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The letters page of The Herald provides a welcome forum for dissemination of ideas and opinions. Those who take the time and effort to contribute should be commended and respected, regardless of whether or not the reader agrees with their opinion.

My husband recently submitted, and had published, a letter in support of our president. He received many notes and calls of thanks, a few disgruntled remarks, and even some comments from people who stated that they would come forward with their own support and no longer be intimidated by the radical left.

Unfortunately he also received a venomous, hate-filled letter, hand written and unsigned, which was sent to our home address. This letter is living proof of the insanity which has permeated the leftists. Anonymous letters are ignorant, cowardly and childish and serve no useful purpose in our society. I feel sorry for anyone who could be this deranged as to do this.

Mary Ann Monty


Editor’s note: The editorial board agrees completely with Mrs. Monty in condemning an anonymous attack on someone exercising his or her First Amendment right. We remind our readers that the place to voice support or disagreement with something on this page is through a signed letter to the editor.

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