Climate legislation in Legislature goes against voters’ wishes

I am sure that the majority of voters in this state are getting sick and tired of Olympia’s repeated attempts to combat the will of the voters. We do not want endless unobstructed attempts to extort more money from budget-strained consumers. How many times have we had to contact our legislators to stop them from implementing low-carbon fuel standards without voter approval, without a vote of the Legislature, and without cost containment? HB 2957, like all the other failed attempts to impose clean fuels standards, this regressive, ineffective and costly policy is not wanted by the voters or the business communities in our state.

Just like our repeated attempts to get the Legislature to fix the regressive and outrageous car tab fees in this state, the voters have been brushed aside by our “representatives” and their friends in the courts.

There is plenty of money flowing into the coffers in Olympia from rapidly increasing property taxes, from high business taxes and a booming economic climate, from one of the highest gas taxes in the U.S., and from a new bonus in marijuana taxes. This state projects a $2.8 billion surplus through 2021 and “our” Legislature is attempting to spend every penny of it in order to ask for increased taxes in the next budget year.

It is time for the voters in this state to not only communicate with their “representatives” in Olympia, but to combat them at the polls and to vote them out of office. Please contact your representatives today to express your thoughts and remember them in November.

Ronald Czarnecki


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