Consider abortion truth

A recent letter writer stated her belief that the election of Gov. George W. Bush as president would pose a threat to the pro-choice movement. As a warning to those who are like-minded, she said, “we’ve had a bad habit of being silent” (“Pro-choice movement: Bush poses a threat,” Sept. 26). She concludes her letter in such a manner as though it were just another campaign issue, much as someone might disagree with a tax plan, and calls on voters’ consciences while simply overlooking the truth at the heart of this matter.

The truth is putting “right-to-choose” in its truthful definition. Then it would read, “murder of an unborn human being for my convenience.”

So much effort goes into saving precious life, for example stopping whale hunts or research on monkeys, that people are willing to go to great sacrifices with their time and financial resources. They will even risk criminal conduct to stop what is believed to be an unnecessary and cruel killing of beautiful and innocent life. This line of reasoning even got Pasado’s Law passed, where cruelty or killing of innocent pets and livestock brings judgment and punishment in our courts for those found guilty. Such passion and respect for life is understandable. It is a testament to God for his work in creation and our accountability and stewardship of his earth. It is an abhorrence and a testament to a reckless and misguided “civilized” society that we would make laws and support policies in a pick-and-choose manner that take innocent human life while whales, donkeys and even trees are so vigorously defended and held in higher value than our unborn children.

I share the call for all voters to not remain silent and to choose on the campaign issues, and to make no mistake about the truth of “right-to-choose” advocates where taking human life is concerned.


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