Potentially contaminated liquid dumped at Hanford

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Alone for a week after crash, woman drank water from moss

She had a brain hemorrhage, collapsed lung, broken ribs and collarbones, and severe sunburn.

Billionaires fuel powerful groups backing charter schools

Bill Gates’ private foundation has contributed millions to a charter advocacy group in Washington.

Elite Native American crew fights fires, serves community

The Warm Springs, Oregon, crew is one of seven Hotshot crews based on a Native American reservation.

No abnormalities found in cougar that killed 1, injured 1

There’s no obvious reason why it attacked May 19.

State Senate committee OKs hiring a harassment investigator

The new human resources officer would also handle complaints of discrimination.

20-year-old killed in fall at lookout near Mount Baker

Authorities say a 20-year-old Washington state man was… Continue reading

Former Seattle teaching assistant charged with raping child

Until he was charged with a crime, he kept his job despite consistently troubled employment.

Controversial fishing bill splits anglers, environmentalists

The proposal would overhaul a 1976 law credited with regrowing fish populations off the nation’s coasts.

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