Gig Harbor woman travels 600 miles to search for missing cat

The 12-year-old declawed tabby cat with a heart murmur was lost for 40 days in Montana.

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The smog is clearing, but the reprieve might be temporary

Officials warn that dangerous smoke from hundreds of Northwest wildfires could return next week.

4 killed in Oregon crash were from Tacoma, 3 from Olympia

All seven were related. The other driver, also killed, was reportedly from Oregon.

Group sues to expand protected orca habitat in Northwest

The National Marine Fisheries Service agrees protecting the endangered whales is an urgent priority.

Identifying the ‘real’ D.B. Cooper: A former Boeing employee

He’s a 92-year-old Californian who’s been on the FBI’s radar, says a man who studies the case.

Kitsap correctional officer shoots his own leg at training

Police say the injury is not considered life-threatening.

Pair wins $1M in voyeurism suit against Bellingham lifeguard

The man admitted to videotaping female coworkers while they used a staff changing area.

29-year-old woman dies from heart attack hiking in Olympics

She collapsed, then regained consciousness, then went into cardiac arrest. Park rangers were there.

Death watch for killer whales?

One solution — dam removal — could be crippling to Washington’s agriculture and cheap hydropower.

Missing Ohio hiker found alive on flank of Mount St. Helens

He was last seen by his friends on Aug. 9, when he borrowed a car and headed to the Blue Lake Trail.

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