Radioactive substance spills at UW Medicine building

Thirteen people were exposed and 10 were admitted to Harborview’s emergency room.

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New Sound Transit railcars will eventually serve Lynnwood

They will be phased in between now and 2024 as Link service greatly expands north, east and south.

Oregon gov. sends police after GOP senators who fled Capitol

The Republicans walked out in order to block a vote on a cap-and-trade proposal.

Tax money funds campaigns of unlikely Seattle candidates

A first-of-its-kind program allows Seattle voters to give candidates taxpayer money for their campaigns.

Canada reapproves Pacific coast pipeline; Inslee: ‘Alarming’

Many indigenous people see the 620 miles of new pipeline as a threat to their lands.

WhidbeyHealth CEO apologizes for Clinton clinic chaos

Some longtime patients indicated they would seek health care in Everett or elsewhere.

Amazon adds 15 more Boeing 737s to its growing fleet of jets

The company is in the midst of speeding up its delivery time to one-day from two for Prime members.

Suicide a leading cause of death in Washington jails

Clark County’s jail had more inmates die by suicide than any other Washington county.

Oregon Democrats rally behind cap-and-trade emissions plan

Cap and trade has been a top priority this year for Oregon’s Dem.

2 suspects in custody after man shot in downtown Seattle

The 31-year-old male victim is listed in serious condition. He is expected to survive.

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