Vital Statistics: Snohomish County deaths, marriage licenses


Allen, Reginald, 91, Lynnwood, April 7

Annis, Coleen, 72, Marysville, April 10

Arket, Grace, 79, Everett, April 11

Axel, Jeanne, 84, Arlington, April 9

Bagocki, Julie, 58, Lake Stevens, April 12

Bakko, Jeannette, 68, Everett, April 11

Bakos, Gregory, 57, Snohomish, March 31

Banny, Karen, 55, Everett, April 6

Barkdoll, Donald, 70, Everett, April 8

Birnie, Charles, 72, Edmonds, April 11

Bogart, Byron, 80, Lake Stevens, April 7

Briese, Judy, 72, Marysville, April 1

Brittain, Charles, 73, Arlington, April 3

Burnside Jr., Robert, 72, Edmonds, April 12

Campbell, Larry, 76, Lake Stevens, April 8

Carlsen, Donald, 69, Duvall, March 30

Chambers, Henry, 1 mon, Evertt, March 31

Cisneros, Cheri, 45, Everett, April 13

Davis, Kristine, 75, Everett, April 7

Dittenber, Linda, 77, Marysville, April 11

Duran JR, Michael, 30, Marysville, April 11

Elijah, Sr, Allen, 90, Snohomish, March 31

Erickson, Mary Jean, 86, Bothell, April 7

Fisk, Carolyn, 66, Granite Falls, April 1

Fridell, Richard, 84, Marysville, April 10

Friedman, Evelyn, 93, Mill Creek, April 8

Gadke, Robert, 82, Marysville, April 7

Gamman, Diane, 57, Mukilteo, April 5

Gesell, Arnold, 82, Everett, April 5

Hansen, Russell, 76, Monroe, April 4

Hicks, Michael, 51, Granite Falls, March 30

Hughes, Lloyd, 92, Edmonds, April 9

Imper, Diana, 69, Arlington, April 10

Jacobsen, Gordon, 84, Marysville, April 11

Jacobsen, Maria, 87, Marysville, April 13

Jeneaue, Sandra, 71, Everett, Dec. 29, 2015

Jensen, LeRoy, 70, Sultan, April 4

Johnson, Marion 85, Arlington, April 10

Johnson, Alberta, 91, Lynnwood, April 9

Johnson, Anita, 95, Lynnwood, April 12

Klein, Nellie, 96, Arlington, April 9

Knudsen, Sonia, 77, Marysville, April 4

Kostyuchenko, Nikolay, 74, Marysville, April 12

Le, Dang, 70, Evterett, April 6

Leidholdt, Betty, 90, Snohomish, April 6

Lemmon, Jan, 84, Edmonds, April 3

Leppa, Micquella, 48, Renton, April 9

Logan, Janet, 80, Lynnwood, April 11

Long, May, 97, Monroe, April 10

Lopez, Stella, 55, Everett, April 3

Macdonald, Robert, 89, Kenmore, April 9

Mace JR, Frank, 91, Mill Creek, April 10

Magnuson, Stanley, 87, Tulalip, March 13

Markey, Donald, 100, Seattle, April 7

May, Doris, 95, Stanwood, April 12

McFarland, Zella, 90, Lake Stevens, April 6

McKay, John, 69, Everett, March 31

Memmer, Dorotha, 87, Bothell, April 6

Miner, Shirley, 95, Edmonds, April 9

Moll, Richards, 91, Marysville, April 7

Monson, Olga, 97, Everett, April 8

Neang, Him Phon aka: Himphon, 85, Everett, Dec. 27

Nur, Emad, 68, Mukilteo, April 13

Okada, Elizabeth, 88, Bothell, April 6

Palicte, Leonaida, 89, Everett, April 9

Parsons, Debora, 61, Marysville, April 2

Poer, Mary, 81, Edmonds, April 8

Prem, George, 56, Everett, April 12

Radford, Mary, 81, Monroe, April 8

Rasmussen, Patricia, 47, Mountlake Terrace, April 6

Roth, Charles, 69, Everett, April 11

Sapigao, Benilda, 87, Mountlake Terrace, April 2

Scherrer, Edwin aka: Butch, 72, Mukilteo, March 28

Schlaht, Pamela, 72, Shelton, April 5

Schultz, Leo, 61, Everett, April 6

Sherlock, Ellen, 93, Edmonds, April 1

Sorensen, Lois, 91, Snohomish, April 10

Sovereign, James, 76, Everett, June 23, 2015

Spaudling, Joyce 90, Arlington, April 6

Stapay, Marian, 90, Lynnwood, April 8

Stine, Dorothy, 60, Lake Stevens, April 8

Taylor, Richard, 60, Everett, April 7

Toms, Arvilla, 87, Duval, April 11

Torres-Williams, Layden 2 hrs, Marysville, April 2

Van Dyken Long Soldier, Fred, 57, Monroe, Dec. 29, 2015

Van Patten, Marcheta, 83, Marsville, April 7

Warner, Elizabeth, 58, Everett, April 10

Webb, Billie, 86, Arlington, April 7

White, Dora 67, Marysville, April 6

White, Phillip, 61, Everett, April 1

Wilkie, Richard, 77, Everett, April 7

Marriage Licenses

Miklautsch, Kieran Anton and Petersen, Jessica Christine

Carney, Ryan Paul and Kelley, Kristin Michelle

Martin, John Randolph and Priebe, Michelle Lynn

Payne, Deborah Jean and Mitchell, Chad Rollen

Bezaheh, Michael Hailu and Kassahun, Eyerusalem Shimeles

Chavis, Ashley Nicole and Hackworth, Curtis Daniel

Mai, Thinh Thanh and Monico, Ileana Cristina

Blue, Gregory Andrew and Hays, Lorinda Diane

Schweiger, Erich Andrew and Sanjines, Eva

Magcalas, Alexandria Reyes and Beck, James Michael

Buker, Gerald Edson Jr and Low, Kaycee Marie

Boling, Brittany Amanda and Jackson, Chad Anthony

Leonguerrero, Nicole and Jones, Demetrius Adrian

English, Aaron Tyler and Priddy, Amanda Faye

Ulziibayar, Mungun Uyanga and Sukhbaatar, Amgalan

Kim, Dong Hoon and Park, Sunhee

Brockopp, Titan Steele and Espino, Ruvalcaba Ana Rosa

Nguyen, Nicholas Phat and Le, Lan-Anh

Williams, Kanoe Emery and Carrazco, Desiree Mancilla

Bojang, Karamo and Keita, Bintou

Hussey, John Robert and Zorich, Rebecca Marie

Choi, Corie Sam and Gulik, Andrew Chester

Konteh, John Cortu and Kamara, Esther

Crawford, Bruce Robert and Owen, Tiffany Dawn

Ramirez, Jasso Jesus Santiago and Standage, April Lynn

Carlson, Christopher Scott and Boyko, Heather Michelle

Wilson, Stuart Dorsey and Ritchie, Melissa Janean

Holden, William David and Miller, Shelby Brittany

Wong, Stephanie Lauren and Malloch, Mackenzie Lang

Harrington, Samantha Joe and Hamlin, Joshua James

Sheppard, Elrond Gregory and Rhodes, Cindy Kay

Mcleod, Cheryl Ann and Schulz, Scott Richard

Berryman, Blaise Alexander and Rahkonen, Hannah Brooke

Wells, Tyler David and Canares, Casmir Inocentes

Ike,-Andrews Rayenell Liann and Andrew, Joseph Tom Sr

Grigsby, Mark Leroux and Bollinger, Lisa Ann

Purnell, Ronald Edward Jr and Zigler, Rebecca Lynn

Winter, Austin Nikole and Wilson, Jared Ross

Burke, Ryan Loren and Halverson, Kendra Allyne

Beers, David Lee Karl and Johnson, Maari Jean

Jamison-Love, Ashley Michele and Kerber, Ryan Matthew

Licona, Vasquez Claudia Julissa and Brena, Jaime Ordaz

Nichols, Nadine Serin and Keltner, Bryan Joseph Wayne

Souriyavongsa, Michael Mee and Copland, Megan Emily

Cid, Trujano Dalia Berenice and Cruz, Susano Adan

Koenig, Katherine Rose and Hunter, Joseph Edward

Macpherson, Christopher Lee and O,’hanlon Elizabeth Patricia

Shipula, Marion Inocencio and Moffett, Walter Jr

Stanley, Jeffrey Scott Ii and Magnenat, Rachel Kristine


Susan Lenarz and Michael Lenzarz

Nadine Olson and Robert Olson

Samantha Yanes-Tinned and Marissa Stegman

David Bedker and Tamra Bedker

Thomas Diaz and Sharlotte Cooper

Joel Fulmer and Robyn Fulmer

Bien Nguyen and Wilson Nguyen

Jamie Pina Lino and Ruben Pina Lino

Arturo Mendoza and Erendira Abarca Alvarez

Steven Caulk and Michelle Caulk

Hortensia Van Hoosier and Paul Van Hoosier

Jennifer Davis and David Davis

Jelena Blowers and Charles Blowers

Jennifer Sterling and Jacob Stern

David Kohler and Lori Kohler

Michelle Anderson and Lance Anderson

Jeraldine Johnson and James Johnson

Martin Vanslageren and Patricia Vanslageren

Kimball Conlon and Jason Conlon

Shannon Wooley and Antoinette Virgen

Tina Bustamante and Rodrigo Bustamante Gallegos

Danlei Zheng and Shou Yuan Wu

Mika Harmon and Timothy Harmon

David Shirley and Brenda Fabig

Brooke Weidman and Joshua Sanders

Jason Henley and Elayne Henley

Diana Chapman and Alan Chapman

Vincent Jones and Dianne Jones

India Rudder and Sean Kiernan

Megan Harris and Ernest Harris

Tzongyih Lin and Xin Guan

John Chaffer and Katherine Chaffer

Daniel Johnston and Diamond Johnston

Katie Banks-Bennett and Jared Bennett

Vanessa Gelsey and Michael Gelsey

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