800K

The owner of the Malicious Women Co. doesn’t expect to receive any money from the Malicious Mermaid, a Florida-based copycat.

A grave marker for Blaze the horse. (Photo provided)
After Darrington woman’s horse died, she didn’t know what to do

Sidney Montooth boarded her horse Blaze. When he died, she was “a wreck” — and at a loss as to what to do with his remains.

A fatal accident the afternoon of Dec. 18 near Clinton ended with one of the cars involved bursting into flames. The driver of the fully engulfed car was outside of the vehicle by the time first responders arrived at the scene. (Whidbey News-Times/Submitted photo)
Driver sentenced in 2021 crash that killed Everett couple

Danielle Cruz, formerly of Lynnwood, gets 17½ years in prison. She was impaired by drugs when she caused the crash that killed Sharon Gamble and Kenneth Weikle.

A person walks out of the Everett Clinic on Thursday, Sept. 7, 2023 in Everett, Washington. (Olivia Vanni / The Herald)
The Everett Clinic changing name to parent company Optum in 2024

The parent company says the name change will not affect quality of care for patients in Snohomish County.

Tirhas Tesfatsion (GoFundMe) 20210727
Lynnwood settles for $1.7 million after 2021 suicide at city jail

Jail staff reportedly committed 16 safety check violations before they found Tirhas Tesfatsion, 47, unresponsive in her cell.

Lynnwood man arrested, released on $25K bond after road rage shooting

Deputies arrested the suspect, 20, for investigation of first-degree assault on Tuesday.

Mt. Baker visible from the summit of Mt. Dickerman on a late summer day in 2017. (Caleb Hutton / The Herald)
Hornets pester hikers on popular Mountain Loop trails

“You cannot out run the stings,” one hiker wrote in a trip report. The Forest Service has posted alerts at two trailheads.

Emergency responders surround an ultralight airplane that crashed Friday, Sept. 22, 2023, at the Arlington Municipal Airport in Arlington, Washington, resulting in the pilot's death. (Ryan Berry / The Herald)
Pilot dead in ultralight plane crash at Arlington Municipal Airport

There were no other injuries or fatalities reported, a city spokesperson said.

Patrick Russell, left, Jill Russell and their son Jackson Russell of Lake Stevens enjoy Dick’s burgers on their way home from Seattle on Friday, Sept. 22, 2023 in Edmonds, Washington. The family said the announcement of the Dick’s location in Everett “is amazing” and they will be stopping by whenever it opens in 2025. (Olivia Vanni / The Herald)
Dick’s Drive-In announces new south Everett location

The local burger legend announced Friday it plans to open the south Everett location on Center Road in 2025.

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