Consider buying out jet noise complainers on Whidbey island

First, I am in absolute agreement with state Sen. Keith Wagoner’s commentary of Aug. 4 (“Navy Growlers’ training flights vital to safety”). Helps when I stand 525 feet away or closer according to Google Earth enjoying the field carrier landing practice at Outlying Field Coupeville and consider naval aviators the best of America.

Second, considering the noise complaining — and worse — that endangers the future of the region and Naval Air Station Whidbey Island; perhaps a realistic dialogue about buying out these noise complainers is appropriate. In fact, two years ago this month, two state Board of Health members offered as a response curtailing development and “growth management.” The new Washington state Guidebook on Military and Community Compatibility also makes ample reference to how growth management regulations are helpful in this regard.

Third, since OLF Coupeville’s East Coast equivalent Fentress landing field has an Encroachment Protection Acquisition Program maybe such a program should be implemented here. Why? Let me be clear as an EA-18G in afterburner: Outlying Field Coupeville will be held by patriotic Americans who put country first and condemn without qualification the Citizens of Ebey’s Reserve. Therefore, I suggest your reporters and local politicians please research Fentress’ Encroachment Protection Acquisition Program and report back.

Joe A. Kunzler


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