Clean air is what’s causing climate change

Climate change is occurring, not because we are keeping more heat in with greenhouse gases, but because we are letting more heat in with our clean air.

Sixty years ago, our sun appeared and was always pictured as an orange ball in the sky. Now it shines white like other stars in the universe. Since then, clean air programs have essentially eliminated wood, coal and sawdust from home heating and cooking; industries no longer spew smoke; community garbage dumps, which were numerous and always burning have been eliminated; diesel engines have replaced smoke spewing steam engines; and wigwam burners have disappeared. These actions have removed heat-reflecting particles from our atmosphere and let more solar heat reach the earth.

Thousands of years ago, widespread volcanic activity around the Pacific Rim shrouded the earth with an atmosphere laden with heat-reflecting dust that resulted in the formation of continental glaciers and many gigantic lakes. This period of volcanic activity is known as the Ice Age. Glaciers in Greenland are still recovering from the Ice Age.

Man could equip high flying airliners with smoke generators and could again create an atmospheric dust shroud that would turn our sun orange and slow climate change. I think we should enjoy the clean air we now breathe and cope with the resulting climate change. Someday we may be able to grow oranges and avocados in Washington.

Jack Sceva


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