Commentary: Construction noise worse than living near airport

By Kim and Lori Carlson

We have been following the progress of commercial flight at Paine Field for years.

Even though many residents in Mukilteo are upset about the upcoming extra noise and traffic, impact studies have been done and the county and Propeller Airports have been trying to work with the residents. That is a lot more than what was done in our neighborhood, so those against the project should feel lucky.

The reason I say that is because we live in the Beverly Park-Pinehurst neighborhood where a lot of development is taking place. Seattle Pacific Development are building 84 condo units and have been blasting this neighborhood out of our homes for two years. Instead of condos packed in like sardines, the city should have made them single-family houses like the rest of our neighborhood, but that doesn’t make as much money.

Neither Seattle Pacific Development nor the city of Everett ever came to our neighborhood meetings to discuss this project with us. They could care less about our opinions, or how the noise affects this neighborhood.

Our once quiet residential neighborhood has been turned into a very noisy industrial area. Unlike planes that take off every so often, the noise here is unbearable, and continues all day long.

We were given a short period of time to make comments, which some did, others knew it was a waste of time since this project would be given the green light anyway.

The city has a noise ordinance that allows a developer (who lacks courtesy and common sense) to make as much noise as they want seven days a week until 10 p.m. Stump grinders, rock crushers, bulldozers that need maintenance to keep them from making incredible high pitch sounds, echo through our whole community.

We aren’t even talking about the diesel fumes and all the dust. This should never be allowed in a residential area. The residents of this area continuously make complaints to the city and to the developer. but all have been ignored completely.

It’s nice to know how much our city really cares about its residents.

To top it off, the city just handed us our increased property taxes, instead of cutting them for our neighborhood by putting us through this. (Think of all of the taxes they will be collecting once these units are filled). It’s very sad. Everett continues to hand out permits to big developers like candy on Halloween, with no thought to their residents.

Along with losing the privacy of our yards, extra traffic on our street, the noise from all of the new neighbors we will have, Mukilteo, consider yourselves lucky. The county could have slam dunked an air terminal at Paine Field decades ago without any of your input, just like what has happened to us.

Kim and Lori Carlson live in Everett.

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