A few ‘thanks’ left out of prayer for Trump

In response to a recent letter to the editor in The Herald that thanked God for sending us President Trump for his “integrity,” etc., the writer left a few things out:

Thank God for a president who has told over 14,000 documented lies; thank God for a president who rips children from their parents arms and locks them in cages; thank God for 19 women who accuse the president of sexual abuse; thank God for a president who grabs women you know where and then brags about it; thank God for a president who degrades our military heroes and their families; thank God for a president who pays off not one but two porn stars to cover up extra-marital affairs; thank God for a president who swears like a trucker on national TV; thank God for a president who viciously attacks anyone who dares question him or his actions; thank God for a president who lines his pockets; thank God for cowardly Republican congressmen and senators who put party in front of country while this unethical and immoral man rampages through our Constitution and, finally, thank God for giving us a presidents who’s ignorance, arrogance, narcissism and gullibility has made him and America the laughing stock or the entire world.

Chris Alpine


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