Bring back paper ballots and voter ID

For over 7 months the national conversation by the “media” has been centered over how Russia messed up our election.

Well, lets face it: Not one of the national media folks (include here our Dr. Tiny Url) has come up with the idea of what the real problem is. If the “Check Engine” light comes on in your car you go to your mechanic/dealer and find out what is wrong. He checks the code, finds the info on the problem from the repair book, makes the changes and you drive off happy.

What has happened to our voting system is we have allowed some morons to change the system without taking any precautions for voter fraud. If we still had paper ballots and the voters got their butts to the polling place, checked in and showed their identity photo voter card and cast their votes none of this drivel about the Russians messing with our elections could have happened.

If there was any patriotic pride in any of these folks the first thing they would want to have happen is the investigation in polling places where there were more votes than registered voters.

Next they would question the citizenship of the “motor voters” from Clinton’s era and the citizenship of those folks brought here by Obama, mainly in southern California, Chicago and New York, who may have voted.

We never had these problems 50 years ago, so if you are a patriotic American you can see the value of going back to voting as a citizen, in a polling place where you show your identification/voter’s card and mark a paper ballot which is forever safely stored away.

Richard Jauch

Camano Island

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