Bring back low-pay work; end minimum wage

Americans in need of training, knowledge, experience or limited by handicaps were formerly allowed low-pay employment.

No more! Government outlawed it! Obliterating untold million jobs with the stroke of a pen! Including employers’!

All the way from $0 per hour (congressional pages exempted) up to current minimum wages!

In just a few remaining countries low-pay jobs are still legal, including gratis job training!

What share low-pay jobs and huge productivity losses constitute for the U.S. economy could be roughly estimated by uncovering Swiss data from their records of hourly paid work hours and commerce value generated below — let’s say — $10 an hour. How about it, Better Business Bureau?

Minimum wage laws are not just stupid! Insane is more accurate.

Instead of the utter flexibility of free supply and demand job markets government says to any moderately skilled jobseeker, “You are entitled the full pay of heads of large families!”

Wonderful!!Except employers must turn down applicants with meager experience yet entitled high wages!

Flexibility changed to absurd rigidity benefiting nobody.

Gunnar Unneland


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