Are vacation spots responsible for virus tranmission?

While Washington state sees viral growth from improper group gatherings at resorts, lakes and beaches, no one is looking at out-of-state destinations that also present breeding grounds for viral spread. Idaho now has anyone flying into Boise quarantining 14 days. Alaska requires Covid neutral testing 72 hours documented before arrival or face quarantine. Gov. Little was one of the first governors to open quickly his State of Idaho. Now it is too late there for those residents.

Ski resorts in both summer and winter are breeding grounds for imported virus contagion from outside their communities. There are no state statistics that report how many infected people were infected in the resorts because they return to their communities around the world and then display symptoms. And so, the resorts book them full year round.

States that opened too quickly are now experiencing an explosion of new viral growth, and Washington state (a state whose viral growth is not controlled) is one of those states whose folks travel to other venues taking with them the virus.

If travel is not essential, states should advocate against nonessential travel especially into or from infected centers of this disease. Popular summer venues that are uncontrolled for virus prevention should be closed; parks, beaches, swimming holes, beach communities, and multi-season resorts. This to protect the unsuspecting vacationers who believe they are safe in these venues today. After all, if we can’t control folks at home, will our loved ones be safe elsewhere?

Sam Bess


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