Adaption by species not proof of evolution

Evolution and science

Adaption not proof of evolution

How fascinating our earth is. One often wonders how, what with all the negative impacts to our environment, the earth compensates, and has been compensating for thousands of years. “Altered evolution” is a new buzz word in the scientific club where facts are often sullied by unproven presuppositions.

“Fish growing smaller mouths” to avoid hooks. “Swallows developing smaller and more maneuverable wings” are observed changes and are facts in and of themselves. Species adaptation has been observed for centuries. However, the myth that these changes are “changing the course of evolutionary history” has been driving scientific research built upon an unproven, never observed, un-reproduceable theory. Speciation is proven using the scientific method. Evolution is not and never has been proven. Therefore, conclusions by scientists in the absence of fact, fall back for support upon unproven theory (belief) rather than observable facts.

We gripe about corruption in all walks of life, so why are we not surprised that science has been corrupted by fuzzy thinking.

Samuel Bess


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