Vital Statistics


Stephanie Wilbur and Jacob Wilbur

Kristi Wilson and Marnie Monet

Theresa Guzman and Ruben Guzman

Andrea Deal and Ryan Deal

Stacey Rugtvedt and Greggory Hass

Kimberly Sundstrom and Brett Sundstrom

Chelsea Outman and Andrew Outman

Susan Storm and George Storm

Christine May and Patrick May

Diana Mcintosh and Steven Mcintosh

Jennifer Law and Jay Law

Michelle Oscar and Ronald Oscar

Rokelia Brown-Daye and Robert Daye

Eric Knott and Stacey Knott

Sherri Caldwell and Corey Caldwell

Matthew Norling and Megan Norling

Deborah Porter and Jeffrey Porter

Christiana Castoriano and Marc Castoriano

Leigh Lynch and William Lynch

Clay Siegall and Mary Siegall

Gebre Nawid and Lemlem Sebhat

Adrienne Peterson-Dick and Jason Dick

April Angelos and Vasili Angelos

Joseph Fancella Iii and Angie Fancella

Ann Bradshaw and Douglas Bradshaw

Helen Joung and Sung Joung

Jennifer Myers and Ethan Todd

Nicole Moors and Thomas Evans

Leslie Gann and Donald Gann

Jacob Miller and Jennifer Miller

Vladislav Kochubey and Oksana Leonova

Andrea Coviello and Louis Abramshe

Laurie Crawford and David Brittle

Leann Weeck and Steve Weeck

David Rintala and Maureen Rintala

Ricky Dial and Gennifer Dial

Julie Ekstedt and Josep Ekstedt Iii

Lori Meyer and Kenneth Meyer

Amy Herb and Andrew Herb

Kevin Peters and Sheila Peters

Arlene May and Dane May

Connie Haning Vs Christopher Reynolds


Airis, Nancy, 87, Bothell, April 29

Anderson, John, 84, Snohomish, May 5

Ater, Steven, 65, Everett, May 3

Baker, Emily, 76, Monroe, May 3

Bartlett, Jr., Jack, 71, Langley, April 28

Batterson, Diane, 65, Everett, May 2

Bear, Tamara, 56, Lake Stevens, April 27

Beatty, Franciscus, 90, Gold Bar, May 3

Bellamy, Mary, 90, Kirkland, May 2

Belter, Orvald, 89, Marysville, May 5

Bisbee, Lucille, 69, Monroe, May 3

Born, Clarence, 91, Bothell, April 29

Bosma, Sharon, 62, Mountlake Terrace, April 29

Britt, Robert, 74, Everett, May 3

Buaer, Paul, 97, Lake Stevens, May 4

Bush, Sandra, 68, Mtlake Terrace, May 1

Carson, Ramona, 84, Snohomish, May 3

Claessen, Franciscus, 85, Everett, May 3

Cobb, Clyde, 67, Granite Falls, May 5

Collins-Beavers, Vivian, 81, Everett, April 29

Cook, Barbara, 72, Oak Harbor, April 29

Cook, Jack, 82, Mtlake Terrace, May 1

Correnti, Jo-Ellen, 59, Lynnwood, April 27

Davis, Lenore, 87, Everett, May 3

Dean, Russell, 63, Snohomish, April 29

DeGroot, Gertrude, 99, Marysville, May 1

Di Gennaro, Bruna, 97, Edmonds, April 24

Dion, Charles, 92, Lynnwood, April 28

Easton, Anthony, 53, Arlington, May 6

Edmunds, Ella, 88, Mill Creek, May 2

Evans, Freda, 90, Arlington, April 30

Fitzjarrald, Ileen, 87, Lynnwood, May 2

Fleming, Matthew, 48, Everett, April 27

Fortune, Annette, 51, Bothell, April 23

Friez, Edward, 61, Lynnwood, April 30

Goodwin, Joy, 91, Edmonds, April 30

Graham, Warren, 76, Everett, April 28

Haughey, Clarence, 87, Snohomish, May 2

Helgeson, Jack, 79, Edmonds, May 1

Helm, Norman, 84, Arlington, May 4

Herrick, Craig, 54, Everett, May 2

Howell, Charlene, 82, Marysville, May 6

Ing, Choung, 98, Bothell, May 1

Johnson, Gerald, 92, Langley, April 27

Johnson, Richard, 82, Marysville, April 30

Lance, Geraldine, 72, unknown, April 22

Lathrop, Robert, 64, Granite Falls, May 5

Lemon, Patricia, 92, Everett, April 30

Matuszak, Sofia, 94, Everett, April 26

McCormick, David, 71, Shoreline, April 26

McDuffy, Robert, 81, Arlington, April 23

Meininger, William, 90, Lynnwood

Meuli, Barbara Ann, 81, Stanwood, May 1

Monsey, John, 94, Mountlake Terrace, April 27

Montgomery, Helen, 94, Snohomish, May 5

Mulholland, Jr, Harold, 51, Snohomish, Feb. 9

Myers, John, 96, Arlington, May 3

Nguyen, Phuong, 83, Edmonds, April 27

O’Bryan, Gertrude, 88, Stanwood, May 7

O’Dell, Sr., Tommy, 81, Lynnwood, April 18

Palomino, Julio, 79, Monroe, May 3

Pierce Bette, 86, Snohomish, April 25

Potter, James, 58, Snohomish, May 6

Robertson, Thomas, 65, Everett, April 25

Robinson, Wanda, 74, Lake Stevens, May 2

Rogers, Alice, 77, Arlington, May 2

Sampson, Darrell, 77, Marysville, April 16

Schneider, David, 83, Everett, May 1

Smid, Norma, 63, Arlington, May 6

Smith, Andrew, 45, Monroe, April 17

Spence, Grace, 93, Marysville, April 29

Sperb, John, 87, Snohomish, May 5

Standerfer, Pamela, 51, Arlington, May 3

Stanley, Ethel, 84, Lake Stevens, April 29

Steinhagen, Mark, 48, Everett, April 22

Tallman, Randall, 61, Arlington, April 26

Taylor, Elizabeth, 94, Everett, May 2

Tennant, Eileen, 88, Mill Creek, April 30

Thompson, Linda, 66, Arlington, May 1

Valenzuela, Elena, 60, Marysville, April 29

Vermedal, Searle, 75, Lake Stevens, April 30

Vickers, Floreine, 91, Stanwood, May 3

Virtue, Ruby, 99, Edmonds, May 1

Waehtle, Timothy, 45, Bothell, April 30

Walker, Elaine, 75, Marysville, April 28

Walter, Patricia, 70, Edmonds, May 3

Walton, Doris, 89, Mountlake Terrace, May 4

Watkins, Rhonda, 49, Everett, April 24

Wiggins, Kenneth, 66, Everett, April 27

Witkavage, Joseph, 77, Lynnwood, May 4

Wolford, Cheryl, 66, Everett, May 2

Marriage Licenses

Gustafson, Andrew Scott and Oxford, Rachel Lynn

Wagner, Michael John and Hester, Lynn Yvonne

Baron, Jeffrey Paul and Mullan, Megan Beth

Kihm, Lindsey Janet and Knox, Andrew Terry

Nuttall, Chad Mckay and Caldwell, Lisa Ann Marie

Thomas, Steven James and Bourque, Melyssa Marie

Nanto, Jennifer Tye and Bowen, Eugene Joseph

Tubbs, Michael Edward and Tiff, Anitra Monique

Molenda, Madeleine Neyce and Benson, David John

Hammons, Jeremy Michael and Williams, Tahnee

James, Heather Elizabeth and Bleakney, Monty Alan

Coudare-De-Arman Kaylee Ann and Ford, Zachary Dane

Smith, Timothy Lee and Lambert, Kyle Jay

Wood, Matthew Joseph and Simpson, Keli Diane

Leon, Hector and Flin, Patricia Ann

Seidel, Melissa Marie and Demmitt, Jeremiah Scott

Andersen, Melissa Sue and Brager, Kenneth James

Lopez, Elizabeth Ann and Knight, Cory Lynn

Williams, James Warren and Taylor, Sandra Lea

Do, Woo Song and Bai, Beth Dilay

Alido, China Marie and Wilkie, Benjamin Edward

Orr, Amber Elizabeth and Johnson, Daniel Arthur

Rosales, Romero Mario and Guzman, Diaz Marisela

Nowoy, Stephen William and Bolser, Jennifer Lynn

Jenkins, Jacob Daniel and Thompson, Brittany Marie

Olson, Erik Norman and Overman, Jennifer Jean

Boren, Coleman Gene and Robertson, Haley Ann

Schreiner, Melinda Sue and Quayle, Steven Douglas

Gilchrist, Timothy Alan and Lee, Carrie Dian

Owens, Jeffery Andru and Dean, Jenna Jaylene

Wibbenmeyer, Daniel Kermit and Crane, Cheryl Anne

Saunders, Marvin Wayne and Goaslind, Erica Lyn

Chen, Heng and Li, Shanshan

Wooldridge, Lisa Gaye and Davis, David Allen

Hart, Craig Brian and Watkins, Kaleena Lynn

Waltner, Timothy James and Veldsma, Ginny Sue

Burrows, Zachery Allen and Luton, Angela Marian Marie

Grady, Patrick Brian and Shatzka, Linda Mae

Eisenberger, Kenneth and Martinez, Ronald Allen

Peredo, Krystle Elaine and Rendorio, Ronald Buccat

Ruby, Rebecca Louise and Dace, Stephen George

Green, Kerry William Augustus and Stone, Annie Field

Maldonado, Campos Abraham and Martinez, Jose Patricia

Wong, Debra Ann and Walton, Crosby Pendleton

Taborek, Michael Christopher and Moell, Sharon Mae

Hernandez, Jorge Arnulfo and Rubio, Valladares Lizeth Sagrario

Anderson, Sarah Jane and Keefer, Benjamin Paul

Barry, Matthew Craig and Harllee, Bonnie Jean

Nelson, Ashley Danielle and Heichel, Brandon Arthur

Estevez, Perez Maria Cristina and Martinez, Martinez Oscar

Fernandez, Martinez Elvira Yanet and Pacheco, Mendez Jose F

Wheeler, Michael John and Crane, Lindsey Sue Ann

Mcculloch, Jared and Meas, Mary

Strickland, Michael Robert and Webb, Crystal Moon

Douthitt, Erika Branlund and Watkins, Ronald Ray

Berry, Shawn Gilbert and Kaup, Felicia May

Kayatta, Christina Elizabeth and Dott, Christopher James

Reese, Anthony Donald and Helmick, Sarah Danielle

Bowling, Eryx Laurent and White, Andrea Elaine

Lee, James Kyu and Lee, Jiyoon

Nitsche, Daniel Louis and Johnson, Cynthia Lynn

Cannon, Nicole Louise and Davis, Monique

Hecker, James Mark and Roberts, Laura Jo

Perry, Melissa Katrina and Dreger, Timothy Michael

Ogilvie, Gary Philip and Marlin, Deborah Thornton

Benton, Paula Jean and Pichler, Darrell Robert

Kelly, Joseph Francis and Pitts, Kimberley Star

Hostetler, Noah Matthew and Sadowsky, Stephanie Marie

Hunter, Ralph George and Rios, Elizabeth Irene

Bensch, Tara Rochelle and Davis,-Dobrowksi Joe Allen

Wasko, Kyleen Maisie and Studebaker, Adam Wesley

Soto, Kaitlin Rose and Batchilly, Sillah Adama

Glick, Jeanne Maureen and Leib, Jean Elizabeth

Winters, Jerriel Christopher and Allen, Charity Lynne

Tanner, Raymond Douglas Iv and Bascones,-Chavez Andrea Gabriela

Amirkhanyan, Gayane and Bagdasaryan, Ruslan Victorovich

Buckingham, Brie Anne and Horn, Anthony Lee Jr

Shilling, Robert Derrig and Harris, Michelle Renee

Thompson, Dallas Acacia and Ryals, Taylor Ryan

Ariyahirantrakul, Thidaphat and Wongthongsiri, Thiti

Brady, Andrew Warren and Imrisek, Keri Dawn

Zuidema, Benjamin Jacob and Scott, Taija Marie

Smith, Austin Reed and Roberts,-Starkey Kayle Jene’

Cline, Gerald Duane and Mcleod, Maureen Alice

Burns, Sunny Ada and Johnson, Jamie Lynn

Vernon, Randall Gray and Burnette, Mary Scarlett

Pradeep, Shikha Beena and Desai, Ishan Muktesh

Kiefer, Serena Lynn and Lewis, Jennifer Lynn

West, Ethan Blair and Hamblet, Stacey Lynn

Alvarado, Ortiz Veronica and Cano, Jimenez Lucio

Defolo, Aaron Michael and Usmanova, Gozalina

Smith, Marissa Dawn and Lindell, Jason Robert

Mayo, Shaneka Shontae and Collins, Elizabeth Catherine

Fay, Terri Lynn and Swedenburg, Brian Daryle

Cothran, Sarah Ann and Zelinski, Micki Adam

Parker, Christopher Dean and Walls, Tanya Michele

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More in Local News

Kim Skarda points at her home on a map on Thursday, June 20, 2024 in Concrete, Washington. A community called Sauk River Estates has a very steep slope above it. There is a DNR-approved timber sale that boarders the estate properties, yet they were not consulted about the sale before approval. The community has already appealed the sale and has hired their own geologist to conduct a slope stability report at the site. (Annie Barker / The Herald)
Beneath steep slope, Concrete neighbors fear landslides from logging above

Nielsen Brothers plans to cut 54 acres of timber directly behind the community of 83 homes. Locals said they were never consulted.

Law enforcement respond to a person hit by a train near the Port of Everett Mount Baker Terminal on Thursday, June 27, 2024 in Mukilteo, Washington. (Annie Barker / The Herald)
2 killed in waterfront train crashes were near Mukilteo ‘quiet zone’

In June, two people were hit by trains on separate days near Mukilteo Boulevard. “These situations are incredibly tragic,” Everett’s mayor said.

Rob Plotnikoff takes a measurement as a part of the county's State of Our Waters survey at Tambark Creek in Bothell, Washington on Monday, July 1, 2024. (Annie Barker / The Herald)
Snohomish County stream team bushwhacks a path to healthier waterways

This summer, the crew of three will survey 40 sites for the State of Our Waters program. It’s science in locals’ backyards.

Logo for news use featuring the municipality of Mountlake Terrace in Snohomish County, Washington. 220118
4th suspect arrested after Mountlake Terrace home robbery

Police arrested Taievion Rogers, 19, on Tuesday. Prosecutors charged his three alleged accomplices in April.

A 10 acre parcel off of Highway 99, between 240th and 242nd Street Southwest that the city of Edmonds is currently in the process of acquiring on Monday, July 10, 2023 in Edmonds, Washington. (Olivia Vanni / The Herald)
Edmonds ditches $37M Landmark public park project off Highway 99

The previous mayor envisioned parks and more in south Edmonds, in a historically neglected area. The new administration is battling budget woes.

Edmonds school official sworn in as Mount Vernon supe

Victor Vergara took his oath of office last week. He was assistant superintendent of equity and student success in Edmonds.

Boy, 15, stabbed after fight on bus north of Lynnwood

Police arrested a suspect, 32, for investigation of assault in the alleged stabbing Tuesday off Highway 99.

Lily Gladstone poses at the premiere of the Hulu miniseries "Under the Bridge" at the DGA Theatre, Monday, April 15, 2024, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)
Mountlake Terrace’s Lily Gladstone nominated for Emmy for ‘Under the Bridge’

The nomination comes after Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe wins for her performance in “Killers of the Flower Moon.”

Lead Mammography Technologist Starla DeLap talks about the different ways the Hologic 3D Mammography Exam can be situated around a patient on Wednesday, July 10, 2024 in Everett, Washington. (Olivia Vanni / The Herald)
Providence Everett launches early cancer detection program

Prevention4Me, the hospital’s new breast cancer risk assessment tool, will help doctors and patients expedite diagnoses and treatment.

A boat drives out of the Port of Everett Marina in front of Boxcar Park on Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2020 in Everett, Washington. (Olivia Vanni / The Herald)
Expand the Port of Everett’s boundaries? Voters must decide

The port calls its a workforce measure to boost the economy and add jobs. Opponents say it burdens property owners with another tax.

A dog sticks their head out the window as a part of a Wandering Rover Field Trip at the Everett Animal Shelter in Everett, Washington on Wednesday, July 17, 2024. (Annie Barker / The Herald)
Doggy dates: Wandering Rover at Everett shelter gives dogs a day out

The program offers people the opportunity to try a dog before they adopt or to simply get their Fido fix.

A photo of "Tazz," an Argentine white Tegu still missing near Granite Falls. (Provided photo)
Tazz the missing tegu reunited with owner in Granite Falls

The 4-foot lizard went missing Friday evening. Searchers located him in a barn, 1 mile away from his home.

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