County should end gun shows at Monroe fairgrounds

The chief executive of Walmart knows it’s a truism that “Guns do not kill. People do.” Yet, they also know firsthand the truth that people kill people with guns and with that stance this major merchandise retailer has begun to limit the sales of guns and ammunition and also are stopping individuals from openly carrying in their establishment.

With 2.5 million to 3.7 million rifles — and this is just from only the AR-15 family! — in our possession there are now no area in our country that is not a potential killing field for those who wish to terrorize.

There are legitimate ways in reducing the number of military-style killing pieces and more and more private merchants are, with Walmart being one of them, refusing to sell these type of attack killing weapons and they are limiting selling the ammunition that are used by these types of devices.

Along with the above practical solution our Snohomish County Council elected officials should pass an ordinance that our county lands (such as our Evergreen State Fairgrounds) cannot and will not be used for the sale of guns or gun shows which do not have the resources to immediately conduct a background check on a potential buyer.

With our Snohomish County new land use policy our local leaders rightful action may motivate our state legislators to finally have the political courage walk in the footsteps of Snohomish County new land use laws and get in line with more and more private businesses’ gun restricting and forward looking gun safety policies.

Chuck Wright

Mill Creek

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